Top 10 Best Italian coffee maker 2022-Complete Guide Review

The first model of Best Italian coffee maker Machine known by the famous name Express Moka was invented by Alfonso Bialetti and patented in 1933. Timeless and timeless and above all very popular with lovers of good coffee, it is still selling to this day. But in addition to this prototype, the Bialetti brand, the first reference in terms of Italian coffee makers, as well as other brands have developed several other models and variants in order to adapt to all needs.

If you are looking for the best Italian coffee maker then this comparison followed by a buying guide will certainly be of great use to you.

Comparison of the best Italian coffee makers Brand 2022: tests and reviews

This comparison offers you the 10 most reliable Italian coffee makers on the market. You will find all the essential and objective information on each model in order to make the most judicious choice according to your budget and your needs in full knowledge of the facts.

Godmorn Italian coffee maker

Godmorn Italian coffee maker

Preparing your Italian coffee is an art that cannot be authentic without a real moka pot. You know that better than anyone! Otherwise, you will not currently be looking for a model. Among the different possibilities available to you, this Italian coffee maker by Godmorn could be the ideal choice for many reasons.

Already in terms of appearance, it stands out completely from the image that we have of traditional models: no hexagonal shape, no aluminum. Made from stainless steel, its design is rather modern and the silver finish is smooth. This is a sturdy yet lightweight, rust-resistant accessory that will always look good despite heavy use.

Like any Italian espresso machine worthy of the name, this one is made up of 3 parts connected by a joint. Its use and handling are very easy, partly thanks to its ergonomic heat-insulating handle. It should also be noted that the tank offers a capacity of 450 ml, an equivalent of 9 espresso cups of 50 ml. It is therefore possible to fill 3 cups of coffee of 150 ml or 2 mugs with each preparation.

Finally, know that the Godmorn Italian coffee maker is a versatile model that works with all fires without exception. So that’s good news if you have induction hotplates. Considering all these parameters, we can say that this model is one of the best Italian coffee makers of the moment.


  1. Modern stainless steel design
  2. 3 cups of coffee of 150 ml
  3. All hobs including induction hobs
  4. Anti-burn handle


  1. Not dishwasher safe

I am very happy to have been able to replace my old stainless steel Italian coffee maker at a more affordable price than other brands (and without having to take something made of aluminum, I find that it affects the taste of the coffee more than stainless steel) . I have been using this type of coffee maker for more than 15 years every day and my last coffee maker had ended up eroding at the base and therefore leaking (good after more than 10 years it’s ok!). Read all reviews.

Natalie U.

Rossetto Italian stainless steel coffee maker

Rossetto Italian stainless steel coffee maker

If you are looking for an inexpensive stainless steel Italian coffee maker that does its job well, then this model by Rossetto might appeal to you. This is a coffee maker with a modern and sleek look that is very elegant and will fit perfectly in any type of decor. It has a “soft-touch” bakelite handle and knob. These are practical for safe handling without risk of burns. 

Made from stainless steel, a material known for its strength, resistance and durability, this coffee maker will serve for years without showing the slightest sign of weakness as long as you take care of it properly. This should not be complicated since it adapts perfectly to machine cleaning even if it is much more recommended to do it by hand.

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This Rossetto model is ideal for anyone who wants an easy-to-use Italian coffee maker capable of preparing a good, tasty espresso whenever they want. Very effective, it allows in just a few minutes to make 2 cups of coffee of 100 ml. Just follow the instructions given in the manual for successful preparation.

Remember also that this Rossetto moka pot has been developed to be used on all types of fires. You can therefore adopt it without fear, regardless of the cooking device you have: electric hot plate, vitroceramic, induction, gas stoves…


  1. Nice build quality
  2. Compatible with dishwasher cleaning
  3. Compatible with all hobs including induction hobs
  4. Comes with two 8 cl espresso cups


  1. Do not wash with abrasive products or liquid soap

This coffee maker is perfect beautiful material (stainless steel) easy to clean. I have an induction hob but can use glass ceramic and gas. (The instructions are brief) You must follow the instructions so as not to exceed the rivet in water, your coffee will be perfect. I used the ground coffee but I wanted to go back and grind my coffee myself. And I must say that this coffee maker something more the scent of coffee perfumes the kitchen . Read all reviews.

Natasha Y.

Italian coffee maker Bialetti Venus Induction 1785

Italian coffee maker Bialetti Venus Induction 1785

Bialetti has been producing and marketing different models of Italian espresso coffee makers for more than eight decades. In addition to the timeless classics, the brand has developed a range of modern coffee makers like the Venus Induction to suit everyone. The latter deserves its place in this comparison of the best Italian coffee makers for its manufacturing quality and its relatively affordable price.

The Venus Induction 1785 has a modern look, but the design still remains classic and timeless like most Bialetti coffee makers. It also sports the famous original logo of the famous “Little man with a mustache” specific to the brand.

This Italian coffee maker is made from 18/10 stainless steel with a shiny and smooth finish. It is a solid, resistant piece of equipment that guarantees good resistance over time. It will also have no trouble integrating into a contemporary kitchen.

The grip of the device is very easy thanks to the handle and the knob which insulate the heat perfectly well. We also note the presence of a safety valve which acts as a maximum water level indicator for perfect coffee preparation.

The Bialetti Venus Induction coffee maker can be used with all hobs including induction hobs. It allows you to prepare up to 10 cups of Italian espresso coffee, i.e. around 4 or 5 French cups.

Finally, remember that this Italian induction coffee maker can be machine cleaned without worry. Just disassemble the different elements and you’re done. 


  1. All hobs including induction hobs
  2. Dishwasher safe
  3. Solid and resistant
  4. 1200ml large capacity


  1. Preparation takes 5 to 6 minutes

Bought to replace a capsule machine, since it is both more ecological and more economical, this coffee maker is perfect for two heavy coffee drinkers (with, of course, induction hobs). No leaks, no particular concerns (and I even dropped it two or three times); in addition, it is possible to dose the ground coffee according to preference. Read all reviews.

Thérèse R.

Bialetti Rainbow Italian coffee maker

Italian coffee maker Bialetti Rainbow 4963

When it comes to Italian coffee makers, the Bialetti brand needs no introduction. The company is an essential reference and the products offered live up to their reputation.

The Bialetti 4963 coffee maker is a variant of the timeless Express Moka. It is part of the Rainbow collection which declines the initial model in seven different colors.

In terms of design quality and structure, there is absolutely no difference with the original prototype. Like the latter, this model is made of cast aluminum and is also composed of a tank, a filter, a jug and a patented safety valve. 

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The look remains classic and timeless, but it is in the design that the difference is made. Indeed, the Bialetti 4963 exchanges the metallic color for red. In the end, we have a very elegant atypical traditional Italian coffee maker that will greatly appeal to people who like to have colorful kitchen accessories.

Like all espresso machines, the Bialetti 4963 allows you to enjoy a good full-bodied and flavored coffee without having to go to the local bistro. With a few spoons of ground coffee, you can have fun at any time of the day.

Note that this coffee maker has a capacity of 240 ml. We can therefore only obtain 2 cups of coffee of 125 ml each time it is prepared. This low capacity goes hand in hand with its compact size which is an interesting advantage for campers and travellers. 


  1. Beautiful colorful design
  2. Lightweight and easy to carry
  3. Ergonomic and insulating handle
  4. All hobs except induction


  1. Not dishwasher safe

I had long dreamed of making myself real Italian coffee. Promises kept with this pretty little coffee maker, much greener than disposable pods, even so-called recyclable or compostable ones. Note that the water takes a good 4 minutes to heat up in the small boiler, and that when the coffee goes through there are a few splashes of water through the valve. Read all reviews.

Mary P.

Bialetti Moka Express Italian coffee maker

Bialetti Moka Express Italian coffee maker

Here is the timeless Bialetti Express Moka , a copy of the very first Italian coffee maker created more than 80 years ago. This is a coffee maker very popular with fans of Italian coffee. Entirely made with cast aluminum, a material that conducts heat quite well, this device is perfectly solid, resistant and durable. It is perfect for efficiently and very quickly preparing your favorite drink without the fuss.

In terms of design, the Italian Express Moka coffee maker has remained equal to itself despite the weather. It is still available today in its very characteristic hexagonal shape and sports a very elegant classic silver look. It is the perfect model for those who would like to put a little touch of retro in their modern kitchen.

Well beyond aesthetics, know that the structural design of this classic moka pot takes into account ergonomic and functional considerations. It can be easily manipulated and unscrewed unlike some models with rounded edges.

Overall, the Moka Express is easy to use and offers a good grip thanks to its ergonomic handle which is also a good heat insulator. Note that this copy can fill about 2 cups of coffee of 100 ml, but there are also models with a larger capacity. 

It should also be noted that this Italian espresso coffee maker adapts to all kinds of cooking devices such as the stove, hot plates, but not with those with induction. Since it can be completely disassembled, its maintenance and cleaning remain relatively simple.


  1. Made in Italy quality
  2. Patented safety valve
  3. Easy to use and clean
  4. Ergonomic handle
  5. All hobs except induction


  1. Not dishwasher safe

Super Italian coffee maker that can prepare the equivalent of a mug of coffee! Bialetti is a well-known brand in the coffee world. To prepare a good coffee, just fill with water up to the pressure valve then put the filter with your ground coffee up to the line and finally close everything well. The set is very easy to clean thanks to the removable seal. Read all reviews.

Xavier R.

Italian coffee maker Elettrika Bialetti

Italian coffee maker Elettrika Bialetti

When talking about Italian coffee makers , all thoughts focus only on models that go over the fire or on a hot plate. Still, there are electric espresso makers like this model from Bialetti. They plug into the mains and have been developed to satisfy people who want to save time when preparing their espresso.

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The Elettrika Bialetti coffee maker is perfect for coffee lovers who want to invest in an electric model that costs less than 45 euros. It is a small capacity model that works with a power of 170 Watts. With this moka pot, you can make a 100ml cup of coffee. It is therefore suitable for people living alone and also suitable for occasional and temporary use. If you want a more efficient electric Italian espresso maker, you will have to turn to other prototypes.

The Elettrika Italian coffee maker weighs just 600 g and can be taken with you on your travels without any worries. In terms of design, this Bialetti coffee maker is another variant of the Express Moka. It is made of cast aluminum, has the same hexagonal shape and consists of the same parts. The only difference is that it rests on a plastic base with electric cable. Its cleaning is very simple, because the jug and the other elements can be disassembled quite easily. 


  1. Compact and portable
  2. Efficient and fast
  3. Good coffee quality
  4. Easy to use


  1. Not dishwasher safe

Italian coffee lovers, my wife and I were not satisfied with rental coffee makers, with filters and just good for “sock juice”. Having forgotten our espresso coffee maker – not electric – at home, we took the opportunity to order an electric one. It’s perfect ! You just have to get used to putting the right amount of water, depending on the desired coffee, wait a bit and enjoy. Read all reviews.

Jean-Pierre T.

Italian coffee maker Ariete Moka Aroma Elettrika

Italian coffee maker Ariete Moka Aroma Elettrika 1358

Ariete is an Italian company belonging to the De Longhi group. It is very well known on the market for small household appliances with its innovative products marked by a touch of retro, such as this electric Italian coffee maker .

The Moka Aroma Ariete Elettrika 1358 is one of the best Italian coffee makers on the market. It is an electric model that stands out for its white / gray design is very beautiful and very original. It is made of stainless steel and plastic. The device sits on a 360-degree rotating base that incorporates a power cord.

This electric moka pot allows you to have a good coffee very quickly thanks to its 480 W power. You can indeed use it every morning to obtain two cups of Italian espresso.

The Aroma Ariete Elettrika moka pot is easy to use and turns on with an on/off button. Once the coffee is ready, it automatically stops cooking, then switches to keep warm mode for 30 minutes before switching off. Hand cleaning is recommended for this device.


  1. Compact and portable
  2. Fast and effective
  3. Silent


  1. Small capacity

Very good Italian coffee maker that allows you to make a good coffee in less than 5 minutes. To see in the long term, it will work every day !!! I would come back to confirm or deny its solidity over time . Read all reviews.

Antares C.

bonVivo Intenca Italian coffee maker

bonVivo Intenca Italian coffee maker

The Intenca bonVivo is undoubtedly one of the best Italian coffee makers on the market, as it has a number of very interesting assets.

The bonVivo branded Intenca Italian coffee maker is very solid, robust equipment that enjoys good design quality. It is indeed designed with 18/10 stainless steel, a very noble material that guarantees its long-term durability. Unlike some models, the device incorporates a stainless steel interior filter, which is rather a good point.

It must also be recognized that its design differs very clearly from traditional models. We are rather dealing with a modern Italian coffee maker which sports a very classy chrome finish (silver, copper or black). 

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If you like to have beautiful kitchen utensils in your home, there is no doubt that this macchinetta will be perfect on your counter or dining table. And in case you are looking for a gift to give to a loved one, she has the perfect profile.

But behind its modern look, the bonVivo Intenca Italian coffee maker hides the true soul of a traditional moka pot. It works just like a traditional Bialetti and lets you make 6 small cups of full-bodied, well-flavored espresso, no matter what kind of stovetop you have.

As with the vast majority of Italian coffee makers, use and maintenance do not pose any particular concern. The carafe is easily disassembled and screwed on. In addition, its ergonomic handle specially designed to resist heat offers handling without the risk of burning.


  1. beautiful design
  2. Good build quality
  3. Easy to use
  4. Simple cleaning


  1. The handle can get hot if the coffee maker lasts too long on the fire

I am very satisfied with this coffee maker! It is beautiful, superb design, quality materials and much better than my previous one (a Bialetti). The price is reasonable for such quality. Once on the induction hob, the coffee is ready in 4 minutes flat and it is much better than a Nesprxxxx coffee… See all reviews.

Eric V.

Italian express coffee maker Moka Lacor

Italian express coffee maker Moka Lacor 62056 

Lacor Menaje profesional is a Spanish brand specialized in the manufacture and distribution of kitchen utensils and accessories for 60 years. It offers a very wide variety of very good quality products intended for both individuals and professionals all over the world. It is therefore no surprise that we find this company on the market for the best Italian coffee makers with the Express Moka 62056 model.

This Lacor Italian coffee maker is entirely made of 18/10 stainless steel. It exudes quality and has all the signs of an accessory that will perfectly withstand wear and intensive use. Its design is impeccably neat and is distinguished by its very elegant silver/black color. With this great look, there is no doubt, it will look perfect in any kitchen without exception.

Express Moka Lacor 62056 is a coffee maker compatible with induction hobs , but it still adapts to all other heating sources: gas stoves, electric or vitroceramic hobs. With this accessory you can make 3 cups of 100ml coffee or 6 small cups of Italian espresso. The grip is comfortable and the stainless steel coated plastic handle provides good thermal insulation.

As with any Italian coffee maker , coffee preparation is made easy. You just have to make sure it doesn’t burn. Otherwise you are free to make your coffee according to your preferences. If you want a tight and full-bodied coffee, you just need to dose more the quantity put in the filter.


  1. Good build quality
  2. Easy to handle and maintain
  3. Efficient and practical
  4. Compatible with all hobs including induction


  1. Do not wash with abrasive products

After disappointments with the “famous” Bialetti brand (especially the quality of the stainless steel), I decided to put a little more money on this Lacor coffee maker (after a lot of research) and in practice, the difference is enormous! Read all reviews.

Rault O.

BTF Cloer Moka Espresso Electric Italian Coffee Maker

BTF Cloer Moka Espresso Electric Italian Coffee Maker

If you prefer an electric Italian coffee maker rather than a model suitable for stovetops, chances are you are interested in this model from the German manufacturer BTF Cloer.

It is a device entirely designed in brushed stainless steel which rests on a discreet plastic base. You don’t have to worry about strength and durability. In addition the design is very sober and at the same time very elegant. But behind its modern look is an electric Italian coffee maker with a power of 365 Watts.

Highly appreciated by many users, the BTF Cloer 5928 moka coffee maker can very quickly make up to 6 cups of Italian coffee, or about 3 cups of French coffee with each preparation. It comes with two filters that allow you to vary the quantities of coffee according to your needs. 

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Using this Italian coffee maker is very simple. It is equipped with a graduated water tank, a power button with indicator light and an ergonomic heat-insulating bakelite handle. We also appreciate the automatic shut-off function which prevents overheating at the end of cooking.

The cleaning of this electric moka pot is done by hand. It is relatively simple since the jug is removable and the filters are removable. You just have to avoid using an abrasive sponge.


  1. Quick preparation
  2. Two coffee filters
  3. Easy to use and clean
  4. Automatic shutdown


  1. Not dishwasher safe

Replacing an electric Bialetti that has had its day (almost 15 years old), the design of this coffee maker is modern and friendly. The base of this model is discreet and practical. Inside the tank we have a level indicator for 3 or 6 cups (which for most of us will only correspond to one or two cups). Read all reviews.

Marie U.

Buying guide for choosing the right Italian coffee maker

Italian coffee maker buying guide

Selection criteria

You have not found what you are looking for in the comparison above? Or do you simply want more information to find the ideal model? Then this buying guide for choosing the right Italian coffee maker is for you. As you will have understood, there are several models of Italian coffee makers on the market that differ from each other on many points: design, capacity, manufacturing material, heating mode… And it is precisely these criteria that must be taken into consideration when choosing to buy the best moka pot.

The heating method

If you have decided to buy an Italian coffee maker , you will need to choose a model that is compatible with your cooker. If it is an induction hob, then it will be necessary to choose an induction-compatible Italian coffee maker. Otherwise, you can opt for any model.

Simply remember that Italian induction coffee makers are also compatible with other types of hobs (electric, ceramic or gas), but the opposite is not always true.

Electricity can also be used as a mode of heating. In this case, you will have to turn to an electric Italian coffee maker .

The material of manufacture and the design

If you’ve decided to choose a moka pot based on its build quality, aluminum and stainless steel are the two most durable materials. However, many people prefer stainless steel because it is known for its durability and resistance to rust. In addition, coffee makers made with this material are compatible with induction hobs unlike aluminum models. It is also possible to choose your Italian coffee maker according to its design and color: retro, classic, modern, colourful…

Capacity and number of cups

Approximately how many cups of coffee would you like to have with each preparation? The answer to this question should allow you to choose an Italian coffee maker whose capacity really suits you. This depends on the number of people in the household and consumption habits. Note that a 300 ml coffee maker will allow you to fill 6 cups of espresso coffee of 50 ml or 3 French cups of 100 ml coffee. So pay close attention to this detail when choosing. 

The interview

Italian coffee makers should also be cleaned after use. Electric and aluminum models are not dishwasher safe. They must be washed by hand after disassembling the different parts.

Most stainless steel Italian coffee makers are machine washable unless otherwise specified. However, cleaning by hand is highly recommended.

The different types of Italian coffee makers

If we had to group the different models on the market by category, we ended up with 2 large families of Italian coffee makers. The choice of a type of model depends on several parameters and above all on the way in which you design the preparation of espresso coffee.

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Italian stovetop coffee makers

Like the Bialetti Moka Express coffee maker , the very first Italian coffee maker, these models use the technique of pressurized water vapor to prepare coffee. They are composed of 3 compartments: a water tank, a filter intended to accommodate the ground coffee and a jug which is used to serve the freshly prepared drink.

Classic Italian coffee makers are perfect for those who prefer to prepare their coffee the Italian way, and this in the rules of the art. In addition to being less expensive than an espresso machine, they can be used depending on the model on different types of stoves and hobs.

Italian electric coffee makers

Electric Italian coffee makers are advanced versions of classic Italian coffee makers. They are, in fact, equipped with a heating base and integrate very interesting technological features such as a timer, an automatic shut-off system and a keep warm function. Compared to previous models, they only work with electricity even if the principle of preparation remains the same.

It is ideal for those who want to prepare their Italian espresso with ease while having the possibility of personalizing their preparation according to their needs. They are perfect for both home and travel. All you need is an electrical outlet to drink an Italian coffee at any time of the day.

How to prepare coffee with your Italian coffee maker?

Lovers of good coffee will tell you that the Italian coffee maker is the essential accessory for preparing a real Italian espresso at home.

Thanks to the technique of water vapor by pressure, the moka coffee maker makes it possible to obtain a full-bodied coffee, flavored close to a real espresso. It is composed of 3 main elements which are: the base (water tank), the upper part (jug), the filter which receives the ground coffee. To prepare an espresso coffee with an Italian coffee maker , simply proceed step by step:

  • Dismantle the upper part and remove the seal and the filter
  • Add water to the tank up to the indicated level or just below the safety valve.
  • Insert the filter and add the ground coffee. Be careful not to overfill it and avoid piling it up.
  • Screw the jug correctly onto the base.
  • Place the coffee maker on the gas stove or on the hot plate or simply plug in the power cable (electric coffee maker).
  • Wait until the water boils and the coffee begins to flow into the upper part. Once the brown foam appears at the spout, you can stop cooking and serve.

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