Top 10 Best Hiking shoes for kids 2022

If there are pairs of hiking boots for men and women why not make some for children!

If you are on this article, it is because you are concerned about choosing the right pair of shoes that will suit your child.

We offer to save you time by presenting you with a buying guide to choose the pair of children’s shoes that you need. We will review all the fundamental aspects to make the best choice!

Opt for children’s hiking shoes

It is important that your child is well equipped to go on a hike, even a light hike.

Children need maximum protection, their feet are fragile and they need a well-adapted hiking shoe just as much as adults. Babies’ feet are special and fragile.

The best hiking shoes for kids

We have selected 3 models that will suit your child perfectly.

First of all, the Merrell Hilltop Mid, with its leather upper and synthetic sole, they are solid and the finish is neat. They keep you warm when the temperatures get very cold.

Then we have the high top Jack Wolfskin MTN Attack 2. It offers excellent support and good grip with its rubber sole. We have a velcro closure system on this model.

Finally the mixed Adidas Originals Terrex are also a pair of very good quality shoes with a top level of comfort.

Choosing children’s hiking shoes

Here are some criteria to take into account when choosing the right hiking shoe for children.

A flexible sole

This is the most important criterion when choosing a pair of hiking boots for your child.

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If he has just learned to walk, he will have to have the maximum feeling of not having a sole, so a more flexible sole is to be preferred.

Closing system

We would tend to think that a scratch would be much easier but this is not the case we will have to take a shoe with laces. The laces provide more precision and therefore hold the foot better.

Gore-Tex membrane

Whether for adults or children, good waterproofing is essential. For the child this will be even more essential because a child with wet feet will be even more grumpy!

Choice of sole


In addition to a flexible sole, it will be necessary to choose a maximum grip although it can have good comfort and feel comfortable.

We recommend that you choose a high upper if you go to the mountains to ensure maximum protection for your child. Finally the weight is very important because if the chosen model is too heavy your child will get tired much too quickly.

As you probably know, toddlers like to frolic everywhere, especially in the water, which is why children’s hiking shoes can be waterproof.

What locking system?

If your little one is more looking for autonomy and likes to fend for themselves, it is worth opting for Velcro, otherwise if you want to go to the mountains, we recommend the laces which offer a more precise tightening.

Which children’s hiking shoes to buy?

Don’t miss our selection of the best hiking models for children. You will find the flagship models of the best brands to equip your child in the best possible way!

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Price of a pair of children’s hiking shoes

There is a range of prices between 10 and 155 euros for children’s models.

Clean your child’s hiking shoes


The easiest way to care for your hiking boots is to wash them by hand with warm water and soap.

If the shoe is dirtier you can use a brush. We advise you to remove the insole to avoid getting it wet.

You can then let it dry at room temperature but avoid exposing it to too much heat, which can dry out the leather.

To conclude this article and if we go back to the important points that we have seen, there are 4 essential elements to take into account when choosing your pair of hiking shoes for children: a flexible sole, a lace-up closure system, good grip and a gore-tex membrane.
Regarding the price, the price of a children’s shoe can range from 10 to 155 euros, you can find a very good quality shoe for a reasonable price.

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