Top 10 Best Juicer Mixer Grinder 2022-Complete Guide Review

The juicer is the perfect device to have for drinking homemade fruit or vegetable juices every day. Besides the fact that it allows you to drink fresh juices full of vitamins, it also allows you to make them quickly and easily.

If you want to buy a good-quality device, you most certainly need advice on choosing the right model. Take a look at this file specially designed to show you the best juicers on the market and the selection criteria to consider.

Comparison of the best juicer Mixer Grinder 2022: tests and reviews

The objective of this comparison is to help you know which juicer to buy according to your budget and your preferences. Each of the 10 models selected for you offers technical characteristics and functionalities designed to suit different categories of users. So there is a good chance that you will manage to find the product you need at the end of your reading.

EASEHOLD Centrifuge

If we had to sum up the presentation of the centrifuge in a few words, it would be: very nice look and good value for money.

Indeed, this model selected in the catalog of the EASEHOLD brand does not lack arguments to seduce users looking for a simple and efficient product. Impatient fruit and vegetable juice lovers will appreciate it for example for its rapid extraction. It only takes about ten seconds at most to obtain a deliciously fresh fruity drink, ready to be tasted.

What is above all the strength of this EASEHOLD centrifuge is its 400 W motor which gives it phenomenal rotation power. The engine speed is controlled by means of 2 speed intensities which allow the machine to easily cut both soft ingredients and hard fruits. A Pulse function is even added to provide more power in case the fruits or vegetables to be juiced prove to be a bit more difficult to grind. It should be noted that the opening of this extraction utensil is very wide with its 65 mm in diameter which facilitates the passage of all types of fruit, chopped or not.

For the recovery of the juice and the pulp of the ingredients, the EASEHOLD has containers which offer capacities of 450 and 1400 ml respectively. Cleaning is easy thanks to the removable components, which as a reminder are guaranteed BPA-free. The juicer is stable and secure thanks to its locking arm and non-slip base.


  1. Joli design
  2. Good value for money
  3. Quick and easy to use
  4. Easy to clean


  1. Some users have reported that pouring continues on the countertop when the juice container is removed.

The juices made by the machine are really pleasant because it lets through very little pulp, so the juice is really fine. Perfect for juicing the girl who loves it. Thoroughly wash and cut the fruit beforehand and then just drink it very quickly. In addition, it washes very easily. Read all reviews.

Jeremy J.

Aicook Juicer

If you have a more or less tight budget and are wondering which best juicer to choose, know that the quality-price ratio of this model is one of the most interesting on the market. Whether it is to ensure a daily vitamin intake, for a weight loss diet or a detox cure, this utensil will satisfy you.

The first big advantage of this Aicook juicer is its ability to efficiently extract up to 20% more juice than models in its class. The device indeed embeds a latest generation 400 Watt motor coupled to an equally efficient chopping blade. This equipment gives it sufficient extraction power to easily overcome all possible fruits and vegetables.

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The least we can say about this juicing machine is that it has more than one turn in its motor thanks to its 3 speeds . It thus offers a first level dedicated to soft fruits and a second dedicated to hard fruits. The third level, which is nothing more than the Pulse function , allows you to benefit from optimal power while you reduce the toughest ingredients to pieces.

The Aicook juicer is also a very beautiful device thanks to its design and its color. Designed with the utmost care, the machine is also secure. For example, it will be impossible for you to use it in the event of poor assembly or in the event of overheating. It is precisely easy to assemble for good ergonomics both in use and maintenance.


  1. Design et conception
  2. Extraction efficiency
  3. 3-speed motor
  4. Secure, easy to use and maintain


  1. Sound a bit loud

I bought this device after seeing another model in action at a friend’s house. I wanted to start with this entry-level model and I’m not disappointed . Read all reviews.

Sebastian K.

Moulinex Frutelia Plus Centrifuge

Moulinex Frutelia Plus JU370810 Centrifuge

You can consume fresh, healthy and delicious fruit and vegetable juices every day thanks to Frutelia Plus. Designed to make it easier for lovers of homemade fruity drinks, this juicer extracts the juice while retaining all the vitamins. It is undoubtedly the ideal ally for well-being and a balanced diet on a daily basis.

The Moulinex Frutelia Plus is a very practical accessory thanks to its ergonomic design and the 60 mm diameter of its insertion tube. You no longer waste time cutting your fruits and vegetables into small pieces to facilitate the extraction of the juice. This centrifuge can indeed accommodate whole ingredients or cut into large pieces. And for even more performance, the machine is able to adapt to all fruit textures. You can count on its 350 W power for this, which manifests itself through its two speeds and its Pulse function .

With its capacity of 950 ml, the Moulinex Frutelia Plus pulp container does not need to be emptied and cleaned too frequently. This allows you to benefit from a very high juice production capacity. The base of the device is stable thanks to suction cups that firmly attach it to the support.

Beyond its design that does not go unnoticed, this juicer has a compact design that facilitates its integration into a kitchen and also its storage. Its parts are removable for easy cleaning in the dishwasher or by hand.


  1. Great practicality and ease of use
  2. Good stability
  3. Large extraction capacity
  4. Easy to clean and store


  1. Its noise in operation can be annoying for some

For all my cure juices, it is the excellent remedy for this speed! perfect for 6 months I make all my juices with (black radish, flat parsley, ginger,…) . The price is affordable to start juicing… so it’s perfect . Read all reviews.

Jennifer L.

Joerid Centrifuge

This juicer was designed by the Joerid brand to allow you to make your fruit juices in the simplest way in the world. The manufacturer has for the occasion equipped with a 2-speed motor of 400 W of power . So you can make juices full of vitamins with all kinds of fruits and vegetables with disconcerting ease.

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Enrich your diet by drinking apple, tomato, lemon, blueberry, carrot, peach, cucumber or even strawberry juice every day. You just need to know how to use the two levels of extraction performance to adapt the machine to soft or hard ingredients.

The pleasant surprises of the Joerid juicer also continue in its ease of assembly and disassembly. The device is thus easy to use, especially thanks to its compact all-in-one design, and also to maintain or store. The components are all removable and can be machine cleaned, apart of course from the engine block which must be kept away from splashes.

The Joerid juicer is a reliable utensil that you can use without any problem. In addition to having a base perfectly stabilized by non-slip feet, the utensil benefits from protection against overheating and short circuits. The device must also be well assembled and properly secured by its locking arm to operate safely. Otherwise, it will simply not start to avoid possible inconveniences.


  1. 2 speeds to adapt to all fruits
  2. Extraction speed
  3. Security functions
  4. Easy to use, maintain and store


  1. No pulse function

My daughter’s obsession lately has been healthy eating, and she loves juicing so much. So, I gave her this juice extractor juicer as a gift! I’m happy that she loves him, the happiest thing for me is to see her smile every day! Read all reviews.

Marie U.

Tibek Centrifuge

With its powerful 800 W motor , this juicer allows you to have fresh and delicious drinks in no time. Two rotation speeds with speeds of up to 21,000 rpm optimize extraction by finely grinding fruits and vegetables. So you get a greater amount of juice, up to 57% more than with devices in the same category. Plus, 73% of the vitamins and minerals from the pressed ingredients go into your drinks to make them healthier and more nutritious.

The insertion tube of this Tibek centrifuge is large at 75 mm in diameter . This gives you the option of introducing whole fruits or vegetables to get your homemade juice much faster. The machine is equipped with a graduated container capable of containing up to 1 liter of cold drink . Its pulp collector also has a large capacity of 2 liters which fills up more slowly, thus allowing a longer use time before cleaning. And speaking of which, the device is easy to clean with the brush provided, not to mention the fact that its removable parts are dishwasher safe.

The Tibek juicer is made with healthy materials suitable for food use. It is safe and reliable thanks to its safety lever which forces you to fasten it securely before turning it on. Moreover, in case of overheating, the device will automatically stop working to avoid any inconvenience and malfunction.


  1. Powerful 2-speed motor
  2. Efficient and fast extraction
  3. BPA-free healthy materials
  4. Easy to clean


  1. No pulse function

It’s a real pleasure for me who didn’t eat fruit, a real treat to take them in juice and vegetable juice without comment carrot juice in this season, only happiness . Read all reviews.

Nadine B.

Severin 3564 Centrifuge

Severin 3564 Centrifuge

Good health and daily well-being are maintained with well-made household appliances. This is what drives brands like Severin to pay special attention to the design of their products. Take advantage of this centrifugal juice extractor to consume your fruits and vegetables in a way that is most beneficial to your body.

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Made of high quality stainless steel, the Severin 3564 comes in a sober, yet attractive design. It displays a black/chrome color that it is easy to imagine in a kitchen in perfect harmony with the decor and the other utensils. Its materials are food grade so that you can refresh yourself daily while preserving your health.

In terms of features, the Severin brand 3564 juicer has a 2-speed motor with air cooling system . It is capable of running at full power at a maximum speed of 14,000 revolutions per minute . This performance is all you need for optimal juicing of your favorite fruits and vegetables. The device offers a capacity of 450 ml and a pulp container of 1000 ml to optimize your juice production. It is also equipped with a stainless steel grating disc and a micro sieve which allow for an impeccable extraction result. Flow can be stopped for clean, waste-free service.

The use of the Severin 3564 centrifuge is practical and secure thanks to its locking lever and its base with suction cups which stabilizes it well. It is also easy to clean and store.


  1. Elegant design
  2. 2 speeds for optimal extraction
  3. Flow stop system
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. No pulse function

Very good product but too many accessories to clean! Read all reviews.

Valerie W.

Twinzee Centrifuge

The Twinzee centrifuge is a model that benefits from CE marking , a sign that its design has passed all the stages of conformity in the European zone. In short, it offers performance and safety, while being respectful of the environment and the health of users.

In practice, it is a high-quality stainless steel appliance and completely guaranteed to be BPA-free . With its base fitted with suction cup feet, it offers maximum stability whether it is used on a table or on a worktop. An overheating protection allows it to operate without fear of damage and inconvenience due to short circuits or any other similar problem. It should also be noted that the device will not be able to start if it is not completely assembled and correctly fixed by its locking arm.

If you’re not sure which is the best juicer to buy, the Twinzee brand might have the perfect solution for you. This model that she offers you incorporates an 850 W motor with 2 speeds, capable of adapting easily to hard and soft ingredients. Its 75 mm neck is wide enough to facilitate the passage of whole fruits or vegetables. It should be noted that the fact that it is not necessary to cut the food allows you to have juice much faster.

After each use for fresh and delicious homemade fruit or vegetable juice, the Twinzee juicer cleans up easily to be ready for the next cravings.


  1. CE certified
  2. 2-speed motor
  3. BPA-free food-grade materials
  4. Easy to use and clean


  1. No pulse function

Received a few days ago, we can’t do without it. It’s fast, efficient, easy to clean and well thought out. Received fairly quickly (2 days after ordering). We even got an extra recipe book. Read all reviews.

Dany D.

Braun J700 Multiquick Juicer

Braun J700 Multiquick Juicer

Through its simple appearance and its very sober gray color, the Braun J700 Multiquick is nonetheless a high-performance device. It will allow you to obtain your fruit or vegetable juices in just 15 seconds thanks to its powerful motor. The latter adapts to all types of ingredients that it manages to grind without being disturbed by their hard or soft texture. You won’t even have to waste time pre-slicing, since the machine can juice even whole fruits and vegetables. It is precisely for this reason that the manufacturer has ensured that the opening of the neck is as wide as possible.

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Braun ‘s J700 Multiquick is a model with quadruple protection that requires you to meet all safety parameters before operating. For example, you must ensure that it has been properly assembled before switching it on. Otherwise if this is not the case, its engine will not run until the necessary is done.

This centrifuge provides quality fruit juice thanks to its stainless steel filtering system with foam separator. In addition, it has a button that allows you to stop the flow to avoid dirtying the counter or wasting your precious drink when the juice container is removed. It is also equipped with a certain number of removable accessories which facilitate its maintenance. The base is non-slip for added stability in use.


  1. Sober and elegant design
  2. Extraction rapide
  3. 2-speed motor
  4. Easy to use and maintain


  1. The juice tends to still flow despite stopping at the machine

We bought this machine to produce fresh juices with fruits and vegetables. We add lemons to keep them for 2-3 days in a glass container in the refrigerator. Read all reviews.

Marion B.

Bosch MES4010 Centrifuge

Bosch MES4010 Centrifuge

With its chrome finish, the Bosch MES4010 seduces with its elegance while reassuring about its ability to do what it was designed for.

This professional quality juicer offers great comfort of use and very satisfactory extraction results. Its insertion tube, for example, is much appreciated for its width of 84 mm , which allows you to insert all kinds of fruit and vegetables. No need to cut them first, because the machine takes care of doing the work necessary to allow you to have juice quickly. In addition, the task is made easier by the 1200 W motor which can change speed thanks to its 3 speeds for optimal extraction.

If the juice container has a capacity of 1.5 L , the pulp collector has a capacity of 3 L which increases the productivity of the Bosch MES4010. The latter also has an anti-drip device that stops the flow of juice at any time to avoid waste and soiling.

As far as safety is concerned, it should be noted that the motor automatically stops rotating if the juicer is not correctly locked. Its 4 feet are in suction cup format for maximum stability, whether it is used or not. The removable parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Storage is also easy thanks in particular to the availability of a winding system for the power cord.


  1. Safety and comfort of use
  2. Satisfactory extraction results
  3. Easy cleaning and storage
  4. 3-speed motor

It was important to me that it had power, was easy to clean, and provided as high a juice yield as possible. I am not disappointed ! Read all reviews.

Greg H.

Riviera-et-Bar PR785A Centrifuge

Riviera-et-Bar PR785A Centrifuge

It is not on the basis of its sophisticated appearance alone that the Riviera-et-Bar PR785A has been included in this comparison of the 10 best juicers. This is a model that does indeed have all the necessary assets to be an effective juice extractor.

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This device excels in the art of transforming fruits and vegetables into perfectly homogeneous, delicious and vitaminized juice. It can count for this on the power of 1300 W and the 5 speed settings of its motor. The ingredients previously cut or not, are easily inserted via the wide 84 mm neck and are then reduced to crumbs effortlessly by the stainless steel grater. The centrifugal force is then implemented to extract the maximum of juice having entirely preserved its natural taste and its vitamins.

Whether it’s for you alone or for many people, the PR785A from Riviera-et-Bar is ideal for getting enough juice for everyone. It offers a capacity of 1.5 liters for its pitcher and 3 liters for its pulp container. Its filter is very effective in retaining the foam and the fibers of fruits or vegetables in order to give an impeccable juice.

It should also be noted that this Riviera-et-Bar centrifuge incorporates a certain number of safety features while being an easy-to-maintain utensil. It is also equipped with a speed selection wheel with backlit LCD screen which facilitates its setting.


  1. Sleek BPA-free design
  2. Fast and efficient extraction
  3. Large capacity
  4. Easy to clean

The quality of the material is perfect, I had a small Seb centrifuge before and I am delighted with the change, the comfort and more. Here are some details on the use, details that I would have liked to have had before my purchase (but that would not have changed my choice). Read all reviews.

Aanne-Sophie J.

Centrifuge running

One of the top 10 juicers that you have just discovered is undoubtedly yours. But how to identify it precisely? Simply by paying attention to the following criteria.

Criteria for selecting a good juicer

Engine power

As you can easily guess, the criterion of power is closely linked to the speed and efficiency of the device. In addition, the more powerful the motor, the more robust it will be and will withstand different cycles of use without complaining. In the case of a juicer that is supposed to allow you to extract juices at least once a day, a power of 400 W is the minimum to be preferred. Everything will depend on the needs you have, knowing that the most powerful models go up to 1500 W.

Rotation and number of gears

The rotation is the criterion that is most related to the efficiency of the device in terms of extracting juice from fruits or vegetables. A motor that has sufficient rotation therefore offers a better yield as well as a better quality of juice. The ideal for average use requiring to extract juice from everyday fruits or vegetables will be between 10000 and 20000 revolutions per minute.

Also being able to vary the engine speed can be useful to adapt the engine to the texture of certain ingredients. Most juicers offer at least 2 speeds, but it is possible to find machines with more adjustment possibilities. Just note that too high a rotation creates heating which can alter the quality of nutrients and vitamins.

The capacity of the juice container and the pulp collector

The preferred capacity for the juice container will depend on the number of people the juicer will serve. The more fruit or vegetable juice lovers there are in the house, the larger the capacity of the container should be.

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It is the same for the pulp collector which must have a good capacity to allow the production of a lot of juice at once. In addition, when the capacity of the collector is large, it is emptied less often, which at the same time increases efficiency.

Design and manufacturing materials

The design also matters, especially for users who want to maintain a certain decorative harmony in their interior. This criterion will depend on your preferences in terms of color, design format and many other details.

Regarding manufacturing materials, stainless steel is the material that offers the best durability, not to mention its ease of maintenance. Some equipment also incorporates plastic materials which can be just as tough and durable. In either case, you must ensure that the material used is guaranteed free of Bisphenol A (BPA) or at least ensure that the components that will be in contact with food are.

The budget to plan

For a juicer that offers good value for money, you should be prepared to invest at least $50 up to 300 . It is possible to find high-performance devices under the 50 € mark, but it will be necessary to be careful to avoid the ridiculous prices which generally hide unpleasant surprises. And if you have doubts about the quality of the product, you can be guided by the reputation of its brand. The major manufacturers have the reputation of offering products of good quality at a good price.

Specific characteristics

 Beyond these general criteria, there are a number of details that are also important in choosing the right juicer. These include the sieve , which must be thin and solid, or the neck , which must have a sufficient diameter to adapt to different types of food. Ease of maintenance counts, without forgetting some additional options such as the Pulse function , the anti-drip device , the cleaning brush and why not the recipe booklet .

The difference between a juicer and a juicer

Apart from the fact that these two appliances allow the user to drink fresh fruit or vegetable juices, we can still differentiate them.

On the one hand , the juice extractor, which is the less noisy of the two, is also slower because of its slower rotation. This model is also considered to be the one that best preserves nutrients and vitamins.

On the other side, the juicer makes juicing faster due to its higher RPM. The problem at its level is that the heating created by the high speed of rotation will tend to alter the nutritional quality of the juices. However, if you drink them quickly, they retain all their benefits. The other significant advantage of the centrifuge is to be found on the side of its cleaning, which is less restrictive.

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