Best Hiking shoes for trails 2022

Welcome to our buying guide for hiking shoes for trail running!

We will develop in detail throughout our article all the criteria to take into account to choose the right trail shoe, whether for men or women.

You will see how to choose a quality trail model and for what price, we will find both cheap and high-end.

Differences in Best hiking Shoes for trail Running?

First of all, it is important to make the difference between the different hiking shoes.

It is true that you can get lost between the hiking shoe, the trail shoe or the model for mountaineering.

A trail shoe is designed to put the athlete in the best conditions to face the elements he will face, that is to say technical terrain and trails. Generally trail shoes provide great support and traction with a flexible sole.

Hiking shoes are designed for users with a backpack, they provide lateral ankle support.

You can see the difference in the flexibility of the sole and the materials used for the upper.

Trail shoes have low uppers which is not always the case for hiking shoes.

What are the best trail running shoes?

Characteristics of a trail shoe

There are several characteristics specific to the trail shoe:

  • there is a double protection at the level of the foot with reinforcements on the front and in the center,
  • light studs are added to the soles,
  • finally the lacing is specially designed to be fast and precise.

A trail runner will often need to modify their lacing depending on the areas crossed.

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Choose hiking shoes for trail

To effectively choose his trail shoes, the user must take into account several aspects.

For what practice?

A runner who likes speed will direct his choice towards a light shoe. An ultra trailer that will cover long distances will favor comfort with a flexible and light model.

What ground?

If the ground is uneven or slippery, we recommend a solid and protective shoe. If it is more about trails or forests, it is better to have a flexible and light shoe.

What sole?

Here are the different types of insoles that can be found on the market.

  • A rugged sole for runners who venture into rough terrain.
  • A sole with grip on slippery ground.
  • A shock-absorbing sole for an ultra trailer, for example. The more cushioning the less speed.

Which trail shoes to choose?

We are going to present you in this section 3 models which each correspond to a particular type of race.

The Salomon XA Pro 3D


The Salomon XA Pro 3D Trail shoe is effective whatever the conditions. It offers exceptional support combined with excellent durability and protection.

The mesh allows immediate drying and the quicklace closure system is perfectly effective. It is a model that is suitable for all trail users from beginners to the most demanding.

The Salomon SpeedCross 4 Woman


The women’s model from Salomon SpeedCross 4 is characterized by lightness and very aggressive grip.

This shoe is water resistant, fast lacing, good foot support and a rubber outsole.

Salomon SpeedCross 4


As we saw above, the Salomon SpeedCross 4 is surely the reference in terms of trail running, whether for men or women.

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It is perfect for running long distances on soft ground with optimal comfort.

Salomon Sense Ride


Another Salomon model in this top trail shoe because it remains the reference brand in the field.

The Sense ride model is perfect for long-distance trail running. It is the best model on the market for long-distance trail running.

The layer of foam present on the model makes them very comfortable. The synthetic upper with a mesh ensures exceptional comfort. The lacing is very simple with the system based on eyelets to avoid friction. The inner liner provides perfect protection, the foot is so protected that it is possible to put it on without socks! Finally, the Contragrip sole is ideal for wet surfaces.

Adidas Kanadia 7 Tr GTX


If you ever have to run a trail and the weather is rather rainy and generally in case of bad weather we recommend the Adidas Kanadia 7 Tr GTX model.

It is the reference in the category of waterproof trail shoes. This model is designed to provide perfect protection against water and humidity thanks in particular to the synthetic material and the mesh insole.

The Kanadia was designed to stay dry at all times. Gore-tex technology improves its waterproof properties making it a reference and the best model for waterproof trail shoes.

To end this comparative test and in summary, you can choose your trail shoe according to different criteria depending on the comfort, the sole or the support but also the type of trail (Long distance, showers, soft ground, etc.). The models presented in this comparison are the best on the market and each of them is specific to a type of race.

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