Top 10 Best milk frothers for home use- Complete Guide Review

You are looking for the best milk frother to make beautiful froth to concoct tasty caffeinated drinks. But you find it difficult to make a choice given the variety of models. Don’t panic, you’ve come to the right place! Thanks to this comparison which highlights the best quality milk frothers that are currently sold on the market, followed by a buying guide, you will easily be able to find the right equipment.

Comparison of the best milk frothers: tests and reviews

Here are the top 10 milk frothers that stand out the most on the market in terms of features, quality, and efficiency.

Severin milk frother
best milk frothers for almond milk

Severin SM 9684 milk frother

The SM 9684 milk frother offered by the German manufacturer Severin deserves its place in this comparison of the best milk frothers for many reasons.

This electric milk frother is a very nice accessory that stands out for its rather impressive design and its white/silver colour. At the level of the structure, it consists of a plastic heating base with non-slip feet under which there is a compartment for the power cable. On the other hand, we have a stainless steel bowl in the shape of a jug which fits easily on the central support. The device has an on/off button with indicator light.

This is a very powerful device that will allow you to heat milk or froth in the space of 2 to 3 minutes. This efficiency is justified by the fact that it works thanks to an induction heating plate in addition to its power of 500 Watts.

This milk frother from Severin comes with two magnetic whisks for preparing 200 ml of froth (hot or cold) and heating up to 500 ml of milk. Very intuitive, it has an automatic switch-off function which switches off the appliance at the end of the cooking cycle. In addition, the preparations do not burn, because the induction heating offers thermal safety against overheating.


  1. Induction heating
  2. Easy to use
  3. transparent cover
  4. Dishwasher safe container


  1. No temperature setting

I use this emulsifier to make my one pot cosmetics. It works very well but the bowl stays hot and it runs many cold cycles to get a nice emulsion, and also soaks the bowl in cold water. The fact that the bowl is not attached to the motor is very practical. Read all reviews.

Philip T.

Philips Senseo milk frother

Philips Senseo Milk Twister CA6500/30 milk frother

best milk frothers for coffee

It is clear that, like the various small household appliances offered by the Philips brand, the CA6500/30 electric milk frother from  the Senseo range benefits from very good manufacturing quality. Whether in terms of design or color, everything has been well thought out so that you can have a device with a modern look that will fit into any type of contemporary decor.

This milk aerator consists of a removable 125ml can-shaped container that sits on a 360-degree rotating cup-shaped base. As for the coating, the choice fell on premium quality materials that guarantee the strength and durability of the device. The manufacturer has thus opted for plastic for the external surface and preferred non-stick aluminum for the interior.

Beyond aesthetics, the Senseo Milk Twister can boast of being an easy-to-use device that offers a pleasant and comfortable grip. Thanks to its power of 500 Watts, you can obtain hot or cold froth very quickly. Just pour the milk into the bowl and press the ignition button and the magnetic whisk does the rest.

After use, this Phillips Senseo milk frother can be easily cleaned by hand with a little washing-up liquid. However, you can machine wash the lid and the whisk if you want, but not the container and the heating base.

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  1. beautiful design
  2. Efficient and efficient
  3. Very easy to use
  4. Easy to maintain


  1. No possibility to heat milk only

I have had several manual milk frothers which were very good. Except that clumsiness broke the Pyrex pot three times… So I decided to invest in electricity. I’m happy with my choice for this one. Silent, perfect foam, time to pour my coffee and hop the Cappuccino foam is ready. I absolutely recommend! Read all reviews.

Amelie O.

Melitta milk frother

Melitta Cremio II milk frother

best milk frothers for latte art

Do you like to bet on aesthetics and design when choosing your household appliances? Then there is a good chance that this milk frother from Melitta will seduce you. Designed with good quality materials, this device benefits from a perfect assembly for a very elegant result. Available in several colors: anthracite, black and white, it will be perfect in any kitchen.

Multifunctional, the Melitta Cremio II adapts to all needs when it comes to making creamy froth for any type of milk preparation (latte macchiato, iced coffee or cappuccino, etc.) . You can indeed count on its 3 programs and its 450 Watt heating resistance to make hot or cold foam and to heat milk.

With this milk aerator, you can make between 100 and 150 ml of creamy froth and heat 100 and 200 ml of milk in less than two minutes. Note that the tank is graduated, which makes it easier to dose the milk for clean cooking without overflowing.

The handling of the device is very easy thanks to the ergonomic handle. Regarding the use of the device itself, it is just as easy. It should also be noted that the Melitta Cremio II is silent and incorporates an automatic shutdown system. Added to this is an anti-overheating device that activates automatically in the event of a problem. Note that the cleaning of this milk frother is done easily by hand, but it is possible to wash the lid and the whisk in the machine. 


  1. Very easy to use
  2. Easy to maintain
  3. Multifunction
  4. Very creamy foam


  1. The cord a bit too short

It works very well very quiet, but the description is false it indicates 3 tips and I received only one I wrote without response from amazon .. I find it abnormal that the indications are false because it there is another device 10€ cheaper almost identical. It is the number of tips that made me choose the more expensive of the two. Read all reviews.

Joel D

Arendo electric milk frother

Arendo MilkLoud electric milk frother

best milk frothers for non dairy milk

The MilkLoud milk frother is a product of the German brand Arendo. This is a mid-range model that stands out both for its quality of design and its interesting features. It is therefore quite normal that it is part of this comparison of the best milk frothers .

The device has a neat look that is both modern and refined, which immediately attracts attention. It is made up of two separate units: a double-walled stainless steel case with non-stick coating and a 360° rotating base. The set comes in a compact cylindrical shape that is easy to store and transport.  The external surface is covered with ” Soft Touch ” rubber  which promotes a comfortable and secure grip as well as easy manual cleaning.

The MilkLoud is an automatic milk frother that offers two preparation modes. The fact that it comes with two different whips is therefore not insignificant. It is indeed possible to make foam hot or cold. To do this, simply press the corresponding button.

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This electric milk aerator from Arendo is a silent model that works with a power that can vary between 365 and 465 Watts. Quite powerful, it only takes a few minutes to have up to 100 ml of creamy foam that is both firm and light. Depending on your desires, it is possible to heat a maximum of 200 ml of milk.

It should also be noted that this milk heater has an automatic shut-off system which protects the device against overheating. It comes with an extra whisk and mixer as well as an instruction manual for optimal easy use. 


  1. Sober and elegant design
  2. Double-walled structure
  3. Auto power off
  4. Versatile (frothing and heating)
  5. 360 degree stand


  1. Short power cable

Very quiet device, easy to use, fast and a firm foam worthy of a professional! I was afraid of regretting not having bought the Nespresso brand but I am delighted with my purchase! Read all reviews.

Veronique U.

VAVA electric milk frother

VAVA electric milk frother

best milk frothers for plant based milk

This device is not found in this list of the best milk frothers by chance. Like all VAVA brand products, it boasts good design quality and combines ease of use with impressive functionality.

The VAVA electric milk frother makes cold, hot or lukewarm froth in just a few minutes thanks to its 500 Watts power. It comes with three different whips that adapt to all user needs.

Very practical, it is the ideal equipment for creating milk froth, whether in small or large quantities. You can indeed thanks to this device obtain 115 milliliters of foam and 240 milliliters of heated milk.

There are also three level indicators that help to put the right amount of milk so that the cooking is done without overflows. We also appreciate the spout which is very useful for emptying the contents without the foam spreading everywhere without forgetting its Strix temperature regulator.

The Vava milk frother has a plastic anti-heat handle that makes it easy to hold and move safely. Very easy to use, this device has a two-button control panel. It is a quiet device that does not make too much noise during use.

In terms of design, it displays an elegant look characterized by its stainless steel coating which guarantees its durability. It should also be noted that the inside of this device is covered with non-stick, which prevents the milk from sticking and promotes easy maintenance.


  1. Excellent value
  2. Silent device
  3. Insulated ergonomic handle
  4. temperature controller


  1. Not dishwasher safe

Having a coffee machine that I bought very expensive and which already has a built-in milk frother, but which obviously can no longer froth my milk.. . I wanted to test this one with a priori given the low price, but in fact it is excellent !! much better than my built-in frother in my coffee machine (plus it barely heated my milk)! Read all reviews.

Lucia P.

NobeBird Automatic Milk Frother

NobeBird Automatic Milk Frother

best milk frothers for hot chocolate

The NobeBird automatic milk frother is offered to satisfy all the needs of milk drink lovers. It is a multifunctional model that offers 3 different preparation modes: hot emulsion, cold emulsion and heating the milk. Simple to use, just press the On/Off button integrated into its handle to turn it on. Then we select the pictogram corresponding to the desired preparation mode and off you go.

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With this milk frother, which offers 400 Watts of power, whipping up the froth to enhance a coffee or simply warming up milk becomes the easiest task ever. In just two minutes, you can make up to 160ml of perfectly smooth and silky cream or heat milk up to 350ml.

The biggest asset of this foam machine is its capacity which is well above average compared to other models in the same price range. It should also be noted that it is also equipped with an automatic shutdown function.

The NodeBird milk frother is made up of a removable container with a transparent lid which clips onto a heating base around which the electric cable is wound. It has a double-walled design that perfectly insulates the heat and a non-stick coating that promotes perfect cooking. Note that the device comes with extra whisks, a cleaning brush, and a user guide.


  1. Multifunctional
  2. Silent device
  3. Big capacity
  4. Accessory available


  1. Not dishwasher safe

I didn’t think the milk could froth so well having used semi-skimmed. It works better than a percolator and it’s much simpler. The temperature is regulated at around 60°. It is ideal for obtaining a nice firm foam. I also use it in the morning to warm up my drink without any supervision. The noise is very low. However, I do not use the cold foamer function. Cleaning is easy. Read all reviews.

Christian M.

Aicok electric milk frother

Aicok electric milk frother

best milk frothers for almond milk

AICOK is a company that has built a good reputation in the small appliance market. It offers “high-tech” products that are useful on a daily basis at affordable prices, such as this 3-in-1 electric milk aerator. This is a model with a very attractive price-quality ratio. It is considered one of the best cheap milk frothers .

It could be right for you if you are looking for a silent milk frother , easy to use and above all capable of producing hot or cold froth in a few minutes for your cappuccinos and milkshakes. With its power of 500 W, this device is impressively efficient.

In terms of appearance, the Aicok milk frother has a very classy smooth and shiny silver look. If you have a modern kitchen, it will have no trouble fitting in. In addition, it will take up very little space, since it is a small device that does not take up much space. It should be noted that the capacity of the container is 240 ml to heat the milk and 115 ml for the foam.

This electric milk machine from Aicok has the STRIX automatic shut-off option as well as an overheating protection system. It has an ergonomic handle, a 360 degree heating base and a transparent lid.


  1. Good value for money
  2. 3 in 1 multifunction device
  3. Easy to use
  4. Accessories included
  5. 2 years warranty


  1. Not dishwasher safe

I am very surprised by the density of the foam and the speed!!! it looks like very firm whipped eggs!! I use whole milk as advised in the booklet. the minimum capacity is perfect a large cup of cappuccino or two small ones, the device is very aesthetic, in stainless steel, apart from the handle not too beautiful, but good it is robust and allows a good grip to pour the milk, the holder in the lid for the whisk or the hot drink cover is well thought out . Read all reviews.

Mary T.

Bodum Latteo manual milk frother

Bodum Latteo manual milk frother

best milk frothers for lattes

Bodum is a brand of Danish origin that offers functional, simple and useful everyday appliances like the Latteo milk frother . It is a manual model that works without electrical energy. Easy to transport, it can be taken anywhere and can be very practical on a daily basis and in all circumstances. It could, for example, be suitable for campers who do not wish to skip a hot chocolate or a cappuccino in the morning.

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The Bodun Latteo consists of a borosilicate glass pitcher with spout, a plastic lid, a removable plunger filter and an ergonomic glass handle. It comes in a sober and elegant design that will not go unnoticed alongside other accessories such as the coffee maker. It is a compact device with reasonable dimensions that will find a place in a closet without great difficulty.

Thanks to the Latteo milk frother, it is possible to obtain up to 250 ml of frothed milk. Simply put the cold or previously heated milk to the black line and activate the plunger to whip it. Very quickly, one obtains light or thick creamy foam according to preferences. In addition to being simple to use, it should be noted that the equipment is very easy to clean, as it can be washed in the dishwasher without any problem.

It is also important to note that this milk frother does not have an automatic heating function. Which is normal, because it is a manual model. For those who want to obtain a hot preparation, it is however possible to put the pitcher in the microwave before or after making the foam.


  1. Very good value for money
  2. Fast and effective
  3. Foam consistency control
  4. Microwave heating
  5. Dishwasher cleaning


  1. Basic function

I bought this milk frother again, unfortunately the pitcher had fallen off… And even if the price made me hesitate, I didn’t regret this morning when I drank my coffee. Easy to use, I heat the milk in the microwave directly in the pitcher, I froth it for a few seconds and wait a minute, the milk has tripled in volume. Goes in the dishwasher. I recommend +++. Read all reviews.

Mary M.

Bialetti Tuttocrema glass milk frother

Bialetti Tuttocrema glass milk frother

best milk frothers for nespresso

The Bialetti Tuttocrema is an Italian-made manual milk frother. It is ideal for those looking for a device that will allow them to make foam with ease. Very easy to use, just pump the double disc whisk to transform the milk into creamy froth.

Unlike an automatic milk frother, you have to use a little elbow grease to get the desired result. The advantage is that you can control the texture as you go in order to stop the maneuver as soon as you get what suits you. What is also interesting with this manual milk frother is that it allows you to directly heat the milk if you want it for hot frothing. Note however that it is incompatible with induction heating.

The Bialetti Tuttocrema frother is a small capacity, yet solid, compact gadget that sports a very stylish retro design. It is made from aluminum and has an internal non-stick coating. Its cleaning is therefore very simple and only takes a few minutes.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Heating milk on gas
  3. Creamy and thick foam
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. Incompatible induction heating

As always, excellent Bialetti product! Read all reviews.

Giuseppe P.

MOSUO milk frother

The Mosuo milk frother is a very interesting device that offers a lot of features that are worth much more than the price it displays. It goes without saying that this is the cheapest model in this comparison of the best milk frothers. We are dealing with a manual milk frother in the form of an immersion blender which allows you to easily create smooth, creamy and thick foam.

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Versatile, it comes with 2 additional heads which can be adapted as needed. With this dipping frother, you can emulsify milk to add it to your coffees, but also make other types of preparation such as mayonnaise, creams…

Very easy to use, the Mosuo portable milk frother has an ON/OFF button with indicator light. It offers two operating speeds for optimal use. It is equipped with an 800 mAh lithium battery rechargeable by USB. Once fully charged, the device can be used approximately 180 times before recharging is required.

This electric milk aerator is a go-anywhere gadget that can be taken on the go. In addition, it is easy to store and becomes super compact once inserted into its protective case. Regarding its cleaning, it is done by hand with ease. Simply remove the whisk head after use so it can be washed and dried.


  1. Versatile use
  2. Practical and efficient
  3. Comfortable grip
  4. USB rechargeable battery
  5. Very low sound level


  1. Limited use for large quantities

Small milk frother that does its job, and more! The difference with other devices is that it can be stored in a drawer without any problem because it has a cap. And that is great. Read all reviews.

Hana M.

Buying guide for choosing the right milk frother 

Cup of milk frothing

All it takes is a nice serving of creamy and smooth foam to make a coffee more tasty, to enhance a cappuccino or to make a macchiato latte or milkshake. And when you want to froth milk very quickly and efficiently, one of the best ways to do that is with a milk frother .

By opting for a milk aerator, it will no longer be necessary to go to the coffee shop before tasting your favorite beverages. In a jiffy, you can make, like a real barista, all kinds of hot or cold preparations according to your desires.

To choose the right milk frother , that is to say the model that really meets expectations, a certain number of parameters must be examined.

The different types of milk frothers

You will find different types of milk frothers on the market. They can be grouped into three broad categories.

Electric or automatic milk frothers

Electric milk frothers are very practical and offer comfort of use that is highly appreciated by many people. Indeed, these devices work autonomously and do not require any particular effort during their use. Just plug it into an electrical outlet, press the ON/OFF button and possibly make certain settings such as choosing the temperature or the appropriate program (heating, cold or hot foam) and you’re done. They are mostly multifunctional and cost more than other types.

Manual milk frothers

There are also manual milk frothers . These are prototypes that generally work with a piston that will have to be operated more or less vigorously to make the foam rise according to the desired result. The more vigorously you whisk, the thicker the resulting foam.

Unlike electric models, a manual milk aerator does not have the automatic heating function. It is particularly suitable for cold milk and gives a nice smooth foam. However, some models like the Bodum Latteo can be microwaved without worry. The advantage with this type of device is that they are practical when traveling and save energy.

Foam whisks

Unlike other models that come in the form of a carafe, a cup or a container with a lid, there is a category of frothers that have the structure of an immersion blender like the milk frother Mosuo . Also called foam whisks , they are very space-saving and provide a good grip.

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With this type of emulsifier, you can make your different preparations with ease. Just dip it straight into your cup or a container with the milk and that’s it. They are easy to clean and don’t cost too much. Note that some dipping aerators are battery operated while others are electric.

The different features and options

If you need a basic milk frother that allows you to froth milk with ease, you can choose whip models or piston models. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a versatile utensil that offers more possibilities, such as heating milk directly or frothing hot or cold, it is better to turn to electric models.

That said, be aware that some electric emulsifiers incorporate very interesting features that make use even simpler and easier. These include: temperature setting, automatic shutdown, thermal protection against overheating.

The capacity of the device

If you want to buy a device that really meets your needs, this criterion is one of the most important to consider before choosing your milk frother . It mainly applies to models that have a container.

The capacity of your future milk aerator depends largely on your consumption habits and the size of your household. For example, if you have a large family, it would definitely make more sense to opt for a large capacity milk frother like the NobeBird frother . It should however be noted that the capacity of a foamer is generally of two orders. There is the volume of milk that can be frothed and the volume of milk that can be heated without boiling over.

The design and the material of manufacture

Milk frothers are one of those small appliances that you proudly display on your worktop or on the dining table. It is therefore important that special attention is paid to design and build quality when choosing. You will find quite a few models that display an elegant, modern look with a neat finish, such as the Melitta Cremio II . When it comes to color, a wide variety of choices are also available to you. It all depends on your tastes and preferences.

For the design, manufacturers use different materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, plastic and glass. The most important thing is to favor a model designed with good quality materials that guarantee a good lifespan for the device.

Cleaning the milk frother

Before choosing a milk frother , the maintenance aspect must also be taken into account. Be aware that most manual models are dishwasher safe. But when it comes to electrical appliances, most of them are not machine washable. You should therefore refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for more information.

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