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Should I buy a catch can?

Yes, you will have to empty it from time to time as oil collects in the can. How often depends entirely on your engine but most stock engines will require little attention. This seems like a small price to pay for the peace of mind that a catch can will provide.

How much oil is in your catch can?

The draining frequency will vary based on how much oil your PCV system passes and how big the reservoir of your catch can is. I have a one with a stainless scrub pad added and consistently drain between 2-3 ounces at every 5,000 mile oil change. You can see it in my sig pic.

Should I get an oil catch can?

The captured oil is safely stored in the catch can until it can be properly disposed of during your next routine oil change. It’s an inexpensive option to keep the engine in top shape, and it's never a bad idea to invest in a catch can. The diagram below illustrates the basics of how a catch can works.

Does the oil catch can need a breather?

does oil catch can need breather? No need to look for a catch can that also happens to have a breather on it. In fact, for our application, once you have a breather, there’s no point in also routing the hose back into the intake. Oil vapor in the intake is exactly what we want to avoid. Where does the crankcase breather hose go?