7 Best Nordic Walking Shoes

Best Nordic Walking Shoes:A fitness walker, are you looking for comfortable and practical shoes? Invest in the best Nordic walking shoes to feel all the benefits.

Indeed, poor quality shoes are not healthy for the feet. On the contrary, they risk tightening, or badly positioning the arch of the foot.

Also, if you buy low-quality sneakers, you may experience poor blood circulation or poor foot breathing.

Shoes not adapted to the foot risk deforming your plantar statics but they will not be comfortable and practical either.

The risks of having bunions are also favored by the wearing of unsuitable shoes. Buying good quality shoes is the best choice to avoid these risks.

Best Nordic Walking Shoes 2022

What are the best Nordic walking shoes?

The best choice of sneakers suitable for this type of physical activity is easily recognized by the materials that compose it. It is made of premium textile or synthetic which allows for a successful sweating mechanism.

These are comfortable hiking shoes suitable for all types of feet. Whether you have flat or firm feet.

They help to have better flexibility and perfect grip during the practice of physical activity. They are also suitable for other types of walking such as brisk walking.

Whether for a hike, a mountain climb or for a sporting activity, the sneakers will provide you with good stability. They are equipped with orthopedic insoles which stabilize plantar statics.

Through the following comparison, find the 5 most popular models on the market in order to find the equipment that offers you the best value for money.

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Below, we present the best Nordic walking shoes :

This Ultra sport Nordic walking shoe is dedicated for all pedestrian activities. It is a dedicated unisex model for adults. It exists in several sizes from 36 to 41.

Featuring premium construction, this pair of shoes has a synthetic lining that retains the shape of the feet and does not induce sweat.

The outer covering is made of synthetic and waterproof fabric. For a good grip on the ground, the sole is made of rubber.

This pair of shoes is a unisex model for adults. It exists in all sizes. Solid and resistant, it is dedicated to pedestrian activities such as Nordic walking, hiking or trekking.

High quality shoe, it has an inner lining in Eva. The outer covering is made of water-repellent leather and synthetic microfiber.

This model of lace-up shoes has very light 3.5 cm flat heels. Resistant, it offers comfort and practicality.

These Salomon brand shoes are models for men, available in sizes 40 to 42.

They have a block heel to give you good grip and cushioning during activity.

This model is made of synthetic materials with a high quality lining and insole. The upper is made of waterproof synthetic materials.

The lace-up closure ensures good comfort during practice and does not risk coming undone.

Flexible and comfortable, these waterproof Nordic walking shoes are also suitable for other activities. These hiking, multi-sport sneakers are suitable for the countryside, the city, during the trip to the top of the trails.

It offers you a dressy style thanks to its finesse and the quality of its high-quality synthetic textile materials.

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The sole is made of rubber and provides good grip during practice. Block heels provide good stability.

The Reebok Trailgrip 6.0 sports activity shoe is made with a low-cut mesh upper that ensures maximum breathability. It has comfortable flat heels.

It features an EVA midsole with flex grooves on the forefoot and a lugged rubber outsole to provide good grip and comfort.

This model is suitable for people who have problems with the feet such as diabetic pathology or inflammation of the tarsals.

This model of trainers suitable for all types of sport is intended for men. It is available from size 38 to 46.

Flexible and comfortable, this is a lightweight shoe that won’t make you feel weighed down . This model is suitable for all types of walking, whether slow, fast or Nordic walking.

The upper is made of good quality leather while the insole is made of textile which allows good breathability.

This pair of hiking shoes from the Gracosy brand is a model suitable for men. It is available from size 39 to 42.

The upper is made of canvas while the lining and the sole are made of synthetic textiles that ensure good breathability of the feet.

The sole allows good grip while the flat heels ensure the stability of the shoes in all types of activity. This flexible model is very practical and comfortable.

What is Nordic walking?

This is a physical activity that relies entirely on your natural gait pattern, but uses two specially designed poles angled backwards to help you strengthen your core and accelerate forward.

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People often think that this physical activity is similar to trekking, but it is not. Trekking poles are primarily used for support and stability, while a Nordic walking pole is a fitness tool that allows you to walk higher.

The technique of using adapted sticks

The technique of aiming the poles of the pole backward instantly improves your posture and the technique of gently rotating your upper body while pushing forward greatly benefits your back.

The poles themselves are generally lighter than hiking poles. But, instead of a chunky handle with a looped strap, these have a glove-like strap that attaches to a slim, ergonomic handle.

A beneficial technique

This allows for fuller arm movement and greater acceleration as you can push the pole behind your body, dropping the hand and going through the strap.

The advantages of using this type of shoes

The benefits of exercising outdoors are numerous.

Anti depressant and fat burner

In addition to acting as an antidepressant, this athletic activity , when done correctly, can burn up to 46% more calories than normal walking and is a complete upper and lower body workout, utilizing 90% body muscles.

Posture Correction

With the right teaching, you can expect positive changes in your posture, back health, joints, and muscle tone, especially in your arms and waist.

It’s a workout you can do for the rest of your life and the travel poles collapse so well you can take them wherever you go.

The sets

Other than the poles themselves, no specialist kit is required for Nordic walking. However, it is better to invest in well-fitting walking shoes or boots with a flexible sole.

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Of course, the more regularly you walk, the more you appreciate good shoes. Breathability is essential as this practice is very energetic. Highlights and fabric layering are my recommendations when people ask.

The main features to look for in a good shoe for power walking

When looking for the best equipment for a physical activity or endurance sport, here are the most important features:


Find a relatively lightweight shoe in a brand and style that suits your feet (wide, narrow, high arch, etc.). Also choose ideally waterproof and waterproof equipment.

Heel support and cushioning

Adequate heel support and cushioning with rounded or beveled heel shape to facilitate heel-toe movement and reduce heel impact.

Also look for a model that is flexible in the forefoot so you can move comfortably and toe-propel off.

Appropriate and suitable footwear

The shoe should not slip at the heel or rub as the foot crosses the stride.

Avoid shoes that are too high around the ankle, as this can cause chafing. Also avoid shoes that are too low.

A snug fit to prevent the foot from sliding forward and the toes touching the toe box and hurting.

Other criteria for choosing suitable shoes

The qualities required for a good walking shoe are equivalent to those of a hiking shoe. The following points are also considered decisive at the time of purchase:

The importance of the sole

The tread pattern is important. The studs help the grip and grip of the shoe depending on the terrain. Whether on asphalt, paths and forests, the lightly marked studs promote a smooth stride.


Whatever the type of terrain, choose a flexible model with a sole that flexes in the forefoot. The upper should be low neither too rigid nor too high to exploit the full amplitude and tonicity of the foot roll.

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Stability is important because it provides safety during sports activity. If the supports are not stable, you risk injuring yourself or changing your position, which can cause joint pain or tendonitis.

For good stability, the sole must be wide. The heel support must be impeccable to avoid longitudinal movements. The upper must also support the foot well.


Cushioning absorbs shock. It provides the necessary comfort when walking and delays the onset of fatigue on long-distance trails. The cushioning prevents pain, rheumatism, shock to the bones of the heel or knees.

Be careful, however, not to choose too much cushioning because you risk losing the perception of the ground.

Why should you choose flexible sneakers with cushions for Nordic walking?

When you are actively walking, the impact of your foot on the ground is 1.5 times your body weight with each step. In order to limit this impact and thus gain in comfort, you must choose active and flexible shoes with good cushioning.

Nordic walking history

Nordic walking (originally Finnish sauvakävely) is athletic walking with specially designed poles.

For decades hikers, backpackers and skiers used the basic concept, but physical activity itself was first officially defined with the publication of Mauri Repo’s “Hiihdon lajiosa” in 1979.

The concept was developed based on an off-season ski training activity using one-piece ski poles.

The evolution of sticks

For decades hikers have used their ski poles, a piece long before trekking. Skiers deprived of snow have always used and still use their one-piece ski poles for walking and climbing hills.

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The first poles specifically designed and marketed for fitness walkers were produced by Exerstrider of the United States in 1988.

Nordic Walker poles were produced and marketed by Exel in 1997. Exel made and popularized the term “Nordic Walking” in 1999.

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