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Why choose inflatable gymnastics mats?

When practicing gymnastics it is important to have a safe, cushioned spot to train on in order to help prevent injuries, especially if you don't quite stick the landing. Traditional foam padded mats are great, as long as you have a bunch of space to store them when not in use, which most people don't. These inflatable models solve that problem.

Should you use a foam mat or an inflatable mat?

Also, while foam mats range in thickness, you cannot adjust their firmness as you can with an inflatable model. If you are accustomed to practicing on a foam mat, using an inflatable one can be an adjustment at first, but you'll quickly see that it has many benefits.

What is the best weight training mat for beginners?

Our top pick is one of the most versatile mats you’ll find, offering a 36- x 72-inch space to complete weight circuits, core exercises, stretching, and more. Made of a high-performance athletic foam, the Rogue Individual Mat is a great base for strength training, as well as recovery workouts.

What is the best air roller mat for beginners?

The Dairtrack 5-Piece Set (appx. $430), as you can likely guess from the name, offers you more than just a mat. Each order has an air roller and three blocks, making this a versatile training tool for perfecting a range of skills, from simple flips to back walkovers. 8. AKSport Airspot


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