7 Best Inflatable Camping Mattress For Camping 2022

Best Inflatable Camping Mattress For Campin- If you choose poor quality equipment, you may end up with a hard cushion that leads to back pain.

In addition, such a mattress is not durable or strong. It may then deflate or tear at any time. Good quality equipment is recommended. Here is the inflatable sleeping guide for a dream campsite.

What is the Best Air Mattress for Camping?

good quality mattress for camping is equipment that meets demanding criteria of comfort, safety and durability.

It is equipment suitable for all types of outdoor activities . It adapts to different climatic conditions. Solid , it is suitable for the beach, hikingUltra light , it is transportable for all types of travel thanks to its foldable nature .

Versatile, it’s the kind of inflatable cushion that can go with a tent, a sleeping bag or can be used as an extra bed or sleeping pad . Through this comparison , you will have no problem making the best choice .

Below, we present the best inflatable Air mattress for camping   :

1. Geedair Camping Inflatable Mattress

This camping ground cushion with rim can be used as a mat for hiking , the beach . It can also be used as a fur bag and adapts to the tent .

Featuring an ergonomic design, its honeycomb design allows it to adapt to the smallest parts of the body, improving perspiration during the night. The integrated curved pillow is very comfortable for the neck and back.

Easy to inflate, this camping gear has a large valve to quickly inflate and deflate. It only takes two to three minutes and a simple deflation. A low-resistance one-way valve makes inflation easier while preventing air leaks.

With a good value for money , the camping cushion is environmentally friendly, waterproof and moisture resistant. It is easy to clean.

Very light and foldable, this equipment can be stored in its storage bag . It can be suitable for 2 people of thin size.

2. Active Era Inflatable Camping Mattress

The Active Era inflatable cushion is a bed suitable for hiking and for any outdoor activity. It is suitable for all types of terrain: flat, uneven or uneven.

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This foam mattress is made with a sophisticated foam structure. This inflatable camping bed supports the body during the night, but also keeps your body heat to ensure an optimal temperature during sleep.

Designed with a quick-flow valve, this inflatable sleeping mat inflates quickly, almost instantly. It thus allows to obtain an optimal firmness offering the support that the body needs.

Featuring a tough and durable outer shell, this camping pad is resistant to tears and punctures that can occur in harsh conditions.

Light and compact, it deflates and rolls up in its small carrying bag. Which makes it convenient and easy to carry in your backpack.

3. Bessport self-inflating camping mattress

This self-inflating sleeping pad is 4-season equipment . It is suitable for all types of outdoor activities. It is ideal for the whole family, for couples or for groups. It provides comfort and warmth.

Equipped with a fast flow ABS valve, the camping pad can inflate quickly and deflate quickly. Durable and insulated, it features a TPU coating that provides superior insulation and stretch resistance. The high resilience sponge filling provides extra padding against the cold.

Its multilayer structure and its significant thickness provide maximum comfort and warmth. Its stretch-knit surface is skin-friendly. Its high-density foam padding provides strong rebound. It’s a good option that offers a lot of cushioning.

Easy to carry, it has sewn-in compression bands with a pad to prevent loss.

4. Enkeeo hiking camping mattress

This inflatable cushion is an essential equipment for camping, hiking, for a trip, at the beach. Thanks to its dimensions, it is ideal for 2 to 3 places . It can fit in a tent or in a sleeping bag.

Equipped with two dual-bleed valves, this pad has a high-quality ventilation system. It has two speeds of fast and slow deflation to meet your needs.

Thanks to its integrated foot pump, the camping cushion can be inflated in less than three minutes by simply pressing the inflatable internal sponge with your foot or hands. This protects your lungs from the strain of inflation.

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With an ultra-light thickness and an ergonomic design, this inflatable floor mat is 12 cm thick, ideal for maximum comfort. Thanks to its ergonomic texture, it offers a better balance of the body.

5. YirenYoupin Inflatable Camping Sleeper

This Yirenyoupin Brand Inflatable Floor Mat is a lightweight air cushion suitable for camping, beach, hiking, in a tent or sleeping bag. It is easy to transport by mountain bike or trek. Its folded dimension is equivalent to the size of two phones.

Ergonomic and waterproof , this inflatable camping bed is made from nylon and TPU. The lightweight camping air cushion provides a comfortable sleeping experience. It also offers unparalleled support for the body and especially the back.

Completely waterproof, this inflatable camping mattress is easy to clean and is not likely to retain traces of mud or dirt.

Equipped with a large valve, this inflatable bed is easy to inflate and deflate. It requires only 15 to 20 breaths for a mouth inflation. With a pump, it only takes a few minutes to inflate it.

6. Unigear Inflatable Camping Pillow

This camping cushion and its integrated pillow offer you unparalleled comfort during your hiking or trekking activities.

With its ergonomic design and wavy curve, it is self-adjusting to your body shape. It thus offers you the best support for your body and the necessary heat according to the desired temperature. It thus provides a pleasant sleeping experience.

Easy to inflate and deflate, this floor cushion is made with two valves. Which allows for rapid inflation with 10-20 breaths when inflated by mouth. Thanks to the inner valve, it can deflate in just 2 minutes. Which saves you time and effort.

Made from nylon and waterproof TPU, this inflatable mattress is moisture-proof and wear-resistant. It is easy to clean and packs away very quickly.

7. Glymnis Inflatable Mat

This inflatable mat is the ideal equipment for carrying out outdoor activities: camping, hiking, beach, lawn, etc. It is suitable for the whole family, for a couple or for children.

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Lightweight and compact, this model folds easily. This makes it easier and more efficient to transport, as it reduces the burden of your travels.

Equipped with a pillow, this two-in-one inflatable bedding effectively supports and protects the head. It offers you optimal comfort and a very comfortable sleeping experience. Thanks to its fishtail shape, it allows you to obtain several positions: sitting, lying or kneeling.

To inflate it, you can use an inflation bag. To do this, open the one-way valve, connect the air mattress vent and blow completely into the bag. Press the air from the bag into the mattress. Just 3-5 bags are enough to inflate the cushion.

Buying guide: the best inflatable camping mattresses in 2022

Camping Inflatable Mattress Buying Tips


To choose your inflatable mattress , there are different criteria to find the right model of camping cushion on the market. Here are some criteria you should consider.

Types of inflatable mattress

There are three types of camping airbag:

Self- inflating mat – The inside of these camping mats are filled with an open-cell foam that expands and fills with air when you open the valve (hence the name “self-inflating”).

Compared to a pure air cushion, this type provides a cushioned feeling thanks to the foam, even though it does not compress and is heavier.

Inflatable Air Mattress – An air mattress is almost completely filled with air. To inflate this type of inflatable bed, you must blow air through a valve or use an electric pump .

This is the easiest to use model of inflatable camping pillows. Even insulated models with synthetic material or bonded down inside can be rolled into a compact size, making it easy to store and transport.

This is great for hiking, but the overall comfort falls short compared to a self-inflating pad.

Foam Pads – This is a classic inflatable sleeper made of closed cell foam. It doesn’t need to be inflated, you just need to unroll it. There is no risk of a puncture, but closed cell foam is by far the least comfortable type of cushion.

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It’s very thin (less than 1 inch compared to 2 inches or more for an inflatable mat), so it can’t hide bumps in the floor.

Tips for choosing the right inflatable camping mattress

To properly assess the performance and effectiveness of the cushion, here are some criteria to consider:

Support – A high quality cushion should be able to support your body by distributing your weight evenly and preventing lumps from forming.

Such a model would have an array of air coils well distributed and as numerous as possible. These interior rooms would contribute to the comfort of the airbag and could accommodate up to 30 people.

Comfort – The question that arises is how comfortable an air model or any mattress is. In this section, find out if the inflatable mat is too soft, too hard, or just uncomfortable.

Durability – A sleeping pad is subject to a lot of wear and tear. If the manufacturing materials are not strong enough, you may end up with a hole. A simple way to help extend the life of your cushion is to put another cushion underneath. This will act as a barrier between your inflatable mattress and the ground outside.

Another thing to consider is whether the inflatable mattress comes with a warranty and what exactly it offers. However, if it’s not at least a year old, it’s not a recommended model.

The characteristics that a good inflatable mattress for camping should have:

When choosing an inflatable mattress for camping, here are some characteristics to take into account:

Inflation and Deflation Process – If you inflate the airbag with your mouth, it would take about half an hour to fully inflate. However, with a pump, it only takes a minute and you won’t even have to get involved in the process.

During the night, the outside temperature is not constant. In fact, it differs greatly. For this reason, the air inside the cushion expands or contracts depending on the temperature. This causes the airbag to either over inflate or deflate itself.

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To avoid this, buy equipment with an inflation system . This system measures the pressure inside and maintains the desired level. This way you can sleep on your mattress and not wake up in a hole in the morning.

R-Value and Insulation – To prevent your body heat from dissipating when camping outdoors, most airbeds are covered with a layer of insulation.

The R-value generally indicates a cushion’s ability to resist the flow of heat from your body. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation. R-values ​​can range from 1.0 (minimum insulation) to 9.5 (best insulation).

For warm seasons, you can opt for an inflatable floor mat with an R-value of 3.0 or less. For most 3-season camping conditions, an R-value of 2.0 to 4.0 will do. For cold temperatures, look for a model with an R-value of 4.0 or higher.

Weight – As with camping, you’re lifting and unloading your gear, you don’t have to prioritize the weight of the mattress. If you don’t have enough storage space in your rig, you can opt for packable and lightweight models.

Repair Kit – If you’re using an air cushion for camping, be sure to look for one that comes with its repair kit. Sharp objects can easily puncture air beds, so you should carry a repair kit to fix it in place.

Size – Small size mattresses are approximately 72” long for a twin . Cushions can range from 77″ to 85″ in length.

Long cushions are great for tall people, and the extra width is desirable for almost anyone.

Most mattresses are a standard 2 -person width . Tall people may want to choose inflatable camping mats that are 25-30 inches wide.

Thickness – When you sleep on your side, pressure points are accentuated on your shoulders and hips. Therefore, it is essential to choose a mattress that supports and comforts these areas.

Any mattress around 3” or thicker than 90cm is recommended for side sleepers.

Back sleepers can opt for a thinner inflatable camping mattress. The structure of the mattress is essential. Therefore, look for one that is thick enough and retains its shape well.

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Denier – For backpacking mattresses, the denier rating can range from 50D to 150D. The higher the score, the greater its tear resistance.

Linkability – Some mattresses allow you to link other mattresses of the same model together to create a larger sleeping space. Thus, making it more convenient than carrying air mattresses.

Types of valves – Most backpacking mattresses are self-inflating and come with a screw-in valve. Depending on the model, you may or may not need to blow air into these mattresses for full inflation.

Cheaper inflatable camping beds have flimsy plastic valves, while higher end models have good quality durable valves. Some good quality mattresses will provide you with two valves for quick inflation/deflation.

Does warmth matter when selecting a camping mattress?

The insulating properties of your cushion are essential for a good night’s sleep if you sleep outside at temperatures below 60°C.

Again, foam camping mats come out on top and many of them offer an R-value of 5 or higher, which will keep you warm in all but the coldest and coldest camping conditions. the darkest.

What is the comfort required of camping mattresses?

Comfort is specific to the person. After some research and some trial and error, you’ll find which style gives you the best nights rest.

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