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What is the K'Nex kit set?

The set includes most standard K'NEX pieces and promotes creativity. Overall set is great for all ages, but younger kids may struggle with instructions for the models. A 140+-piece set that encourages children to learn the basics of STEM and engineering. The set is built to educate your kids on the way things work.

What is the Largest K'Nex model ever made?

The largest K’NEX model ever made was built in 2012 by Space Camp crew trainers. Affectionately named K’REX, the life-size tyrannosaurus rex contains 160,000 pieces and measures 12.46 feet high, 33.76 feet long, and 5.93 feet wide. It weighs 10 pounds. K’NEX piece are made from ABS and POM plastics and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

What is a K’NEX set?

K’NEX sets are so much more than toys. Introduced in 1992, the unique building system allows aspiring architects to connect plastic rods, blocks, wheels, rotors, tracks, and other components together, constructing either pre-designed structures or unique creations.

What is the difference between K’NEX and micro K'Nex?

Micro K'NEX sets are, as the name implies, smaller versions of classic K’NEX sets. To help you differentiate the two, they never use the same color for corresponding pieces. For example, a Micro K’NEX three connector is yellow, while a standard K’NEX three connector is red.


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