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What is the best pinball machine ever made?

The 10 best pinball machines of all timeMedieval Madness – Williams then Chicago Gaming Company – 1997 then 2015Monster Bash – Williams then Chicago Gaming Company – 1998 then 2018Twilight Zone – Bally – 1993Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure – Williams – 1993Attack From Mars – Bally then Chicago Gaming Company – 1995 than 2017Lord of the Rings – Stern – 2003 More items...

What pinball machine should I buy?

Most avid pinball players have their favorite machines to play and the ultimate goal is to have your very own inside your home. With brand new machines starting at about $5,500 a used machine might be the route for you. -Type- There are a few different types of machines starting with Electro-Mechanical or EM.

What is the most expensive pinball machine?

What is the most sought after pinball machine?#7 Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball Machine – $9,000. …#6 The Indiana Jones Pinball Machine – $9,500. …#4 The Addams Family Pinball Machine – $18,000. …#3 The Loch Ness Monster – $20,327. …#2 The Supreme Stern Pinball Machine – $70,000. …#1 Punball: Only One Earth – $125,000.

Why should I buy a pinball machine?

Why shouldn't I buy a virtual pinball?Unexpected find behind the freezer aisleSonic SpinballIn all of my excitement, I forgot to share pics of my first pin. ...One of us! ...Quarter Barrel, Cedar Rapids, IowaMy first pinball machine ever!!!!!SCAM - Pinballbase, StellarPinballs, Pinballshore, Pinballstevie - SCAM. ...Star wars vintage pinball machine


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