The best hiking shoes for women

If you are on this article, you are looking for a good pair of shoes for your next hike. We suggest you save yourself a long search by showing you a buying guide for the best hiking shoes for women!

You will see in particular how a particular model of women’s hiking shoe stands out. You will also see why it is important to choose well and the different selection criteria for buying a good pair of shoes.

Choosing the right hiking boots

It is essential to choose hiking shoes adapted to your needs, especially if you do them regularly.

If you choose the wrong way, you will have regular pain, whereas a good pair of shoes will allow you to go on an excursion on all types of terrain while preserving your foot and your comfort, allowing you to keep the shoe on longer.

It is important to choose your pair of shoes according to the type of outing you are going to do. If you do a trail you will rather need a light shoe offering great freedom of movement.

The best hiking shoes for women

Among the emblematic models for women, we can mention 3 models in particular, the Asolo Tribe GV ML, the Salomon Ellipse 2 Aero and the Lowa Renegade.

The Asolo and Lowa models with their high upper and lining provide all the necessary comfort that women are looking for to be able to go hiking with the best possible guarantee.

Choosing women’s hiking shoes

3 elements stand out when it comes to choosing your pair of hiking shoes. We’ll see which ones.

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First the rod. This is the part that covers the upper part of the foot. It is generally designed with leather (suede or nubuck). In order to guarantee watertightness, manufacturers insert a Gore-Tex membrane on certain models. There are three types of upper, the low which is the classic shoe model, the high which encompasses the ankle and the mid which is a compromise between the two.

Then the choice of the sole is essential to ensure a pair of quality shoes. The sole is generally made of rubber, combined with other components to guarantee sufficient solidity, grip and cushioning. The fundamental element of a sole is the grip.

Finally last important point the lacing system. It must be simple, be done quickly and guarantee stability.

Buy women’s hiking shoes

Women have a narrower foot than men and a different morphology, they need a different type of shoe.

Sensitive feet will need a sturdy sole. A pair of hiking shoes specially designed for women will also have a different design that is more visually more aesthetic than a men’s model, notably with flashy colors and will be lighter.

Which women’s hiking shoes to choose?

Don’t miss our comparison of the best models of women’s hiking shoes! There will be something for everyone, low/high shoes, boots, etc. You will have the choice among the most beautiful Outdoor brands. promo

Women’s hiking shoes prices

The price of a pair of women’s shoes varies between 40 and 300 euros on average. You can go up to around 600 euros for a pair of mountain shoes for men.

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Clean your women’s hiking shoes


You can clean your shoes with warm water and soap.

If the shoe is dirtier you can use a brush.

We advise you to remove the insole to avoid getting it wet.

You can then let it dry at room temperature but avoid exposing it to too much heat, which can damage the shoe.

To end this buying guide for your pair of hiking boots, we recommend that you take into account the main criteria of rigidity, support, grip and waterproofness in order to guarantee the longevity of the shoe and especially the comfort.

Your future shoe must allow your foot to breathe properly and ensure comfort throughout your excursions. You can also make your choice according to the type of walks you are used to doing (trek, long hike, short hike).

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