Top 10 Best Knife sharpeners for sweet home 2022-Complete Guide Review

It is essential to have a sharp knife in your kitchen. Why ? Quite simply because you will be able to cut your ingredients much more easily, much more finely, and above all without danger. Indeed, the duller the blade of your knife, the more effort you will need to use it. This increases the chances of injuring yourself and/or missing your cuts. The best solution to avoid this kind of inconvenience is to have a good sharpener always at hand.

Comparison of the best sharpeners: tests and reviews

With the different types of sharpeners that exist and the variety of models, it can be complicated to make a choice. Here is to make your task easier, a selection of the 10 best sharpening utensils among which you will certainly not fail to find what you are looking for.

Navaris Steel Rifle Sharpener

Navaris Diamond Steel Rifle Knife Sharpener

Sharpening steel

The sharpener offered by the Navaris brand will allow you to sharpen all your knives, thanks to its diamond steel wick. Get blades that can easily handle everything you need to cut to prepare your meals. This is a fairly aesthetic model with an oval-shaped wick, which ends in a plastic tip. Its handle consolidated at the end by a metal rise comes from a non-slip material that offers a good grip.

The Navaris sharpening steel is an ergonomic tool, and therefore very easy to use. The special diamond coating of its bit has been designed to gently treat your knives. In addition, its length of 31 cm will allow you to sharpen any type of damask steel or ceramic blade. You can use it to sharpen your chef’s knife, kitchen knife, meat knife, bread knife, cake knife, pocket knife, circular knife or even your scissors.

For a perfect sharpening result, run the blade of your knife over and over the diamond bit, from tip to tip. Remember to respect the 20 degree angle generally recommended for sharpening steel utensils.


  1. Good grip
  2. Ergonomic and resistant


  1. Use only for initiates

Great tool for sharpening knives. I have been using this knife sharpener for a while and I am very satisfied with it, it sharpens well I even ordered a second one for a friend. I recommend this product . Read all reviews.

Sebastian O.

Shan Zu's Whetstone

Shan Zu’s Whetstone

Stone with anti-slip backing

Cut your tomatoes into thin slices or cut beautiful slices of beef, thanks to this SHAN ZU 2-in-1 sharpener . The Japanese cutlery brand thus offers a corundum whetstone, which seduces at first sight with its sober and elegant appearance. The tool consists of a sharpening stone with two different faces, two non-slip silica gel supports as well as a large bamboo base. The stone measures 180 x 60 x 27 mm, and each of its sides is a different color and offers different grains.

The blue side offers a grit of 3000 and is ideal for sharpening, while the white side has a finer grit of 8000 which is better suited for sharpening. So just using one side or another will make most of your knives sharp again.

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SHAN ZU’s 2-in-1 sharpening stone comes with a dressing stone, to polish it and make it flat again after some time of use. This accessory will be useful for you to benefit from an optimal sharpening result for a long time. And speaking of durability, it should also be noted that the brand, which has favored ecological and quality materials, promises foolproof robustness.


  1. Good value for money
  2. Anti-slip backing


  1. Not suitable for large blades

Quality product, it allows you to sharpen like a pro sharpener, you just have to get the hang of it and it’s fine. I was able to sharpen all my knives without worries and without breakage . Read all reviews.

Thomas B.

Mennyo sharpener

Mennyo 4 in 1 Knife Sharpener


One of the first great advantages of this manual sharpener is its 4-in-1 side which allows you to benefit from different types of sharpening. It has 4 compartments, 3 of which are intended for sharpening different types of knives, and one for scissors. It therefore adapts to all ceramic and stainless steel blades, which it makes perfectly sharp, thanks to the 3 sharpening levels it offers. Depending on your needs, you can therefore obtain a coarse or rather fine sharpening, thanks to its different diamond, ceramic or tungsten stones.

It is also an ergonomic tool, designed with the desire to make sharpening easier while making it much safer. Its design thus offers a solid and secure grip, which allows you to sharpen your knives without injuring yourself. Safety of use is optimized by the non-slip base which provides good stability to this sharpener for left and right-handers. Another advantage of this knife sharpener is its robustness and durability guaranteed by its solid and environmentally friendly manufacturing materials.

For optimal use, the manufacturer recommends, among other things, avoiding too much pressure against the sharpening elements so as not to damage your blades. He further states that this manual sharpener is not at all suitable for serrated knives and should not be submerged, or put in the dishwasher.


  1. Multitask
  2. Ergonomic
  3. Easy maintenance


  1. Not suitable for very small knife

Good quality stainless steel sharpener with plastic handle. Practical on a daily basis, it sharpens knives quickly and easily. New friend in the kitchen . Read all reviews.

Mark B.

Whetstone from Wüsthof

Whetstone from Wüsthof

18cm steel

Benefit from a superior quality manual sharpener, offered by a very renowned brand in the German cutlery sector. Wüsthof is indeed no less than 200 years of experience in the service of the manufacture of quality knives for various uses. And it is precisely to facilitate the maintenance of its products that the manufacturer also offers sharpeners.

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This model TR4463-7 is a chrome steel sharpening steel, which has a hardness level of approximately 65 Rockwell. Like all the brand’s tools, it benefits from a robust structure and a wear-resistant sharpening surface. This allows it to handle the toughest and dullest knife blades. It has a round and 18 cm long wick, as well as an ergonomic handle. The latter is also equipped with a suspension eyelet which allows the tool to be stored easily.


  1. Good value for money
  2. Very solid


  1. The grain of the rifle can for certain be too fair

Having a lot of knives it was becoming more and more tedious to sharpen them with a stone, that’s why I ordered this rifle. It seems solid and does its job perfectly with just a few movements. Read all reviews.

Baptiste R.

Chef's Choice knife sharpener

Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener

In stainless steel

With the three slots it offers, this ChefsChoice sharpener will be your everyday ally to maintain the sharpness of your knives. Its first slot will allow you to sharpen Asian type knives, while the other two are respectively dedicated to European and American models.

Thanks to diamond polishing stones of different grits, you benefit from a 3-step sharpening process. And for an even more perfect result, the grip is made optimal by the non-slip handle of the sharpener.

Regarding its general presentation, this sharpening utensil is a rather beautiful model, with black and silver colors. It measures 23.8 x 5.1 x 7.0 cm, dimensions that allow it to take up very little space, and can therefore be easily stored in a drawer or closet.


  1. 3 sharpening slots
  2. Very good grip

I have several sharpeners but this is by far the best, make sure you know the angle of your knife or at least what cutting angle you want. Very impressed with this sharpener, I give it 5 stars . Read all reviews.

Raymond C.

Electric knife sharpener

Chef’s Choice Electric Knife Sharpener

The electric model

If the CHEF’S CHOICE ” ANGLE SELECT ” electric sharpener is in this selection, it is of course thanks to its very interesting sharpening functions. For example, it offers different sharpening slots to sharpen all types of knives, including Asian knives and European knives. You can also use it to sharpen any serrated knife that has lost its ability to cut as it should.

It should also be noted that the sharpening surface of this electric sharpener has a diamond coating, which allows it to perform its sharpening work in the most optimal way. Finally, you can also count on its simple and ingenious magnetic guide system which automatically positions the blades at the right angle, to sharpen all your knives as easily as possible.

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  1. Ease of use
  2. Suitable for Japanese knives

Really very good device for Japanese knives . Read all reviews.

Mark G.

Aiguiseur Anyuke

Anyuke Serrated or Smooth Blade Knife Sharpener

New ergonomics

In addition to the good sharpening result it must be able to offer, one of the main characteristics sought in a sharpener is its ease of use. This is precisely what this model developed by the Anyuke brand offers . Its effectiveness is based on its structure made up of tungsten carbide sharpening bars, all spring-mounted. You can thus sharpen, sharpen and polish all types of blades that can be found in a kitchen. From meat knives to fruit knives, including paring or boning knives, you can cut, slice, mince or shred all your ingredients.

Thanks to its unique X-Cross design , this sharpener is not only stable and safe, but also extremely strong and durable. The grip is optimal, for a quality sharpening result while keeping your fingers safe each time you use it.

In terms of its other characteristics, the Anyuke sharpener has two very hard tungsten carbide sharpening systems. Their ability to bend allows them to adapt to all knives and all angles.


  1. Good ergonomics
  2. Easy to use

Already used to sharpen my knives which cut just fine but now they cut like the first days… super happy . Read all reviews.

Frank G.

Any Sharp Sharpener

Navaris Sharpener

tungsten carbide

For your old dull knives that can no longer cut anything properly, AnySharp Pro offers to give them back some bite. Take advantage of its tungsten carbide sharpening system to make all your knives effective again. Whether serrated, hardened steel or any other material, no blade stays dull for long with this sharpener. You thus find the pleasure of slicing, cutting or even cutting meat, vegetables or roasts without the slightest effort. The sharpening process is very simple, thanks to the settings that allow you to sharpen any blade at the right angle, i.e. exactly 20 degrees. For additionally safe use, the AnySharp Pro sharpenerconsists at its base of a PowerGrip suction cup which ensures great stability.

Also take advantage of its compactness (6.2 x 6.2 x 6.7 cm) and its lightness to store it easily in your kitchen. You can even simply attach it to any flat, vertical surface, thanks to its suction cup system.


  1. Good value for money
  2. Very good user feedback


  1. Not suitable for very hard blades

I’ve been looking for a knife sharpener for a while and I finally found it! The edge is quickly obtained without damaging the blade, provided you do not force it. A “soft” pass is recommended to obtain a very sharp edge without chipping the blade. You get a knife that “cuts” more than well and very quickly. I thus “caught up” an old kitchen knife which was given a new life after going through the sharpener…. Very good product for domestic use (kitchen knife, penknife, etc.), however not recommended with very hard steel blades, military knife type or very hard alloy. For the latter it is better to turn to a classic sharpening with different whetstones . Read all reviews.

William F.

Diamond ceramic sharpener

Double sharpener from Wüsthof

In stainless steel

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The Wüsthof TR4348 is a knife sharpener that can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people. It has two sharpening stones, one in diamond and the other in ceramic, which gives it a double utility. For a very dull steel knife blade, the diamond stone with a thicker grain size will solve the problem. The ceramic stone, which is much finer, will be effective for refining the sharpening or for regularly maintaining the edge of the blade.

The Wüsthof TR4348 sharpener is easy to use, since it does not require any special preparation. Simply insert a knife blade into one of the notches for it to position itself at the correct sharpening angle and be ready to be sharpened. In addition, it provides the user with an ergonomic handle and a non-slip base to make its use simple and safe.

To successfully sharpen your knife with this sharpener, the manufacturer recommends starting the process from the back of the blade and pulling it all the way to the tip. This process should be repeated for a number of times, depending on how worn the blade is. Do not forget to firmly hold the handle of the utensil to prevent it from moving during the operation.


  1. Good value for money
  2. Compact
  3. Double slits


  1. Sustainability

For my retirement, my children offered me Wüsthof knives which I am delighted! Except that the rifle wasn’t efficient enough to sharpen them! And there, the magic of an excellent and very efficient material! Read all reviews.

Hayat U.

Electric sharpener

Electric knife sharpener from Rosenstein & Söhne

cheap electric sharpener

If you are looking for a quick and easy to use sharpening tool, the Rosenstein & Söhne electric sharpener is what you need. It does its job thanks to its rotating ceramic discs which allow you to have two levels of sharpening, namely hard and soft. Equipped with two slots, it adapts to all sizes of knives, whether large or small, or have thick or thin blades.

With its 180 W power, this Rosenstein & Söhne electric sharpener is very good at sharpening kitchen knives, and many other models. The device comes with a black plastic case, and is equipped at its base with 4 suction cups thanks to which it remains firmly fixed to its support during sharpening. It is finally a fairly resistant model, which can be used effectively for a very long time.

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  1. Cheap
  2. Wearing


  1. Difficult to use for novices

Good product but you have to be very careful when you’re not used to it… it’s better to practice on an old knife before sharpening good ones . Read all reviews.

Marie U.

Several details are to be taken into account before buying a sharpener. The choice of one model or the other can also depend on the type of knife to be sharpened and its use.

The main selection criteria

Knife sharpener

The dimensions of the sharpener

This criterion is very important depending on the space you have in your kitchen or on your worktop. It will therefore be wise to opt for a model that is of good dimensions, and therefore the least bulky possible. This will allow you to have a utensil that is not only easy to use, but also easier to store after use.

Sharpening angle

This characteristic is essential, to have a perfectly sharpened blade as it should be. A sharpener must indeed be able to offer a sharpening angle which makes it possible to obtain a result as satisfactory as possible. It should be noted that the sharpening angle varies depending on the type of knife to be sharpened, and is between 15 and 25 degrees. Some sharpening tools come standard set to provide a standard angle to make your job easier.

The material of the sharpener blades

Sharpener blades can be made from different types of materials. Poor quality material can damage your knife more than sharpen it. Most reputable manufacturers now offer ceramic or tungsten carbide sharpener blades.

The different types of sharpeners that exist

To successfully choose a sharpening utensil that suits your needs, it is important to know the different types that exist.

Sharpening stones

Whetstones are certainly the most classic sharpening tools that can be found on the market. There are different types, which are distinguished by their sharpening surface which is often made of diamond particles or quartz. For some models again, the abrasive part is made of silicon carbide, ceramic or alumina.

The use of a sharpening stone requires a certain mastery, which makes it the most complex sharpening instrument in terms of maneuverability. Indeed, there are many parameters such as the grain size or the sharpening angle to take into account to obtain a perfect result. However, these difficulties are very quickly overcome with a little training and practice, especially since this tool is the one that sharpens the best.

sharpening guns

It is a sharpening tool that consists of an abrasive rod mounted on a plastic or wooden handle. Generally, you will have the choice between steel sharpening guns and diamond or ceramic models. This tool is very popular with chefs or butchers, because it allows you to obtain sharp cutting utensils as needed. It is the ideal instrument if you are looking for a method of sharpening and regular maintenance of your knives.

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You should know that knife sharpening with a sharpening steel is done, just like with a whetstone, with a certain technique. The way to proceed depends on the type of knife, its degree of wear or the desired finish. In any case, it is recommended to opt for a sharpening steel that has a bit longer than the blade to be sharpened, for a better sharpening result.

Manual sharpeners

These are small, generally compact sharpening devices, which come in a variety of formats. They are therefore easy to store and will therefore be suitable for people looking for a practical and very compact tool. This type of sharpeners are effective for different knives, such as table or kitchen knives.

While manual sharpeners are relatively simple to use, they still require a little effort from users. Indeed, these instruments are equipped with several slots, most often with different grain sizes. It is therefore necessary to pass the blade of the knife a certain number of times to sharpen it. This is why they are also called “pull through” sharpeners. Manual sharpeners allow you to obtain a very satisfactory sharpening, even if the result does not quite equal that of the stone or the sharpening steel.

electric sharpeners

Just as compact as the manual model, the electric sharpener is distinguished by its speed of sharpening. It therefore saves time, and its use does not require any particular effort or know-how. All you have to do to have a perfectly sharp blade is to insert it through a slot provided for this purpose and press a button.

The electric sharpener is therefore, so to speak, the easiest sharpening instrument to use. Depending on the model, it may also have a sharpening slot to perfect the sharpening even more.

The advantages and disadvantages of a sharpener


  • Allows perfect and effortless cutting
  • Quick and easy sharpening
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Economic utensil
  • Enjoy sharpening your own knife


  • Some sharpeners are not suitable for all blades