Top 10 Best Meat Grinders for home use 2022-Complete Guide Review

With the advent of food robots, it seemed destined to disappear from our equipment. On the contrary, the best manual or electric meat grinder is making a comeback. It is a versatile tool, which allows you to make meat preparations with different grains. The result is apparently similar to that of a multifunctional device. But the gourmet and the lover of good food know how to recognize the difference in taste at a glance.

Best meat grinders For Deer Home Use 2022

What is the best meat grinder?

The food processor’s high-speed blades chop the ingredients into a smooth paste. If you want to grind meat like the butcher’s, you can’t do without a meat grinder.

This household tool allows you to get different sizes of grains of meat, separating the fatty parts from the lean parts. The minced meat thus obtained is ideal both for making a ragù and for filling a sausage.

Below we present the best meat grinder:

1. Bosch MFW3520W Electric Meat Grinder – Best for Compactness

Bosch Household Appliances MFW3520W Meat grinder,...

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It is a meat grinder with a stainless steel structure designed for demanding tasks: it can process more than 100 kg of meat per hour. It allows you to obtain minced meat with a homogeneous structure thanks to the powerful 500 Watt motor. Its equipment includes a practical carrying handle, a compartment for discs and a cable winder. This way you can store your device perfectly.

It has a compact design and its rubberized feet provide great stability. It allows you to prepare different specialties with the additional accessory for kebbe and the sausage funnel.
 Main characteristics :

It has a comfortable practical handle, to be able to move it easily

Large top deck optimizes loading operations

The compartment for discs allows you to store your device perfectly


Brand: Bosch

Number of plates: 2 with holes from 4 to 8 mm

2. Aicok Stainless Steel Meat Grinder – Best for Multifunction

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No products found.

In addition to the meat grinder function, this model offers four more. It can transform into a sausage maker, a kubbe maker, a cheese and vegetable grater and a tomato strainer if needed. Its copper motor reaches up to 2500 W of maximum locking power and allows you to grind up to 4.5 kg of meat per minute.

It has two adjustable speeds (fast/slow) for easy processing of meat and vegetables. The three-stage spiral extrusion technology grinds the meat without destroying its fibers. In this way, the consistency and natural properties of fresh food are preserved intact.

Main characteristics :

The device can be easily disassembled into its components for cleaning

It can operate at two adjustable speeds to meet different brewing needs

It has a grinding capacity of 4.5 kg per minute


Brand: Aicok

Number of plates: 3 with holes of 3 – 5 – 8 mm

3. Metaltex Manual Meat Grinder – Best for Simplicity and Sturdiness

Metaltex Jack Aluminum Meat Grinder...

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Its design is reminiscent of the classic type, with manual operation. Equipped with a wooden crank that promotes a firm and secure grip, it is easy to place and attach to your counter thanks to its screw device.

To avoid scratching the surface, the packaging includes a protective plastic element. Despite the simple build, this model comes with multiple attachments: cookie cutter, sausage maker attachment, and pestle.

Main characteristics :

It is ideal for grinding small amounts of meat at home

The wooden crank has a practical, non-slip handle

Included in the package several accessories, such as the cookie cutter


Brand: Metaltex

Number of plates: 1 with 4.5 mm holes

5. RGV Meat Grinder – Best for Value

RGV - DUETTO PLUS - Chopper, 500 watts

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Thanks to its accessories, this machine is able to perform the function of meat grinder, tomato squeezer and cheese and vegetable grater. It has a powerful 500W motor unit, with double direction of rotation, capable of working in a multifunctional way.

It has a mincer group with three stainless steel dies and a four blade stainless steel knife, with the sausage funnel/portioning attachment and attachment for the preparation of kubbe. The electric tomato press allows you to prepare tomato purée, tomato sauces, but also jams, preserves and fruit and vegetable jellies.

Main characteristics :

Its powerful and efficient motor is also ideal for demanding tasks.

It comes with a full set of accessories that turn it into a tomato squeezer and grater

All components can be easily removed to allow thorough cleaning


Marque: RGV

Number of plates: 3 with holes of 3 – 5 -7 mm

6. Kenwood MG700 Pro 2000 meat grinder – Best for its high power

Kenwood Electric Meat Grinder MG700, Semi-...

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This device is an efficient professional meat grinder that develops a power of 2000 Watts, capable of grinding 180 kg/h of meat. The special accessory provided also allows you to prepare sausages. It has an award-winning design and generous dimensions.

It has an all-steel structure, three perforated plates of different grains to make mincemeat of all types, two funnels to push sausages and kubbe accessory.

Durable metal propeller, suitable for all types of meat.

Key features:
This is a very versatile device, equipped with a “reverse” function

Its linear and neat design facilitates its integration into the kitchen

Also used professionally


Brand: Kenwood

Number of plates: 3 with holes of 3 – 4.5 – 8 mm

7. Bosch MFW67440 Propower Meat Grinder


How to choose the best meat grinders of 2022? To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is better to turn to a renowned brand. Bosch presents itself as one of the most recommended in the current trade. This is quickly understood if one only takes a look at this article.

With its power of 2000 W, this device can easily process up to 3.5 kg of meat in one minute. You will quickly get enough to make your meatballs, sausages, kebbés and hamburgers.

In addition, as this reference is in energy class A, it will not cause you a lot of expenses on the food side. So you can use it as many times as you need without thinking about this factor.

Regarding the accessories, you have available three grids of 3 mm, 4.8 mm and 8 mm. You will be able to choose the one that best suits the taste you want to bring out.

For the

Energy class A: This characteristic remains important insofar as you plan to use this appliance intensively. You won’t be afraid of a sudden increase in your electricity bill.

Multiple functions: You have more than 10 here. This way you can venture into new culinary horizons. Note that meat is not the only food you can work with, you can also grate and slice vegetables.


Cost: Some consumers consider that the price of this machine remains quite high. This is all the more so since certain auxiliaries mentioned in the description are not present in the lot.

Kitchenaid meat grinder

8. Kitchenaid 5FGAKCCA Plastic Meat Grinder


If you are looking for a cheap meat grinder, this reference from Kitchenaid might interest you. Designed in plastic, this product costs less than 80 euros. What a good deal.

It should be noted, however, that some parts of the article were still made of stainless steel. Like the blade or the grid. The stencil is also made of metal to be able to accompany you longer. The latter also has 4 different shapes to vary your baking pleasures.

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As for the other accessories, we distinguish in the lot two grids of 4.3 mm and 6.3 mm. You will be able to choose the chopping mode adapted to your recipe. In addition, the double-sided stainless steel knife incorporates self-sharpening technology. This will prevent performance loss over time. 

For the

Multifunction: Despite its affordable cost, this reference still has interesting capabilities. In fact, it not only chops meat, it also processes fish, vegetables, fruit, dry bread and cheese.

Accessories: This version includes in its set auxiliaries dedicated to pastry. For example, there is the 5-shape stencil.

Easy maintenance: The removable parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. These are also the housing, the clamping ring and the key.


Plastic: This design remains quite dubious. But given the price, you shouldn’t have expected more.

Reber meat grinder

9. Bosch MFW68640 Meat Grinder 


In terms of performance and practicality, Bosch might just be the best meat grinder for wild game brand on the market. This reference proves it.

Thanks to its 2200 W power, its motor will have no trouble handling up to 4.3 kg per minute. High performance that effortlessly rivals professional devices. In addition, an automatic shutdown system is available in case of glitches. The machine will stop all activity to avoid other more serious incidents.

This variation is appreciated for its multiple functions. Indeed, you will count here more than 15. Thanks to this characteristic, you will be able to envisage the realization of several different dishes.

Apart from meat, this item also cuts, grates and minces vegetables. In addition, a sausage kit also accompanies the device so that you can prepare your own.

For the

Several accessories: Are supplied with this machine: 3 grids of 3 mm, 4.8 mm and 8 mm. You can vary the thickness of the result according to the recipe to follow.

Quality design: Made of brushed stainless steel, this item is both durable and easy to maintain. A simple sponge stroke on the structure and you’re done. In addition, to ensure transport a handle is available as well as storage compartments for the discs and the cord.


Difficult to use: Some users had difficulty during the first few times. You have to get used to the device to master it.

10. Reber 9501N Electric Meat Grinder No. 12


How to buy a better value meat grinder? If you are stuck on this question, we draw your attention to this reference from Reber.

This is a semi-professional machine. Its cost remains in the average of good quality products. Electric, the motor of this appliance runs at 500 W. It is therefore able to offer you a suitable working speed so that you can finish your dish on time.

Designed in tinned cast iron, this item is extremely robust. Even if its design is quite industrial, you will appreciate its solidity and stability. In addition, a cooling fan is integrated into this specimen. This device will ensure the proper functioning of this machine at all times.

This model also has a meat tray so you can put your cuts of beef or pork on it to save you the hassle of having to hold them until they’re ground.

For the

Solid: Made with tinned cast iron, this article is not afraid of intensive use. You can therefore use it on a daily basis without fear of damaging it quickly.

Semi-professional: To prevent overheating, this device incorporates a cooling fan. In this way, you will be able to continue your work. In addition, its power of 500 W will allow you to benefit from an appreciable processing speed.

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Stable: Its weight of 15 kg is not likely to flinch even if you lean hard.


Design: The look of this machine remains basic and unattractive. Those who care about the decor of their kitchen may not like it.

Buying guide for the best meat grinder for Home use


Before buying a manual or electric meat grinder , you should know what is available in the market. In fact, there are also different types of professional type meat grinders  Knowing the different features of the devices will make it easier for you to choose the right one.

If you also buy online, you have the possibility of reading the opinions of different users and comparing prices between different models. It is also worth evaluating the equipment of accessories such as grinding plates with holes of different diameters or sausage pipes.

If you think that a meat grinder in your kitchen can be useful for your preparations, but you are still hesitant in choosing the best one for you, this guide can help you make a conscious choice.

How to choose a meat grinder?

When deciding to purchase a meat grinder for your kitchen, there are a few key factors to consider. Below we highlight the most important ones.


There are two main types of meat grinders to choose from: manual and electric.

We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of them in more detail. For now, it suffices to know that electric meat grinders are best for grinding large batches of meat, while their manual counterparts are ideal for more occasional use, especially for home use.

If you already have a motor like that of a kneader that is designed to accommodate a full range of accessories, you can buy only the one specific for grinding meat, thus optimizing the investment.


Capacity is an important but highly variable factor. Branded electric meat grinders can process 100-150 kg of meat in an hour, but these models are quite large and are intended almost exclusively for professional use.

A manual meat grinder is generally compact in size and normally has significantly less grinding capacity. It is recommended to look for a manual meat grinder that is quick to use and has a large hopper.


A good quality meat grinder often comes with a few useful accessories that complement its performance.

Grinding Plates: Meat grinders can have different types of plates. Most plates have 6mm holes, which are ideal for producing minced meat for making a savory sauce. There may also be a 3-4mm plate ideal for making meatballs. The set is completed by star-mounted knives which must be placed between the plates and which cut the extruded meat from the screw.

Sausage Attachments: Some devices have the ability to mount a funnel that allows you to push ground meat down the casings. This simplifies the sausage production process.
Kebbe accessories: It is a type of sausage of Middle Eastern origin with meat on the outside that can be stuffed with different ingredients.
Different accessories. There may be different types of screws and pushers for other operations such as tomato squeezer or grater for cheeses and vegetables.



A good quality manual chopper can be bought for a minimum of 30 euros (avoiding buying something lower priced whose quality of structure and assembly leaves something to be desired), while electric options the cheapest can start from 50 euros and even arrive above 200 euros.

When it comes to electric meat grinders, spending more money usually means investing in a machine with a more powerful motor, sturdier materials, and better accessories. For home use, however, it is not necessary to have a high-end meat grinder: the important thing is that the materials used are intended for food use, some may have the entire structure in stainless steel, others are sealed cast iron, others have plastic parts.

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If you plan to use your new meat grinder professionally, make sure it can withstand this type of heavy use. It’s also worth remembering that not all meat grinders are designed to process pieces with bones, even delicate ones like chicken bones – if you plan to grind bones, you need to assess the type of machine because that will affect your decision. For convenience, you need to purchase a meat grinder that is very easy to clean.  Most meat grinders have components that can be washed in dishwashers. Others are hand washed.

Manual or electric meat grinder?

As mentioned above, meat grinders come in two types: manual and electric. Both options have their pros and cons, and which is right for you depends on what you intend to use it for.

Manual meat grinder

For most household tasks, a manual meat grinder is the perfect option. These devices tend to be much more versatile for producing small ground meat, in addition to being lightweight and taking up less space. Some models are attached to the edge of the worktop, while others are held in place with a suction cup. They are operated by a simple crank mechanism.

Electric meat grinder

For heavy-duty, professional applications, a stand-alone electric meat grinder is usually the best option. Although they are more expensive than their manual counterparts, they are much more powerful and often easier to use.

Electric meat grinders also tend to come with a wider range of attachments, such as different sausage plates and pipes. Most also have a reverse function, so freeing stuck meat is easier than a manual option.

One of the most important features to consider is engine power.  A meat grinder with a 500 watt motor is already a good device, but models approaching professional use can reach up to 2000 watts of power and have an induction motor.

It is advisable to evaluate the presence of rubber feet to keep the device stable while it is in operation.


Meat grinders can be manual or electric: the choice of one or the other is dictated not only by economy, because manual models are cheaper and are generally poorly equipped, but also by the type of job you have to deal with.

We gave the RGV Meat Grinder high marks for its remarkable versatility. It is equipped with numerous accessories that allow you to use it also as a tomato squeezer and grater for cheeses and vegetables. It also allows you to prepare sausages and kubbes.

frequently asked Questions

What can be done with a meat grinder?

The basic application of a meat grinder is to grind meat of any kind, to make meat sauces or burgers. There may be special accessories that allow you to prepare sausages with different grains.

Some models can grind delicate bones, such as chicken bones, at the same time. They are generally useful if you want to prepare ground meat for animals (cats also eat bones as part of their diet to get minerals).

With a meat grinder you can also grind cookies and vegetables, to be used for culinary preparations. When you want to make meatballs, for example, you can grind together lean meats, fatty meats and vegetables such as parsley: this way they will be ready to be mixed together.

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How does a meat grinder work?

Meat grinders for industrial and commercial use are used to process thousands of pounds of meat per hour. Of course, you don’t need large meat grinders for home use, but the principle of operation is the same.

The meat is pushed by the auger into the star-shaped cutting blade. After the meat is cut, it is pushed through a second cutting surface, the plate with holes of different diameter.

Can the meat grinder grind bones?

It depends on the type of bone. In general, it is not recommended to use a meat grinder to grind the bones of beef, deer, pork and other large animals. However, using the different machines, we have found that most electric meat grinders are actually able to grind small animal bones and soft bones, such as chicken and rabbit. This is a particularly useful feature for preparing a delicious meal for your cat!

Can you grind cooked meat in a meat grinder?

Yes. Many culinary preparations such as meatballs include already cooked parts of the meat that you can grind with the raw ones. This way you optimize the treatment and save time.

Is it possible to grind lean meat alone?

Theoretically yes, you can grind lean meat only, but keep in mind that it’s a challenge to cook well. Without some fat, completely lean ground meat is often tough and tasteless when cooked. Also, with the meat grinder, unlike a food processor which cuts and merges while shredding, you can keep fat grains separated in minced meat paste from lean grains, also process them with hole plates of different diameters.

Is it possible to grind chicken in a meat grinder?

Sure. Ground chicken is a leaner alternative to ground beef or pork, but be sure to use white chicken. You can buy unclogged, skinless chicken breasts and grind them to make great chicken burgers, especially loved by kids.

Is it cheaper to mince meat at home?

It’s first of all a qualitative factor, because chopping the meat yourself from a whole piece gives you the certainty that your ingredient is as fresh as possible and with the ideal fat content. Also, your wallet will thank you, because it’s much cheaper to mince your meat than to buy ground meat or ready-made beef meatballs.

Can I chop frozen meat?

Completely frozen is better than not. However, meat that is harder in pieces and still partially frozen (ideally consider a working temperature of -2/-3°C) helps to better maintain its structure so that it passes through the plates of the meat grinder. more easily (meat that is too soft gets stuck in the screw more easily than a more compact piece).

Also, starting with semi-frozen meat is preferable from a food safety point of view, especially if you need to process large quantities of meat to be used for later operations: if you need to season a fine-grained sausage , take into account that with each operation you make, you increase the temperature of the dough. So starting with cold ground meat avoids higher temperatures which can be at risk of microbial contamination.

Important Query About People Rarely Asked

Q1: How to use a meat grinder?

Of course, if you don’t want to damage your equipment quickly, you will have to follow some usage tips. Whether it’s a manual or electric model, don’t overstuff your gear. Even though this one can work on a large amount of meat, still try to spare it to avoid future blockages.

In the case of a mechanical specimen, you only have to turn the crank to grind your piece of beef or pork. For an electric model, you won’t have to do much. Just dice your meat and turn the machine on by pressing the on/off button. Introduce the pieces into the chimney and wait for the machine to do its job.

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Q2: How to assemble a manual meat grinder?

To perform this task, you will first need to check that all the parts are present. There are also the knives, the base of it which fixes it and the grid. First place the base in the shaft of the chopper body, then insert the knives and finally the grid. Screw it well so that it is fixed and does not tend to move. With certain references, we have a key adapted to this task.

Q3: How to sharpen a meat grinder knife?

To perform this operation, a preparation phase is mandatory. During the latter, brush the blades with sunflower oil. This of course after having cleaned them well. 5 minutes of air break will then be necessary. Proceed in the same way with the sharpening equipment. The easiest thing to do afterwards is to use a grinding wheel. Depending on what makes you more comfortable, you can either direct the stone or the knife. Either way, use a circular motion to make the blades sharper.

Q4: How to remove rust from a meat grinder?

To remove rust, nothing could be simpler, use baking soda. Mix it with water until you get a thick material. Apply it to the affected area and let it take effect for 15 minutes. This time elapsed, rinse and dry.

Q5: How to clean a manual meat grinder?

To carry out this task, you will have to disassemble all the parts of the utensil. Clean these one by one by hand for those that are not dishwasher safe. Use your usual cleaning products. Then, let everything dry before putting everything back in place.

Q6: Which grill for meat grinder?

It will depend on the result you expect to have. If you want a fine mince, opt for the 4.5 mm grids. For a thicker grind, you can count on models whose holes are 6 to 8 mm in diameter. There are also intermediate specimens if you prefer. In general, these parts are supplied with the chopper if however you have provided yourself with a professional reference or simply well accessorized.

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