Top 10 Best Microwaves Oven for Home 2022-Complete Guide Review

Present in more than 85% of French households, the microwave oven, commonly known as a microwave, is a household appliance that is mainly used to heat up, defrost or cook food. It is a very practical piece of equipment that makes everyday life easier.

You are trying to buy your very first microwave or you are planning to replace an older model. Anyway, you’re a bit lost in the jungle of offers and you don’t know at all how to choose the best one. Then discover in this comparison the most reliable microwaves on the market.

Comparison of the best microwaves Oven for home/grill pizza chicken: tests and reviews

This comparison of the best microwaves 2022 highlights the 10 most interesting models in terms of features and quality/price ratio.

Panasonic Four Micro-Ondes solo NN-ST45KWEPG 32 Litres

Micro-Ondes Panasonic NN-K10JWMEPG

The Panasonic NN-K10JWMEPG is a free-standing microwave that can be used to efficiently reheat or defrost your dishes in record time. It is the device to have absolutely at home or in the office for quick snacks without the hassle or loss of time.

Very practical, the device has a timer and a manual power regulator. So you can adjust the cooking time and heat according to your needs. Note that the device offers 5 power levels , the highest of which is 800 watts.

The Panasonic NN-K10JWMEPG microwave is also equipped with a 25.5 cm turntable that incorporates a 1000 watt quartz grill. This is perfect for browning and gratinating pizza , lasagna or croque-monsieur to make them crispier. No need to equip yourself with a traditional oven, especially if you have very little space; this duo microwave offers you the same benefits with a lower investment.

It is important to note that this microwave from Panasonic has a capacity of 20 liters. Its internal cavity has an acrylic coating which makes cleaning much easier.


  1. Good value for money
  2. Versatility
  3. Suitable for 2 to 3 people
  4. Easy to use and clean


  1. Small capacity

We were looking for a large enough white microwave oven. The operation is a bit gas factory. Too many cooking options, some of which are ineffective or downright useless. It would have been desirable to provide programmable keys for example to heat a plate or a breakfast bowl, which we do every day (this remark applies to other models) especially for this price. Sufficient power. No oven mode. Read all reviews.

Tony P.

Sharp R-742INW Micro-ondes Gril 25 litres

Micro-ondes Sharp R-742WW

The Sharp R-742INW is one of the best inexpensive grill microwaves on the market. Very practical and versatile, it is perfect for reheating, browning and cooking your food efficiently and quickly. It is a 2-in-1 appliance (microwave and grill) which has 8 automatic cooking programs and a defrosting function. In microwave mode, the power is adjustable on 11 levels, the highest of which is 900 W. The grill, on the other hand, operates at a power of 1000 W.

This duo microwave from Sharp is very easy to use thanks to its sensitive keys and its green LED screen. It is also equipped with a programmable timer associated with an audible beep system. Thanks to its +1 minute button , getting started is very easy.

It also incorporates a 31.5 cm diameter turntable for even cooking of your dishes. It is also important to note that the Sharp R-742WW microwave has a capacity of 25 liters. It can therefore be perfect for those who have a family of at least 6 people.

In short, it is ideal for those who have a limited budget, but who want a reliable appliance that will allow them to cook efficiently and peacefully.

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  1. 2 in 1 device
  2. Tactile keys
  3. Green LED display
  4. Child safety


  1. Power cord a bit short

Exactly what I expected. With a very explicit notice and functions as needed. The function buttons allow different combinations well explained in the instructions. I am very happy with this purchase. Read all reviews.

Diego K.

Candy Cmxg20Dr – Microwave oven with grill and Cook in App

Micro-ondes Candy CMXG20Dr

Candy is a major Italian household appliance brand whose products are known worldwide for their high quality. In their offer, we distinguish a wide range of microwave ovens in which the CMXG20Dr stands out.

The Candy CMXG20Dr microwave is a device designed in stainless steel that sports a very beautiful red design. Combining classic microwave function and grill function, it has a 24.5 cm turntable to ensure homogeneous, uniform and optimal cooking of all your dishes. In order to adapt to all needs, it has an adjustable power on 5 levels.

This microwave also has 40 very practical automatic programs to save time. Among these, very interesting features such as Health Mode and Baby Mode are also available to make your daily life easier. You will also have access to functions such as button sound suppression and end of cooking alarm, Eco function, etc.

Despite its great versatility, the Candy CMXG20Dr microwave remains a relatively simple device to use thanks to its LCD screen. It should also be noted that this is equipment that can be controlled from a tablet or a smartphone via an application called “Cook in app”. Through this program, the user will be able to benefit from many tips and tricks, see recipes and discover many other information in order to cook more easily.


  1. Excellent value
  2. 5 Power Levels
  3. Convenient LCD display
  4. Average capacity
  5. Energy class A device


  1. No major downside

Very beautiful beautiful color arrived in good condition well packaged the door closes well as the photo will see with time thank you I am delighted . Read all reviews.

Magalie U.

SEVERIN Four Micro-Ondes

Micro-ondes SEVERIN MW 7873

The SEVERIN MW 7873 microwave is an elegant white cooking appliance that has been designed with quality plastic. Its body as well as its cavity are lacquered and resist perfectly well to high temperatures. This is a model that you might like if you are looking for a microwave with a large capacity. It has a capacity of 30 liters and is equipped with a 31.5 cm turntable. This may be the ideal choice if you have a large family or are used to entertaining guests at home.

In terms of functionality, we must admit that the device remains in the standard. It will be used in particular to cook, reheat and defrost your dishes. However, you are sure to appreciate its performance in terms of cooking efficiency and speed since it operates with a maximum power of 900 watts.

What is also interesting with this microwave from Serverin is that it is able to adapt to your cooking needs. Thanks to its audible signal timer and 5-position power selector, you can easily adjust the heat and preparation time.


  1. Suitable for large families
  2. Simple to use
  3. Easy cleaning


  1. Basic features

Arrived in two days! Thank you Amazon, well packaged in thick cardboard and polystyrene well protected, and if you want when ordering you can choose the Amazon packaging so that the carrier or the person who receives it (if it is a gift) does not see directly the cardboard of the microwave and no label stuck directly on it if it is to offer.  Read all reviews.

Gigi H.

LG - Micro-ondes Grill Smart Inverter

Micro-ondes Grill LG MH6535GDS

Sold at a very attractive price given the features it offers, this LG grill microwave could well meet your expectations. This is a good quality device made with choice materials and comes in an all-black glazed design.

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This microwave grill from LG is an energy class A+ device. It therefore consumes very little energy despite offering excellent performance. In microwave mode, you can indeed count on its 1150 watts of power to quickly heat up and defrost your dishes. In grill mode, the power is 900 watts. Note that it is possible to choose the power level adapted to your needs from a dedicated adjustment button.

The device also has a bell timer and has 28 automatic programs including: a yoghurt and keep warm function as well as a steam cooking program. You will certainly appreciate the child lock, the automatic cooking function and the quick start.

Note that this is one of the best high-end microwaves on the market. It stands out in particular thanks to its Smart Inverter technology. Thanks to this specificity, it has the ability to distribute the heat evenly to ensure perfect and optimal cooking of your dishes.


  1. Versatile and multifunctional
  2. Powerful
  3. LCD display and electronic programming
  4. Capacity 20 liters


  1. Manual in French not available

This microwave is quite compact given its interior volume, and above all very light, less than 10kg which is rather rare, with many functions, including steam with casserole dish supplied with it, and a super stable 6-roller tray, quite quiet , door with integrated handle not very visible in the photos, so the control plate is recessed, on the other hand it comes with a manual in Spanish and Portuguese, it’s weird, but it is possible to download it in French on the LG website. Read all reviews.

Dan J.

Sharp R843INW 3-in-1 Hot Air Microwave

Micro-Ondes Sharp R843INW 3-in-1

This model is one of the best multifunction microwaves on the market. It combines all by itself, three very practical functions for easy everyday cooking (basic microwave, grill and convection oven).

In addition to heating your dishes, you can therefore use it to cook, grill, brown and brown like in a real traditional oven. About ten predefined programs are present to make your task easier.

The Sharp R843INW 3-in-1 microwave is a stainless steel device. It sports a beautiful black color and has a gray colored handle. Its LED screen and its keys bring a certain aesthetic touch to the whole.

The device has a double grill, one is located in the upper part and the other in the lower part. They can be used simultaneously or individually. It has a 30 cm turntable and offers a capacity of 25 litres.

For settings (cooking time, choice of power, selection of cooking mode, etc.), they will be made from the control panel, which may seem complex at first sight. But after a few uses, you will quickly master the different parameters.

Overall, the performance of the Sharp R843INW is satisfactory despite the fact that it is an energy class A device.


  1. Structure solide
  2. Versatile and efficient
  3. Eco mode and child lock
  4. Double grill
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  1. Unintuitive control button

This mini-oven (25 l) was acquired to replace the one I had had for 15 years, I was looking for the same functions, that is to say, microwave, convection and grill, so this one did the case. Beautifully built, very well finished, its aesthetics are impeccable, the Sharp brand is renowned. The handling is quite traditional, rotary knob to choose the automatic programs and combination of this with the buttons below to adjust, grill, convection heat, microwave… See all reviews.

Patrick N.

Samsung microwave oven

Micro-ondes Samsung MWF300

Offered by Samsung, the MWF300 microwave  is very attractive both in terms of its appearance and the features it offers. It is indeed a model that at first glance seems to have been well designed, especially since it displays a timeless elegance. With its ceramic coating, it is both robust, scratch resistant and easy to clean.

In the package you will find, in addition to the device itself and its accessories, an instruction booklet offered in several languages. You will therefore have no trouble using it to reheat, defrost or cook your food. In addition, this microwave can act as an oven if necessary to allow you to easily make delicious recipes.

The Samsung  MWF300 is equipped with two large knobs that allow you to adjust the cooking time and power. The top button is the one that allows you to set the cooking time while the bottom one is dedicated to adjusting the power. It should be noted that you have 6 power levels to adapt the performance of the microwave to your needs. Additionally, all settings can be monitored through the LED display dial located above the controls.

The cooking space has a capacity of 23 litres . As for the microwave door, it is easy to open thanks to its ergonomic handle. It is also an energy class A model that you can use regularly without fear of increasing your monthly energy consumption.


  1. Elegant design
  2. Easy to use and clean
  3. Intuitive control panel
  4. Economic


  1. The power cable is considered a little too fragile by some users

He replaced my old MO after 12 years of loyal service. I bought the same one for its ease of use. No need to have an electronic BTS to use it as with some MOs

whose display panel resembles the dashboard of an Airbus. I’m exaggerating… but only slightly . Read all reviews.

Marie E.

Panasonic Four Micro-Ondes solo

Micro-Ondes solo NN-ST45KWEPG Panasonic

This model from Panasonic is a real versatile device that combines several very practical features. From reheating to steam cooking and defrosting, it will be able to adapt to all your needs thanks to its many predefined programs, 21 in total to be more precise. It will be useful for cooking rice, reheating dishes from the day before, defrosting a pizza…

In addition, you will have access to specific functions such as Junior menu, drinks, turbo defrosting, quick cooking… The microwave also comes with a round glass turntable. Note that it may be the perfect choice for those who want a microwave with a large cooking surface. With its 32 litres, it will most certainly suit the needs of a large family.

The Panasonic NN-ST45KWEPG solo microwave oven has a heating power of 1000 watts adjustable on 7 levels. Unlike some models, using the device is very easy thanks to its clear and intuitive touch screen. It is also equipped with a humidity sensor so you can better control the cooking time. 

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  1. 21 cooking modes
  2. Adjustable timer up to
  3. Weight detection
  4. Big capacity


  1. No grill function

Buy for my parents, classic use (in 1000w) very simple . If the programs are used, a sticker in French is delivered with . Read all reviews.

Marie U.

Panasonic Four micro-ondes gril

Micro-ondes gril Panasonic NN-GD38HSSUG

The Panasonic brand microwave oven is a free-standing model with dimensions of 31.5 x 35.3 x 17.8 cm and a weight of 10 kilograms. As long as you have space in your kitchen to accommodate it, you will be able to take full advantage of its features without any problem.

With its 1000 W of power, this appliance offers up to 17 automatic programs as well as several cooking modes. It will allow you, for example, to defrost or reheat your food quickly and easily. Take advantage, among other things, of the Inverter function , to benefit from a heating intensity that preserves the quality of your meals and food. Likewise, the Stream+ function will allow you to benefit from a cooking cycle using only steam to cook your food and satisfy your healthy food cravings. Do not forget to note the grill function that you will not fail to appreciate if you are fond of gratinated and crispy dishes.

The Panasonic NN-GD38HSSUG microwave is a black color model, with a brushed steel body. It therefore benefits from a resistance that will make it your everyday ally for a kitchen that is perfectly suited to your eating habits. It is equipped with a side door that protects the tank of 23 liters capacity. Finally, it should be noted that the latter incorporates a glass turntable with a diameter of 28.5 cm.


  1. Ergonomic design
  2. Multifunction with multiple programs and operating modes
  3. Turntable and grill
  4. Fonction Inverteret Stream+


  1. It may take you some time reading the manual to master all the features of the microwave.

Very satisfied with my purchase, microwave with rapid heating, especially the Inverter function which allows heating with low power without damaging the food, I recommend this Panasonic product. Read all reviews.

Sylvain S.

Whirlpool JT479IX Micro-ondes 33 L Noir

Micro-ondes Whirlpool JT479IX

The JT479IX combi  is a model that stands out among the cooking devices offered by the Whirpool brand . It is a device with modern features and whose performance will make your life much easier. For example, you can count on its 2200 W which allows you to benefit from 8 different power levels. Added to this are a good number of automatic features, each as interesting and practical as the next. So you have everything you need to use this device in the most diverse way possible.

The JT479IX combi microwave  : a total of 4 cooking modes in addition to the main functionality. Thus, in addition to the microwave, you benefit from the  grill , forced air , steam and Crisp functions  which use 3 heat sources (microwave + grill + Crisp plate). All of these built-in cooking technologies are there to help you eat your meals in the most delicious way possible every day.

You also have the option of saving up to 10 favorite recipes so that you never miss your favorite meals. Likewise, thanks to the intelligent  6TH Sense function, you can  automatically adjust the best cooking conditions for your food. This technology works by taking into account the basic temperature of the food to automatically program the cooking time and the degree of heat required.

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Another very practical function of the Whirpool JT479IX combi is its 100 recipes Chef menu program  which allows you to select from 100 automatic cooking modes.


  1. Modern design
  2. Great cooking performance
  3. Several programs and cooking modes
  4. Easy and safe to use


  1. The user manual is in Italian and the French version is to download

Nothing to say, perfect. Everything works wonderfully . Read all reviews.

Marie U.

Buying guide to choosing the best microwave

Microwave on a kitchen countertop

The microwave oven is undoubtedly one of the essential household appliances in the kitchen. Super practical, it is the ideal ally for defrosting quickly, cooking and reheating efficiently. In this guide, discover all the useful information to best choose the best microwave for your needs.

What are the different types of microwaves?

Since its invention until today, the microwave has undergone a multitude of improvements both in terms of design and functionality. It is therefore quite natural that nowadays we distinguish many more elaborate versions compared to conventional microwaves . In addition, manufacturers compete in ingenuity to offer devices at the cutting edge of technology, more practical and functional.

To put it simply, know that there are three main categories of microwaves if we had to classify them in relation to the functionalities they offer.

Monofunction microwaves 

These are the most basic models in terms of functionality. They have a generator known as a magnetron. The latter produces and diffuses inside the device electromagnetic waves which heat the water molecules contained in the food thus ensuring their cooking.

It is ideal for those who want a microwave just for reheating, defrosting frozen/pre-cooked meals or cooking certain foods on occasion. It is practical, simple to use and above all affordable. It usually sells for a price between 35 and 200 euros.

Grill microwaves 

In addition to defrosting, reheating or cooking food, this type of microwave oven can also brown or brown dishes . They are equipped with a grill and generally have a resistance located at the top of the cavity. They are therefore suitable for cooking pizzas, quiches, gratins, etc.

It is important to note that some grill microwave models can incorporate a second resistance at the bottom for optimal cooking of dishes. As for the price, know that it varies between 100 and 300 euros.

Combination microwaves

Also called multifunction microwaves , they combine all the functions of grill microwaves and those of traditional convection ovens. By opting for this kind of equipment, you will be able to truly prepare all kinds of dishes according to your desires. These are the perfect microwaves for cooking meat, fish and pastries efficiently without the need for multiple devices.

The price of a combination microwave varies on average between 150 euros for entry-level models and can go up to 800 euros or more for high-end models.

The criteria for choosing the best microwave

To be sure of making a wise purchase, you must choose a microwave on the basis of a certain number of key criteria which are:

Location and dimensions

Do you have enough space to place your future microwave on the worktop, counter or do you want to save space in your kitchen? The answer to this question will allow you to know at first whether to turn to a standard microwave or a built-in microwave.

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Then, it will now be necessary to look at the external dimensions to be sure that the device will be able to adapt to the planned location. For this, it will be necessary to pay attention to the height, width and depth of the microwave oven. These data are usually listed in this order. Example: h20 x w30 x d40 cm

The power

In general, the power is one of the determining parameters that allow the performance of a household appliance to be judged. In the case of a microwave, it varies depending on the model and is not necessarily evaluated in the same way depending on whether it is a single-function, multifunction or grill microwave.

If you opt for a single-function microwave, a power between 750 and 900 watts is ideal. For a multifunction model, prefer a power greater than 900 watts .

The volume of the device

Here is a very important point that should not be overlooked when you want to buy the best microwave. Since the capacity varies from one model to another, you must therefore be careful not to choose a device that does not meet your needs. Note that the volume of microwaves sold on the market varies on average between 14 and 40 liters. You must therefore take into account the size of your family and your consumption habits in order to determine the ideal capacity of your future cooking equipment.

As an indication, note that a microwave whose volume is less than or equal to 23 L can correspond to 1 to 2 people, 24 to 30 L for 3 to 4 people and from 31 L for 5 people.

The type of order

The adjustment or control of a microwave oven can be automatic or manual. In the first case, the programming is done electronically, and this, from a digital screen. In the second case, they are done by means of a button/wheel. There are however electro-mechanical models , that is to say they have an electronic timer and a manual power and function selector.

The turntable

The turntable plays a crucial role in a microwave. Thanks to this element, the heat is evenly distributed on all parts of the dish. Its presence therefore guarantees optimal cooking. For easy cleaning, it is advisable to give preference to a microwave with a removable turntable.

The material

The exterior and interior coating of the microwave should not be overlooked. Apart from the aesthetic function, it plays an important role in the device’s ability to resist wear and dirt. The ease of cleaning can also be impacted by this parameter. It is therefore recommended to prefer devices designed with solid and robust materials such as epoxy, ceramic or stainless steel.

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