Les 10 Best kitchen Scales for weight Loss-Complete Guide Review

Indispensable for a precise dosage of ingredients, the kitchen scale allows you to succeed in your recipes and preparations. Whether it is to satisfy your gourmet cravings or follow a strict diet, this accessory should not be chosen lightly. Make the right choice with this comparison of the best kitchen scales currently available online.

Comparison of the best kitchen scales 2022: tests and reviews

Depending on the selection criteria that matters most to users, here is a list of kitchen scales that could meet your expectations.

Accuweight kitchen scale

Accuweight Electronic Kitchen Scale

The multifunctional scale

For the needs of a cook concerned about the accuracy of the dosages of his cooking ingredients, this ACCUWEIGHT scale promises highly precise measurements. The accessory is indeed equipped with 4 sensors which allow it to display the grammages with precision. You can easily use it to quickly and easily weigh coffee, flour, oil or water for your preparations. Don’t worry about which container to use, this accessory fits most kitchen utensils. Also, with the tare function , you won’t need to weigh the container and the contents separately before getting the exact measurements. In addition, the device offers several units of measurement to allow you to succeed in all your recipes without any problem.

This food scale features a backlit LCD display that makes it easy to read measurements and operating data. This is a 5 kg capacity accessory that incorporates a function for indicating the level of autonomy and overload. And if you don’t weigh anything on it after 3 minutes, the scale switches itself off to save battery life.

The ACCUWEIGHT kitchen scale is not only durable, but also easy to clean. Indeed, its high-quality tempered glass weighing platform only needs a few wipes to shine again.


  1. Easy to use and clean
  2. Pleasant design
  3. Multifunction (tare, overload and battery level notification)
  4. Sturdy build material (tempered glass)


  1. Maximum capacity of only 5 kg

Perfect in every way: pretty modern design, very sober, precise from 1 g to 5000 g, super-simple intuitive use, almost childish and therefore essential in any kitchen! … and even to weigh postal items, etc. Without doubt the best value for money, and yet I searched and hesitated for a long time. Thank you . Read all reviews.

Clement A.

Terraillon kitchen scale

Terraillon kitchen scale-best kitchen weighing scale

With handle

Terraillon represents nearly a hundred years of know-how in the field of manufacturing kitchen scales with various functions and characteristics. Through its motto “Express your chef”, the French brand invites cooks everywhere to let their cordon bleu side express themselves.

Because the right dosage of ingredients is the start of a successful recipe, the Mararon Inox kitchen scalegives you the opportunity to prove your culinary skills. It is an ergonomic model that can be used with ease, both by novices and by regulars. The user will thus be able to rely on several practical functionalities to carry out his dosages with the greatest precision. The tare function, for example, makes it possible to weigh all the ingredients of the same preparation without the operation becoming a headache. It will suffice each time to press the reset button in order to cancel the last weighing. This feature also makes it possible to obtain the exact weight of the ingredients without that of the container. Added to this is the ability to switch from one unit to another to weigh liquid and solid items in the same container.

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The Terraillon electronic scale is an accessory that also impresses with its sober and neat aesthetic. It comes in a rounded format, with a stainless steel and cherry red coating. For the rest, it has an integrated carrying handle, a non-slip base and an LCD screen.


  1. Anti-fingerprint stainless steel platform
  2. Liquid and tare conversion function
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Stable thanks to its non-slip base


  1. Batteries not included

I had such a hard time slicing the garlic with other products that it turned out that I already had the same Terraillon scale so I know the quality of precision of this scale. It is super pretty in this color (stainless steel grey). Read all reviews.

Audrey A.

Mommed kitchen scale

Mommed kitchen scale

High precision sensors

The MOMMED scale invites itself into your kitchen to revolutionize the way you prepare your recipes thanks to its features, each as practical as the next. First great advantage of the device: allowing the user to mix ingredients with exact dosages. Highly sensitive sensors are fitted to the scale, which displays the measurements with the greatest precision through its LCD screen. Weighing can be done in grams , kilograms , ounces , pounds or milliliters . A sixth measuring unit allows a much more precise dosage of milk whose consistency is not the same as that of water.

MOMMED’s electric kitchen scale can hold up to 15 kg, and its tare function makes it easy to weigh ingredients with a bowl. With its wide platform of 22 cm by 15, there will be enough space to vary the weighed elements.

The accessory works with two AAA type batteries which are also provided by the manufacturer. Their autonomy is preserved for as long as possible thanks to the automatic shut-off function which is activated after a certain period of inactivity of the scale. For cleaning and storage, everything is facilitated by the ergonomic and practical nature of the device.


  1. Good accuracy
  2. 6 units of measure (g, kg, ml, lb, oz and milk)
  3. Tare function
  4. AAA batteries included


  1. Lack of instructions in French

Libra that does the job. Possibility to change unit of measurement. The batteries are delivered with, packed in a plastic bag inside the battery compartment. The use is simple, fast and the weight is exact Read all reviews.

Martin T.

Terraillon Tradition 500 kitchen scale

Terraillon Tradition 500 kitchen scale-best kitchen scales for accurate weight

Large dial

This mechanical kitchen scale proposed by the French brand Terraillon proposes to accompany you in all your culinary experiences. Ideal to know the exact weight of the ingredients of your preparations, through a simple and practical operation. The user thus benefits from an accuracy of 10 g for fast and efficient weighing, with a maximum load of 5 kg. Note that it is possible to reset the measurements to zero thanks to the integrated manual tare function.

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The Terraillon Tradition 500 scale offers a removable 1 liter stainless steel bowl. The user can use it to weigh solid and liquid ingredients with the same precision. Plus, the container is dishwasher safe for easy maintenance.

The other eye-catching detail of this analog kitchen scale is its vintage design which produces a rather pleasant decorative effect. For the rest, note its metal coating which gives it good resistance.


  1. Decorative retro design
  2. Removable weighing bowl
  3. Good accuracy


  1. Manual tare setting

Product completely in line with my expectations, I was afraid that the tray would not be stable enough but no, it is perfect, the quality is very present, its small tray is easy to use and easy to wash! the only negative point that I would have to make would be on the bowl a little flat when you have 500 gr of flour to weigh if you go a little too fast you tend to put some on the side, a narrower and deeper would have been better! Read all reviews.

Aurelie D.

Balance de cuisine Kitchen Craft

Balance de cuisine Kitchen Craft Living Nostalgia-best kitchen scales for diabetics

Mechanical balance

We are still in the category of kitchen scales with this Living Nostalgia model offered by Kitchen Craft . Once again, the vintage is in order through a classic design, but which is no less modern. This timeless side is also highlighted by the color of the accessory which is available in English sage.

In terms of functionality, the Kitchen Craft Living Nostalgia proves with its features that aesthetics and practicality can go very well together. You will thus be able to weigh all your ingredients necessary for the realization of your pastries or any other succulent recipe.

The operation of this scale, whose weighing capacity is 4 kg, is based on a reliable mechanism, which makes it possible to obtain precise measurements. Its large bowl can accommodate all kinds of ingredients from fruit to eggs, including vegetables, sugar or chocolate.

It is also a stable and robust model designed to serve for a long time in the kitchen of an occasional or frequent user.


  1. Look vintage
  2. Reliable mechanism for weighing all types of ingredients
  3. Stability and robustness


  1. Takes up a little space in the kitchen

Super beautiful, reliable and easy to use, it’s much better than the new battery-powered scales where the scale no longer works when you need it since you have to change the battery which costs a blind extra, it consumes a lot of battery and so it’s not very eco-friendly. With this scale we go back to the roots, the scale of my mother and my grandmother always ready . Read all reviews.

Patrick I.

Soehnle kitchen scale

Kitchen scale Soehnle 61507 

Compact & elegant multifunction

Soehnle 61507 electronic kitchen scale for obtaining precise measurements of various culinary products. Ideal for weighing flour, milk, butter, chocolate, yeast, fruit, vegetables, cereals and many other ingredients. Now make your preparations and succeed in your recipes by cooking with simplicity and precision.

The 61507 balance from Soehnle offers a weighing capacity of 15 kg with a reliability of 1 g. Results are available immediately and are displayed in easy-to-read characters on the backlit display. The device is easy to handle thanks to its two sensitive keys: the ignition button and the “Hold” key which allows the measurements displayed on the screen to be maintained for about ten seconds. The Sensor Touch technology that optimizes responsiveness eliminates the need to press the keys with effort to turn on the device or to use a function.

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The Soehnle 61507 is a fairly compact kitchen scale and therefore easy to store in a drawer with its dimensions of 27 x 30 x 3 cm. In case of lack of space in the drawers or in the cupboards, it will be possible to hang it against a wall or a wall. Plus, batteries for its power supply are included so you can start weighing your ingredients right away. An automatic shutdown function is also integrated to allow you to maintain their autonomy as long as possible.

It is also a durable device thanks to its good quality plastic body and tempered glass weighing platform.


  1. Correct weighing with an accuracy of 1 g
  2. Sensitive function keys
  3. Easy storage and maintenance
  4. Batteries included
  5. Notice multilingue


  1. Some users have complained about the quality of the batteries provided

Before choosing this scale, I had consulted the reviews, I can guarantee you that this scale is very precise, indeed to be able to benefit from the precision of this scale it must be placed on a flat surface and not wobbly even of a few millimeters. Read all reviews.

Nicolas R.

Tefal kitchen scale

Kitchen scale Tefal BC5004 Optiss Glass

Electronic model

Specializing in the manufacture of everyday useful accessories since 1956, the French Tefal has not stopped innovating in 60 years of existence. The brand offers, among other things, electronic kitchen scales that are both aesthetic and practical. The objective: to allow everyone to have fun and to please their loved ones through successful dishes. Whether it’s making the perfect pizza dough or making a healthy soup, the correct weight of ingredients is important.

With its 5 kg capacity, the Tefal Optiss Glass will be the official kitchen scale for all your culinary adventures. Its precision is 1 g to allow you to determine the weight of your objects with the greatest possible accuracy. The accessory offers an intuitive and automatic operation that simplifies its use. You have the possibility to carry out weighings in several units of measure for solid and liquid elements. And for your ingredient mixes, converting and taring will save you time by weighing everything in the same bowl.

Aside from its functionality, the Tefal Optiss Glass kitchen scale displays an aesthetic that reflects the care taken in its design. In addition to the silver color of this model, the brand offers several other colors to go with all kitchen styles.


  1. Joli design
  2. Conversion and taring function
  3. Accurate weighing
  4. Wearing
  5. Easy to clean


  1. Tray a little small for large bowls

I use it for baking and cooking most often. It is easy to use, precise. Easy to clean. Sturdy and pretty. Very happy with my purchase. Read all reviews.

Catherine O.

Easy@Home kitchen scale

Easy@Home kitchen scale

With mobile app

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For all your quick and easy culinary weighings, the Easy@Home scale provides you with very practical features.

Thanks to its high precision, it will now be possible to determine the weight of cooking ingredients with accuracy. The user will also have the choice between several units of measurement (millilitres, grams, ounces, pounds, etc.) to optimize his cooking pleasure. Apart from solid ingredients, the accessory also makes it possible to weigh liquid elements such as water or milk in order to determine their volume.

Much more than a simple weighing tool, the electronic scale presents itself as a real food guide. Thanks to a dedicated application available on Android and iOS, the user will be able to follow the evolution of his daily diet. The mobile application functions as a nutritional diary which offers a directory of nearly 999 dietary data. Enough to allow the user to better control his daily intake of essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins or even fibres. It should be noted that it is possible to consult up to 8 nutritional parameters for the whole family.

The Easy@Home scale also offers tare, conversion and automatic shut-off functions. It is powered by two AAA batteries and signals the user when they are low.


  1. Precise measurements
  2. Nutrition monitoring via an Android and iOS App
  3. Database of 999 pre-registered foods
  4. 8 food settings
  5. Use by at least 12 people


  1. Some operating bugs reported at the App level

It’s a good balance with a few extras. In itself it is an electric scale, with a led panel that weighs up to 5 kg. But it goes further, weighs in kg and measures liquids. Also with or without tare. It has an overload warning and shuts off when you’re not using it anymore. Read all reviews.

Nicholas M.

Tatkraft kitchen scale

Tatkraft Folding Kitchen Scale 

Folding and electronic

Able to slip into the pocket of jeans or a small bag, the Tatkraft Compact kitchen scale accompanies you wherever you need it. It allows you to quickly and easily weigh all kinds of ingredients for healthy and balanced cooking. The results obtained are precise and reliable thanks to the graduation which limits the margin of error to 1 gram. In addition to this, it is possible to opt for different units of measurement for more flexibility. The tare function is also available among the device functions to successively weigh several ingredients of the same preparation.

What we also like about the Tatkraft Compact scale , apart from its functionality, is its elegant and ergonomic design. Once unfolded and ready to use, this foldable model seduces with its scissor look which is very popular. All you have to do is fold it after use to restore it to its compact, all-purpose format.

It should be noted that this scale which offers a capacity of 5 kg is designed in a resistant plastic which gives it great durability. It is equipped with an LCD screen that allows reading the displayed measurements without problems.


  1. Compact and pleasant design
  2. Ergonomic, easy to use and store
  3. Good accuracy
  4. Tare function
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  1. Maximum capacity of only 5 kg

I struggled so much to mince the garlic with other products that it had become Pretty, cute, compact but long!!! this pretty scale does its job, and can be taken anywhere, provided you have a large handbag…. indeed in width it is ideal, in length it is a little too long for my taste… See all the opinions.

Alexia S.

Etekcity kitchen scale

Etekcity kitchen scale

In stainless steel with large screen

Having received favorable feedback from several satisfied users, the Etekcity EK4150 is undoubtedly one of the most interesting in this comparison. This kitchen scale has everything to please, starting with its design highlighted by a beautiful stainless steel finish.

On the functional side, there is the tare function which gives the weight of the ingredients without considering that of the container. Thanks to the high precision of the sensor, the measurement variation margin is 1g gram for always perfect dosages. Depending on the recipe, you can then switch between units to find out the weight of your ingredients in ounces, kilograms or pounds.

The LCD screen of this electronic scale is large so that the displayed data can be read smoothly. Backlighting adds to this for perfect reading, no matter how bright the room. Users can also rely on the built-in 99 minute and 59 second timer to keep track of their preparations. In addition to this, the display screen also signals overload and warns the user when the batteries are low. It is also possible to know the ambient temperature.

For even easier cooking, the bowl of the Etekcity EK4150 scale serves as well for weighing as for mixing ingredients and cooking. The container thus accompanies the cook in all stages of recipe preparation, including washing and defrosting. And by the way, the stainless steel coating gives the entire device resistance to wear and corrosion.


  1. The designs
  2. Utilisation facility
  3. Resistance
  4. Ease of maintenance and storage
  5. The automatic shut-off function


  1. Fahrenheit temperature display

Accurate and reliable. The tare function is very valuable, because it allows you to change containers without racking your brains each time to weigh it and subtract its weight. The temperature function seems a bit gimmicky though, I don’t know if it’s very reliable. After that it will depend on everyone’s tastes, but I find it pretty with its brushed stainless steel look. Batteries are also included. That is the demand of the people ? Read all reviews.

Laura B.

Kitchen scale

A scale is used to weigh the ingredients for successful dishes, but also to monitor your nutrition by judiciously dosing your daily nutrient intake. This is why it is essential to choose the right model for your needs. The following criteria are the most important to take into account to find the right model.

The type of kitchen scale

There are generally two main categories of kitchen scales, mechanical models and electronic models.

Mechanical scales are appreciated for their simple and durable operation, and do not require batteries. As for electronic scales, it is the precision that is their greatest asset, not to mention the many features offered.

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Some kitchen scales are specially designed for professional use and others are made to be used for everyday needs.

weighing capacity

Depending on what you have to weigh, it is important to choose a kitchen scale that offers sufficient maximum capacity. To put it simply, you will not be able to weigh, for example, an ingredient of 7 kg, on a scale which can only weigh up to 5 kg.

On the market, there are usually kitchen scales that have a capacity of 5 kg. However, there are models that offer a weighing margin of up to 10 or even 15 kg, while others, smaller, can be limited to 1 kg.

The precision

Whether electronic or mechanical models, precision is a key factor to take into account. If you want to be successful in your preparations or to meet your dietary goals, your scale must therefore be as precise as possible.

Most of the models that are offered for sale offer an accuracy of 1 g. But for even more precise data, it is possible to find scales with a graduation of 0.1, 0.01 or even 0.001 gram.

Additional Features

Depending on their degree of sophistication, some scales offer features that make them even more practical. Taring, for example, which is offered on most models, is very useful for resetting the counter in order to be able to add a new ingredient to be weighed. You will also find scales that offer several units of measurement with the possibility of accurately determining the weight and volume of water and liquids of particular density such as oil or milk.

Parts counting functionality is often added to some kitchen scales, and eliminates the hassle of counting small items piece by piece.

The dimensions

Just like the design, which is also an important selection criterion, the dimensions of the scale should not be neglected. This point is essential if, for example, you do not want to end up with a bulky accessory. Indeed, some scales are easy to store, while others find it difficult to find a place in the kitchen drawers. The choice of a model here will depend on the space or storage possibilities you have.

In addition to these selection criteria, other details such as the brand, the ease of maintenance or the price can influence the choice. But beyond all this and whatever model you choose, the most important thing is to ensure that it meets your expectations.