10 Best Manual Food choppers 2022-Complete Guide Review

When it comes to choosing a kitchen accessory such as a manual chopper, you can quickly find yourself in trouble. This is simply explained by the fact that the models available on the market are all as interesting as they are varied. However, not all are equal and without the right information, we are not immune to a bad choice. To avoid this and above all to save time, it is better to consult a comparison of the best products as well as a buying guide. So without further ado, here is a selection of the 10 best manual choppers of the moment.

Comparison of the best manual food choppers 2022: tests and reviews

Manual chopper Sedhoom

Manual chopper Sedhoom

For vegetables and meats

This pull-down manual chopper is a transparent colored attachment with a white/green lid. We immediately notice through its sleek design and neat finish that it is made with very good quality plastic. Very simple to use, it works on the basis of a thread pulling mechanism. It is therefore enough to activate the handle so that it turns. But its main asset comes mainly from its 5 sharp blades. Thanks to them, the device has a fairly good cutting capacity.

It is therefore a manual chopper that adapts to all kinds of food products. Whether vegetables, fruit, herbs, sausage, etc., the device slices, cuts and minces perfectly. It is also an excellent garlic press and a real nut cutting machine. Also comes with a blender blade, it is fully capable of kneading meat and making baby purees. The Sedhoom manual vegetable chopper has a tank with a capacity of 1000 ml (1 l). It can therefore contain a large amount of ingredients at once. This is a major advantage in terms of efficiency and time savings.

Another plus point with this chopper is that it is easy to clean. Simply disassemble the different compartments and put them in the dishwasher or wash them by hand. In short, the Sedhoom chopper is a gadget that will completely change the way you cook. And although it displays a relatively low price, it has the most important qualities to be part of this comparison.


  1. 5 sharp blades
  2. strong capacity
  3. Multifunction
  4. Easy to clean


  1. The base is not non-slip

One of my favorites in the kitchen! Do you remember the time when you cried to chop an onion? Or the time your finger went under the blade of the knife to make tiny bits of carrot? With this chopper it’s over. You put in your vegetables, pull the handle, and the blade spins to chop. I tried with onion, celery, cabbage, carrot… as soon as your vegetables are reduced in size, nothing resists it . Read all reviews.

Matthew D.

Tefal manual chopper

Manual chopper Tefal K1320404

 Stainless Steel Blades

This Tefal K1320404 model is particularly suitable for those who want to invest a small budget in the purchase of a basic, but functional manual chopper. It should be noted that the accessory as a whole has very good characteristics which earn it its place in this comparison. This mini chopper perfectly combines green, black and transparent. Which gives it a rather remarkable and quite neat look. Moreover, for its design, the manufacturer has relied on robust plastic of very good quality. In addition, its format is ergonomic and ensures a good grip.

For the safety of the user, the utensil is equipped with a closing system as well as an ergonomic soft-touch handle . Added to this is a non-slip base that guarantees its stability during use. When it comes to performance, the device promises to chop all sorts of ingredients in just 5 seconds. It can indeed count on its very sharp stainless steel blades capable of reducing various foods into small pieces in a jiffy. Whether it is for chopping meat, onions, tomatoes or aromatic herbs, it guarantees you a satisfactory result.

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The Tefal K1320404 manual chopper can also be used to make various preparations such as purées, guacamole and hummus. It can therefore be used to concoct small homemade dishes for babies. Moreover, its container has a capacity of 900 ml, which is quite reasonable to contain a significant amount of food. On the maintenance side, the device is easy to clean since the bowl and the blades are compatible with the dishwasher. Only for the cover, it is better to pass a simple sponge.

For an additional budget, it is possible to have an optional mash blade or ice crushing blade. You can also opt for the version with a white lid which has the same characteristics except that it has a capacity of 500 ml.


  1. Multi-usage
  2. Ergonomic soft-touch handle
  3. High performance independent blades
  4. Optional mash blade and ice crush blade


  1. The lid is not dishwasher safe

I finally bought this manual chopper, after having bought two others before from another lesser known brand and which had not lasted the first use. I am very satisfied with my purchase and especially the quality. It is an accessory that I use almost every day. In 5 movements everything is chopped and easy to clean. To see what it gives in time See all reviews.

Brenda B.

Rösle manual mincer

Manual chopper Rosle RS16272

German quality

This mechanical chopper from the manufacturer Rösle will change the way you cook and save you enough time preparing your meals. It is a multifunction device with two removable blades that make 7 turns per pull. Thanks to its high-performance cutting capacity, the device chops, grinds and slices vegetables, fruits and fine herbs quickly and efficiently. You can also use it to crush ice. It is also equipped with a wringing basket and a whisk which is used to mix various liquid preparations (sauce, cream, egg, etc.).

Beyond these three functions, the accessory also lends itself to the conservation of preparations. It has a 600 ml tank and a stainless steel valve lid that ensures the freshness of the contents. In terms of ergonomics, this Rösler manual mincer also has something to convince. It actually works with a non-slip wire handle and also sits on a non-slippery base.

When it comes to its design, this Rösler Multi-cut chopper sports a silver gray color. It is made with high quality plastic. Quite compact and very light, it is easily transportable and can easily find a place in the business when traveling. It should also be noted that its maintenance is very simple, as it supports cleaning in the dishwasher.


  1. Multifunctional device
  2. Removable blades
  3. Ergonomic
  4. Non-slip base
  5. Easy maintenance 


  1. Average capacity

Initially, I was looking for the mechanical chopper of a brand sold in meetings, but this one is much better: it chops (I tested onions and parsley) and you can spin the herbs. It is very easy to clean and store. I think my mini electric chopper will no longer be used much! Read all reviews.

Little P.

Zyliss manual chopper

Manual chopper Zyliss ZE910015

Good value for money

Cutting vegetables or ingredients with a knife can be tiring and time-consuming. To go faster, it is better to choose a high-performance chopper like this Easy Pull model from the Zyliss brand . The accessory cuts and chops the ingredients quickly and efficiently thanks to its two reinforcement arms as well as these two very sharp plastic blades. Quite versatile, it can also be used to mix different kinds of preparations such as minced meat, smoothies, cocktails, pesto and many others.

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Like all manual equipment, this mini robot does not require any electrical connection or battery to operate. Simply operate the ergonomic handle as many times as necessary to obtain a chop of the desired consistency. In addition, it should be noted that the Easy Pull Zyliss manual mincer has a 750 ml grooved tank in which the various preparations are stored. It will certainly please you if you have a preference for compact format devices that do not take up too much space and are easy to transport.

In addition to its small size, it does not weigh much (259 g) and comes in a very elegant plastic coating. This manual chopper also stands out with its two-tone red and white design. Finally, it is good to know that this manual mixer is very easy to clean in the machine. However, the lid should be hand washed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 


  1. Ergonomic design
  2. Easy to use
  3. Multifunction
  4. Simple cleaning


  1. small capacity

Very good product, every housewife should have it, easy to use, be careful, do not put the lid in the dishwasher, I have already bought 4 for my children and friends . Read all reviews.

Karine I.

Manual chopper Silberthal

Manual chopper Silberthal

The mini chopper

The Silberthal manual chopper is a multifunctional device that benefits from a good price-performance ratio. It is equipped with a transparent plastic bowl without Bisphenol with a capacity of 500 ml. Thanks to its string grinding mechanism, it is possible to cut and chop quickly and evenly different ingredients such as onions, garlic, vegetables and spices.

The device also works well with boneless meat, herbs, nuts and seeds. We will certainly not be mistaken in asserting that its performance comes from the degree of sharpening of its 3 Japanese steel blades. Moreover, in addition to carrying out the most complex cutting and mixing tasks, they are highly resistant to rust. 

This mini chopper is an economical solution that does more than just chopping food. It also offers the possibility of whipping cream, egg whites or others. All you have to do is replace the blade with the foam beater supplied with it.

For safe use, the designer has equipped the accessory with an ergonomic handle and non-slip strips on the lid, not to mention the rubber ring on the bottom. As with most manual choppers, maintaining this unit is easy. These parts are removable and can therefore be disassembled and washed with water.


  1. Multifunction
  2. BPA-free plastic
  3. Foam beater supplied
  4. Good value for money


  1. Should not be washed in the dishwasher according to some user reviews

I struggled so much to mince the garlic with other products that it had become How to say? The blades are so sharp that trying to use it the first time I cut myself. So great product cut very well. The capacity is perfect. Ideal for chopping a lot of foods. Even old parmesan or dark chocolate no problem. Overall rather satisfied I hope it will last me longer than my Tupperware which did not last. Read all reviews.

Marie R.

Fissler Manual Chopper

Fissler Manual Chopper

Multifunction for fruits and vegetables

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The Finecut chopper is a compact model that comes in a clear plastic covering with a white lid. It weighs 490 g and has a capacity of 900 ml. It comes with accessories such as: removable blades, spin basket, blender, fresh lid and spatula. Note that all of these items are dishwasher safe except for the two lids.

Fisler ‘s Finecut model may appeal to you if you are looking for a manual chopper specially dedicated to fruits and vegetables and which offers good value for money. It also has 4 main functions that make it a practical accessory to absolutely have in your kitchen.

Thanks to its two stainless steel blades, it effectively cuts, chops and chisels certain foods such as onions, carrots, fruits including dried fruits and aromatic herbs. No need to deploy great effort for the maneuver: simple pulls on the cord are more than enough to get there.

Instead of the blades, it is possible to put the basket to spin fresh herbs or the mixer to mix sauce, vinaigrette or mayonnaise. The Finecut chopper also keeps preparations cool thanks to its “freshness” lid. Just put the box in the fridge without it being necessary to transfer the contents.


  1. Multifunction device
  2. Non-slip base
  3. “Freshness” lid
  4. Easy maintenance


  1. Not suitable for chopping meat

A real pleasure to chop herbs, pods and others with this mini chopper . It cuts beyond my hopes, and the rubber pad underneath gives it great stability, in addition to the very pleasant grip. Read all reviews.

Frédéric P.

Godmorn Manual Chopper

Godmorn Manual Chopper

The multifunctional mandolin

If you are looking for a manual vegetable chopper on a budget, the Godmorn Mandoline Slicer can be a good option. This is an accessory sold with 10 different devices for versatile use. Whether for home or professional use, it will make everyday life easier for the user.

This manual chopper works with 8 different types of interchangeable blades. Depending on the need, just choose the one you want to slice, cut, grate, chop or mince different ingredients. It is therefore possible to obtain thin or thick slices as well as different shapes of cuts (diced, in rings, in sticks or julienne) with this multifunction slicer. It all depends on the result you want to have. The accessory also comes with a juicer to extract fruit juice as well as an egg separator.

When it comes to performance, the Godmorn 10-in1 Multi-Function Mandoline Slicer relies on its stainless steel blades to slice ingredients efficiently. It should also be noted that the device has a BPA-free ABS plastic container which is quite resistant to shocks. For safety, the manufacturer has opted for a non-slip base. A hand guard is also provided to handle the blades safely. There is also a brush to facilitate cleaning.


  1. Versatile use
  2. Affordable price
  3. Bisphenol-free ABS plastic
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. Don’t chop the meat

Very convenient. Since I have I have been making a lot more soups because it saves me a lot of time by cutting my vegetables quickly. Easy to clean. There are several blades for slicing, grating… See all reviews.

Hajer I.

MagicLux Tech Manual Chopper

MagicLux Tech Manual Chopper

Any type of food

The manual chopper from MagicLux Tech is a practical and easy-to-use device that will certainly find a place on your worktop. This is a mini blender that performs its chopping, mixing and slicing functions well.

With this equipment in the kitchen, it will be easier to make fruit or vegetable salads as well as baby preparations. All it takes is a few pulls of the wire on the handle to have chunks of vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs etc. evenly cut.

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The MagicLux Tech manual chopper has a 750 ml plastic tank, a lid with closing system to keep food fresh. The manufacturer has also made available to users a plastic blender blade which will be useful for mixing various preparations. Note that the accessory is equipped with 3 perfectly sharp stainless steel blades. They operate at an adjustable speed depending on the desired result.

With this green, gray and transparent mini manual chopper, you will now be able to crumble your ingredients, vegetables and fruits without any problem. You will also find in the package a notice that will give you instructions for optimal use.


  1. Multifunctional mini blender
  2. Stainless steel blades
  3. Average capacity of 750ml


  1. Don’t chop the meat

Accustomed to similar vegetable choppers, this one I just received is the best I’ve had so far. The draw is fluid, the lid is a plus, the object is really pretty with its transparent “smoked” plastic bowl. I am not able to assess the longevity but the opening of the cord is surrounded by metal which is a real advantage and a sign of robustness. Overheating weakening the plastic structure will thus be avoided. Fast and flawless delivery. Order with your eyes closed. Read all reviews.

Inje H.

Telgoner manual chopper

Telgoner manual chopper

 Quick and easy to use mini hand blender

The Telgoner chopper is an accessory that does its job very well when it comes to cutting, grinding and mixing different types of food products. It allows anyone to achieve cooking prowess by making it easy to cut and chop ingredients.

Indeed, the device is equipped with 3 very sharp stainless steel blades which allow you to overcome any food, soft or hard. So you can use it to chop and cut onions, peppers, parsley, nuts… But that’s not all. This manual chopper also works with a mixing blade which allows you to mix sauces, vegetable salads, smoothies as well as different types of soft ingredients such as eggs, flour, milk to make pasta.

Telgoner’s manual chopper also has a capacity of 520 ml and weighs 259 grams. We are therefore dealing with a fairly compact utensil which allows you to chop an average quantity of ingredients. In order for the device to work as it should, the string must be operated through simple pulling movements. Moreover, each time the cord is pulled, the tears rotate 16 times. Which means that the device works at a remarkable speed and is able to chop food quickly and efficiently.

This manual chopper is made with food grade ABS plastic. It does not represent a health hazard. It can therefore be used without any problem to make puree for the diet of toddlers. All parts are removable and can be washed in water after each use.


  1. 3 stainless steel blades
  2. Bisphenol-free ABS plastic
  3. Mixing blade


  1. Not dishwasher safe

I am very happy with this purchase! I use it almost every day and so far it’s holding up, and the blades are still very sharp. Very simple to use, it looks like starting a boat. Can slice vegetables, herbs, meat, nuts. Read all reviews.

Miranda G.

Metaltex manual chopper

Hachoir manuel Metaltex Rotomac 251680

Robot Centrifugeur Manuel Multi-Usage

If you’re looking for a medium-sized multi-purpose manual chopper, this might be the one for you. It is a mechanical juicer with a capacity of 500 ml capable of cutting your various vegetables and fruits in the blink of an eye. It can also be used to finely or coarsely grind spices and also to make soups, fruit coulis, guacamole and many others.

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With its 2 ultra-sharp steel blades and a reinforced plastic arm, this appliance will help you efficiently in your kitchen. No need to spend long hours cutting carrots, tomatoes, onions, shallots or peppers by hand. He will take care of doing it properly for you to save you time. Just put the food to be chopped in the container, close and pull the flexible nylon string and you’re done.

The Rotomac robotic centrifuge also has a non-slip base which ensures that it is securely held on the work surface. Its compact size allows you to take it anywhere so you can use it for any occasion.


  1. Multi-purpose accessory
  2. Flexible Nylon Twine
  3. Average capacity
  4. Wet cleaning


  1. Don’t chop the meat

I used a manual red string robot from another famous brand almost daily, but the string and the spring failed after a few years. I decided to replace it with this one and I am delighted with my choice. It is a little bigger but also very efficient. I recommend this product ! Read all reviews.

Caroline K.

Chopped vegetables

Selection criteria

Now that you have an idea of ​​the best manual choppers available on the market, it will certainly be more or less easy for you to make a choice. But, we must not lose sight of the fact that these accessories can be of various types and have different functions. Which could be confusing as to which model is best for your needs. In order not to opt for a manual chopper that does not meet your expectations, you must therefore take a number of factors into account.


Manual mincers are used to chop, mince, grind and mix various foods, namely: meat and fish, aromatic herbs and salads, nuts, vegetables and condiments, spices or cheese.

Some models are only used to mince or cut (finely or coarsely) vegetables, herbs and other condiments such as garlic and onion. They are not necessarily suitable for chopping meat or hard foods such as seeds, frozen products and ice cubes.

However, most models are versatile. In addition to the cutting function, they can be used to mix liquid preparations, to emulsify or to keep cool. It all depends on the accessories that come with the device. It can be a wringing basket, a blade for mixing or whisking, an egg separator or a citrus press…

You should therefore opt for the one that best meets your needs and habits.


The capacity of your manual chopper will depend on your needs, and there are models with different capacities. But generally, these devices are for the vast majority equipped with a container that can accommodate between 500 to 900 ml. This does not prevent some manufacturers from offering bowls of a liter or more. The choice really depends on your habits. Note, however, that the larger the container, the more space it will take up in your kitchen and may get in the way when you travel.

The blades

The efficiency and performance of a manual chopper mainly depends on the versatility of its blades as well as their quality. The most basic models have at least two blades and mostly do the job. However, it is good to know that appliances equipped with 3 or more blades are more efficient and can process all types of food, especially the hardest ones. In addition to this aspect, it is also necessary to ensure that you opt for good quality blades. Stainless steel blades are reputed to be the sharpest and strongest. But that doesn’t mean plastic blades aren’t good. It all depends on how often you use the accessory. If you want the accessory to work as long as possible, then you might as well bet on quality blades.

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The working mechanism

This criterion is very important insofar as the proper functioning and efficiency of your mincer depend on it. Indeed, most of these accessories are equipped with a string handle on which you pull to turn the blades. However, you are also going to find manual choppers that have a plastic crank that you have to turn. The main difference between these two mechanisms lies in the effort required to obtain a satisfactory result.

Manufacturing materials

In general, you will find manual choppers made with plastic. Care must be taken to choose models designed with food-grade material without bisphenol if you are concerned about your health and that of your loved ones. Also opt for ABS plastic products which are generally the most resistant in order to limit the risk of breaks and cracks.

Why opt for a manual chopper?

Generally, in the kitchen, many people do not appreciate the fact of having to spend time cutting, mincing or slicing different foods. Manual choppers, like blenders and other such equipment, make the job easier and save time when preparing meals.

It is most of the time an accessory consisting of a container, a lid and a wire traction system or a crank.

 You can use them to grind meat yourself without having to go to the butcher. They will also be very useful for you when it comes to cutting foods such as tomatoes, peppers, carrots, apples, herbs, onions, lettuce leaves and even fruits.

Unlike electric choppers, manual models are generally more affordable on the budget. But the biggest advantage is that these accessories do not require any electrical connection or battery to operate. They therefore save on electricity consumption and can be used in all circumstances. In addition, given their fairly compact size in general, it is much easier to take them on the go.

How to maintain a manual chopper?

Maintaining a manual meat grinder is as simple as it gets. Since these accessories are easy to disassemble and assemble. Simply wash each component after each use with soap and water or in the dishwasher. However, it will still be necessary to be very careful with the blades during handling to avoid injury. In addition, given certain specificities, some brands recommend not washing the chopper and/or the lid in the machine. They will therefore simply have to be cleaned by hand.