Best hiking shoes for men 2022

If you are on this article, you are looking for a good pair of shoes for your next hike.

We suggest you save yourself a long search by showing you a buying guide for the best hiking shoes for men!

Our team of enthusiasts will provide you with expert advice to help you in the best possible way with your purchase. In addition, you will discover through our comparisons the flagship models of the leading Outdoor brands. You will see why it is important to choose well and the different selection criteria for buying a good pair of shoes.

Best hiking shoes for men 2022-Opt for quality hiking shoes

It is essential to choose the right pair of shoes and to choose quality materials.

Initially in relation to the preservation of your foot and your ankle and to guarantee you comfort.

Then if you want to go on long hikes or on technical terrain, you will need an excellent pair of shoes and the corresponding technologies to allow you the necessary support and robustness.

The best hiking shoes for men

The best pair of shoes will depend on many different criteria depending on the person concerned. The most expensive shoe will not necessarily be the best.

The best will be the one that best suits your foot and ankle and is best suited to the style of hiking you are going to be doing.

Then it is obvious that depending on your budget you can choose more comfortable and resistant.

Choosing men’s hiking shoes

We will distinguish 4 essential points in the choice of a good pair of hiking shoes.

  • rigidity: make sure that the model you choose is rigid enough for good grip on difficult terrain.
  • support: good support with the help of a high upper, for example, will help support the ankle.
  • the grip of the sole: a good sole will depend on the material used, for example rubber will have good grip.
  • waterproofing: Gore-tex technology is used by almost all of the major outdoor brands and keeps the foot dry and lets it breathe, which is essential in the mountains.
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Buy men’s hiking shoes


We could not make a “mixed” men’s/women’s shoe because the two have different needs in terms of comfort.

Depending on the type of excursion, a men’s shoe must be able to guarantee maximum solidity and support to be able to face the most technical terrains, not to mention climbing or mountaineering.

Choosing men’s hiking shoes

Discover our comparison of hiking shoes for men! Don’t miss the hottest models of the moment and the best brands.

Price of hiking shoes for men?

The price of a pair of men’s shoes can vary between 80 and 600 euros on average. The pair of shoes that you can find for around 600 euros is a Scarpa model designed specifically for mountaineering and ice climbing.

Clean your men’s hiking shoes


The easiest way to care for your hiking boots is to wash them by hand with warm water and soap.

If the shoe is dirtier you can use a brush. We advise you to remove the insole to avoid getting it wet.

You can then let it dry at room temperature but avoid exposing it to too much heat, which can dry out the leather.

To end this buying guide for your pair of hiking boots, we recommend that you take into account the main criteria of rigidity, support, grip and waterproofness in order to guarantee the longevity of the shoe and especially the comfort.

Your future shoe must allow your foot to breathe properly and ensure comfort throughout your excursions. You can also make your choice according to the type of walks you are used to doing (trek, long hike, short hike).

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