10 Best ice Makers in Refrigerators 2022-Complete Guide Review

Formerly considered as equipment only intended for professionals in cocktail bars, the ice machine has also found its place in households. Very practical, it allows you to have ice cubes quickly and in quantity for different kinds of use. If you also want to have one at home, it would be good to choose a high-performance, ergonomic and easy-to-use model that meets your requirements. To do this, it would be good to consult this comparison of the best ice makers of the moment followed by a buying guide.

Comparison of the best ice makers in refrigerators 2022: tests and opinions

good ice maker is the one that meets your needs and above all has a number of essential characteristics. It must be efficient, practical, easy to use and ergonomic, but must also be affordable in terms of price. And since there are many models on the market, it is not at all easy to make an easy choice. This selection of the 10 best ice makers comes at the right time to save you a waste of time and energy. 

H. Koenig Kube KB15 Ice Maker

H. Koenig Kube KB15 Ice Maker

H. Kœnig is a German brand well known for the quality of the products it offers. Among these different offers, there is a complete range of high-performance ice makers. The KB15 aka the KUBE is one of them and is one of the best-selling models on the market.

This ice maker is indeed equipped with a 3.3 L water tank and has a compressor with a power of 150 W. These two elements combined allow it to ensure a daily production of up to 15 kg with a manufacturing cycle likely to vary between 6 to 13 minutes. As for the size of the ice cubes, the choice will be between three different options depending on the needs: small, medium and large. The user can also determine the shape in which he wishes to have the ice cubes: hollow or oval.

Thanks to its liquid crystal screen with LCD display, you can easily configure the various functions for simple and comfortable use. You will find a timer, the On/Off button, a choice validation button and a “clock” button. The device also incorporates a programming system in advance and a silent mode. You can also view information on the screen such as the water level in the tank, the overflow of ice cubes and many others.

Note also that the KB15 ice maker is a device that sports a beautiful chrome gray design marked by a brushed stainless steel coating. It measures 43x41x34 cm and weighs 11.5 kg. It is equipped with a very ingenious transparent cover that allows the user to follow the progress of the production. You will also certainly appreciate the ice shovel and the instructions for use.


  1. Good build quality
  2. Fast and effective
  3. Simple to use
  4. Easy settings


  1. Non-refrigerated tray

A short year after buying this machine, we do not regret it. It’s very practical when you receive people, you never run out of ice cubes. Read all reviews.

Jessica T.

Polar Undercounter 20Kg Ice Maker

Professional Ice Maker Under Counter 20Kg Polar

In order not to run out of ice cubes when you have huge needs (for example when organizing a party), it is better to be prepared. And there is nothing more practical than an ice cube maker to provide a large stock of ice cubes or to make them as the need arises. But for the production to be fast and efficient, it is better to opt for a reliable and efficient ice maker like this model offered by Polar Refrigeration.

This is a professional ice maker that is perfectly suited for home use. It is a model capable of producing 20 kg of ice cubes over 24 hours at the rate of 16 rounded ice cubes every 16 minutes. With its 200 W compressor, the device is particularly powerful and can run non-stop without any problems. It also has a storage capacity of 4 kg and has a very simple user interface.

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Unlike portable models, the Polar undercounter ice maker must be connected to a water supply that will fill its reservoir automatically. It also comes with an installation kit and an ice shovel.

This ice maker is made from durable and hygienic quality stainless steel. It is solid, imposing and weighs 28 kg.


  1. Fast and effective
  2. Large storage capacity
  3. Automatic water filling
  4. Good thermal insulation


  1. Very heavy machine

Having bought this machine I was surprised by the speed of production of the ice cubes, only small defect, the tank is a little small. But for the price, no complaints, excellent material. Read all reviews.

Mark L.

VPCOK ice maker

VPCOK ice maker

Like most models in the same category, the VPCOK ice maker has a 2.2 L water tank , a lid with a transparent viewing window and a removable ice basket. It also comes with an ice shovel and a user manual to facilitate its use. Speaking precisely of this point, know that the device has a control panel with clear instructions which promote its control with ease.

The VPCOK ice maker also incorporates infrared detection technology that intelligently detects the fullness of the drip tray or the lack of water. In either case, the automatic shutdown mode is activated and the corresponding indicator light flashes to warn the user.

In terms of performance, this icemaker has a power of 100 W and a manufacturing time that can vary between 6 to 13 minutes depending on the size selected for the ice cubes (small or large) and the ambient temperature.

Despite its plastic design, this machine is able to keep ice cubes cold longer than some stainless steel models. This is explained by the fact that it insulates the heat perfectly well thanks to the thick layer of foam that surrounds the storage basket.

The VPCOK ice maker is a device that is easy to clean and maintain since some of these elements are removable. In addition, it has a drain plug that allows unused water to be drained if necessary.


  1. Good value for money
  2. Fast ice production
  3. Compact et portable
  4. Good thermal insulation


  1. Plastic design

I bought this item because I have just replaced my American fridge (which was making ice cubes…!) with a classic fridge. With this summer heat, we really need to have ice cubes! Machine easy to install and start. It takes half an hour to have a stock of ice cubes! Read all reviews.

Emma V.

Kealive 005C Ice Maker

Kealive 005C Ice Maker

The 005C Kealive portable ice maker is a very elegant device whose design will certainly please you. It is solid, robust and its manufacturing material which is stainless steel guarantees it a fairly good durability. Powered by a 150 W compressor, this device is not noisy compared to some models. In addition, its 2.3 liter water tank combined with its 800 g capacity ice basket makes it one of the most productive machines in its class.

Whether for a moment of relaxation with the family, an evening aperitif with friends or for an outing to the beach, this icemaker promises you a batch of 9 ice cubes approximately every 10 minutes for a maximum daily production of 12 kg. Enough to stock up in advance so you don’t run out of ice cubes at the right time.

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Very easy to use, just fill its water tank, choose from the intelligent control panel the desired size from the 3 options offered and start production. It is possible to see how the production is progressing through the transparent part of the lid or wait for the automatic standby function to activate once the tank is full or when the water runs out.

With the Kealive 005 ice maker it is also possible to program the production in advance. Added to this is the fact that it has a self-cleaning system and good heat insulation.


  1. Beau design
  2. Lightweight and easy to carry
  3. Simple to use
  4. Easy maintenance


  1. The removable tray is made of plastic

Super easy to use. very fast production speed, the first ten ice cubes come out of the tray in just half an hour. the sizes of ice cubes are the same as those found in stores. the machine is very quiet, you can only hear the ventilation. ideal for home use. Read all reviews.

Chuck N.

Electric ice maker KB14 H. Koenig

Electric ice maker KB14 H. Koenig

If you want to have an ice maker at home that combines simplicity and performance, this model from the H. Koenig brand can meet your expectations. Like the other devices offered by the manufacturer, this one benefits from a good quality of design and has very interesting characteristics.

Indeed, the BK14 ice cube machine is perfectly suited to domestic use thanks to its production capacity of 12 kg/24h. It runs with a 120 W motor and offers very good performance. The first batches of ice form in 6 to 13 minutes and the cycle continues automatically as long as there is water in the 2.1 L reservoir . For the size of the ice cubes, only two possibilities are offered. Like the BK15 ice maker , the  KB14 modelis just as elegant, sober and refined and benefits from a stainless steel design. It will also blend in with your decor, regardless of the style of your kitchen. Since it’s a bit smaller than its older sibling, you’ll certainly have no trouble finding a place for it in the kitchen or on the counter. And if you want to take it on the go, that won’t be a problem either, because we’re dealing with a portable model that requires no installation. It incorporates a control panel, a removable ice cube tray, a transparent lid and comes with an ice scoop.


  1. Fast and effective
  2. Simple to use
  3. Silent mode available
  4. Easy cleaning
  5. Inconvenience


  1. Non-refrigerated tray

We consume ice cubes daily for all the drinks of the day.

After receiving our order from the top category in the same brand, which broke down before we could use it, we opted for the Koenig KB14. It is beautiful, space-saving and makes very nice ice cubes QUICKLY in the large size. We didn’t use the small size. In short, an excellent product, wishing that it would still be so in the long term… See all reviews.

Brigitte V.

KLARSTEIN Powericer XXL professional ice cube maker

KLARSTEIN Powericer XXL professional ice cube maker

The Powericer XXL ice cube machine is a model that adapts to the most demanding needs in terms of performance and quantity. With a daily capacity of 25 kg and a reserve of 6 kg, this device has enough to satisfy the expectations of a professional. But that doesn’t mean she can’t find her place in your home. If you often need very large quantities of ice cubes for various uses, it is better to invest in a model of this type.

Highly efficient, the Powericer XXL ice cube maker from Klarstein is able to make ice cubes constantly without the slightest sign of weakness. Despite its power of 160 W, it is quite quiet and does not disturb those around you. The appliance offers good insulation and stores ice cubes correctly.

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This is a model that uses a pipe system for direct water supply to a faucet. It will therefore be necessary to install it properly. This is also why it comes with a water hose and clamping rings.

Like a mini fridge, the Powericer XXL ice maker has a simple and elegant look. It will have no trouble blending into your kitchen or anywhere else.


  1. Fast and effective
  2. Large storage capacity
  3. Automatic water filling
  4. R600 cooling system

Delivery as expected easy installation well formed ice cubes as long as it lasts only downside the manual is not in French I had to look for it on the net waste of time. Read all reviews.

Martin O.

KW12 Wëasy Ice Maker

KW12 Wëasy Ice Maker

If you just need an icemaker that you will use occasionally, it is better to invest in a cheap but functional model like the KW12 from Wëasy.

It is, in fact, an ice maker that adapts well to moderate home use, since it has very good basic characteristics. Powered by a 150 W compressor, the device is powerful enough to ensure a daily production of up to 12 kg. It also incorporates a 2.2 L tank and can provide a hundred ice cubes in one hour depending on the conditions at the rate of 4 minutes per cycle.

Unlike most of the other ice makers in this comparison, the KW12 from Wëasy only offers one format in terms of ice cube size. But this does not change its ability to produce well-shaped ice cubes suitable for all kinds of uses.

Ergonomics remains one of the main strengths of this device. In fact, it is a compact model that will take up very little space on a counter. It also has a very attractive black design marked by its transparent cover and its LED display interface with light indicators for the water level and the overflow of ice cubes in the drip tray.

It should also be noted that the KW12 Wëasy ice cube machine incorporates an automatic shut-off function and has a timer which makes it possible to program the production cycles according to needs. 


  1. Excellent value
  2. Good production speed
  3. Format compact
  4. Easy to use


  1. One size of ice cubes

Clearly it’s been 2 years since I use it non stop at home. For the evenings or for the summers, it feels good to have a machine like that. You have to wait a while for the first ice cubes, and after that it goes faster. No breakdowns, no leaks, 2 buttons, easy to use… In short, for an ice cube machine, I only expect it to work and make ice cubes quickly and regularly. Meets my expectations. Read all reviews.

Didier I.

TecTake Ice Maker

TecTake Ice Maker

Behind its modern look that is both sober and elegant, the TecTake ice cube machine hides some very interesting features. The first element that immediately attracts attention is its speed of production despite the low power of its compressor (90 W). Although this is slightly below average, it still allows the device to make 9 impeccable ice cubes in just ten minutes .

With its 2.4 L water tank, the machine is capable of supplying up to 12 or even 15 kg of ice cubes per day divided into several cycles. Once ready, the ice cubes fall into the drip tray and the production continues until the alarm signals that it is full or that there is no longer enough water in the tank. You can also follow the progress of the process through the porthole of the lid without having to open the device.

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The TecTake ice cube maker is also equipped with a two-button control panel that allows you to switch on, off and choose the size of the ice cubes from two possibilities. Note also that this icemaker is made from very good quality plastic and is available in three colors (red, black, stainless steel). It measures 24 cm x 35 x 33 for 7.9 kg when weighed. It is a compact and very light device compared to most models on the market. It is very easy to clean and comes with an ice shovel and instructions.


  1. Sober and compact design
  2. Easy to use
  3. Fast and effective


  1. Limited features

gave the ice maker to my husband, at first he didn’t really see the point (since it was I who filled the ice cube trays every day,) no more ice cubes when there are people Unexpectedly. Attention ! The first ice cubes are very small, it is normal, they enlarge the orca the machine makes several series. Read all reviews.

Maximilian L.

IKICH portable ice maker

IKICH portable ice maker

This model offered by the IKICH brand generally has the same characteristics as the other models in this comparison. It is equipped with a transparent window lid, an ice basket and a 2L water tank. It can produce up to 12 kg of ice cubes in 24 hours and boasts such a fast production speed than that of its competitors.

Indeed, this ice maker is capable of making 9 small cubes of ice cubes in 6 minutes . If you opt for large format ice cubes, the production time increases significantly. As you will have understood, this device gives you the possibility of choosing the size of your ice cubes according to your needs.

The IKICH ice maker has an automatic sleep function as well as a warning alarm to let the user know when the water level is low or when the ice cube tray is full.

Much like the VPCOK ice maker, this model also has a thick layer of foam. Thanks to the latter, the device benefits from good thermal insulation . It therefore keeps the ice cubes cold a little longer than most other models.

It should also be noted that the device has a design in stainless steel / plastic of good quality with a modern and chic design, underlined by a silver finish. It is quite light and weighs only 7.7 kg. It won’t be too heavy to carry around and will blend in pretty well with any decor style.


  1. Modern stainless steel finish
  2. Portable et compact
  3. Intuitive adjustment interface


  1. Longer production cycle for large cubes

Machine quite fast, very easy to use and to be able to empty it from below and much more practical than some on the side. I recommend it. Read all reviews.

Florence D.

Klarstein Ice Age ice cube machine

Klarstein Ice Age ice cube machine

The Ice Age ice cube machine developed and offered by KLARSTEIN differs from all the other models in the selection by its design similar to that of an espresso machine. It is actually a prototype that incorporates an automatic ice cream dispenser. Very practical, all you have to do is put your glass down to collect the quantity of ice cubes you want. Whether in the office or at home, it will look great on your table or counter.

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This ice maker has a water tank with a capacity of 3 litres. This allows it to produce a significant quantity of ice cubes per day, i.e. around 15 kg. From its self-illuminated LCD touch screen, you can make a number of settings such as choosing the size of your ice cubes from the 3 possible options.

It is also important to note that this Klarstein brand icemaker has an automatic or manual emptying system which greatly facilitates its maintenance. Like most models, it has an alarm that notifies water level and ice full. It is ideal for having something to cool your drinks efficiently without worry during your aperitif evenings or your picnics.


  1. Practical and functional
  2. Easy to use
  3. Simple cleaning


  1. No downside identified

Does its job well! Makes just a little noise and it may surprise! Read all reviews.

Philippe F.

Best Ice Maker Buying Guide

Selection criteria

To find the ice maker that really meets your needs and your habits, you must take into account a number of parameters.

The daily production capacity

Before choosing an ice cube maker , you must find out the quantity of ice cubes it is capable of producing per day to see if it meets your expectations. Most of the time, the ice needs of a professional are far above those of an individual. If you are a manager, you must therefore opt for a device capable of providing you with the ideal quantity of ice cubes to satisfy your customers. This is very important so as not to end up short in full service or to avoid overproduction. To do this, consider the type of establishment (bar, restaurant, nightclub, etc.) that you have while taking into account the reception capacity of the latter.

For individuals, it is important to take into account the frequency of use as well as the amount of ice cubes you need on average. For example, it will be pointless to buy a professional machine that produces more than 25 kg of ice per day when you only need a few kilos occasionally. In the same way, it would be a shame to take a machine that does not cover your needs.

The power of the device and the duration of production

When considering investing in an ice maker , be sure to consider motor horsepower. Just know that the greater the power, the more the performance of the device increases and the more electrical energy it consumes. Reasonably, a basic ice maker should display 100 W at the very least.

The time it takes to produce ice cubes depends largely on the engine power of the device. In general, an ice cube machine intended for home use can make ten cubes in 10 minutes. However, the most efficient models can do it in 6 to 8 minutes. Please note that some machines may take up to 20 minutes to deliver the first batch.

It is also very important to know that some devices can produce a first batch of cubes in a few minutes, but take longer for subsequent batches. In the same way, the production time of the first batch of some machines can go within 15-20 minutes and decrease considerably for later batches.

The dimensions of the device and the size of the water tank

The size of ice makers varies by model. Before choosing an ice maker , you should therefore consider the space you have available for its storage. Also note that a small device is naturally easier to transport without forgetting that the format is an indicator of production capacity. Indeed, the larger the ice maker, the more production space it offers.

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In addition, you should know that the reservoir of an ice maker can hold 2 to 3.5 L of water depending on the model. You must therefore take this detail into consideration when making your choice.

The size and shape of the ice cubes

Some ice maker models allow the user to choose the size of the ice cubes. But again, not all of them offer the same options. While one machine offers the choice between small or large ice cubes, another can offer three possibilities, namely: small, medium and large cubes. Just be aware that smaller ice cubes form much faster, but they tend to melt faster. Some machines also offer the possibility of choosing the shape of the ice cubes.

The different features and options

If you want an ergonomic and easy-to-use ice maker , you will have to bet on a model that offers a number of features. For example, you will find devices that are equipped with a timer, which is very practical for programming production cycles in advance. Others have an LCD screen or an LED control panel that will allow you to set various functions. You can also find equipment that integrates: 

  • The water filter function
  • The self-check function
  • The distributor function
  • The self-cleaning function

Why buy an ice maker?

In general, ice cubes are used to refresh drinks, teas, cocktails or a bucket of champagne, especially in summer when the heat is very strong. But they can also be useful on a daily basis and throughout the year. For example, you may need it to relieve pain caused by shock or physical exertion, to keep certain vegetables cool or to stop pasta from cooking…

Thanks to an ice maker , you will easily and quickly have ice cubes available for various uses. Indeed, the main advantage of this machine lies in its ability to transform water into ice in a very short period of time. Where the most efficient freezer takes at least thirty minutes to cool and solidify the water, this unit can do it in ten minutes.

In addition to saving you time in the production of ice cubes , it also allows you to produce them in large quantities. What is very interesting when you organize a party, you have guests who arrive unexpectedly or to quickly serve your customers without having to make them wait a long time.

Having an ice maker also frees up space in your freezer. Which is much more practical and above all very hygienic. No need to defrost your food in order to have space to make your ice cubes. But even better, your cubes won’t take on the taste or smell of other foods.