10 Best Kitchen Torches 2022-Complete Guide Review

Having trouble deciding which kitchen blowtorch model to have in your home? We help you with this comparison of the best products of the moment and this buying guide that will help you choose the one you need.

The choice of this essential accessory for both pastry chefs and cooks can indeed be difficult. But by making sure you have the right information, it becomes child’s play to make a wise investment.

Comparison of the best kitchen torches 2022: tests and reviews

Of course, the selection of the following products was made taking into account the most essential performance and quality criteria.

Wostoo Professional Butane Kitchen Torch

Wostoo professional kitchen torch

Adjustable with safety closure

To add the necessary caramelization touch to your crème brûlées or to make icing, this kitchen torch is undoubtedly what you need. It will suit you especially if you are looking for a model without great pretension, but which does its job correctly.

This utensil offered by Wostoo produces a powerful and continuous flame that can be adjusted according to the desired intensity. It will be enough to adjust the gas flow to calibrate the length of the flame which can reach 6 inches, or about 15 cm. Thanks to its practical piezoelectric ignition system, this kitchen torch is always ready for use. As far as safety is concerned, the manufacturer has not failed to make the necessary arrangements for safe use. A judiciously placed button allows you to lock or unlock the ignition system before and after use to avoid any inconvenience.

You can use this burner for all your cooking and baking recipes to brown, caramelize or even grill your deserts or your food. But in addition to culinary use, this torch can be used for many other things. For example, you can use it outdoors during a camping trip or barbecue. The accessory can also be even more effective than a simple match by acting as a cigarette lighter.


  1. Ergonomic
  2. Adjustable gas flow and flame power
  3. Versatility
  4. Secure use


  1. Refill not included

I tested it to burn my first homemade crème brûlées. Next step: the meringue pie! This torch is light and works very well. There is a handy safety feature when left within reach of children in the kitchen. Easy to hold and good grip. Satisfied ! Read all reviews.

Charlene C.

Leifheit ProLine kitchen torch

Leifheit Proline kitchen torch

All-Purpose Kitchen Torch

Take pleasure in cooking your favorite recipes thanks to this kitchen torch which is made available to you by the Leifheit brand . It has the advantage of being practical, reliable and safe for totally secure handling, whatever the conditions. You can count on the piezo ignition and the flame adjustment to use this lighter easily and safely. In addition, its compact size allows it to fit easily in the palm. And if you can’t possibly handle it directly in your hand, this utensil has a base that allows it to stand upright on the worktop or counter. Moreover, its dimensions of 22.5 x 15.1 x 7.3 cm make it cumbersome both during use and when storing it.

The Leifheit kitchen torch is a versatile tool that can play its role wherever a fast and powerful flame is needed. It can be useful, for example, for browning, peeling, flambéing, caramelizing, browning or even browning all your recipes quickly and efficiently. You can also use it as a lighter to directly light your barbecue or other cooking equipment.

This torch from Leifheit works with standard butane gas and the brand has also made sure that its device is easy to refill.

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  1. Compact and ergonomic design
  2. Easy and safe to use
  3. Easy ignition
  4. Easy refill


  1. The base is quite sensitive to shocks

Arrived in its pre-formed shell, it consists of a base, the torch itself and instructions for use. On each side of the body there is a push button: a red on-off so as not to confuse it with the other, in black, which regulates the height of the flame. At the back of the crossbar on the red part a third safety button which controls the arrival of air. In addition you can put it upright on its base. You will need to buy gas to fill it up before using it . In the instructions for use there are several proposed uses such as: peeling peppers, making salmon fillets au gratin but also when camping, for car repairs or even melting gold etc, etc… This Leifheit torch is simply indispensable in the kitchen. Read all reviews.

Chantal B.

Gas torch for caramelization Mallard Ferrière

Gas kitchen torch Mallard Ferrière

For caramelization

If you like to cook for your loved ones or for guests, you certainly want to be able to impress them by making your recipes a success. The Mallard Ferriere gas kitchen torch is intended to help you impress them.

For browning and caramelizing your crèmes brulées and all your desserts, this burner guarantees you a good quality flame. It is powerful and easy to adjust for a result that always meets your culinary expectations. The utensil is easy to use thanks to its ergonomic design which allows easy handling.

You will have no problem lighting this torch, which is equipped with a simple and practical automatic piezoelectric system. A simple press of the push button provided for this purpose and you can caramelize your sugar or your cream in the way that suits you. To adjust the flame, simply turn the dial in one direction or the other to obtain the intensity you need to refine your culinary creations.

This Mallard Ferriere Express Gas Torch is a well-designed baking and kitchen accessory that clearly looks like it’s made to last. It has a locking system to prevent uncontrolled operation. In short, you can be sure to use it for all your needs without fearing the inconvenience of poor quality products. As the accessory is sold with an empty tank, you will need to supply it with 345 ml butane gas or 360 ml “stop gas”. It should be noted that it works exclusively with this type of butane cartridge.


  1. Robust and ergonomic design
  2. Easy to light
  3. Easy to use
  4. Easy to adjust
  5. Secure use


  1. Some users found it far too potent for culinary use

Surprise when discovering the packaging, this product is not only intended for cooking; but to all the work of the house. This torch is a little less powerful than a blowtorch but more than a kitchen torch. I used it to light sawdust for cold smoking. It was on in seconds. Then I used it in my garage to heat metal. There too, he came out with honors. The compatible bottles are C 206 butane bottles and not C 200. I found mine at Mr Brico for less than 3 € . Read all reviews.

Peter T.

Chalumeau Koopman International UK Limited

Kitchen torch Koopman International

For creme brulee, poultry, game or pastry

If you’re looking for the perfect utensil to help you achieve successful caramelizations or browning, the Koopman kitchen torch might be right up your alley.

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This burner invites itself into your kitchen as an effective ally that effectively assists you every time you cook. It stands out from most models in its class with its thoughtful features and outstanding performance. It thus offers a comfort of use which makes it a pleasure to use it at the slightest opportunity for recipes that require its use. In addition, it is a utensil designed to offer interesting durability in addition to being very manageable, whatever you want to do with it.

As for its physical characteristics, this Koopman kitchen torch measures approximately 11 cm in height. Its dimensions in general make it a fairly compact accessory that does not clutter whether it is on a worktop or without a drawer. Its red and black color is not unpleasant to the eye and also makes it easy to recognize among other utensils. However, the manufacturer also offers it in other colors so that users can see something for everyone.

You also benefit from automatic ignition and the possibility of adjusting the flame for easy and precise use. Finally, it should be noted that this torch works with conventional lighter gas, but it is delivered to you with an empty tank.


  1. Automatic ignition
  2. Easy and safe to use
  3. Flame intensity control
  4. Small footprint


  1. Users consider the flame unsuitable for certain preparations

‘m glad I bought it, great for flambéing poultry, nothing more to say than that, really good . Read all reviews.

Jacques B.

Hendi 198216 Anti-wobble kitchen torch

Hendi kitchen torch 198216


Kitchen torch with a simple, elegant and functional design offered by the Hendi brand . It is a model very appreciated by both professionals and amateurs. It offers a good hold in the hand which makes it easy and pleasant to use.

Once attached to the gas tank, the burner of this torch holds firmly in place and prevents any possible leakage of the flammable product. This guarantees safe use, whether the cook is familiar with this type of accessory or not. To all this is added the piezo ignition which allows the user to start his utensil as easily as possible. You will then only have to use the large wheel to obtain a suitable level of flame intensity. And besides, the latter burns without wobbling, regardless of the position (upside down or right side up) in which the utensil is used.

You can use this Hendi kitchen torch for a large number of everyday applications. It will be perfect for polishing your crème brûlée, browning the surface of your meat (poultry or game), peeling your vegetables and many other things. In addition, it will not be difficult for you to find the gas cartridges necessary to use it, even if it is delivered without refill.


  1. Elegant design
  2. Ergonomic design
  3. Easy and safe to use
  4. Easy to assemble and disassemble for changing gas cartridges


  1. The flame can sometimes be too powerful for sensitive foods

Simple assembly and operation, extremely powerful flame . Read all reviews.

Allan R.

MASTRAD – Kitchen Torch

Mastrad kitchen torch

Easy to use and refillable with gas

If we have to present this model in just a few words, we will simply say that it is an accessory that does correctly what it was created for. It is offered by the MASTRAD brand which is not unknown in the sector of everyday kitchen utensils.

What users appreciate most about this torch is above all its great maneuverability, which makes it easy and pleasant to use. All you have to do is think first of supplying it with gas, since it is sold without refilling. It should be noted that once full, the 13 ml tank offers an autonomy of 60 minutes in continuous use. Then, you have to open the gas valve and press the piezoelectric ignition button to see a beautiful, powerful blue flame spring up. All you have to do is adjust the intensity of the latter and start adding your special touch to your recipes.

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Now cook your beautiful pies or crème brûlée like a real chef and pleasantly surprise your loved ones or your guests. This MASTRAD kitchen torch will also be useful for you to finish roasting your pieces of meat or quite simply for peeling all kinds of vegetables.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Easy ignition thanks to a piezoelectric system
  3. Versatile use for cooking, baking and more
  4. Easy to store


  1. Gas cartridge not included

I often use it for crème brûlée or for meringue on lemon tart. It works very well. I recharged it a very long time ago and the capacity is important because I have not recharged it yet although I have used it a lot. I recommend . Read all reviews.

Benoit P.

Ibili 704500 Chalumeau Gourmet "Profesional"

Ibili 704500 kitchen torch

For professionals

Ibili is a brand that provides daily use utensils to families looking for more practicality in their kitchen. We thus find in its catalog a wide range of saucepans, a wide variety of roasting pans or even frying pans and fryers. You will also find cooking accessories such as dishes, molds and all kinds of containers that can go into the oven.

In its desire to offer utensils that are always functional to people who want to be able to cook easily, the brand is marketing its Ibili 704500 torch . Designed in plastic and aluminum materials, this model displays a robust constitution that you will certainly not fail to appreciate. In addition, it is easy to use thanks to its specially designed design to allow users to handle it easily. The torch is thus equipped with an adjustment wheel, an ignition trigger and a safety button.

This caramelization utensil proposed by Ibili  measures 5 x 5 x 10 cm in size, which allows it to occupy very little space. Once refilled with standard gas, this kitchen torch is immediately ready for use. It is powerful enough to allow you to pleasantly brown the top of your creams, or delicately brown your meats. The tank offers a capacity of 63 ml which guarantees a use time between 50 and 120 minutes.


  1. Easy to use and light
  2. Multifunction
  3. Good capacity


  1. Delivered without gas

The product is easy to use and works perfectly. I load it with standard gas cylinders which can be purchased from any tobacconist . Read all reviews.

Fernando F.

Bright Spark Chalumeau Flametastic Pro Chefs

Bright Spark Flametastic Pro Chefs Kitchen Torch

 Butane gas cartridge

If you need a torch that performs well enough to meet your culinary goals, you may have found the one for you. The heat produced by this model from the Bright Spark brandcan go up to 1.45 kW. Its flame is therefore powerful enough to allow you to successfully refine your cooking or baking recipes. You can use it, for example, to brown your grilled meats or to brown your food. And if you are a fan of crème brûlée, you can now taste it caramelized to perfection. Note that the device is equipped with a piezoelectric firing system that allows it to be used immediately after ignition. Don’t be afraid to use it in any position to finish your dishes, thanks to its focusable flame.

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While lighting and using this Bright Spark kitchen torch is simple, assembly and disassembly are just as easy. Indeed, once empty, the gas cartridge can easily be clipped or unclipped in a single gesture. The manufacturer also recommends in this regard to use the A4 Bright Spark refill bottles which are much more compatible with this model. You should know that the latter are designed in such a way that they can be dismantled without gas leaks even if it is still full.


  1. Automatic and instant ignition
  2. Easy assembly and disassembly
  3. Reliable and secure device
  4. Powerful and focusable flame


  1. The gas cartridge is not included

After breaking 2 other torches I bought this one hoping it would be sturdier and I was right. It also has a trigger that turns on and releases gas at the same time, then automatically turns off when you release the trigger , which is great . Read all reviews.

Patrick H.

Kitchen Craft Master Class Chalumeau de Cuisine

Chalumeau de cuisine Master Class de Kitchen Craft

One of the most efficient

Among the variety of kitchen torches offered by the Kitchen Craft brand, this model is certainly one of the most efficient in its category. It is ideal for giving your crèmes brulées that caramelized note that you love so much. In addition, you can also use its powerful flame to brown your meat or gently peel your vegetables. The accessory is also excellent for making all the gratin recipes like a professional cook.
In terms of its design, this Kitchen Craft Master Class kitchen torch offers features that make it reliable and safe. Its coating, for example, combines metal and plastic to give it a solid and durable constitution. Added to this is its black and silver color which highlights its overall design which is both sober and elegant.
Regarding its operation, this torch offers automatic ignition by means of a practical button. A large red wheel is placed at the back of the burner to allow the user to control the flow and the power of the flame. And just below the wheel is another of the same color, which is dedicated to locking and unlocking the ignition system.
Finally, it should be noted that the base of this kitchen torch from the Kitchen Craft Master Class range has a round and flared base which allows it to be placed in an upright position.


  1. Neat and elegant design
  2. Solid and durable design
  3. Easy and safe to use
  4. Powerful and adjustable flame


  1. The gas cartridge is not included

Excellent for cremes brulee and peppers etc. does the job so quickly. Read all reviews.

Marc W.

Mastrad F46250 Stainless Steel Pro Version Kitchen Torch

Mastrad F46250 pro stainless steel kitchen torch

For kitchen professionals

The Mastrad F46250 is a professionally designed kitchen torch that is sure to satisfy demanding cooks.

This model has very interesting characteristics, starting with its very powerful flame which allows you to caramelize, gratinate, brown or pearl quickly and efficiently. And to prevent you from burning your food more than you want, the intensity can be adjusted according to the delicacy of your dishes.

The second big interesting feature of Mastrad ‘s F46250 kitchen torch is its 28ml tank. Thanks to this large capacity, this soaring device can be used for 2 hours at a stretch without shutting down. This leaves more than enough time for the user to give free rein to his creativity and his culinary desires. And to avoid any inconvenience with yourself or your children, a safety system has been integrated into this torch to make it reliable and safe.

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It should also be noted that this model is quite compact with its 27 cm in length, its 16.5 cm in width and its 7.5 cm in height. These are indeed dimensions that not only facilitate its handling, but also its storage which is also made easier by its removable support. It should also be remembered that the F46250 Mastrad is a robust and durable kitchen utensil thanks to its steel and aluminum manufacturing materials.


  1. Robustness and durability
  2. Easy and safe to use
  3. Electric ignition
  4. Powerful and adjustable flame
  5. Good autonomy
  6. Compact


  1. The security button lacks a bit of practicality

Good product that I would gladly recommend. if the opportunity arises. Very good result on crème brûlée and on all cakes when there is brown sugar. Read all reviews.

Marie U.

Kitchen Torch Buying Guide

A kitchen torch that does not meet your expectations will not only be useless to you, but will also tend to curb your cravings for homemade meals. This is why there are criteria to help you make the right choice.

The intensity of the flame

The main role of a kitchen blowtorch is to allow you to successfully prepare your golden, caramelized or au gratin preparations. For this to be possible, the flame produced must be able to burn the food properly. You must therefore ensure that you choose a model that is powerful enough to successfully do its job. It is also important to be able to adjust the power of the flame to the sensitivity of the food being cooked for more precise results.

tank capacity

The capacity of the torch, generally expressed in ml, determines its autonomy. The higher it is, the longer the utensil will burn. Depending on the frequency and quantity of dishes you cook at once, it is important to pay close attention to this criterion. This will prevent you from running out of flame in the middle of caramelization and replacing your cartridges too often. For example, some kitchen torches can run continuously for about an hour or more.

The practicality of the device

An ergonomic device is one that you enjoy using to do what it was designed for. With regard to your kitchen torch, be sure above all that it offers a good grip, for example. The model you choose should also be easy to light (piezoelectric ignition), easy to recharge and also easy to store. In short, your utensil must be easy to use, whatever the food to burn and whatever the conditions of use.

Torch Safety

Given that it produces a generally powerful flame and that it runs on gas, a torch is therefore a rather dangerous device. This is why it is essential to ensure that you choose a model that is sufficiently reliable and safe. Check, for example, that it has a button that blocks the ignition system and/or prevents accidental opening of the gas valve. Do not hesitate to favor models that are equipped with piezoelectric ignition, which is one of the safest systems.

It will also be necessary to ensure that the device is refillable in complete safety and that the gas does not leak from the cartridge or the tank.

Gas type and refill method

The gas that will allow your torch to produce its sacred fire with which you can brown, gratinate or caramelize is very important. There are two types, namely propane and butane. For culinary use, the most recommended gas is butane because of its low level of toxicity. Regarding the refill method, you will have the choice between refilling with removable cartridges or refilling like a lighter. If the device is ergonomic enough, the changeable cartridges will be easy to place and remove. However, in the opinion of many users, recharging your torch as you would with a lighter would be less expensive.

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Design and design quality

Among other significant criteria, design and conception are also to be taken into account. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to certain important details such as its manufacturing materials or the type of coating used for the handle. For many models, stainless steel is used to provide the robustness necessary for long-lasting use. Plastic which is also widely used can also offer good durability if it is of good quality. As for the handle, the ideal would be that it is covered with a pleasant to the touch and non-slip material. Aesthetics are not to be neglected either if you want the appearance of your kitchen torch not to contrast too much with that of your other utensils.

Most kitchen torches are usually sold with the tank empty or without refill cartridges . Which means that you will have to supply it yourself at the time of reception in order to be able to use it. It’s true that it can be frustrating not being able to test out your device right after you receive it, but the manufacturers say it’s for security reasons. Moreover, gas refills in cartridges or bombs are easily found online, in supermarkets, in tobacconists or small shops.

If your kitchen torch refills like a lighter, all you have to do is connect the nozzle of the gas canister to the refill valve of the utensil. You then make repeated presses until the reservoir of the device is filled. After that, you will have to let the gas stabilize for a little while before taking action in your kitchen.

When using your torch, you must ensure that you take a number of precautions. One of the most important is to arrange so that it does not fall into the hands of toddlers. Also be sure to keep it away from any face, clothing or other flammable source when lighting it. Also avoid touching the nozzle during use or immediately after to avoid burning yourself, and remember to turn it off properly and secure it when not in use. Also, since it is a gas-powered tool that is prone to explosion, you should not leave your temp exposed to high temperature or direct sunlight.