Top 10 Best Hiking Backpack Under 100 In 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

What if I say that a fabulous hiking trip isn’t possible without the best hiking backpack? Yeah, but it makes things more beautiful when you can get one of the best hiking backpacks for under 100 dollars.

Isn’t it cool? Yeah, it is.

Moreover, we want you to have a tremendous hiking adventure, and that’s why we’re here to help you in selecting the best hiking backpack for the money you’re willing to spend.

However, before we move to reviews of top-notch backpacks in the best budget segment, we want to help you further regarding various aspects of backpacks. So that all this information comes in handy to you when you decide to buy one.

Let’s move forward to the buyer’s guide section to explore everything about backpacks.

In case you’re already familiar with basic aspects and need to know things about backpacks you might like to directly jump to Our Review of Best Hiking Backpack Under 100 $. Click on this section.

We’ve selected more than 6 Hiking Backpack under the 100$ price bar.

Take a brief look at each review. We’re sure it’ll help you in making a perfect decision of selecting one of the best.

1. Gonex 100L Hiking Backpack – Best Companion For Long Hiking Journey

Gonex 100L Hiking Backpack - gonex backpack review

Gonex is selected as our editor’s choice and one of the best hiking backpacks under 100 dollar budget.

It was not easy for it to justify its place on the top of the list as many competitors are providing almost everything that it’s capable of delivering.

Let’s explore what are those specialties in this hiking backpack by Gonex that makes it stand out from all others.

One of the best qualities we liked about Gonex 100 which we’d like to mention in this Gonex Backpack Review is its durability. Yeah, it’s made up using high-quality material and capable enough of storing all the stuff that you should bring with you on a long hiking journey.

As far as materials are concerned, Gonex 100L is manufactured using 900D oxford which is exceptionally lightweight, corrosion, and water resistant. Yeah, it’ll not let even a drop of water enter your backpack during rainy situations.

When it comes to convenience and suitability Gonex beats almost all other brands with its heart-satisfying design.

Yeah, if you’re worried about organizing your stuff, or anything related to capacity then be worry-free as Gonex is a handy solution to your concerns regarding all such problems.

A large inner compartment is capable enough of handling all your stuff while two small pockets on both sides of the waist strap come in handy for storing little things such as accessories, keys, and other tactical gadgets.

As we earlier stated in our buyer’s guide for the best hiking backpack for the money, it features an internal frame type which distributes the weights of your stuff across your body evenly.

It also features 8 different and adjustable sizes to fit your height and body posture.

Yeah, all such features matter when it comes to comfort.

As additional features, it also provides loops which help accommodate a tent, or a might be a sleeping bag.

fabulous storage bin on the bottom of this hiking backpack further increases its capacity concerning storage.

This Gonex backpack is packed with a rain cover which further helps you keep your bag free from getting wet.

In case you’re concerned about the padding and ventilation capability of a backpack then Gonex features marvelous shoulder, chest, and waist straps with most comfortable spongy cushion padding.

Yeah, no more worry about shoulder or back pain. This padding also helps in circulating airflow while the backpack is mounted on your back.

That’s all for features and capabilities of this fantastic hiking backpack from Gonex.

Now, to make things easier take a look at bright and dark sides of this Gonex hiking backpack.

Pros And Cons of Gonex 100L Backpack for your money


  • Highly durable build.
  • Most comfortable design.
  • Lightweight internal framing.
  • Enough of space for organizing stuffs.
  • Waist, chest and shoulder straps with spongy cushion padding.
  • Comes with several external features like loop for sleeping bag or tent and rain cover pocket.


  • Don’t load it fully because more weight may exhaust you sooner even if it is comfortable enough.

Our opinion for this fabulous backpack is completely based on the ability of comfort it can provide to you. Yeah, another great thing about this backpack is its ability of storage. If you’re a quality, hungry and comfort enthusiast hiker, then go, buy it. It’s worth your money that’s what we could say in this gonex backpack review.

2. High Sierra Classic 2 Rappel Hiking Backpack – Made Up For Off-Road Terrain

High Sierra Classic 2 - Best Budget Hiking Backpacks Reviews

Yeah, High Sierra is a well-known brand for hiking backpacks. So this one from them is impressive.

You might notice its feature-rich design as soon as it comes to your hand. It’s not just a feature packed backpack, but it is versatile concerning usability.

If durability and quality of material is your concern, then don’t worry it’s made up of high quality and durable material.

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Yeah, it can be used on business trips as well or maybe on a solo trip around back country or perhaps on an off-road hiking trip. You’re free to use it everywhere.

It features two main compartments for easy organization of your stuff. Yeah, you’re free to cram your all the hiking gears, and it’s capable of holding them.

Moreover, lots of tie out loops are provided by the manufacturer which helps in holding your essential stuff like camping pads or tent or maybe both.

Yeah, a highly customizable design is a symbol of perfect artistry.

Along with the main compartment, it also features two side pockets for storing small stuff and accessories.

In our opinion, it’s one of the best hiking backpack for the money you want to spend.

However, before making any decision, we should talk about comfort as well. Yeah, you should not be stuck with energy-sucking backpack for a hiking adventure.

As far as comfort is concerned, it features an amazingly adjustable shoulder strap and hip belt. Shoulder straps and back support is padded with high-quality cushion support.

That’s all for High Sierra Hiking Backpack reviews folk, now let’s move to pros and cons of this marvelous piece of comfort.

Pros and Cons of High Sierra Classic 2 Rappel Hiking Backpack


  • Versatile usability.
  • Comfortable design.
  • Enough storage capacity for a day hike or weekend trip.
  • Durability at its best.
  • Well trusted and high rated Brand.
  • Affordable price range.


  • Initially, Zippers are sticky in some cases, But, becomes smooth after use.

If you’re hunting for the best hiking backpack for you’re a day hike or weekend trip and also wants that backpack to be able to be with you in your business trips, then this High Sierra Hiking Backpack is for you.

Yeah, High Sierra is a well-known brand on itself and provided some of the fabulous hiking gears to the hiking enthusiasts.

Moreover, this variant by High Sierra is one of the Best Hiking Backpacks under 100$ budget. Go for it mate. Have a comfortable and adventurous hike.

3. Gonex Tactical Military Backpack 70L – Made For A Fabulous Hiking Experience

Gonex Tactical 70L - Best Hiking Backpack for hiking or camping

Don’t be surprised by seeing the same brand on the list one more time. Yeah, this variant deserves its place in our Review of best hiking backpack for the money.

As we talked earlier, Gonex is known for its quality and comfort. Same implies for all the variant of this brand.

As far as Tactical Military variant is concerned, it comes with a large storage capacity of 70L. Yeah, with the main compartment being huge it helps in storing all the essential stuff that needs to be there on a heart-satisfying hiking trip.

Yeah, the main compartment also has a laptop carrying compartment in it that comes handy if you’re planning a business trip with this backpack.

If quality is a concern, then this backpack features Anti-scratch and highly durable 900D oxford which makes it a sturdy beast in the best budget hiking backpack segment.

It is waterproof, anti-corrosion, and extremely durable. What else we want above this concerning lifespan and usability of a backpack?

Now, let’s talk about comfort then it features an adjustable weight system which can be adjusted in 3 different sizes. Yeah, it suits all kind of user lobby.

Moreover, we’d also like to mention it here on gonex backpack review that if you’re facing back sweating during your hiking journey due to closed back then be worry free now.

Yeah, this backpack by gonex features high elasticity sponge with airflow channels which work as ventilation support and keeps air circulation in your backside on the track.

Well, padded shoulder and waist strap also makes it comfortable to keep it mounted for the more extended time during your hike.

Front on the backpack features three small pockets which are useful to store your gadgets and tactical accessories like torch, keys and other small stuff.

Gonex 70L military variant features Molle expansionFor hydration pack, it features a pocket on the side where you can hold your water bottle and other energy drink kind of stuff.

Bottom of the backpack is attached with a built-in rain cover which comes handy when you get stuck in a rainy situation during your hike.

Zipper and strap quality is up to the mark in this 70L backpack, so you need not worry about that.

That’s all for features and elemental capabilities of this fabulous backpack.

Now, let’s move forward to its bright and dark sides.

Pros and Cons of Gonex Tactical Military 70L Backpack


  • Well-performing brand on the market.
  • Highly Durable quality.
  • Large storage space.
  • Secondary storage space options.
  • Molle expansion system.
  • Water Resistant, Anti-corrosion build.
  • Comfort as a key identity.
  • Rain cover compartment at bottom for further safety.
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  • Molle Expansion system, but not much room for extra attachments.
  • Access to things kept in bottom of compartment need complete opening of backpack.
  • To stay on safe side don’t load it fully. It’ll become too much of load.

What are you waiting for mate? Our opinion? Well, if you’re still asking that what is the best hiking backpack for a day hike? Then, this tactical military variant by gonex is the answer to your question.

Yeah, for people looking for best option concerning their plan for a day hike on off-road terrain should Buy Gonex Tactical Military 70L Backpack. It’s one of the best option out there as the best hiking backpacks under 100 $ amount.

4. MountainTop 65L Hiking Backpack – Choice Of Regular Hikers

MountainTop 65L - Best Hiking Backpack under 100 dollar budget

Running tight on budget and hunting for something cool? Great! There’s nothing wrong in it. There are plenty of options available in your optimal budget of 100$.

Yeah, MountainTop is one of the options as a best budget hiking backpack.

This variant of the backpack by mountaintop features an internal frame, and it weighs around 3.3 lbs.

Fabulous construction, excellent quality of material, comfortable design, multiple customization and great support by brand. What else should one expect within this budget?

We’d like to note one thing in this mountaintop backpack review, that as far as build is concerned, It comes with perfect threading, stitching, extremely smooth zippers, well-functioning buckles and much more.

Mountaintop backpack can store an adequate amount of stuff which you’d be bringing with you for your next hiking adventure.

Yeah, it’s a 65L capacity backpack in the budgeted segment. So, you can imagine its storage capabilities.

It is manufactured using water-resistant highly durable fabric which lets you wash it without bleach or detergent.

Padding and ventilation support eliminates your worries regarding sweating and your back getting wet during hiking journey.

This backpack features one large sized main storage compartment along with two side pockets and two secondary small pockets on the waist strap.

You’ll get an adequate sized water bottle and hydration tube holder on the left side of this backpack. It would be better if you never went down on energy. Stay hydrated.

Integrated rain cover comes in handy during rainy situations.

In case you face any problem with this mountaintop backpack at the initial stage then the manufacturer is humble enough to provide you great support for 90 days. Mountaintop is best when it comes to customer satisfaction regarding quality.

That’s all folks for Mountaintop backpack review. Let’s take a brief look at its pros and cons now.

Pros and Cons of Mountaintop 65L Backpack


  • Affordable Hiking Backpack .
  • Highly durable fabric.
  • Customizable design.
  • Water resistant material.
  • Huge storage capacity.
  • Adequate number of secondary storage option.
  • Smooth zippers, well functioning buckles and cushioned straps.
  • Buil-in rain cover.
  • Satisfaction oriented warranty and quick response to query.


  • It’s water resistant yet you should avoid washing it with bleach or detergent.
  • You might need to remove all thing out to access bottom of your backpack.

With quality material, decent customization option, enough storage capabilities, smooth zippers, well functioning buckles and heart melting comfort we don’t have any reason to stop you from buying this backpack.

We’ve tried filtering as many backpack as possible from a large list of available options and what we’ve currently reviewing under this best hiking backpacks for the money.

5. Teton Sports Scout Hiking Backpack – Feature Loaded Budget Friendly Hiking Backpack

teton sports scout 3400 - Review article for Best Hiking Backpacks under 70 to 100

Teton sports scout is there on the Amazon’s best sellers since so long. Yeah, it has all the reasons to justify its spot on the list of best sellers.

It’s one of the best feature loaded backpack at a comparatively meager price. Let’s explore this backpack in depth for out best backpacks under 100$ review article.

What makes this backpack so popular and top-rated is it’s capability to handle your stuff that is must to have in your backpacking.

Yeah, it’s a 55L capacity backpack which itself weighs 4.4lbs so you can imagine its storage ability.

Oxford 600D canvas gives a sturdy look to the backpack along with increasing its durability.

If you’re planning for a 2-4 day hiking trip or a small solo trip, then this backpack is going to be your best companion.

Even if you’re a beginner and not finished any hiking trip, then it’s going to be one of the best for you as its design is pretty much beginner friendly too.

When it comes to customization options and adjustment abilities, it wins the game. Yeah, you can adjust its waist belt from 26” to 60”, and its torso length is adjustable up to 19.5”.

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Now, let’s talk a bit further about comfort that’s being offered by this Teton backpack.

Yeah, as far as comfort is concerned this backpack features multi-position torso adjustment and makes it suitable for all sort of body sizes.

Durable padding support and moulded channels are best if you’re worried about airflow while mounted on the body. It ensures further comfort during your hiking trip.

Teton sports scout backpack features multiple accessibility options such as gear loops for long sized gears, small quick access pockets on both the sides of the backpack and much more.

In case you rain becomes a hurdle during a hiking trip then you need not worry as this best budget hiking backpack has a built-in rain cover to protect your stuff during rainy situations.

On the front side, it also features a quick access sleeping bag storage compartment. It’s cool! Isn’t it?

Their customer support team is fantastic and helps you in resolving your query on sooner bases. It ensures a worry-free outdoor experience for sure.

That’s enough of talk for this Teton backpack review, and now it’s time to look at its pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Teton Sports Scout 55L Backpack


  • Highly Durable Material.
  • Affordable Price Tag.
  • Marvelous Design.
  • Massive storage ability.
  • Multiple Adjustment options for different body sizes.
  • Quick accessibility options.
  • Comfort at its best.
  • Built-in Rain cover.
  • Sleeping bag compartment.
  • Consumer Friendly Support team.


  • It weighs around 2Kg. so few people complained about its weight.
  • Initially zippers may seem a bit hard and sticky.

At this price range with this many features, adjustment option and quick accessibility options there is no way to say No to this backpack in this Teton backpack review.

Another great thing about this backpack is its fame among backpacking enthusiasts and professional hikers.

Yeah, you might like to see this 1800+ reviews on the Amazon where people have opened their heart and thanked this manufacturer. Yeah, apparently for gifting the community with this best hiking backpack under 100 dollar price range.

6. Scandinavian Gear 65L Hiking Backpack – Best Budget Hiking Backpack

Scandinavian Gear 65L Backpacks For Hikers under 100 budget

And here we are with a fabulous multi-day hiking rucksack. Yeah, it’s fantastic in all the ways.

How? Let’s explore!

The first fabulous thing about Scandinavian hiking backpack is its quality. Yeah, it’s made up of best quality materialsBy materials what we mean is fabric, zippers, straps and everything that’s a part of its build.

So, one thing is clear that if durability is a concern, then it eliminates all your worries with its high-quality materials.

Now, comes the most vital factor in backpacking and that’s storage. Yeah, this backpack by Scandinavian feature a huge main compartment and overall storage capacity of this best budget hiking backpack is 65L.

Yeah, it can hold everything that you’re aiming to bring with you on your hiking or multi-day business trip

The main storage compartment of the Scandinavian backpack is accessible from the top, bottom and both side as well. Yeah, it gives you plenty of accessibility option for accessing the stuff stored in main compartment itself.

Apart from sizable main compartment it also features multiple small pockets on top and both sides where you can store small stuff, accessories and gadgets.

Many already using users have reported in their reviews for this amazing backpack on various social communities that it can hold pretty much everything like a camping tent, sleeping bag, clothes, food and much more.

Adjustable torso, shoulder and waist strap works like a charm and lets you adjust according to your body type.

If you’re worried about comfort then now no more, yeah, the Scandinavian backpack is designed in such a way that you don’t feel exhausted even after keeping it mounted on your back for a longer time.

It’s water resistant and repellent backpack, however, it’s not waterproof. Yeah, it’s recommended to utilize rain cover during the rainy day. Yeah, it also features a built-in rain cover.

The manufacturer offers a 12-month customer service so in case you run into any problem with this backpack you what should be your first step to get out of such situations.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of a Scandinavian hiking backpack.

Pros and Cons of Scandinavian 65L Hiking Backpack


  • Commitment for quality.
  • Highly durable materials.
  • Large storage capacity.
  • Multiple accessibility option for main compartment.
  • Decent number of small pockets for storing small stuff.
  • Comfortable build.
  • Multiple adjustment option.
  • Satisfaction oriented customer support.


  • A bit wider shoulder straps would be great.
  • Hip belt pocket may seem small so some users.

High-quality materials starting from fabric to zippers, the variety of customization option according to body type, multiple access options for the main compartment and multiple small pockets for storing accessories and gadgets. What else should we expect from a backpack under 100$ budget?

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Yeah, in our opinion it’s one of the best hiking backpacks under 100$ range.

Moreover, people who are looking for a feature loaded rucksack and planning to go on a multi day hike should consider taking a look on this Scandinavian Gear 65L Hiking Backpack. Go for it, that’s all we’d say for this amazing backpack.

People with intense interest in outdoor activities might like to explore mountain bike riding as well and hence our team had crafted Reviews and Buyer’s guide of Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes Under 300$ Budget, Kindly have a look if you’re interested.

7. Teton Sports Explorer Hiking Backpack – Made For Non-Stop Hiking Experience

Teton Explorer - Reviews of Top Rated Hiking Backpacks Under 100

Yeah, here is one more from Teton sports edition in our list.

With more than 1500 reviews on Amazon, it seems like Teton Sports Explorer is ruling on the best budget hiking backpacks segment.

What’s so fabulous in this variant of Teton Sports Explorer? Let’s dig deep into the facts and features of this hiking backpack.

The first thing that we noticed in this backpack is its amazing internal framing with the massive storage capacity of 65L.

Teton Sports Explorer features a large main storage compartment for storing your essential stuff for your backpacking.

If we take a look at its design, then it seems like it’s suitable for travel enthusiast youth lobby.

Multiple adjustment options makes it suitable for all age group except kids.

Along with a large main storage compartment, it features multiple small pockets on the sides and in the front of the backpack. It comes handy for storing and accessing small gadgets and stuff.

For better organisation of large sized gears such as tent poles, sleeping bag etcetera it provides multiple loops on the front side and pass through side pocket where you can easily attach and detach your secondary stuff.

The backpack is built using 600D oxford fabric which is known for its durability and long life performance.

It also has a separate sleeping bag compartment and a hydration tube holder to keep you loaded with energy and help you in getting restful sleep whenever you need.

If comfort is your primary concern like us, then be worry free as even after keeping it mounted on your body for more than 5 hours you’ll not get exhausted.

Yeah, for comfort they’ve supplemented shoulder strap with cushion padding and great ventilation and air flow circulation mechanism on the backside. So, no more worries from sweating back even.

For handling rainy situations during the journey, they’ve provided a fantastic rain cover with this hiking backpack.

The story does not end up front after selling it. Yeah, Teton is known for its customer satisfaction, and as we’ve mentioned earlier, they’ve massively satisfied customer base which can be imagined by many reviews it obtained from users.

Yeah, for the worry-free experience they provide a limited lifetime warranty for this fantastic best budget hiking backpack. Moreover, you can count on them to bring you the best experience, mate.

Pros and Cons of Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Hiking Backpack


  • Marvelous Build.
  • Heart satisfying quality of materials.
  • Massive Storage capabilities.
  • Multiple quick access pockets.
  • Secondary Loops and pockets for large camping equipment.
  • Comfort at its best.
  • Made for all age group and class of users.
  • Lowest in the price, highest in the satisfaction.
  • Warranty on which you can count on.


  • Initally zippers may seem a bit sticky.
  • When fully loaded, it seems a bit heavy.


Our Verdict

A commitment for best in the segment customer satisfaction is something that makes you stand out from all others.

In case of Teton Sports Explorer Hiking backpack as well we liked the level of customer satisfaction and that’s why we selected it as our one of the best hiking backpacks under 100 dollar budget range.

High-quality build, ample storage and organisation options, marvelously comfortable design all these qualities are offered to you at a decent price range.

Moreover, what we recommend is, if you’re planning to use a backpack again and again for 2-4 days hiking journey or business trip or travelling then go for Teton Sports Explorer 4000 and you won’t regret buying it.

8. WASING 55L Hiking Backpack – Amazingly Crafted For You

WASING 55L - Best Hiking Backpack choice under 100 dollar budget

Wasing 55L Backpack is seamlessly crafted for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Yeah, unusual design showcases its level of artistry and human-made build. For several apparent reasons, it occupied a spot in our list of top rated hiking backpacks under 100 dollars budget or less.

Wasing 55L Hiking Backpack is manufactured using water-resistant Rip-stop polyester fabric and makes it fabulous for using it in the rain prone journey.

As the title of this review suggests, it has a storage capacity of 55L and provides you with plenty of organisation option along with this much storage capabilities.

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Multiple quickly accessible pockets are there for storing your small and needful stuff and accessories. It also features numerous loops for holding your camping stuff like tent, tent-pole and sleeping bag etcetera.

Hydration pack holder on the side of this hiking backpack comes handy for holding your hydration tube or bottle.

However, Hydration tube is not supplied with this backpack, and you need to purchase it on your own.

It seems like comfort to the users was the priority of the manufacturer and hence they’ve provided sponge pad on the backside along with a fabulous ventilation mechanism for appropriate air flow.

Shoulder straps are also padded and help in providing you relaxing walking experience while you carry it. Tiny quick accessibility pockets on waist strap help in storing things like keys, tactical torch etcetera.

Multiple adjustments are possible for various body type and age groups so you can set it accordingly depending on your interest and comfort.

Wasing delivers this backpack along with 90 days support to their customers.

However, you won’t need to call them, but still, if you face any issue with this hiking backpack, they are there to help you with all the needful.

Pros and Cons of Wasing 55L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack


  • Symbol of Top level artistry and craftsmanship.
  • Water-resistant materials.
  • Comfortable Build.
  • Enough Storage capacity for a 2-3 day journey.
  • Tremendous ventilation and airflow circulation.
  • Multiple adjustment option.
  • Suitable to all age group. (Above 14)
  • Smooth zippers.


  • Strap clips are made up of plastic and may break with much large load.
  • For accessing stuff stored on bottom you need to remove all stuff.

If You can’t afford a bit higher priced backpack from the brands such as Gonex or MountainTop then and wants to hunt for something better yet affordable in around 50$ segment, then Wasing 55L is for you.

Yeah, it has everything that one expects from a decent hiking backpack. As we mentioned in our review, it’s capable of being an excellent companion for a great 2-3 days hiking journey.

9. OutDoor Master 50L Hiking Backpack – Backpack For Budget Savvy Hikers

OutDoor Master 50L - Best Cheap Hiking backpack for budget bound hikers

And, here it comes the cheapest option out of all till now. Yeah, it’s from Outdoor Master, which is a well-known brand in the outdoor gear manufacturing business.

It has everything that’s expected from a backpack. Yeah, everything means everything started from storage to comfort and ease of use.

This 50L variant of the outdoor master is a multipurpose backpack and can be used on various occasions such as a day hike, business trip, solo travel and much more.

With an overall storage capacity of 50L it can hold all your essential luggage for your journey. Along with a central large storage compartment, it also features multiple small pockets for storing gadgets and quick to access accessories.

The main storage compartment is also suitable for carrying your laptop with you during your business journey.

With multiple options available for adjustment you can set it according to your body type and age group.

It’s made up of lightweight yet durable materials to provide you with a long lasting worry-free travelling and outdoor experience.

Further external attachment points let you attach all your vital stuff for camping like a tent-pole or a sleeping bag perhaps.

For comfortable experience, all the straps and back of this rucksack has molded padding support. In the backside, it features mesh ventilation to give a room to the airflow circulation.

Outdoor master 50L backpack is supplied along with a rain cover to help you save your stuff during a rainy day.

With all the tremendous feature manufacturer is offering a months customer friendly and satisfaction oriented support which is excellent at this price.

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Master 50L Multipurpose Backpack


  • High Quality backpack offered at a cheaper rate than competition.
  • Marvelous build.
  • Enough storage capacity for a day hike or multi day business trip.
  • Ease of access for all kind of stuff stored in it.
  • Water Resistant Fabric.
  • Comfort at Its Best.
  • Large Number Of Satisfied Customers (See This Reviews On Amazon).
  • Quality Customer Support.


  • A Bit Sneaky and Sceptical Waist Strap.
  • After a year long continuous use some quality issues regarding straps and stitching.

If you’re hunting for a cheaper option due to your current budget, then this backpack is one of the best budget hiking backpacks on the market.

It’s suitable for all sort of people and has multipurpose usability. All the features are offered at a decent price what else we should expect from a budget-friendly backpack?

Also, yeah looking at this reviews and rating Outdoor Master 50L Backpack obtained on the Amazon it’s pretty much clear that it is something that provides what it claims.

With seamless comfort and enough storage ability, it is worth each penny you spend on it.

10. Venture Pal Lightweight Backpack – Cheapest Of All

Venture Pal Lightweight - Best Cheap Hiking backpack review for dayhike

Look at this unbelievable number of reviews on Amazon.

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Yeah, it’s genuinely unbelievable yet the fact that venture pal succeeded in satisfying their customers by offering the cheapest option compared to the market competition.

Venture Pal lightweight backpack is manufactured using durable materials, and it is suitable for a day hike or back country trip for a single day.

It features 30L overall storage which is enough of storage capacity for a single person’s a day-long journey.

Multiple compartments help you in organizing your stuff in better way possible. Even its main compartment is featuring two separators to let you organise your things at its best.

It has multiple adjustment option and small pockets for easy accessibility.

Talking about comfort then shoulder straps are featuring breathable mesh and maintains air circulation while you carry this backpack. Its lightweight nature will further increase support for you.

Foldable design helps you in storing this backpack in your cupboard by occupying lesser space than other large sized backpacks.

Customer friendly and quick support is a cherry on the top. Yeah, a single solution for all your worries concerning this daypack.

Pros and Cons of Venture Pal DayPack


  • Light weight design.
  • Durable fabric.
  • Comfortable build.
  • 30L Storage capacity.
  • Best organization options.
  • Foldable design.
  • Cheapest price on the market.


  • No Rain cover included.
  • Not suitable for a multiday hiking journey.

If you’re still asking that what is the best hiking backpack then at this price range venture pal is providing you plenty of features and you may consider it as one of the best hiking backpacks under 100 dollar budget.

However, it’s best only if you’re not planning to use it for a multi day wild hiking trip or your camping journey.

Our Conclusion for Best Hiking Backpacks Under 100 $

Whatever we’ve mentioned in this review is verified by taking opinion of the users who are currently using this backpacks or who’ve used it in the past. We’ve enquired plenty of users met on several social media platform or outdoor community regarding their experience and then we’ve included all these backpacks in our review section.

However, if still there is any confusion in selecting one of the best out of this best 10 then let us help you.

We’ll help you in selecting one based on various factors and preferences.

So, yeah, if you want to try something cool, comfortable, longer lasting and with plenty of storage and organisation options for your tremendous hiking experience then following backpack suits you best. Yeah, select one out of following.

If you want to buy something that is widely praised for its quality and comfort then go for following backpacks.

If you want to go for something cheaper yet outstanding product which are capable of providing you a worry free multi day hiking experience then go for following.

If you just want to opt for a cheapest option and can’t stretch your budget further then there is one option left for you. However, it won’t be suitable for multi day hiking adventure.

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