5 Best Music Stands of 2022 -Complete Guide Review

It would be unfortunate to see the quality of your performance diminished due to the lack of quality of your musical accessories. So whether you’re leading a high school music class or playing in an orchestra, having a good music stand is a big plus. Among the many models available in the market, choosing one can be a tedious task. 

Music Stands: Reviews and Comparison of the Best Models

In the following, we will present a buying guide and a product list for those who are looking for a music stand that meets their needs. For those who are in a hurry and can’t read to the end, a music stand to put your sheet music on is a must. However, in, we already offer 2 models:

Buying guide – How to choose a good music stand?

Whether it’s performing in front of a crowd of 10,000 or teaching ten students in music class, having a good music stand is a big plus. The following buying guide for the best music stands can give you advice and guide you in your choice. You will need to consider the style and material of construction of the desk as well as its features and options.

The style and material of the music stand

If you play a musical instrument, you will always need to take a look at your sheet music. You might be wondering how to buy a better value music stand. Over the years, different styles of music stands have been produced whose goals are the comfort and convenience of their users. Modern music stands are usually made of metal. This type of desk has the advantage of being light and foldable. This makes them easy to transport. In addition to metal music stands, there are many wooden models.

These types of desks have an elegant look and can be used perfectly as decorative elements. Also, they are more robust. Small music stands, known as lyres, on the other hand, attach directly to the musical instrument. They are mainly used with wind instruments. Finally, with the evolution of technology, digital music stands have emerged.

These stand models have automatic page turning functionality and are typically used by professional musicians. Thus, depending on the use you plan for your desk and your taste, you will choose the model that can suitably meet your needs.

Music Stand Features and Options

Before settling on a given music stand model, it is recommended to take a look at a price comparison. An adjustable height and tilt are among the most popular features for a music stand. Indeed, an adjustable height allows your music stand to adapt to your different positions, while an adjustable tilt allows you to have a good viewing angle to read your scores.

If you plan to travel frequently with your music stand, it is best to opt for a foldable and fairly compact model that can be easily stored in a bag. Finally, to ensure the stability of your desk, it must have legs and a top strong enough to support its load and have non-slip feet.

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Music Stand Accessories

When you pick up your music stand from a place to buy a new music stand, you will discover several types of accessories that come with this type of device. Among these accessories are the floor protectors with which the feet of the desks are covered so as not to leave traces on the floor. Another accessory that is commonly used with the music stand is also the lamp.

An integrated lamp allows the musician to see and read his scores properly, especially in a poorly lit place. Finally, to make the stand more practical to use, a separate box can accompany it to allow you to store your belongings, such as pens, the baton for the conductor or even a bottle of water.

The 5 Best Music Stands 2022(Reviews & Tests) of 2022

With the criteria specified previously, you are now able to know how to choose the best music stands of 2022. However, if you do not have time to go and consult a comparison, we offer you 5 better quality products that can meet your requirements and needs.

1. Tiger MUS7-BK Orchestral Stand


Main advantage

This music stand offered by the Tiger brand is very popular with users, in particular thanks to its adjustable height and tilt. So you can install it as you see fit.

Main disadvantage

However, some users complain that it is too flimsy. Others do not hesitate to say that it twists at the slightest shock. Which is, of course, a bit of an exaggeration.

Verdict : 9.7/10

With these music stands from Tiger, you are free to adjust the height and tilt as you see fit. In addition, it is a production of very high quality. They have a very elegant design.

Check the price on Amazon.fr!

Key Features Explained

Adjustable height

As you probably know, especially if you are a musician, the quality of a music stand can influence your performance. You might be wondering: what’s the connection? Well, if the material is at the wrong pitch, you’ll have trouble reading the notes. Therefore, you will not be able to play properly. This is how the quality of a music stand can influence your performance.

This is why you have to choose your height carefully when you buy one. By opting for the Tiger MUS7, you will not have this problem. This is simply because its height is adjustable. So you can adapt it to your size. As a reminder, that of this model can vary between 96 and 145 cm.



As with height, stability is also very important for a lectern. Imagine that you are in the middle of a concert and that your music stand tips over and falls over. In this case, it will be difficult for you to remember the notes and play correctly. All because you chose an unstable desk. Well with the Tiger MUS7, you will also avoid this disappointment.

Indeed, this model has been designed to maintain perfect stability during use. In order to guarantee this, it has been equipped with 3 foldable legs. In addition, they each have a non-slip coating that prevents them from slipping, even on smooth surfaces. So the risk of an accident is minimized.

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And what about the strength of this material? In order to optimize its robustness, the manufacturers have mainly focused on the tray. With a thickness of 5.5 cm, it can support a good load. It is strong enough to support a large book. Which is not to displease the musicians.

In addition, this model is also foldable to make it easier to transport. Thus, you will have no problem transporting it in a car. As for its light weight, you can take it anywhere you go without it becoming bulky or tiring on your hands. And a last word for the practical side, know that the angle of the tray is also adjustable. So you can also adjust it in order to enjoy a better view.

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2. Mugig Folding Metal Music Stands


If you are wondering what is the best music stand on the market that can be used for children as well as adults, we can offer you the Mugig model. Besides its use as an orchestra stand, this stand is also suitable for use in theatrical performances as well as for meetings. Its height, which can vary from 50 to 156 cm and is easily adjustable, makes it suitable for all these various uses.

The height adjustment is done thanks to its tubular stem with 3 sections. In addition, its top with a dimension of 46 x 30 cm can support different loads. This tray also has the advantage of being able to tilt at an angle of 10 to 30 degrees. This gives you maximum comfort in reading your scores. This recline angle is easily adjusted with easy-to-use adjustment knobs.

The foldable tripod of the Mugig model ensures excellent stability and portability. In addition, the ends of the feet of this model are equipped with a non-slip rubber which prevents you from accidents. Finally, the desk is entirely made of metal in a matte black color that does not shine under the spotlights.

Where to buy the best music stand on the market? Due to its practicality and manufacturing quality, the foldable metal Mugig is one of the most recommended models by consumers.

For the

Easy transport  : The equipment has the advantage of being able to become very compact during storage. Indeed, its legs are foldable, and the tubular rod can also be considerably shortened. All the elements can be stored in the carrying case provided.

Adjustment possibilities  : As mentioned above, the tubular rod can be adjusted on 3 levels, from 50 to 156 cm. Both children and adults can then use it comfortably. The inclination of the tray is also adjustable between 10 and 30 degrees.


Fragile transport cover  : Although the presence of a cover for its transport is appreciable, customers regret a little its fragility. It tends to tear quite easily.

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Check the price on Amazon.fr!

3. Opus LMS02-SL Adjustable Metal Music Stand


If you want to invest in a model of music stand with better value for money, it is best to buy a model with several options and features. Among this kind of model that can be found on a comparison is the Opus LMS02-SL.

In addition to its 43 x 21 cm tray which allows you to efficiently and optimally hold your scores and music books, this model also has the advantage of being equipped with a foldable and height-adjustable tripod. The height of this model, with a minimum dimension of 54 cm, can thus reach 126 cm. The adjustment is made thanks to the modular sections of its rod which is strong enough to hold the desk top in place.

In addition, to add to the stability of the whole, the robust tripods of the model are equipped with a non-slip end which thus avoids you the unfortunate accidents which distract you in full concert. Since the Opus LMS02-SL tripod is foldable, this model is easy to store and portable since it weighs only 1.12 Kg. Moreover, a carrying case is delivered with the model to allow you to take it wherever you want. Both practical and solid, this model of music stand can fully meet your needs.

This reference is particularly easy to use and will suit any type of user, large or small, thanks to the possibility of adjusting its height. Its value for money is not to be neglected.

For the

Adjustable height  : Children and adults will be able to use this music stand to read their sheet music comfortably, as it can be adjusted in height from 54 cm to 126 cm. Adjustment is quick and easy.

Value for money  : The LMS02-SL is robust, its feet offer good stability and the adjustment possibilities are numerous. Customers are therefore delighted that it is offered at such an affordable price. Its acquisition would be a good investment for a musician.


Effectiveness of the spring rods  : These rods, which are supposed to hold the scores when the music stand is used outdoors, do not fulfill their mission perfectly.

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4. Woodbrass MU20 BK Pupitre pliant simple


To be able to perform their functions well, music stands must already have the correct height and have a good shelf that can hold the sheet music in place. A music stand model like the Woodbrass MU20 BK can perfectly meet your needs.

Thanks to three easy-to-handle adjustment points, the height of this music stand model can be adjusted between 85 and 148 cm. Thus, this music stand can be used with different types of instruments and in different situations: you can use it standing or sitting, in a concert or in rehearsal. Your sheet music is at a good eye level and is held securely in place by two rods on the tray securing them.

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Entirely made of steel, the Woodbrass MU20 BK desk model exudes robustness and solidity. Its tripod effectively ensures the stability of the whole. In addition, the foldable legs of this model make it easy to store and allow it to be transported easily. Finally, the black color of the Woodbrass MU20 BK music stand gives it an elegant look, suitable for all circumstances.

Which music stand to choose for a musician who needs to move frequently with all his equipment? According to many consumers, the Woodbrass MU20 BK would be perfect for this type of use. It is made of steel and is adjustable in height.

For the

Height adjustment  : The MU20 BK has two adjustment points allowing the height to be adjusted from 85 to 148 cm. He will therefore be able to maintain a partition at the right height, whether for a child or an adult.

Easy to transport  : The legs can be folded to reduce the clutter of the desk during transport. You can therefore take it to a concert or rehearsal without too much difficulty.


Lack of rigidity  : Although made of steel, this desk may not support the weight of a heavy book. It is therefore better to be satisfied with placing sheet music there.

Check the price on Amazon.fr!

5. Kabalo Music Stands Metal Stand


Among the models of music stands at a low price that can be found on the market, the Kabalo model can fully satisfy your needs and requirements thanks to its features.

Despite its low price, this model has the advantage of being reliable and of high quality. Thanks to its adjustable height between 64 cm and 136 cm, this model adapts to all situations. The height adjustment is done thanks to a simple system located on the tubular rod of the model, equipped with 3 sections.

The metal in which this model has been designed makes it solid, robust and suitable for long-term use. In addition, the black color of the Kabalo desk adapts to different types of use. The top of this desk measures 46 x 29 cm. Which is suitable for sheet music and music books.

The feet of the model are very stable and are fitted with an anti-slip system which makes it practical to use on a slippery surface. These legs are foldable, which facilitates storage and makes it easy to transport. Moreover, a cover is provided for this purpose and is delivered with the model.

Among the most recommended desks of the moment, Le Kabalo in black metal is the least expensive of the lot. Its height is adjustable from 64 to 136 cm and it can be easily folded then stored in its cover for easier transport.

For the

Easy transport  : The legs have the ability to fold up and the central rod can be shortened thanks to the two adjustment points. The desk then becomes much more compact and can be easily stored in its carrying case.

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Affordable price  : Musicians who prefer to take the time to compare the different music stands on the market will find that this one is offered at a much more affordable price.


Light structure  : Although made of metal, the structure does not seem to be very solid, and does not offer excellent stability. It is therefore advisable to handle it with care.

Check the price on Amazon.fr!

Tiger MUS7-BK


Having a good music stand is one of the parameters that can influence your musical performance. With a table top measuring 48 x 34 cm, the Tiger MUS7-BK model can be called the best music stand. Giving this desk a good solidity, its tubular metal rod has 3 sections that allow its height to be easily adjusted according to needs.

Thus, the height of this music stand can vary from 96 to 145 cm. Weighing a total of 2.94 kg, the stability of this desk model is ensured by its 3 foldable legs fitted with a non-slip coating which limits accidental slipping on smooth surfaces.

In addition, the top of this model has an adjustable angle to ensure better visibility of the scores and to increase your reading comfort. In addition, the 5.5 cm thickness of the top allows it to support a good load and thus meet your needs.

The foldable design as well as the lightness of this model makes it easy to transport. So you can take your foldable music stand wherever you want without it getting in the way and tiring you out.

Tiger can be considered as the best music stand brand in the market. She enjoyed great success thanks to her MUS7, a lectern with a tubular metal rod, adjustable in height and angle and with a foldable non-slip tripod.

For the

Fully adjustable  : The MUS7 is probably the most efficient console in terms of comfort of use thanks to its ability to be adjusted according to your needs. It is indeed possible to adjust its height as well as the angle of the tray to suit any user.

Good stability  : The fixings and the wide feet with non-slip coating ensure that the desk is very stable, even if you place heavy books on it. The legs are also foldable for less space during storage.


Sturdiness of the tray  : The support for the sheet music is not very thick, and it could therefore twist if it is not treated with care.

Check the price on Amazon.fr!

How to use a music stand?

The music stand is one of the most useful accessories for the musician during a concert. Indeed, this equipment will allow him to have at hand all the scores that he will need for the smooth running of his performance. However, the handling of this kind of product remains quite delicate. To avoid any incident that could distract you, here are some tips.

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Choose the right location

During a performance, it remains important to check all the conditions for the smooth running of the events. If you don’t want your desk to fall off in the middle of a performance, it’s a good idea to think long and hard about where you’re going to position it. Choose a location that will not tend to obstruct the movement of other participants. Also avoid installing it too close to the edges of the stage. Also make sure that your prop does not obstruct the view of the spectators. Put yourself in their shoes and compose accordingly.

Stabilize the desk

This step is undoubtedly the most important here, otherwise you will be distracted throughout your activities. This could affect the quality of your performance. So make sure that the legs of your desk are placed at the right angle. Spread them wide apart for better stability.

Adjust desk height

To adjust the height of the desk, you may have two options. Either lower or raise the feet, or pull up on the handle. For this last operation, you will have to turn a small device to loosen the locking bolts, then pull and tighten again when you obtain the desired height.

Tilt the tray

This option is now available on most newer models. To adjust the angle of the tray, you only have to lower or raise it until you obtain the visibility of the partitions that suits you the most. Do a few tests before your performance. This will avoid any discomfort throughout.


Tidy up the desk

Take care of your item after each use. It is therefore advisable to put away your desk. To do this, fold it up to its smallest size. Then place it in a safe or any other place where it will be protected from dust and humidity. You will therefore have less work to do for the maintenance of your accessory when the time comes.  

Maintain the desk

This operation will depend on the material in which your article was designed. Most of the time, these accessories are made of metal or wood. Avoid wetting them with water to clean them, as this could damage their structure. Use a specific oil to slightly grease the cogs that allow you to adjust the height and the inclination of your desk. These actions can then be done more easily each time you perform them. So you can have your tool much longer.