Best-netbooks/ 2022

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Why are netbooks better than laptops?

Larger screenFull size keyboardMore powerfulDVD Drive

What is the cheapest netbook?

The Acer Aspire 5 is a no-fuss, general-use laptop with a simple design, a generous port selection, and Ryzen 7 pep. It lacks any standout aspect or feature, but it does the job well at a reasonable price.

What is better an iPad or a netbook?

Ultraportable, LightweightAccess to App Store (With 500,000+ Apps)Video Conferencing With Facetime 4G LTE ConnectivityCompatible with Apple Pencil1080p front-facing and 12 megapixels 4K rear-facing camera features

Is a netbook and a laptop the same thing?

You can find laptops that fall under the same category as netbooks but they come in 10- to around 12-inch in size. Netbooks back in the days are surprisingly light, with just over two pounds in weight compared to their traditional laptop brethren, which weight around 5 or so pounds. Over the years, things have changed.