Best nail art kits For girls Women 2022

Nails have never been so pampered as today. There is this new generation of young women who want to use  Nail Art to express their femininity, their sense of fashion, their creativity, and even their humor.

In summary, it is a painstaking task of painting, gluing patterns, as well as small jewelry on the nails. This practice  quickly became super hip . You must have seen that several stars of music, sport and fashion are followers.

Last year, I saw Nicky Minaj on a show with a really insane manicure. Fresh out of  the nail salon , many Instagram influencers are increasingly sporting new looks as they decorate their nails with great pride.


Nail Art  kits  are often full of great ideas, new techniques, and super useful tools that you need to start your creations without wasting a minute. Their prices often depend on brands and ranges.

Water  -based varnishes make it  easy to experiment with multiple colors. Plus, a selection of tiny rhinestones, studs, and sequins often adds a festive or rock vibe to your style.

In some kits, you can, before starting to brandish your brushes, and your decorations, read a documentation on  basic nail care .

Often the instruction books also give advice for a range of interesting projects so you can make them using the materials from the kits. In some boxes, you will also have fun, cute or slightly dark little patterns.


The Nail Art kit is composed of  several types of useful accessories for creating beautiful nails that will make your girlfriends hysterical!

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A box can contain:

nail decals

Nail  art decals  always come with a strong adhesive backing. Best applied over dry nail polish, and sealed with a quick-drying top coat. They exist in a wide range of models with a wide variety of patterns.

The dotting tool

Dotting accessories are a must in a nail art kit. They are used to create points. They are usually made up of sets of 5 sub-different sizes including 10 heads. They help make  nail art designs super easy .

It’s pretty, it’s trendy, and what’s more, it adapts to your outings, and different trendy outfits.


If you add rhinestones of different sizes, colors, and shapes into your creation, it adds bling as well as  glamour . I’m a big fan of this kind of decorations, and I always try to add some when I have to have irresistible nails!

striping tapes

These types of strips are extremely thin, and are used to  add  metallic lines in a manicure. These strips also exist in several textures, colors, and are very practical.

Caviar balls and pearls

These are  very pretty little decorative elements . They help to create accent, and give a 3D effect to your nails. You have the choice to use any varnish with these decorative elements, as long as you put a harmony between the color, and the small decorations.

Various sequins

It is not necessary to buy  a nail polish with glitter . It is perfectly possible to apply glitter to your nails in the form of loose powder. You can sprinkle the glitter over the nail polish just applied using a cotton swab or a picker pen.

Optionally, you can also apply  a top coat to  your nails, then dip it into a pot of glitter. To avoid any excess, use a brush, and seal everything by applying another coat of finish.

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Nail polish

It is  imperative  when you decide to do Nail Art, you must have at least a few good shades of nail polish. Do not hesitate to add black shades, and white, because they are the most used. Moreover, you can also add textured nail polish or glitter.

The trendiest nail polish these days is  Nude polish , especially in summer.

stamping kit

Nail Art Stamping Kit includes   scraper, stencil, and stamping plates. Start by adding small patterns, and you can also put whole patterns on your nails.

Top coat, and base coat

In the kit, there is often  a top coat  of good quality, and quick drying. The top coat gives shine, and prolongs the life of your manicure. Choose the base coat based on the health of your nails if possible.

In case  your nails need  extra calcium, opt for calcium adjuvants. Don’t forget the base coat that you need to apply before you start painting your nails.


Toothpicks are used to pick rhinestones, and help create stitches in the most appropriate way. They are also very useful for  water marble exercises .

Tweezers or tweezers

This type of accessory is used to manipulate small embellishments. These clips are very handy. This is very useful when, for example, you need to  apply decals . It helps to cut them into extremely small shapes.

nail polish remover

To  properly remove nail polish , you can try nail polish remover which is very effective. Nail polish remover wipes are also a good option. It is a better solution for pretty, seductive nails.

They easily remove dark nail polish shades. Some of them contain  natural olive oil,  and vitamin E. These wipes moisturize the skin and prevent flaking of the cuticles.

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The wipes protect against nail chipping , making them healthy and shiny.

The cotton swabs

These are needed to clean and remove polish from your nails. Cotton swabs should preferably be fluffy. This is essential as the regular cotton swab can leave cotton fibers on your nails. What is prohibited for your manicure.

The cotton swab dipped in an acetone-free nail polish remover helps remove extra polish from the cuticles, and the manicure then looks cleaner.

Acrylic colors

Acrylic paints are   essential to successfully create beautiful nail art designs.

Nail Art Brushes

These accessories are a must in the  creation of trendy nails.  There are several types of brush that each have a specific use.

Different types of ornaments

You can add studs, acrylic decals, glitter,  flocking powder , artificial additions, and many other compatible embellishments to Nail Art creations.

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