Best Motherboards For Gtx 1080 & 1080ti 2022

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What motherboards will support the GTX 1080 Ti?

The GTX 1080 Ti requires a single PCIe 3.0 slot at x8 or x16 depending on your system (the longer slots if you're wondering). There will be exceptions, such as super budget or very old motherboards, but even if you're running a pre-built gaming PC you should be OK. Likewise, even the tiny mATX motherboards will accept a GTX 1080 Ti.

Is it worth building a gaming PC with a GTX 1080?

Building a gaming PC with a GTX 1080 is still a great idea because it can handle all the workload just fine but in order to fully enjoy the gaming experience of this GPU that can provide well-equipped hardware, you need a decent CPU for it.

When did the GTX 1080 come out?

Based on a 16nm process size, the GTX 1080 was released in mid-2016, which is quite some time ago.

Should I buy a GTX 1080 Ti or x470?

ASUS has AMD system builders covered too with the most excellent X470-F gaming which is feature packed and very well priced. The GTX 1080 Ti was the king of NVIDIA's lineup in a pre-RTX world. For now, the best way to avoid ridiculous prices is to buy a factory refurb like this one, but you probably shouldn't.