10 Best Nutcrackers of 2022-Complete Guide Review

best nutcrackers 2022-The nutcracker , what an incredible object! There aren’t many kitchen utensils that could be replaced by a hammer… but don’t be fooled by its appearance, this little tool can quickly become indispensable.

If you are a nut lover and a gourmet, you know that walnuts are a delicious delicacy. Like any reward, accessing this fruit requires some effort. Indeed you must, before being able to taste it, pierce its rigid shell. Therefore, what better than a tool specially designed to perform this task? We can therefore thank the inventor of the nutcracker for the enormous time saving that he offers us on a daily basis.

This tool has evolved over time but the characteristics to consider when buying a nutcracker have not changed. We have collected in this buying guide the best models on the market and have compared and tested each of them to allow you to make the best choice. Here is the list of the best nutcrackers of 2020.

Comparison of the best nutcrackers 2022

Casse noix winner

Casse noix winner 33264470

Sieger is a German brand that has been around for many years. Its nutcracker is versatile and can also be used to open bottles of champagne or beers. Equipped with a large enough container, this model can easily open walnuts and any other nut such as almonds. Its wooden handles allow you to have a better grip and gradually control the pressure exerted on the nut.


  1. Sleek design
  2. Versatile with bottle opening


  1. Not dishwasher safe

Good design, solidity, ease, perfect fit, efficiency; I was able to compare with those found in supermarkets, there is no photo, in supermarkets, it’s shoddy; on the other hand, this SIEGER Metal Nutcracker is robust! Read all reviews.

Watch U.

Drosselmeyer nutcracker

Nutcracker Drosselmeyer Dr03

Sweden honored

With an elegant design, the Drosselmeyer Dr03 is a perfect nutcracker for any nut lover. Whatever type of nuts you like to eat, this utensil allows you to easily crush and shell any nut. Manufactured and designed in Sweden, the Drosselmeyer nutcracker is widely regarded as the best and most powerful nutcracker on the market. This contemporary looking tool makes cracking nuts quick, clean and easy, and makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

The tool is made of zinc, a very strong and durable material, and comes in three separate parts, easily detachable for easy cleaning and maintenance. Designed without welding, without pins or screws, there is no need to worry about the robustness of this product. The unique ergonomics of the handle require minimal pressure to crack nuts and the container can accommodate nuts of all sizes.


  1. Made and designed in Sweden
  2. Slim and ergonomic design
  3. Removable for easy cleaning

Finally the nutcracker I was looking for!! I had abandoned the idea of ​​eating hazelnuts from my garden as I hate all the other nutcrackers I have tried; they grind the nuts instead of cracking them or the shells fly all over the house. This one is perfect, it has an excellent grip and it breaks all sizes of nuts. If you only have to buy one, this is it. I think I will offer it as soon as the opportunity arises. Read all reviews.

Lili M.


Gearmax Manual Nutcracker

The Gearmax Lever System Tabletop Nutcracker has a long handle for easily cracking large nuts. Whether small shells or larger shells, the device adapts to all diameters thanks to its adjustable cone. The nutcracker is constructed from precision machined nickel plated steel and is mounted on a thick hardwood plinth. It measures 21 cm wide and weighs approximately 630 grams. Although it has a considerable weight, it fits quite easily in a closet. If you’re a nut addict, you can even mount it permanently to a table, but mounting hardware isn’t included.

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The Gearmax nutcracker is fast and efficient and makes the hard work of cracking nuts easier and easier. Just insert the fruit you want to crack, adjust the threaded screw and activate the wooden lever to crush the nut. No tools are required for assembly. Just screw the handle into the nutcracker and everything is ready for you to start cracking nuts.


  1. Designed for all types of shelled nuts
  2. Easy to use and requires minimal effort
  3. Suitable for large nuts


  1. The shell can sometimes be thrown into the air

I was able to open a kilo of hazelnuts in record time, compared to the traditional nutcracker. Read all reviews.

Manon P.


Nutcracker and hazelnut from Anwenk

This spring-loaded nutcracker from Anwenk uses a faster, easier and more convenient technique to crack nuts compared to a traditional tool. The enameled die-cast aluminum is very durable and the wooden handles give you a good grip for the perfect pressing action. This material has the advantage of being warmer and more user-friendly when used outdoors in winter. You won’t get cold hands unlike steel handles.

The handles of the tongs can open up to 5 cm to accommodate large walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, almonds and Brazil nuts. The cup-shaped funnel features interior teeth that allow cracking a nut quickly and efficiently with minimal effort.


  1. Ideal for small nuts
  2. Good quality wooden handle
  3. Good value for money


  1. Does not work with large bore nuts

The product meets my expectations perfectly. I use it to crack nuts and it’s really practical because there is no shell projection! Good solidity, I recommend! Read all reviews.

Gautier H


Nutcracker Robert Welch

A foolproof vintage design

If you follow current trends a bit, you know that everything vintage is coming back into fashion. This nutcracker whose design was created by Robert Welch will be perfect for a retro interior. It can be the fetish and emblematic object of a kitchen. With a black finish and colour, this model is made of cast iron, guaranteeing it foolproof robustness.

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  1. Robust
  2. Versatility
  3. Reliability


  1. Imposing and bulky for a small kitchen

Very convenient. Allows you to measure the force to break walnuts and hazelnuts. Read all reviews.

Francois P.


Nutcracker Rösle RS12781

The top model

The quality of the products of the German brand Rösle is well established. You must certainly know its range of very modern, ergonomic and design kitchen utensils. Created in 1888 by Karl Theodor Rösle, the family business quickly became in 1 century a firm recognized throughout the world. This innovation and this German know-how are made available to you so that you never again have a problem when breaking nuts.

Made of high quality stainless steel, this award-winning design nutcracker features small angled teeth allowing it to firmly hold the nut during the pressing action. The force is transferred to a few teeth to prevent the nut from slipping and breaking it without damaging the kernels. This model is more versatile and can be used to grind shellfish carcasses: crab and lobster claws, spiders, etc. Who says quality product also says high standard after-sales service. Thus, Rösle offers you a 5-year guarantee for its nutcracker.


  1. High quality product
  2. Stainless steel
  3. Versatility
  4. Ergonomic and efficient


  1. Higher price considering the quality of the nutcracker

The Rösle nutcracker does what it is made for very well. It is sturdy and holds well in hand. Light years away from what you find in the supermarket. Read all reviews.

Fabien E.


Sands & Reflections Nutcracker

This cute little wooden nutcracker in the shape of a “mushroom” from Sables & Reflets is very beautiful and above all functional. This elegant kitchen accessory has its place on the dining table or directly in the fruit basket. With this model, no storage problem, it fits perfectly into its environment and can be displayed as a decorative object, how practical! Featuring a screw pressing system, this nutcracker is authentic and made from 100% beech wood sourced from European forests. The crushing bar which is inserted into the body of the nutcracker has a rounded dark brown stained wooden top, acting as a pileus.

This kitchen utensil is perfect for cracking all types of nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and Brazil nuts, with the exception of Macadamia nuts. Thanks to its sleek design, this object requires very little cleaning time. To avoid dirtying the dining table or the kitchen worktop, simply cover the space where the nut is inserted with your hand, for example with a kitchen towel.

If you suffer from arthritis or have joint problems, you can safely use this nutcracker from Sands & Reflections because cracking nuts requires little effort. In addition, you can use it safely because wood has the advantage of having no sharp edges. Your children will even be able to use it safely and without problems thanks to its very simple screw system.

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For the maintenance of your nutcracker, use natural cleaning products and avoid chemical detergents. Once washed, wipe the utensil with a dry towel. To preserve its beautiful wood finish, occasionally treat the wood with olive oil.


  1. natural wood material
  2. Simple and efficient
  3. Polyvalent


  1. More difficult maintenance

I was unfamiliar with the principle of screws for nutcrackers having only used plier-shaped nutcrackers so far. The product is rather pretty and nice and the fact that it is made of wood is rather positive. As for the screw system, it is simple and extremely effective. No effort required (a child can do it), the hazelnuts or walnuts are not crushed or crushed as can happen with tongs, the shell does not mix with the nut. A very good product very useful. Read all reviews.

Emmanuelle B.

Lacor brand nutcracker

Lacor is the leading brand in Spain in the world of kitchen accessories. Made of alloy, this nutcracker with pliers system makes it easy to crack all types of nuts. Despite a fairly substantial weight, this utensil compensates for this defect by unequaled robustness in all respects. This model is equipped with silicone on the sleeves to guarantee you a better grip. With that, it’s impossible to accidentally slip it out of your hands. A security indicator required for this type of device.


  1. Robust
  2. Non-slip handle


  1. Heavier than average

Breaks everything with a simple push (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts). I am especially happy with its quality, the material is solid! See all prices.

Marise P.


This nutcracker from Gheart makes it easy to crack walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts or almonds. Made of high quality zinc, this kitchen accessory is the ideal companion for nuts lovers. Whether you’re a cook or baker, this nut extractor is sturdy and easy to use every day. In addition, two crushing spaces of different sizes allow this nutcracker to adapt to all sizes of nuts. Finally, its clamp system is also suitable for use as crab scissors.

Its composition facilitates its maintenance, it is enough simply to put it in water and to dry it before putting it away. This compact tool can very well slip into a drawer, no need to take out the heavy artillery to store it. The designers of this product have also thought about your safety by integrating non-slip handles.


  1. Robust and light, only 220 grams
  2. Versatile, can also be used as a shellfish tongs
  3. Supplied with two nut needles


  1. Requires more effort compared to some devices

Walnuts and hazelnuts are held in the pliers by the teeth. This nutcracker makes it easy to break them even for my wife who has problems with osteoarthritis in her hands. Read all reviews.

Jean-Pierre R.


Dann’s manual nutcracker

For large families, professionals and pastry chefs

Here we are at the end of our selection of the best nutcrackers on the market. To end on a high note, we wanted to introduce you to this particular model. Made in France – something rare these days – this manual crank nutcracker allows you to grind a large quantity of nuts. Specially designed to break the rigid shells of walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts or pistachios, this “Made in France” model is certainly expensive but guarantees professional use. If you are a fan of nut pies and cakes, then this nut sheller is for you.

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  1. Allows you to grind several nuts simultaneously
  2. French made
  3. Suitable for all types of nuts

Nutcracker Buying Guide

Nutcracker Buying Guide

If you like to eat freshly cracked nuts , a nutcracker is a must-have device. Breaking nuts with a hammer is tricky, especially if you have to do it on a table. This kitchen utensil then becomes the fastest and safest way to crack and shell nuts.

Very well, we have found the perfect object to open nuts , whether they are walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts. But then, what are the criteria to take into account when selecting such a tool? How to choose a nutcracker? We detail here point by point the aspects that should not be overlooked. But before that, a little retrospective on the history of the nutcracker.

A little history

Nobody really knows the exact date of the invention of the nutcracker. What is certain, however, is that this problem is not new and that our most distant ancestors used stones to crush these shells. It is therefore a tool that has evolved over time from a simple club to a sophisticated nutcracker. It will be necessary to wait until the beginning of the 13th century to see the first metal models appear, at least in France.

Types of nutcrackers

There are 3 types of physical phenomena allowing to open a nut. The different models of nutcrackers were inspired by these physical principles to crush the shells.

Percussion nutcracker

This is the oldest process which consists in hitting the nut with a larger and harder mass than the shell. Simple but effective. This technique is for example used by primates to crack their nuts. It is also very common in nut-producing countries because it allows you to grind a large amount of fruit in a minimum of time. They use for that a good old wooden mallet , which let’s say it, is not more ineffective.

Claw nutcracker

Certainly the most used and widespread type of model. Gripper nutcrackers use leverage to multiply the force applied to the nut, causing it to break under pressure. This method is effective but does not allow the pressure exerted on the shell to be correctly measured , which can sometimes also crush the kernels of the nut while throwing pieces of the shell in all directions.

Lever nutcracker

This system makes it possible to place the nut between two surfaces and to activate a lever to exert pressure on the nut. It therefore requires less force when handling the object.

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screw nutcracker

An increasingly rare model, the screw nutcracker allows continuous and controlled pressure to be exerted until it breaks. This has the advantage of never crushing the flesh of the nut while avoiding reducing the shell of the fruit to a thousand pieces.

Electric nut cracker

Uncommon among individuals, the electric nutcracker allows you to quickly crush several nuts without any effort. This type of appliance is only recommended if you are a big nut eater. It can also be very useful if you are unable to use a manual model which requires a little strength and which is sometimes painful and tiring after long use. The electric nutcracker is therefore a good alternative.

Important criteria to consider

There are many criteria to consider before buying your nutcracker. Each need and use is different, but it is important to keep in mind these few essential rules to avoid making mistakes when selecting your equipment.

Crafting material

In most cases, the nutcracker is made of metal, wood, or plastic . These materials have different properties and significantly vary the cost of the device. We still advise you to avoid plastic nutcrackers as much as possible in order to have a better chance of keeping it longer . As for steel or wood, these materials will hold up well over time and should be able to give you the guarantee of use over several years.


Ideally, you would need a utensil capable of breaking any type of shell, more or less large. Whether it’s walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds, the nutcracker chosen must be able to adapt to any size , thus allowing you not to have one device per family of nuts. Some clamp models offer two spacings but this is not always the case.


One of the most important selection criteria. The ergonomics of a product is the key to prolonged and risk-free use . It must be designed to be easily cleanable while making your work easier and safer.


Criterion of lesser measure, it is still not insignificant to mention it. Design often plays a role in the ergonomics of a product. It is therefore useful to choose a nutcracker adapted to your morphology and in particular to your hands. The different systems offered are sometimes complicated to use if you are sensitive to the palm of the hand because the object will require more force. It is therefore advisable to choose a beautiful but practical device.


The safety of your fingers is most important. If you’ve ever pinched your fingers with a nutcracker, you know how much it hurts. So choose tools with curved handles or with a block under the teeth to avoid pinching yourself.


Narrow sleeves concentrate all the energy in a small area, which can cause hand pain after long uses. Look for wider handles with non-slip grips for added comfort. For people with arthritis, consider purchasing a screw or lever style.

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With the hybridization of trees, edible nuts are getting bigger and bigger. Make sure the cavity or tines of the utensil can accommodate nuts of all shapes and sizes .


If space is tight in your kitchen, you will need to think about where to store your appliance. Most V-clamps can be stored in a drawer , but tabletop versions will need more storage space like in a closet or on a shelf.

How to use a nutcracker?

Using a nutcracker

You don’t need instructions to use a nutcracker . However, you must be sure to follow a few basic rules that will increase your performance and your safety.

First, you should know that it’s all about the positioning of the nut . The biggest challenge is to manage to keep it in the device while exerting pressure to break it. Sometimes the nut slips and moves, so you just have to position it in another way until you find the right position. However, be careful because the nut can be thrown into the air and fly around the room.

Once you find the right position, you need to apply constant pressure while making sure not to force too much . Indeed, too much pressure risks crushing the kernels and leaving you only crumbs to nibble on. It may be a bumpy start, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

Finally, once you have used your nutcracker, it is imperative to clean it. Even if it’s just dry stuff and you feel like your tool is clean, avoid putting it right back in your kitchen drawer. Like any used object, it should be washed and dried before storing . You can use a damp cloth for this. It is not recommended to put it in the dishwasher as this may damage it.

To conclude

The nutcracker is one of the oldest objects in the culinary world. Of different shapes and sizes, we are sure that one of the models presented in this guide will satisfy you. The best nutcracker is ultimately the one you choose, because it ultimately meets your own requirements.