Best Inflatable kayaks for Beginners {2022}

For a short sea, lake or river trip and exploring the seabed, the best inflatable kayak is your ally. Good quality equipment ensures comfortable and safe navigation.

On the other hand, if you buy poor quality equipment, you may end up with useless equipment.

With inferior materials, your boat may tear. It will not withstand impacts with rocks or underwater plants.

A badly made model will also be difficult to inflate or will deflate quickly. It will be impossible to control the inflation pressure. Therefore, you risk drowning in the middle of the ocean.

Finally, a poor quality model will not be able to withstand the weather.

Best Inflatable kayaks for Beginners 2022

What is the best inflatable kayak?

To make the best choice , invest in high-end equipment . It promises you all the necessary features for a hassle-free expedition.

High-end models are made with weather and impact resistant materials such as PVC canvas. They are not likely to tear at the slightest shock.

Also favor models with protection or with splash guard and fastening straps.

Models with adjustable and convertible seats are practical for all types of users. You can choose from 1 to 3 seater models depending on your needs.

Through the following comparison , find the 5 most popular models on the market to determine the best value for money .

Below, we present best inflatable kayaks 2 person

1. Alice’s Garden 3.12m Single Seater Inflatable Kayak with Betta K2 High Pressure Pump 

Enjoy a safe and comfortable trip aboard this inflatable, single-seat kayak equipped with a high-pressure pump. You also have a storage bag to store your belongings during the crossing.

Designed by Alice’s Garden in collaboration with AquaMarina, this vehicle offers an incredible sliding experience. For your comfort and safety, it has a high-back seat, a footrest and a high-pressure pump, not to mention a repair kit if necessary.

With a width of 83 cm and a length of 312 cm, it can support a maximum weight of 95 kg. The resistance of the vehicle is guaranteed by its manufacture in PVC and drop stitch. The drop stitch is made up of thousands of nylon fibers and is covered by layers of PVC.

The kayak’s back seat can be adjusted to suit rider preference and the vehicle has a splash guard skirt.

2. 406x81cm 2 person inflatable kayak made 100% Drop stich Zray DRIFT 

With Drop-Stitch technology, this canoe has a performance equal to rigid boards. Very high performance and offering a unique gliding experience, this Zray Drift kayak is designed to last and very easy to transport.

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The vehicle can accommodate two people and measures 428 cm in length by 81 cm in width. You will benefit from great stability with the dimensions of the vehicle and will gain the same sensations as on a rigid kayak.

The model has been designed for comfort. And performance. It combines efficiency and stability and is perfectly suited for use when hiking on white water or on fast rides.

You will be able to paddle faster and easier while saving space thanks to the Drop Stitch design and the wide shape of the kayak. In addition, the open configuration of the kayak and its V-shape facilitate the return on board after a rollover.

3. ADVANCED ELEMENTS AE-1012 Inflatable Kayak

This model is perfect for a marine hike or an expedition to the bottom of a lake or at sea.

It is a 1-seater equipment with a height-adjustable seat, depending on the height of the user. It can support up to 300 lbs. But you can also adjust it for a child and an adult.

It has 7 chambers which ensure good buoyancy on the water. Three identical boston valves inflate and secure the side chambers.

To facilitate the transport of equipment, carry handles on the front, rear and sides.

4. Kayak gonflable SEVYLOR Colorado

This 2-seater inflatable kayak is dedicated for adults. It has two seats with inflatable seat and adjustable backrest according to the size of the navigator.

This equipment is equipped with resistant and solid materials. A polyester cover covers the side chambers and a PVC coated canvas sits on the sides and bottom.

This model is also equipped with an Easy Inflation pressure gauge to control the pressure during inflation. Front, rear and side handles provide transport.

For better maneuverability, a removable directional fin is available.

5. Kayak gonflable Aqua marina K2

This inflatable canoe of one place is dedicated to expeditions in white water or sea water . Rigid and solid, this material is made of nylon fibers and layers of PVC which ensure great resistance to shocks.

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This model features a high-back, convertible seat . A splash guard skirt is also available. A high-pressure pump allows efficient and effective inflation.

Handles at each end and two removable fins ensure transport. Light and compact, this equipment can be folded and stored in your backpack.

6. Kayak gonflable INTEX Explorer K2

This canoe is the ideal equipment for sailing on all types of water. It is suitable for two people with adjustable seats according to the size of the navigator. It has a maximum load of 160kg.

The canoe is made of solid material, vinyl. It is shock and drop resistant. It is robust but also compact, easy to transport .

This TUV and GS approved model has “quick-fil/deflate” valves for assured inflation. It also has an anti-splash skirt which reinforces safety during navigation.

This equipment comes with a built-in pump and aluminum paddles .

7. BESTWAY Hydro-Force Inflatable Kayak

This model for two people can also be adapted to a solo outing because it is convertible. It can support up to 160 kg.

Light and comfortable, this equipment inflates quickly with a double flow pump. The seats are height adjustable and provide maximum comfort for serene navigation in the aquatic environment.

With fins on both sides, the boat is very stable without loss of pressure during navigation. A directional drift ensures the maneuverability of the equipment. Note that this product is intended for hikes or marine walks that do not last long.

What is an Inflatable Kayak?


For a long time, the inflatable kayak was just a bath toy. But it later became indispensable equipment for water expeditions.

The first models were light and fragile like the pool raft. Recent models are extremely good quality and safer than the previous ones. They are more resistant to puncture and sailing conditions.

Some are designed to withstand whitewater rafting, so you can definitely cruise the lake with them. It is also used during fishing parties.

Why do people prefer inflatable portable kayaks?

Here are some of the best reasons to use these kinds of small portable boats:

Practical and compact

People want something practical. Lifting the kayak and strapping it securely to the car roof rack is annoying. This is why people prefer portable models.

They love the ease of storage of inflatable kayaks. They can be carried in a storage bag or in the trunk of a car. It comes in handy if you live in a small apartment or townhouse.

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Easy to use, maintain and inexpensive

Portable models require less maintenance. You just have to dry them, fold them and store them.

Portable kayaks also allow you to navigate right away without wasting time assembling. In addition, such equipment is not expensive compared to stationary models.

Inflatable Kayak Styles and Definitions


With the appearance of new models on the market, there are now a large number of styles to choose from and intended for a wide range of water-related activities: from oceans to ponds, from lazy rivers to white water or waves.

Here is an overview of some styles of kayaks to consider as well as some of the terms you may not be familiar with:

Self-adhesive kayaks

They are typically used for whitewater treks. Lay-in kayaks have many ports located on the bottom.

In fast moving whitewater, this allows water to enter the kayak and exit, ensuring the unsinkable boat does not fill up.

Conversely, if you are cruising on calm waters, the water will come through the holes in the floor, unless the kayak has plugs that can be opened or closed.

Many bailers don’t have spotting fins, which means they don’t perform as well in flat water.

Kayak sit-on top: un kayak ouvert.

This is ideal for people who have difficulty getting in and out of a closed shell, those who tend to feel claustrophobic, and those in warmer climates. Conversely, water will splash more easily unless you have some type of jet.

Kayak sit-in

This model resembles a traditional kayak with an enclosed cockpit. This is ideal for keeping water out of the canoe in cold weather. It also features a spray skirt, further expelling wind and water.

canoe style

It usually features an open design with taller walls and taller seats. Paddlers of this canoe-like design often use canoe paddles (single-sided blades) rather than double-sided kayak paddles.

Open style kayak

It is a canoe version, with higher side walls than sit-on-top seats, but lower seats than the canoe style.

Paddlers use the traditional double-sided kayak paddle. This hybrid is good for people who want easy entry and a more open design.

The higher walls prevent water from entering the kayak more, but are even less closed. Some have optional spray decks to keep more water in, making them more closed.

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Stand up Paddle Board

This is the newest entry into the increasingly popular kayak market. Called Inflatable SUPS, or ISUPS, these are kayaks that can be pumped to very high pressures of 10-25 PSI, making them very stiff.

Paddlers stand up paddling. Equipment can be used for surfing, recreational paddling, downriver whitewater, racing and fishing. Some of them include D-rings, allowing a seat to be attached and used as a sit-up or kneeling paddle.

Spotting fin

It is a model with a fin located under the kayak, which helps the kayak to “track better” and to avoid lateral drift.


The smaller and lighter the kayak, the more it will tend to “wiggle”, meaning the nose moves back and forth in the direction of the last paddle. This can be corrected with shallower, easier strokes, and sometimes putting weight on the front shell.

High pressure vs. Low pressure

The popularity of inflatable panels with high pressure bottoms has spread to the kayak market. Two terms are used quite often in this area:

  • Left: Low pressure PVC floor with I-beams. Right: Higher pressure drop point floor.
  • Left: Low pressure PVC floor with I-beams. Right: High pressure pressure point floor.

Low pressure

Many of the standard inflatable kayaks can be inflated to 1-2 PSI. These kayaks typically have PVC bladders with I-beams and long welded seams running the length of the floor, maintaining a uniform shape. This technology is less expensive and therefore the kayaks will be cheaper.

High pressure

Some of the more expensive inflatable kayaks can be inflated from 3 to 6 PSI, especially inflatable floors using drop stitch technology.

Thanks to the point construction, thousands of tiny nets connect the upper and lower layers, creating a stronger bond capable of withstanding much higher pressures, but also a semi-rigid paddling platform which can improve paddling performance .

It is a more expensive technology, so it is found in the most expensive inflatables.

Inflatable Kayak Myths

Inflatable kayak models are quite recent. Consumers have misconceptions about kayak types and this is a very common occurrence.

Inflatable kayaks are not durable

Most consumers believe that inflatable boats are lightweight and less durable than rigid boats. Since rigid hulls have a hard surface, they believe they are more durable than inflatable kayaks.

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But they are wrong. Now, these inflatable boats are made with different durable materials such as haplon, polyurethane and decitex.

In addition, the fabrics and materials are multi-layered and layered. They are reinforced to provide more strength. Some models have electrically welded seams that work against the tearing load.

They are not stable than hard shells

As a general rule, boats with flat bottoms are more stable than with different bottoms. So, inflatable kayak models are supposed to be stable because they also have flat bottoms! But this is not the only reason for their stability.

Air is trapped in their multiple chambers to keep them more buoyant and stable on the water. Good quality inflatable kayaks have an air fusion system and don’t usually tip over.

You must avoid sharp objects in the river with an inflatable kayak

Don’t panic if you see river obstacles while paddling. The durability test of some kayaks is to hit them with hard objects and see if they are damaged or not.

However, do not deliberately drag your kayak over the gravel of the shore. Frequent hits and drags hurt regardless of their durability.

They are difficult to maintain

Some inflatable kayaks get moldy when stored in the storage bag. This problem comes from an inappropriate storage mode. If the kayak has river water on its surface and is stored in a wet state, it becomes moldy.

So make sure your gear is completely dried before storage to avoid this problem.

Remember that these kayaks do not perform well on the water in extreme hot/cold weather.

They don’t offer maneuverability

Round bottoms and smaller kayaks are easier to handle or maneuver than larger, flat-bottomed models. Some kayaks are equipped with skews that allow you to follow the water without zigzagging. Thus, the padding becomes easier and consumes less energy to move it on flat water.

How to choose the best inflatable kayak?

Because inflatable kayaks can be used for different fresh or salt water activities, you need to make sure that you choose the equipment that will best suit your needs!

Overall, we’ve narrowed down the number of key points to consider when purchasing this kind of gear.

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What activities do you need a kayak for? If you fish, we suggest an inflatable fishing kayak with room for your gear. If it’s whitewater rafting, a narrower, more streamlined model would be best.


Again, weight is an important factor. Most kayaks fill up very well, but if you plan to travel a lot, it’s important to find lightweight gear and a small carrying case.


The kayaks are made with reinforced hulls in PVC, Nitrylon or Hypalon.

  • PVC: Cost effective, but more prone to punctures and abrasions.
  • Nitrylon: Introduced by Innova brand , it is eco-friendly, abrasion resistant and stronger than traditional PVC kayaks.
  • Hypalon: This material is stronger, durable and UV resistant than PVC. It handles the elements and long water exposure well, but is generally more expensive.


Know your budget and choose a good kayak within that budget; also be aware that a budget kayak will not last as long as a 200 to 300 euro more expensive kayak.

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