Top 10 Best lemon zesters 2022-Complete Guide Review

The zester is the kitchen utensil you need if you want to create culinary creations worthy of the greatest restaurants. Ideal for a fruity icing on a cake or as a fine garnish to crown your dishes and desserts, citrus zest is often the final touch that makes a recipe sublime.

You might be used to getting those lemon or orange shavings using a regular cheese grater. Of course, this object can help you out, but we agree on the fact that it is not as effective as a real zester.

We leave you to enjoy this complete guide on buying a zester . In this article, you will learn about the different types of products available in the market and how to use them effectively. You will also find our selection of the best citrus zesters that you can buy online. We picked them based on their functionality, ease of use, and price.

Comparison of the best Lemon zesters 2022

Deiss lemon zester and cheese grater

With a simplistic yet robust design, this model has no moving parts and its blade is incredibly sharp. A simple squeeze of lemon and you’ll have finely cut pieces of zest ready to incorporate into your recipes. Deiss also advocates using the tool to grate spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. It is also very well suited to hard cheese. Featuring a stainless steel blade, this zester has a non-slip handle allowing you to have a good grip.


  1. Good grip
  2. Protective cover
  3. Can be cleaned in the dishwasher


  1. Shorter blade

This grater is extraordinary, I had never had such a beautiful and regular zest. You have to be very careful with your fingers because it really cuts. The protection must be put back on after each use, especially if you store it in a drawer with other utensils. I highly recommend this product and everyone should have it in their kitchen, it grates everything perfectly. Read all reviews.

Lesa E.

The Microplane zester is perfect for all foods: citrus fruits, ginger, garlic, cheese, chocolate etc. It is made of high quality stainless steel ensuring you durable and long-lasting use. With razor sharp edges, it is advisable to wear cut resistant gloves to protect your hands.

The rubber handle does not slip, which also allows you to put the grater on the table for more stability. Flexible and ergonomic, it adapts perfectly to all types of hands and is very easy to use.

This model comes with a protective cover to avoid any cuts during storage. The Microplane zester is easy to maintain and is dishwasher safe.


  1. Easy maintenance
  2. Very strong blade Made in USA
  3. Ergonomic soft touch handle


  1. Price higher than average

The best grater! I’m rediscovering the pleasure of grating quickly and in a very professional way with lemon, ginger, parmesan, etc., nothing but happiness. Very easy to clean which is a plus. To buy with your eyes closed. Read all reviews.

Hujin C.


If you are looking for an easy to use zester then the Zyliss ZE980089 is the product for you. For more than 60 years, this Swiss brand has been offering high-quality kitchen accessories and utensils with exceptional characteristics. The company is constantly innovating to offer you the best tools.

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This lemon and orange zester features an all-stainless steel five-tooth blade. Its ergonomically designed handle also provides a very pleasant grip. Finally, this product is ideal for cutting long and thin citrus zests, without removing the white and bitter part located just under the skin.

An integrated groover allows you to cut larger zests to season your dishes or flavor your drinks such as sangria. After use, you can easily clean it by placing it directly in your dishwasher.


  1. Zester + groover
  2. Dishwasher safe
  3. Stainless steel


  1. Only for citrus fruits

I am loyal to the Zyliss brand, the products are solid, have a nice finish and a nice presentation. This zester is great with 2 zest possibilities. It’s totally what I expected. To order without hesitation. Read all reviews.

Carole P.


This multifunctional kitchen tool is perfectly suited for citrus fruits and cheeses. With an 18.5cm stainless steel blade, the Raniaco zester is the ultimate all-rounder. It will allow you to work with any kind of food, from chocolate bars for your pastries to citrus fruits and dairy products for your cooking dishes.

Thanks to its ergonomic and non-slip handle, this object ensures optimal safety. Storage level, you can easily store it in a drawer safely thanks to its plastic cover. You can also hang it thanks to its eyelet. On the maintenance side, this product is compatible with the dishwasher, which will allow you not to worry about the last pieces of bark remaining on the appliance.


  1. Non-slip silicone handle
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Protective cover

The zester is very easy to use, cleans very well under water and does not take up space when storing. I highly recommend for people who love fine dining. Read all reviews.

Melanie G.


Zesteur Flexi Zesti de Microplane

Ergonomically designed to fit the curve of your hand and the shape of lemons, limes and other citrus fruits, Microplane’s Flexi Zesti features a built-in reservoir to easily collect and store fresh zest. Ultra-sharp, photo-etched blade technology makes it effortless and quick to create flavorful and aromatic zest. Once the zest is obtained, simply flip the zester over and remove the silicone lid. Featuring a soft BPA-free silicone cover, the Flexi Zesti is available in green, orange and yellow. This utensil can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher for easy and convenient cleaning.

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  1. Compact et flexible
  2. Lame Made in USA


  1. Small in size but bulky for storage

Very practical: it produces a very fine zest, is easy to clean, is small and light and fits well in your hand! Read all reviews.

Beatrice L.


Rösle is a manufacturer of kitchen accessories based in Germany since 1888. This great brand brings you a high quality stainless steel zester. These 5 small sharpened holes allow this groover to have an incomparable sharpness and allow you to make fine lemon zest to enhance your recipes, sauces or soups.

Equipped with an eyelet to be able to hang it on the wall, this kitchen utensil is guaranteed for 20 years, proof of its high quality and robustness.


  1. German quality product with 20 year guarantee
  2. Stainless steel


  1. More expensive price

Very good grip. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe and grates perfectly. Very satisfied with this purchase. To recommend. Read all reviews.

Florence T.


Zesteur Microplane Master Series

Cooks will love this premium zester from the Master Series! The perfect combination of a walnut wood handle and a surgical grade stainless steel blade, this kitchen utensil is an elegantly designed product that will fit perfectly into any kitchen. Microplane’s zester is perfect for grating garlic, ginger, cheese and citrus fruits! Its depth is ideal to ensure that only the zest is obtained.


  1. Innovative and elegant design
  2. Very high quality stainless steel blade
  3. Walnut wood handle


  1. Wooden handle to maintain

Microplane is a safe bet, I bought the entire master range. The walnut neck is very beautiful! Read all reviews.

Spencer T.


Zester de Westmark 18302270

Westmark Zester, a German brand, is perfect for desserts, cocktails and aperitifs. Whether you need to make lemon pie, orange glaze, or fruit and vegetable streamers, this flute is destined to be your best new kitchen companion.

This sleek and stylish zester is made of stainless steel and corrosion resistant. Its central hole, sharp as a razor, allows you to make larger strips perfect for cocktails. As for the head, it has five very sharp holes that make it quick and easy to zest lemons, oranges or limes.

The handle is comfortable and very easy to handle. Its hanging eyelet can be used to hang the zester in your kitchen or above your bar for quick access. In addition, it is very easy to clean, just rinse it with water or put it in the dishwasher.


  1. Good grip
  2. German quality
  3. Easy maintenance


  1. Versatility

Does exactly what I bought it for and it’s perfect! Read all reviews.

Christopher D.


Zesteur Pure Komachi de Kai

Japanese quality

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Founded in 1908, the Seki company, owner of the Kai brand, develops and sells cutlery and other related products of excellent sharpening quality. Thanks to its characteristics, KAI products are among the best in the world. The design is a blend of harmony and minimalism combined with incredible quality. In addition to appearance and ergonomics, this zester is characterized by the high quality of its stainless steel blade.

Perfect for grating citrus fruits, hard cheeses, chocolate and vegetables, this tool features an ergonomic, easy-care elastomer handle. It can indeed be placed in the dishwasher.


  1. japanese blade
  2. Minimalist and elegant design
  3. Versatility


  1. Plastic less robust than steel

It is a very nice zester made in Japan. Kai is a premium brand. Ideal for grating nutmeg, ginger and citrus fruits. Read all reviews.

Oerny O.


This zester from Dutch brand Brabantia is distinguished by its premium stainless steel design, which not only gives it a long life, but also brings elegance to your kitchen or bar. Its blades are corrosion resistant and will stay sharp longer.

Its satin handle offers you a secure grip thanks to its rubberized part. An integrated side ring makes slicing fruit a snap. Although the tool is recommended for lemon zest, it can also be used on other citrus fruits and vegetables. When finished, you can quickly put it in your dishwasher.


  1. Compact and lightweight
  2. Non-slip handle
  3. Stainless steel


  1. Versatility

This little zester has done me a lot of good for zesting lemons and oranges during my baking sessions. Its only drawback is that you have to do a lot of repetitive movements if you have to zest a large quantity of fruit, so if this is your case, I advise you to take a large zest grater directly. Delivery on time and excellent value for money. Read all reviews.

Garnier L.

Zester buying guide

citrus zester

Extracting the full flavor of a lemon, lime or orange is incredibly simple with a manual zester. But this versatile 2-in-1 tool can do even more. In addition to zesting fruits, it can be used to grate garlic and ginger, different types of nuts like nutmeg, cinnamon or chocolate, soft or hard cheeses, or vegetables like carrots or zucchini.

To use it, you can either rub your food over the zester or place the end of the utensil on the plate and slide the fruit up and down against the blades. Trust us, once you’re done zesting, your culinary creation will have a wonderful infusion of flavor , a beautiful aroma, and professional-looking garnishes that will delight your family and friends.

The different types

There are 2 types of zesters. A traditional grater type and a handle form with 5/6 holes.

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Traditional grater type zester

The grater type zester has a wider , denser surface area that is ideal for zesting and grating large pieces of fruit or vegetables. The more or less wide holes make it possible to create longer strips or finely cut pieces of skin. This type of model is perfect for fruit and is also suitable for cheeses or other ingredients such as chocolate. One of the great things about a grater type zester is that it can remove the skin without damaging the fruit.

handle zester

The handle zester only has a few holes, 5 most of the time. It’s a great tool if you only work with citrus fruits. Its specific shape allows to create spiral strips unlike the shavings that we can have with the traditional grater version.

How to choose the best zester?

The best kitchen utensils are those that we use the most, that are easy to handle and that do what they are intended for, without noticeable wear and tear over time. Let’s see what are the must-have features to consider while buying the best lemon zester.

Stainless steel blade

Unlike kitchen knives, zesters are not designed to be sharpened as they dull over time. That’s why it should be made of stainless steel and thick enough to withstand regular use. The blade should also be easy to maintain and strong enough to withstand the toughest foods. Indeed, the softest metals can heat up during repeated friction and twist or lose their sharpness.

Ergonomic handle

The best zesters should have a non-slip handle that gives you a good grip. Preferably choose tools with press-fit handles. Single-body zesters tend to last longer than those that are attached with rivets.


Prefer models that can be put in the dishwasher . This criterion is important because it allows you to limit the risk of cuts by washing your tool by hand. The tiny blades are indeed very sharp and your sponges and scrubbing brushes won’t last long against those sharp teeth. Therefore prefer hot water at high pressure to wash your zester.


Avoid buying a discount zester. Instead, opt for a quality product that guarantees long-term use. Skimping on quality at the expense of your safety is not the right solution. You don’t want to end up with a bent or rusty blade.

Type of zest

Depending on the taste and texture you want to bring to your dish, it is essential to vary the type and size of the lemon zest . For example, you will not use the same zest for a lemon sorbet as for a refined dish. You may want long thin peels or small pieces of skin depending on the situation. So make sure your zester can best meet your needs.

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It is important for your safety not to store your zester in the first drawer you come across. These objects are very sharp and can easily cut your skin. Some models are equipped with a plastic protection to avoid these inconveniences.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between a zester and a Microplane?

They both have blades and grooves that allow for grating or mincing ingredients, but the main difference is that the zester has a flat surface where you grate the ingredient perpendicular to the cutting edge, while a Microplane has both sides of its blade serrated. The Microplane is ideal for grating hard ingredients; however, it can be used for soft things like citrus fruit as well.

Is there a difference between a zester and a grater?

A zester and a grater are both great for grating the zest of citrus fruits, but the zester is a little safer for use around children.

To make it easier to clean, some models have additional cleaning features such as bristles or grooves for easy cleaning.

How long does a Zester last?

The Zester should last up to 1.5 years as long as you don’t allow any moisture or bacteria in the unit.

What are lemon Zesters used for?

Lemon zesters help make homemade lemonade, lemon juice, and something called “lemon zest”. Lemon zest is the pulp that’s left behind after using the zester. You can add it to your cooking to impart a lemon flavor, or you can eat it as is.

What are lime Zesters used for?

Lime zesters are commonly used in many recipes like guacamole, or as a garnish for dishes.

What is the best type of lemon zester?

The best type on lemon zester is a wooden zester.

How do I use the Lemon Zester?

Place the lemon on top of the stainless steel bowl, then push down on the knob with your finger to grate. The knobs are much stronger than regular knobs, so you don’t have to push that hard. You can grate as much or as little as you want, depending on how many people will be eating your Grate-a-Lemon.

How much lemon juice is the zest of one lemon?

The zest of a lemon is made up of many small pieces called “grains”. They vary in size from a pinhead to 1/2 inch wide. Approximately 125 grains are squeezed from the rind of one lemon.

I’ve got a big project for my Lemon Zester, what should I make?

Try making lemonade, or grated cheese for a delicious alternative to hamburger meat.

Can I use lemon juice instead of lemon zest?

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Yes, you can use lemon juice if you have no other option. Remember that lemon juice is more acidic than lemon zest, and it may not provide the same flavor.

How often should I wash my Lemon Zester?

Make sure to clean your Lemon Zester immediately after each use to prevent rusting and keep the unit in optimal working order. To clean, simply wipe down with a wet paper towel or cloth. Do not submerge in water or allow the unit to sit in water, as it could lead to rusting.

Can I use lemon juice instead of lemon zest?

Yes, you can use lemon juice if you have no other option. Remember that lemon juice is more acidic than lemon zest, and it may not provide the same flavor.

What is the difference between a zester and a Microplane?

They both have blades and grooves that allow for grating or mincing ingredients, but the main difference is that the zester has a flat surface where you grate the ingredient perpendicular to the cutting edge, while a Microplane has both sides of its blade serrated.

Can you substitute lemon juice concentrate for lemon zest?

Lemon juice concentrate can be substituted for lemon zest if you have no other option. Remember that lemon juice concentrate is more acidic than lemon zest, and it may not provide the same flavor.

Can you substitute lime juice for lime zest?

Lime juice concentrate can be substituted for lime zest if you have no other option. Remember that lime juice concentrate is more acidic than lime zest, and it may not provide the same flavor.

Is lemon zest the same as lemon peel?

Lemon zest is made up of the actual pulp of the lemon, while lemon peel is the outer part of the skin.

How do you make lemon juice?

To make juice out of a lemon, first wash your lemons under cool water to get rid of any dirt or pesticides that may be on them. Next, cut off both ends of the lemon with a knife. Now slice into rounds and then take out the seeds.