10 best ice cream makers for making delicious homemade ice cream

Behind the common name, ice cream maker, there are several types of ice cream makers and therefore several ways to make homemade ice cream. The file below therefore aims to allow you to find the best ice cream maker 2022 and above all to understand the subtleties and differences between the products.

For this we offer you, first, a selection of carefully chosen ice cream makers, then an informative guide.

Why are our ice cream maker reviews reliable?

The entire G site tested for you and its articles are produced independently ( find out more ). Concretely, this means that during our research, we think of the future people who will use the products and not of a particular brand or retailer. This allows us to be objective and therefore to criticize based on concrete elements that everyone can see.

In order to make our selections and our opinions, we use various sources including the best sellers, articles published in the professional press, comments from the general public, the prizes awarded and of course the products themselves. For this, we each time draw up a list of criteria that we apply to each device.

▷ Comparative table ice cream maker

What are the best ice cream makers in 2022?

Here is now a detailed presentation of each ice cream maker selected after our comparison to appear in the best appliances in 2022.

Great value for money. This ice cream maker has a one-litre bowl, one-hour cold hold, dishwasher-safe attachments and a reputation for dependable strength.

Robust and powerful, this ice cream maker has a removable bowl that can hold 0.5 to 2 liters of ice cream. It takes 30 to 40 minutes of brewing then there is an auto stop. and keeping cold.

Colorful, small, practical, this ice cream maker is so effective that it’s hard to believe its price is so low. It works by cold accumulation and prepares a maximum of 1.5 liters at once.

Our favorite

Professional Ice Cream Maker HF180 H.Koenig Electric ice cream machine 1L135 W Refrigerating & maintaining cold – Quick preparation Compressor frozen yogurt, sorbet and ice cream

Great value for money. This ice cream maker has a one-litre bowl, one-hour cold hold, dishwasher-safe attachments and a reputation for dependable strength.

The best high end

Professional Ice Cream Maker HF320 H.Koenig - 2L 180 W electric ice cream maker - Refrigerating & maintaining cold - Quick preparation - Compressor - frozen yogurt, sorbet and ice cream

Robust and powerful, this ice cream maker has a removable bowl that can hold 0.5 to 2 liters of ice cream. It takes 30 to 40 minutes of brewing then there is an auto stop. and keeping cold.

The best cheap

Lagrange 409001 12 W ice cream maker LCD screen 1.5 L tank Raspberry

Colorful, small, practical, this ice cream maker is so effective that it’s hard to believe its price is so low. It works by cold accumulation and prepares a maximum of 1.5 liters at once.

1. H.Koenig HF320: the best high-end

h.koenig hf320 avis


✓ Ice cream maker ✓
Removable bowl ✓
Digital screen
✓ Automatic shut-off
✓ Lid with hatch


✓ Fairly heavy machine
✓ Fairly high price

This H.Koenig product is an ice cream maker equipped with a non-stick and removable tank for preparing 0.5 to 2 liters of sorbet or ice cream in one go.

The whole appliance is made of stainless steel , which makes it an elegant appliance when positioned on the countertop. The lid of the tank is made of transparent plastic, which allows you to have a look at the preparation. In addition, it has a hatch to add ingredients as you go (like hazelnuts or chocolate chips). As accessories, you receive an ice cream scoop, a measuring cup and a leaflet+recipes booklet.

Adjustments are made via a digital screen . Three modes of use are possible: brewing only, brewing + cold, cold only. A timer is integrated and linked to an automatic shutdown. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes, especially if the preparation has already been placed in the refrigerator a little just before. The power is 180 watts. So you can make a lot of ice cream in a short time.

The only flaw in our eyes is that this ice cream maker weighs 12.5 kg. It is rather made to settle permanently in the kitchen and not to be put away / taken out regularly.

2. H.Koenig HF340: the alternative high range

h.koenig hf340 avis


✓ Ice cream maker ✓
Vertical design
✓ 2 hour cold hold
✓ Lid opening
✓ LCD screen


✓ Heavy machine
✓ Expensive device

From a technical point of view, the HF320 (above) and HF340 ice cream makers are very similar. They are very clearly designed on the same model. However, the design is different. Indeed, the HF340 ice cream maker is vertical and therefore takes up little space on the work surface. In addition, it weighs 14 kg.

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This ice cream maker with integrated cold unit allows you to prepare ice creams, sorbets and ice creams in 30 to 40 minutes . For this, we use the removable and non-stick bowl which has a maximum capacity of 2 l (but it should not be filled to the maximum, because the ice cream swells as it forms). When the ice cream or sorbet is ready, depending on the programming performed on the timer, the ice cream maker stops, but keeps well cold for 2 hours . The ice cream scoop offered makes it possible to serve directly from the tank of the serving bowls.

On the top are the various buttons allowing the start as well as an LCD screen to follow the duration. The tank lid is made of plastic and can be opened at any time. The power of 180 watts is really satisfactory and the solidity of the whole is durable over time. It is a device made to be used regularly.

3. H.Koenig HF180: the best mid-range

h.koenig hf180 avis


✓ Ice cream maker ✓
Automatic shut-off
✓ Timer up to 60 min
✓ Dishwasher-compatible accessory
✓ Capacity 1 l


✓ Poor quality accessories
✓ Quite imposing

Here is an ice cream maker for a family of 4 with a very interesting price-quality ratio. Indeed, the removable bowl of the HF180 machine has a maximum capacity of one litre . We also receive with the machine an ice cream scoop and a graduated bowl (but of average quality) as well as a manual which contains some recipes to get you started. The grip is really easy and the indications are clear.

The power is 135 watts . The integrated cold unit makes it possible to make ice cream or sorbet in 20 to 40 minutes. However, the timer , connected to an automatic stop , goes from 10 to 60 minutes and is adjusted in 10-minute increments. At the end of the preparation, the ice cream is kept cold for about 1 hour. An LCD screen allows you to follow and program everything. It is possible to buy another bowl as an option and thus to chain the preparations by varying the flavors.

Just as the use is simple, the maintenance is done quickly and well. And if you don’t want to take care of it, you can place all the accessories directly in the dishwasher . If the device is a bit bulky, the design is designed for pleasant handling. The total weight is 10 kg. And the noise emitted is quite correct and not very annoying.

4. Cuisinart ICE30BCE: the mid-range alternative

cuisinart ice30bce avis


✓ Cold accumulator
✓ 2 L
bowl ✓ Aluminum finish
✓ Vertical format
✓ Ready in 25 minutes


✓ Quite noisy
✓ No cold keeping

Cuisinart offers with this reference an ice cream maker with a cold accumulator. This means that the bowl must remain in the freezer for at least 12 hours before being placed in the machine with the ingredients. It measures 20 cm in diameter and 16 cm high and therefore the size is quite correct. The device itself has a square base of approximately 24cm and is 30cm high. The whole thing weighs only 5 kg and is therefore easy to move.

After 12 hours in the freezer, add the ingredients and turn the start button. It only takes 25 minutes to transform your preparation into ice cream, sorbet or ice cream. An opening in the lid allows extra ingredients to be added during brewing or just at the end. This is how you can get pretty swirls, with fruit syrup or chocolate topping. To make two ice creams in the day, you have to buy an extra bowl.

This ice cream maker is very simple . It has a brushed steel exterior. Maintenance is done by hand without difficulty since the bowl, the blade and the lid are removable. On the other hand, it is quite noisy throughout its operation and it is impossible not to notice it.

5. Lagrange 409001: the best cheap

lagrange 409001 reviews


✓ Tangy colors
✓ 1.5 l
tank ✓ Lid with opening
✓ Automatic shut-off
✓ Backlit screen


✓ Noisy
✓ Not dishwasher safe

This Lagrange ice cream maker is in itself an invitation to gluttony . It has a beautiful raspberry-coloured lid that brings life to the kitchen. A second identical model in blueberry color exists. It is also a good quality ice cream maker.

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The bowl to be placed in the freezer has a capacity of 1.5 liters . It must spend more than 12 hours in the cold before the ingredients are added and the brewing begins. It takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour of stirring for an ice cream or a sorbet. There is a built-in automatic shutdown. And the transparent lid allows you to follow the transformation or add ingredients through a small opening. However, you can only make one ice cream per day.

The settings are made with a backlit screen . In fact, all the elements suggest that this ice cream maker is a mid-range model and that is why its price is so interesting (around 50 EUR). A serving spoon is even included in the box.

Its main drawback is the same as the majority of competing products: it is quite noisy. And like any ice cream maker that works by cold accumulation, it is strictly impossible to put the bowl in the dishwasher.

Promo -12%

6. Seb IG500131: the inexpensive alternative

seb ig500131 avis


✓ 1 liter tank ✓
Homogeneous mixture
✓ Recipe book
✓ Fairly compact tank
✓ Ready in 30 minutes


✓ Allow 24 hours in the freezer
✓ Made in China

This SEB cold accumulator ice cream maker is a small format product that is suitable for freezers that are often crowded. Indeed, the tank must first spend 24 hours in the freezer . It is 13 cm high and has a diameter of 21 cm. It has a capacity of one litre . Not bad for couples or families with just one or two small eaters.

To make ice cream well, the easiest way is to start with the 15 recipes offered in the book offered . Then you can test anything you want from the internet: frozen yogurt, ice cream, sorbet, etc. On the other hand, you must never forget to freeze the tank well and to let the preparation cool completely. It is possible to put it in the fridge a little beforehand (especially if you have cooked chocolate or caramel).

It is then necessary to count at least 30 minutes of a brewing which offers a very homogeneous mixture. The power is a little low, so it is possible to have to allow a little more than 30 minutes. Do not hesitate to monitor and adapt. The lid is transparent and it has an opening to add elements.

A few more ice cream makers…

The following four products are presented more briefly, because we really think the above ones are more interesting. However, depending on promotions, sales or Black Friday, other ice cream makers could attract your attention.

7. Magimix 11680 Gelato Expert

This ice cream maker is a high-end Magimix product, which is both elegant and practical. It is versatile and offers three programs and an Expert mode. You can make Italian ice cream (the lightest), homemade ice cream and granita.

In general, it takes about 30 minutes of brewing. And as there are two tanks, it is possible to chain the preparations. Otherwise it is also possible to take advantage of keeping it cold for about 1 hour 30 minutes.

Each tank has a similar volume, making it possible to prepare 1 l of ice cream or 1.3 l of sorbets or granitas.

Promo -11%

8. Klarstein Sweet Kiss

Here is a compressor ice cream maker , that is to say that does not require placing the bowl in the freezer. It has a bowl to prepare 2 liters of ice cream quite quickly.

Thus the power is 180 watts and the timer allows you to set a use of 5 to 60 minutes. When the timer has reached the end of its time, it causes an automatic stop, the emission of an audible beep and the cold maintenance of the bowl.

The little extra thing is the presence of a small opening on the lid to quickly and easily add more ingredients.

9. Princess 282605

This ice cream maker works by placing the bowl in the freezer for at least 8 hours. Then the churning is done in 20 minutes and an audible indicator lets you know that it’s ready. It’s even possible to add ingredients while baking (like brownie bits or syrup for swirls).

The tank allows you to prepare 1.5 liters in one go. On the other hand, we do not see the preparation being done, the lid being mostly opaque. The settings are made via an LCD screen. The bowl, like all removable elements, can be placed in the dishwasher.

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Promo -11%

10. Domo DO9066I

Easy to handle and durable, this model is an ice cream maker with compressor. It has a 1.5 liter tank, which actually allows you to prepare 800 grams of ice cream or sorbet in a single batch.

On top of the ice cream maker is a bright LCD display as well as several buttons. From there, we adjust the duration of the brewing in order to benefit from an automatic stop. A maximum of 50 minutes of operation can be programmed. This is sufficient since normally, depending on the type of sorbet, it will only take 20 to 40 minutes of stirring. Cleaning is also very easy and quick.

Buying guide: all about the ice cream maker

Here is now the informative part of our file. This is to allow you to fully understand the use and specificities of an ice cream maker.

What is an ice cream maker?

The ice cream maker is the machine that makes sorbets .
Sorbets are water-based frozen desserts, which differentiates them from milk-based ice creams.

In fact, ice cream makers make it possible to prepare sorbets as well as ice creams and frozen yogurts. It is a small appliance, quite compact and easy to store in a closet. Depending on the format purchased, you can make ice cream for 2 to 10 people.

Buying an ice cream maker is like buying a frying pan : you don’t buy the same model depending on the number of people living in the house. But the format is not the only criterion, so here are the different points of comparison to know which ice cream maker to buy.

✓ Turbine or accumulator

Criterion developed in detail just below, it must be understood that there are two types of ice cream makers and that the use is absolutely not the same. In terms of creaminess and speed, the ice cream maker always seems to be the best choice.

✓ Volume

It is a question of seeing how much ice can be prepared in one go in the tank. And of course this volume must be brought back to your family. Not everyone needs 2 liters of ice cream every time.

✓ Power

Attention, on an ice cream maker with a cold accumulator, the power will be between 10 and 100 watts. With an ice cream maker, this power is over 100 watts and the more the better.

✓ Number of tanks

In general there is only one tank, however some more complete products have two tanks, to operate at the same time or one after the other, to have two different flavors in a short period of time.

✓ Rest time

After making an ice cream, the bowl of the ice cream maker needs a longer or shorter time before it can be used again. If your idea, when buying a turbine, is to be able to make several ice creams on the same day, this detail is important.

✓ Sound level

Just like yoghurt makers, ice cream makers work alone, but it takes more or less time. So, it is better to have a device that makes little noise to be able to do something else next to it.

✓ Options

There may be various options such as an automatic stop, the possibility of adding other ingredients along the way (such as chocolate chips), a more or less readable LCD screen, etc.

✓ The price

Your budget will directly influence the type of products you can buy, because there is a real difference between cold accumulator ice cream makers and ice cream makers.

What are the different types of ice cream makers

There are technically two types of ice cream makers, but in terms of purchase there are three distinct products. They each have a different price and functions.

⇨ Ice cream maker with cold accumulation

This device needs to spend 10 hours in the freezer before it can stir the ingredients and turn them into ice cream. So you need a big freezer. The main interest is that they are really cheap devices.

⇨ The autonomy ice cream maker, called ice cream maker

This machine performs cooling and stirring at the same time. It is therefore not necessary to place it in the freezer beforehand. The process is also faster, however this type of ice cream maker costs more and consumes more energy.

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⇨ The ice cream maker accessory for pastry robots

Some pastry robots offer the possibility of buying an ice cream maker as an accessory, which then replaces the preparation bowl. We strictly buy the sorbet preparation bowl and this, associated with the robot, works like an ice cream maker with cold accumulation.

Other electrical appliances for gourmets

Homemade products can be tastier and less sweet when you choose the ingredients well. What often slows down is the time it takes. So to help you, here are several handy kitchen utensils:

  • the heating blender grinds the ingredients then possibly heats them to make soups or smoothies;
  • the yogurt maker is essential for making your own yogurts, as it carries out the fermentation at a carefully controlled temperature;
  • the bread machine manages the kneading, resting times and baking of breads and brioches;
  • The robot cooker is an electrical device that replaces pots and pans by allowing you to cook different dishes.

Whether you opt for an accumulation or turbine ice cream maker, the principle remains essentially the same. The tank is cold and the motor activates a blade which allows the preparation to be mixed until the perfect consistency for ice cream is obtained. (source) In some cases there is a timer, in others you have to monitor the mixture yourself. But in the end, we get an ice cream to be consumed within about 15 days.

What are the benefits of an ice cream maker?

The main interest in buying an ice cream maker is the same as anything that allows you to prepare what you eat yourself. Ingredients can be selected more carefully . This makes it possible both to choose organic ingredients and to carefully avoid foods that cause allergic reactions.

Moreover, when you have a garden where you pick your own fruits , it makes it easier to transform them than simply by making dozens of jars of jam.

Finally, in terms of education and transmission, it helps to show children where their food comes from and how it is obtained.

What is the best brand of ice cream maker?

Here is a brief presentation of serious brands to buy an ice cream maker.

▷ H.Koenig

German company founded in 1960, H.Koenig is a real reference brand for small household appliances. It allows you to equip yourself inexpensively and with elegance. In addition, its products are considered to be very reliable according to the Fnac Darty after-sales service barometer and according to user reviews.
Another positive point: there are pretty designs to combine utility and aesthetics in the kitchen.

▷ Klarstein

Another brand of German origin , Klarstein shares several points in common with H.Koenig. Thus it offers a unique and colorful design for small household appliances. On the other hand, it also sells large household appliances and this concerns all everyday products.
The products are not very expensive. The only regular criticism is against the not always very efficient after-sales service.

▷ Magimix

A French company belonging to the Hameur group, Magimix is ​​a company created in 1971 in Burgundy for the sale of the Magimix multifunction robot. Today, it offers different products, all for the kitchen. These are mainly positioned at the top of the range. This is solid material, even if the compliments go in priority to the robots, blenders and juice extractors.

▷ Kitchenaid

KitchenAid is an American company best known for its food processors. Moreover, it was founded in 1919 to sell the very first robot beater. Today, however, its catalog includes much more than robots for pastry. There are small and large household appliances.

One of the advantages is that everything is designed with the same design and therefore you can really build yourself a beautiful and practical workspace.
On the ice cream maker side, the only machine offered by KitchenAid stands out from the others, because it is just a special freezing bowl to be fixed on the pastry robot.

▷ Seb

A true giant of French household appliances , SEB is both a brand of household products specializing in culinary and a group that owns more than 20 brands. Which means that concretely SEB is the brand that invented the first pressure cooker and today it owns Tefal, Rowenta, Krups, etc. All its products are solid and durable, despite an often affordable price. Many devices have been awarded upon their release.

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▷ Lagrange

On its site , Lagrange presents itself as the “specialist in small household appliances”. It was also with an electric waffle maker with interchangeable plates that the brand launched in the 1950s. Based in France , near Lyon, it only offers products for cooking: popcorn machines, planchas, yogurt makers , etc.

The value for money is quite interesting, because the products are not very expensive while the quality is there.

▷ Cuisinart

It was thanks to the use of the first food processors in France that the Cuisinart brand was founded in the United States in 1971. Indeed, its creator had just returned from a stay in France where he had attended the presentation of a food processor.

Today it offers both electric and manual products with always great elegance in design. In general, it is suitable for cooking large quantities with a purchase price related to this quality.

Maintenance tips for ice cream maker

In general, the ice cream maker should not be put in the dishwasher and maintenance is only done with the soft side of the sponge.

The body of the device can be cleaned when everything is unplugged with a soft cloth or sponge, soap and a little water.
For the tank itself, it is necessary to plan to wash in cold water only, by hand, with a little soap, a soft sponge and water. It is best to remember to do this shortly after use, but not right away. Indeed, the tank remains quite cold for a certain time and it must therefore first rest at room temperature. When storing, do not put anything in the tank.

Opinions on ice cream makers: what do consumers think?

The downside with reviews of the best ice cream makers is that you get mouth-watering recipes very quickly. We have nevertheless selected a few comments that focus on the products, from the Beauté Test forum.

I have an ice cream maker with a cooling turbine […]: it takes up a lot of space, it’s heavy and it’s expensive. Mine is my mother’s, she’s twenty years old (not my mother, the ice cream maker) and she’s great! It’s a Magimix, I don’t think it still exists, but if one day it leaves me, I save for an ice cream maker of this level.

I bought mine for around 20 € this summer at Leader Price and I’m very happy with it. Well there in winter it is tidy, but in summer I use it regularly either to make very creamy ice cream (like Italian ice cream), for example Nutella or white chocolate – speculoos. Or for very simple ice creams to cool off with dessert (white yoghurts – red fruits for example).

Those that cost the least are composed of a kind of tank that is placed overnight in the freezer before churn the ice cream or sorbet. I have one, it’s great, but you have to plan at least the day before to refrigerate the tank, and have room in the freezer. I have the impression that ice cream (or sorbet) is better when you have just prepared it, it tends to catch crystals when you leave it for a long time (several weeks) in the freezer afterwards. Ah, yes, also, the cold accumulated by the tank in 1 night is not enough to make 2 rounds of ice cream the same day. You have to put all the mess back in the freezer for 12 hours to be able to make ice cream again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This device strictly manages the last step in the preparation of an ice cream or a sorbet. It is therefore necessary to start by managing the preparation of the various ingredients. This is usually done with a classic bowl and a whisk. If you have chosen an ice cream maker, when the preparation is ready, all you have to do is place it in the tank and program the start-up. This can take up to 2 hours depending on the quantity. If you have an ice cream maker with a cold accumulator, you have to think about placing the tank in the freezer more than 10 hours before. Then only the preparation is to be poured into the tank and the ice cream maker is to be switched on. Brewing takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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The ice cream maker: how long in the freezer?

With an ice cream maker with a cold accumulator, it is necessary to allow 10 to 24 hours of pause time in the freezer. It depends on the devices and the ideal is to consult the manual. It is generally possible to leave the tank longer than expected, while the reverse is not possible (this will not allow the preparation to be transformed into ice cream). So some store the tank all the time in the freezer so that it is always ready.

What to choose: an ice cream maker or a turbine?

In fact, ice cream makers are also called ice cream makers, so here it is mainly a question of comparing the cold accumulator ice cream maker and the ice cream maker. The cheapest device is the cold storage ice cream maker. The fastest device is the ice cream maker. Moreover, if you have a small freezer, you have no choice: you have to choose an ice cream maker which is used without access to the freezer (except to keep the ice cream when it is ready).

Two elements are important for a smooth ice cream: the choice of ingredients and the duration of stirring. So in terms of ingredients, it is necessary to favor raw milk or possibly whole milk, whole fresh cream at 30% and avoid classic powdered sugar. It should also be noted that, if the ice cream is not consumed immediately, it generally loses its creaminess over time. Indeed, the water contained in the ice cream does not freeze at the same speed as the rest and this is what hardens the ice cream during a passage in the freezer.


Conclusion: which ice cream maker should we choose?

As much as possible, a good ice cream maker is really an ice cream maker that is space-saving, easy to use and provides ice cream quickly.

Our favorite machine is the H.Koenig HF180 machine , perfect for couples or families of up to 4 people , as the tank has a capacity of one litre. When you are more, you just have to plan to buy a new bowl as an option and you can make several preparations the same day.

For a very small price, we recommend the Lagrange 409001 ice cream maker which really gives you value for your money. It is beautiful and its use is simple and intuitive .

Finally, for solid and durable equipment , it is possible to turn to the top of the range and in this case, the ice cream maker that caught our attention is the reference H.Koenig HF320 , with its removable non-stick bowl and its various accessories.