10 Best Kitchen Whisks 2022-Complete Guide Review

Among the utensils that any good cook or pastry chef must have in his kitchen, the whisk is certainly one of the most essential. Indeed, whether you are a specialist in great recipes or just like to have fun at times, this accessory is useful for many applications. 

It is used, among other things, for mixing, beating, emulsifying and of course, as its name suggests, for whipping eggs, milk and many other ingredients. No place should therefore be left to error or chance when you want to choose your kitchen whisk. This is also the reason why this comparison followed by a selection buying guide is presented to you.

Comparison of the best kitchen whisks: tests and reviews

This selection takes into account all the models used and appreciated by both professional pastry chefs and Sunday cooks.

Tupperware Metallic Flat Whisk

Tupperware E10 metallic flat whisk

Mix everything without lumps

If you are looking for a powerful and efficient whisk, this one from Tupperware is certainly the one that will suit you the most. It is a flat model, which will certainly be useful on a daily basis.

The greatest asset of this whip is the great versatility that its functional and ergonomic design gives it. It consists of a large polybutylene handle that is comfortable to hold and premium quality stainless steel hoops. Whether whipping egg whites, stirring chocolate or mixing your cake batters, this Tupperware E10 flat whisk will do its job. You can count on its robustness and practicality for all your bakery or pastry preparations.

It should also be noted that this whisk offered by the Tupperware brand is easy to maintain, since it is non-stick.


  1. Its versatility
  2. Its ergonomics
  3. Easy to clean
  4. The quality of its materials


  1. The handle may be a little too big for small hands

I have been using this whisk for more than 10 years.. very practical because it avoids the ball of dough in the middle of the whisk..! And I bought one to equip my son who is moving in. Read all reviews.

Floriane S.

DeBuyer professional whisk

De Buyer Göma professional whisk

With 30 cm slim handle

This De Buyer whisk has stainless steel rods that are much more rounded than on classic models. In fact, this particularity is not insignificant, because it allows the air to pass through the mixtures more easily. This has the result of giving preparations that are much more frothy and therefore lighter.

Opt for this whisk to never miss the whipping of your egg whites or the emulsion of your chocolate or your milk. It will also be useful for you to beat eggs effectively to make your omelettes or to obtain perfectly homogeneous cake batters.

Ideal for the kitchen, pastry or bakery, this whisk from the De Buyer brand also impresses with its solid and ergonomic appearance. Its handle to begin with is made of polypropylene with a non-slip and insulating coating, which makes it resistant. The handle is additionally perforated so that it can be hung in the kitchen next to other utensils. As for the stainless steel rods, they have been designed to serve a very long time without being worried about corrosion or wear.

It should be noted to finish that this whip has a length of 30 centimeters. It is also available in sizes of 25 and 35 centimeters. Cleaning is easy and can be done in the dishwasher.

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  1. Its ergonomic design
  2. Its hygienic and non-slip handle
  3. Easy to store
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. Some users find it too small

Best whip I’ve ever owned. However, the 25cm suits me better. it is UNBREAKABLE. I’m an avid pastry chef/cook and I’ve been through a lot of it, but this one is great. The grip is great too, really a very good grip and non-slip handle. Read all reviews.

My P.


Kitchen whisk Yoko Design 1007

Mini stainless steel whisk

This whisk whose shape could almost seem unusual will be useful if you are looking for the ideal utensil for your omelettes. This model does indeed play the role perfectly, as it will allow you to beat your eggs much more efficiently.

Its simple format makes it easier to handle than a classic whisk, especially when it comes to making smooth preparations without lumps. Thus, apart from the omelettes that it will allow you to succeed with brio, this whisk will allow you to prepare all your sauces without problems. This utensil offered by the YOKO DESIGN brand will be very practical, for example, for making a vinaigrette or making your mayonnaise. You can also use it to make all kinds of pastry cream recipes, while being sure to always obtain the right texture.

One of the biggest advantages of the YOKO DESIGN 1007 whisk is that it is very easy to use in flat containers. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe, and you can even easily clean it by hand if needed. Thanks to its manufacturing material which is stainless steel, this whisk is not afraid of corrosion and remains just as insensitive to the acidity of food products.


  1. Convenient flat format for sauces and omelettes
  2. Wear and corrosion resistant stainless steel material
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Easy to store


  1. Not very suitable for dense preparations

I had seen this kind of utensils for a while thinking it was a gimmick and a fork would do the trick. I took it on Amazon because the price (€3.49) seemed right to me and I wanted to test it. Result, I have three today. It stirs wonderfully by scraping the spatula effect edges well without the squealing that a fork makes which is very tense . Read all reviews.

Mya P.

Rösle RS95652 Flat whisk

Flat whisk Rösle 95651

22 cm flat shape

The Rösle 95651 falls under the same category of whip as the previous model, but with a quite remarkable difference in terms of shape. If the other has a sort of spiral or spring-shaped hoop, this one offers laterally curved rods. You will thus have the impression of using a fork of a rather particular format and much more practical to succeed in certain preparations.

This 95651 whisk from Rösle will help you prepare creamy and delicious sauces as you like. For successful mayonnaise, for example, this model is undoubtedly the most suitable for perfectly mixing egg-based preparations. And precisely, many cooks who very often make omelettes will find this model very interesting. It is the same for professional or amateur pastry cooks who wish to obtain creams that are always emulsified as they should be. In addition, this utensil is perfectly suited for pans, salad bowls and all kinds of flat containers.

In addition to the functional side of its utensil, the Rösle brand has made sure to offer a product that can be used for a long time. The stainless steel used for its manufacture has been treated so that the whisk is both strong and flexible to adapt to all users. Maintenance and storage won’t be a problem either since the utensil is dishwasher safe and fits easily in any drawer.

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  1. Flat shape suitable for delicate preparations
  2. Strong and durable material
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Easy to store


  1. Not suitable for more complex preparations

This whisk is perfect for mixing a béchamel sauce or a white butter sauce in a saucepan, for example. It accesses the corner of the pan, which a classic whisk does not. The mixture is then perfect . Read all reviews.

Benoît L.

Rösle RS95610 Kitchen whisk

Rösle kitchen whisk RS95610

27 cm 18/10 stainless steel

Are you looking for a whisk that will help you make your mixtures the easiest in the world? The Rösle RS95610 is certainly one of the models that will meet your requirements as an occasional cook or a true stove enthusiast.

The utensil has a thick handle that guarantees a good grip for whipping dense preparations. Just like the handle, the filaments are made of stainless steel, and are just as strong as they are resistant. You can whip, mix, beat or emulsify your preparations as vigorously as you wish without fear of twisting this utensil.

The RS95610 whisk made by Rösle will allow you to prepare and succeed all your recipes, whether chocolate, dairy or spicy. Similarly, preparations as simple as an omelet will always be successful with as much ease.

Regarding its dimensions and weight, this whip measures 27 x 6.2 x 5.3 cm and weighs 159 kg. It will therefore not be difficult to handle, as long as you manage to hold it correctly in your hand. And if you don’t have enough room in your drawers to store it, the utensil has a hanging ring that comes in handy to save your space.

In addition, you can clean it in your dishwasher or by hand, whichever way you think is easiest for you.


  1. Robust design
  2. Ergonomic use
  3. Easy cleaning
  4. Easy storage


  1. Handle may be too big for users with small hands

This is not the only Rösle brand product that I buy. Again I am not disappointed. The whip holds well in hand thanks to its well-sized handle. The multitude of strands make it whip really well and quickly. I recommend it . Read all reviews.

Yohan J.

Normann Copenhagen kitchen whisk

Normann Copenhagen kitchen whisk

28.5 cm for 2 cm thick

All the people who were in front of them will confirm it, it is almost impossible not to fall in love with this model. The Beater whip , since it is indeed him, is a product of the Normann Copenhagen brand , known for its design items that beautifully combine originality, sobriety, modernity and elegance. Its aesthetics will therefore certainly not fail to seduce cooks for whom aesthetics counts as an equally important characteristic of choice.

To its attractive appearance that would almost pass for a decorative accessory, this whip adds a touch of functionality that can make the difference. You will be able to use it to make your mixtures and mixtures without having the impression of doing a chore. It must be said that its design in the shape of a broom and in nylon helps to optimize the flexibility and maneuverability of this kitchen whisk.

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The Beater whisk from Normann Copenhagen is a collapsible model that folds and unfolds thanks to a sliding clasp in the form of a ring. The latter, once closed, can also be used to hang the utensil in case of lack of space. Its maintenance is easy since it can simply be put in the dishwasher after use.


  1. Elegant design
  2. Quality nylon material
  3. Easy to use
  4. Easy storage
  5. Easy maintenance


  1. May be too soft for thick consistency preparations

What an excellent product! The engineering and design are phenomenal. This whisk is much easier to clean after use due to the broom-like design. Plus it has that part that slides up and down which makes using the whip so easy. You slide it down near the middle to “open” the whip to use. You slide it down near the end to “close” the whip and store it as one compact piece . Read all reviews.

Cathy O.

Whip Jean Daudignac

Whip Jean Daudugnac

The authentic

It is often complicated to recover the food remains which inevitably end up stuck to the rods of a whisk. The idea behind this model offered by the Jean Daudignac brand is very simple: not to waste the slightest drop of your recipes. How? Quite simply thanks to a kind of silicone scraper which allows you to recover most of your cake dough, your pastry creams or any other preparation.

Both rigid and flexible, the scraper is to pass through the handle of the whip, via a star-shaped hole drilled in its center. You then have to slide it from the end of the handle to the end of the filaments to pick up the remains of your mixture of ingredients. In fact, each of the rods fits into slots provided for this purpose, which therefore allows the scraper to recover the preparations that are stuck there. This small system also has the advantage of making it easier to clean the utensil by doing most of the work.

For the rest, Jean Daudignac ‘s Revowhisk whip does its job well thanks to its design that meets all quality standards. Its handle with a bi-material coating offers an ergonomic grip that facilitates its use. As for the rods, they are made of stainless steel, and therefore very robust for professional or domestic use.

It should also be noted that the silicone scraper also serves as a tip that protects the hand from splashes, keeps the whisk against the rim of the containers and prevents the filaments from touching the work surface.


  1. Design and ergonomic design
  2. Preparation recovery scraper
  3. Combination of quality materials (silicone and stainless steel)
  4. Easy maintenance


  1. The whip and its scraper may seem a bit bulky

I bought this product as a gift, and at first glance it looks really solid, it’s pretty, pleasant to handle and fairly fast delivery service . Read all reviews.

Mark T.

Rösle RS95572 Spiral whisk

Rösle spiral whisk RS95572

27 cm in 18/10 stainless steel

From the 1930s until today, Rösle has always succeeded in its challenge of offering kitchen utensils that stand out for their quality. We thus find in the wake of the brand’s products whips such as this model which proposes to be your ally on a daily basis.

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The RS95572 from the manufacturer Rösle is therefore a spiral kitchen whisk whose format is very practical for making sauces such as béchamel sauces for example. It will allow you to stir and mix the ingredients evenly. This is certainly one of its greatest assets when you know how much lumps can spoil the aesthetics and taste of a sauce.

Also very practical for emulsifying liquid preparations, this whisk will adapt perfectly to your narrow containers and bowls. It should also be noted that its tapered format makes it possible to give more amplitude to the movements without the user having the impression of providing a lot of effort. 

The handle and metal filaments are made of stainless steel to provide strength and durability. In addition, its maintenance will be very easy if you have a dishwasher, although you will not have any difficulty cleaning it by hand either.


  1. High efficiency for making sauces and liquid preparations
  2. Sturdy designs thanks to its manufacturing material
  3. Easy to maintain


  1. Not very suitable for all preparations

uper whisk that I had the opportunity to try, all fluid and semi-fluid preparations (mayo, pancake batter, etc.) mix like magic, the whisk multiplies the movement of the wrist.. . Read all reviews.

John-Paul L.

Manual whisk Oxo 1126980

Manual whisk Oxo 1126980

Plastic and stainless steel

To easily beat eggs, prepare light cake batters or make whipped cream, this Oxo 1126980 whisk is very practical. All you have to do is insert it into the container and turn the crank to mix the ingredients evenly.

This model is an excellent alternative to the electric whisk which can become totally useless when there is no power outlet close at hand. Its operation is based on a simple mechanism that allows you to reduce the effort while allowing to obtain irreproachable results. You can count on the non-slip coating of the handle and the rotating handle to benefit from an optimal grip.

The 1126980 whisk from Oxo has a robust design thanks to the quality plastic and stainless steel used to manufacture it. It is also easily removable, which greatly facilitates the cleaning of its base in the dishwasher.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Good grip
  3. Robust design
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. May require a little more effort for very thick preparations

Perfect replacement for an electric whisk. The whips turn at a correct speed without the need to force. It is easy to disassemble, wash and store. No complaints. Read all reviews.

Nicholas P.

Kitchen Craft Hand Whisk

Kitchen Craft Master Class Manual Rotary Whisk

With stainless steel blades

This whisk offered by Master Class  aims to help you succeed in all your preparations that require optimal mixing of the ingredients. It has two heads that cleverly combine their rotating action for homogeneous and lump-free mixtures.

To whisk your egg whites or to make creams as light as they are delicious, the Master Class Rotary is just as effective as a classic whisk. However, it will have the advantage of making your task even easier thanks to its simple and practical operation. To whip, beat or emulsify, you just have to turn the crank and let the rotating heads do the rest. The rotation is fluid and the mixing of your preparations is done in the most optimal way possible to guarantee you successful mayonnaise or whipped cream.

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You won’t have any problems with maintenance, as this whisk can go in the dishwasher and takes up very little space in the kitchen.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Good build quality
  3. Easy storage


  1. May take a little getting used to when you’re not used to it

I forget all the electric mixers and others, the manual mixer brought up to date. You hold it well in your hands and you whisk easily without fatigue and all the preparations can only be successful, in addition it is “robust”. Egg whites beaten stiff; successful. I advise. Read all reviews.

Sweets M

Kitchen Whisk Buying Guide

Given the important place that the whisk occupies in a kitchen, it is necessary to pay attention to the model that one chooses. On the market, we are inevitably inundated by the string of models offered by just as many manufacturers.

Types of whips

You have to start by knowing each type of kitchen whisk and its use, in order to be able to determine which one best meets your expectations.

The standard whip

This is the classic model, the one you are most likely to come across in your research first. This category of whip is characterized by the shape of its filaments which are a little narrower and elongated. This format that we find with the Rösle RS95610 gives the utensil a certain versatility in terms of the uses to which it can lend itself. This is clearly the type of whip to be preferred if you do not intend your instrument for a specific use or a particular preparation.

The balloon whip

This model is so called because of the slightly more rounded shape of its stems. Pastry chefs prefer it because of its ability to facilitate and optimize the incorporation of sufficient air into preparations. These characteristics are found among others in the Goma 2610.35 offered by the very famous brand De Buyer . Do not hesitate to choose this type of whisk if you are used to preparations with a light and airy consistency such as egg whites, ganaches, sabayon or whipped cream.

The flat whisk

Embodied by the Yoko Design 1007 and Rösle 95651 models presented in the comparison, this category will allow you to make successful sauces and omelettes. Adapted to flat containers (plates, salad bowls, pans, etc.), this type of whisk is not really intended for baking as such. You can for example buy it in addition to your good old classic model to have more practicality in the realization of your vinaigrettes, omelettes and sauces.

The spiral whip

This whip comes in the form of a handle with a long rod that ends in a spiral. Its format may vary slightly from one manufacturer to another, but it remains easily recognizable. You can opt for this category if you are looking for a much more practical whisk to emulsify your preparations and easily make sauces and creams. And that’s exactly what the Rösle RS95572 model offers in terms of features and benefits.

This whisk can thus have the same use in your kitchen as the previous model, with the difference that it is more suitable for hollow containers.

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The mechanical whip

Like the Oxo model 1126980 or the Master Class Rotary Whisk , the mechanical whisk is also present in many kitchens. Many indeed prefer this model for the ease it offers when it comes to whipping, beating or foaming certain preparations. The most basic models have two rotating heads, but others offer up to three. Its operation is based on a mechanism often incorporated into the handle, with a crank that simply needs to be turned.

The ball whip

As you will see with the LYCOS3 model, the ball whip is a classic whip whose filaments close on a ball also made of metal rods. This is a model that is reputed to be more practical and more efficient than a standard model for obtaining light, creamy and homogeneous preparations. In addition, this type of whisk is believed to reduce the efforts of the cook, who therefore gets tired less for once.

The characteristics to take into account to refine your choice

Several details can make the difference depending on the requirements and expectations of each other in terms of cooking and baking.

The material

The material most frequently used by manufacturers is stainless steel. And for good reason, stainless steel offers a good robustness to the utensil which can be subjected to severe test. The disadvantage of this material is the scratches it can leave in containers. In addition, if the metal used is not of good quality, the filaments can bend easily at the slightest strong pressure.

Some manufacturers prefer silicone or nylon, which are flexible materials that therefore do not scratch. However, their effectiveness can falter with certain more consistent preparations.

The thickness on the handle

If it must be resistant, a kitchen or pastry whisk must also be easy to hold. So opt for a handle that gives you the best possible grip. And everything can be played at the level of the thickness of the handle. If it is too big or on the contrary too small, you may find it difficult to use it for your preparations. Note that some whip handles have a non-slip coating which further improves the grip.

The spacing between the rods

For use dedicated exclusively or largely to pastry, favor a whisk with tight filaments. This design is indeed more effective for homogenizing thick preparations such as cake batters.

If, on the other hand, you intend your whisk much more to make sauces, creams or any other liquid recipe, opt for spaced mesh instead. You will thus obtain all the fluidity necessary for the success of this type of preparation.