5 Best Night Vision Binoculars 2022

You are looking for night vision binoculars? Be aware that the choice of this type of binoculars is a bit complex. Indeed, it is necessary to choose the magnification coefficient, the digital zoom, the size of the lens, the weight, the range, etc.

Do not worry. We’ve put together this buying guide to help you out. We will explain in detail all the characteristics to consider. We will also present our selection of the best products for this year.

Night vision binoculars: what are they?

As the name suggests, this type of binocular has the technology to see at night or in low light places. The electronic system integrated into the binoculars captures the maximum amount of light coming from one or more light sources: moon, stars, infrared lamp, or other source.

The electronic system then converts the recovered protons into electrodes. These will be amplified to generate bright flashes. All of these flashes bring out clear and bright images compared to the original image. You may not fully understand how it works. Do not worry. It is useless to know all this in detail to choose your product. We have only brought these explanations so that you know how night vision binoculars work.

You just have to remember that a pair of binoculars with night vision is made up of 2 systems: the electronic part and the optical part. The electronic system is powered by cells or batteries.

Zoom on the technical characteristics

Now you know the basics. Now let’s see what features to consider.

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1. Magnification factor

When you buy binoculars, you will always find on the datasheet or the name of the product an indication of type 6x35, 10x50, 5x42, etc The first number is called magnification. Specifically, it is the optical zoom factor of the device.

Currently, most night vision binoculars have less than 6x magnification. Beyond this value, the images lose quality. You will never find strong night vision binoculars. optical magnification.

The ideal is to opt for a model with a magnification between 3x and 5x. Also, you should know that there is also digital zoom. This type of magnification only magnifies the result obtained. As a result, the image loses quality, especially in sharpness. Digital zooms can go up to 20x or even more.

2. Lens size

We’re not going to go into detail about the design and the different lens types. To put it simply, it is the second number after the magnification: 10x506x32, etc This number is the diameter of the lens expressed in millimeters.

The rule to remember is simple. The higher this value, the better the binoculars capture the light, and the better the result will be.

3. Binocular range

Conventional binoculars generally have a range of more than 500 m. In contrast, night vision binoculars only give you the ability to zoom in on things that are already visible to the naked eye. A range of a few meters can therefore make the difference between two nocturnal binoculars.

4. Dimensions and weights

The dimensions and weight of night vision binoculars depend on their performance. Normally, a high-performance device is large, because the electronic system is already bulky. So be careful when buying small binoculars.

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5. Generation

There are currently 4 generations of night vision binoculars on the market. The first generations are ideal for occasional use. The Twins Gen 1are intended for airsoft and outdoor night activities. It is easy to find them on the Internet. Often these models need an external infrared illuminator.

The second-generation night binoculars are also ideal for people looking for more serious devices. You can use Gen 2for hunting or night observations. They have an interesting autonomy.

Those who have professional activities during the night will have to opt for the third-generation binoculars. Professional image quality is achieved with these devices. Be aware that the United States Marine Corps uses the Gen3. Finally, the Gen 4is very hard to find in the market. They are the most efficient and also the most expensive binoculars.

In short, the price and performance of a pair of binoculars with night vision increase from generation to generation.

6. Other technical criteria

Try to find out if it is possible to add an IR illuminator to the binoculars. Sometimes you are going to need to add an external light source. This is often the case with Gen 1s.

As the night vision binoculars are large, it is sometimes difficult to hold. Therefore, when the size is too large, prefer products equipped with harnesses. This device allows you to have your hands free during your observation sessions.

We also advise you to pay attention to the weather resistance. Indeed, the electronic system is fragile. Water can damage it quickly. So buy waterproof binoculars if you can.

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Finally, check the quality of the battery or the battery that comes with the binoculars. Lithium batteries are more efficient and offer more autonomy. In general, a high-quality lithium battery, charged to 100%, has a range of 5 hours or more. Simply, choose the autonomy according to your needs.

You will also find binoculars on the market with built-in cameras. These models allow you to record images or videos during your night observation sessions. For these types of binoculars, the quality of videos and photos becomes criterion to be taken into account.

Best night vision binoculars for Hunting wildlife stargazing

To make this guide complete, we present to you the best night vision binoculars of the moment. best night vision binoculars under $500 and $300 below check out

Solomark Night Vision

Here is an ideal night vision monocular for hunting. It has a high sensitivity to light. Because of this, you always get a clear image even if you don’t use the infrared illuminator. You still have the choice between 7 brightness levels if you decide to turn on the illuminator. This adjustment is important to obtain good luminosity.

This Solomark Night Vision is equipped with digital zoom. You have 4 levels at your disposal: 2x, 1.6x, 1.3x, and 1x. Please note that the image quality decreases when zooming.

This night vision monocular is in our Top 5 because it has the “Movie Recording” feature. The videos and photos taken are stored on a micro-SD card. Moreover, the brand offers you a 1 GB memory card. Finally, the electronic system is powered by 4 AA batteries. The device can hold up to 5 hours non-stop if the batteries are 100% charged. But this may vary depending on the quality of the batteries.

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In short, this product is for you if your budget is quite limited. The quality to price ratio is excellent.

Strong points :

  • Good value for money
  • Satisfactory video and image quality
  • Easy to use.


  • Sensitive to hand tremors
  • Delivered without batteries

HUTACT 2-7x 21mm Digital Night Vision Binoculars

Do you want powerful binoculars for your best night vision binoculars for hunting, night fishing, hiking, etc.? ? The HUTACT brand offers this pair of night vision binoculars. She owns a fixed magnification of 7x. You can see in the dark up to a range of 200m. Also, the brand has added 2x digital zoom. The use of the latter is optional.

These HUTACT binoculars have a powerful built-in infrared LED illuminator. This lamp is a great help if you are observing in complete darkness. To activate it, you only need to remove its cap. We, therefore, advise you to cover it when using the device in broad daylight. Anyway, the light captured by the 21 mm lens is sufficient during the day.

Compared to other products in its range, this pair of night vision binoculars are lightweight. She only weighs 400g .


Strong points :

  • Lightweight
  • Clear and bright images
  • Long-range compared to other models in its range.


  • Its fixed magnification impacts image quality over a short distance.

Nightfox— 100V Night Vision Binoculars

This product is ideal if you wear glasses. Its biggest advantage is viewing comfort. This Nightfox 100 V is equipped with an innovative large screen that adapts to all types of people, even glasses wearers. She offers you a 100m range in total darkness.

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You also have at your disposal a digital zoom of 6x and a magnification of 3x. This nocturnal binocular is also equipped with an infrared lamp that can be adjusted to 7 levels. As for general use, it only has 3 control buttons. Finally, it differs from other models because of its simple focus wheel. You do not need to read the manual before using it.

The electronic system is powered by 8 AA batteries. At 100%, these batteries provide 6 hours of battery life. Strong points :

  • Viewing comfort
  • Easy to manipulate

Leo565Tom Telescope Night Vision Binoculars

Want to get out of the ordinary? Here is a pair of nocturnal binoculars with a futuristic design. The Leo565Tom brand regards this product as a telescope. You can see that in its name. Although its resemblance to glasses is significant, this product is considered binoculars.

These night-vision goggles have an adjustable exit pupil and a magnification factor of 10x. She is grouped among the twins ultralight because it weighs only 74 g. The lenses are coated with multi-layer green film. Green color reduces eye strain. The coating also promotes light capture. Very clear images are obtained in dark places.

We have selected this model for you because of its ergonomics. Indeed, they are easy to adjust especially at the level of development. Strong points :

  • Ergonomic and ultralight
  • Usable during the day
  • Adjustable exit pupils.

Wimaha Night Vision

We saved the best for last. The following binoculars perform very well. They are ideal for night hunting parties. You will benefit from a magnification of 7x accompanied by 3x digital zoom. The lens diameter is 31mm with a multi-layer coating. The range of these binoculars reaches 200 to 300 meters.

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What is still exceptional about this nocturnal binocular is the quality of its video. Indeed, it offers videos of 720pand pictures of 1280 x 960px. You can connect it to your television or your computer to broadcast images or videos. Finally, the electronic system is powered by 6 AA batteries. Strong points :

  • Very efficient
  • Long-range
  • Easy to manipulate.


  • Not compatible with all battery brands

Here is our selection of best night vision binoculars. The essential points to know before buying are now at your disposal. So, what are you waiting for to order your binoculars?

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