Best High Chair For Baby Led Weaning 2022

Nothing is ever too expensive when it comes to providing comfort and security to your child. At the age of 6 months , your child begins to sit up without needing much help. So you need to find him the best baby high chair to better encourage him to sit up.

On the market for childcare accessories and furniture, you will find many models of high chairs. But what would be the best choice  ? How are you going to choose the right high chair for your child?

First, you can find interesting ideas by going to online sales sites. Find user reviews on these sites to have a more concrete opinion on the product you would have chosen.

Second, you can rely on our comparison to find out which type of high chair will suit your child. Indeed, in the few lines that follow, we will offer you our selections of high chairs for children.

After carrying out a robustness and practicality test , we can confirm that these high chairs are very reliable. In addition, these products offer a very satisfactory price-performance ratio . Also find a small guide that will direct you to your last choice in this article.

What is the best baby high chair?

Now that your child is old enough to sit up, you want to buy him a high chair. However, you are hesitant about the brand , you are looking for good quality and you still want to have the cheapest product .

Other than that, you don’t know what features to consider when buying a toddler high chair. In short, you are in a total fog and need some advice before making your purchase. To answer your questions, we have selected the 7 beautiful baby high chairs.

Best High Chair For Baby Led Weaning 2022

Here you can get all kinds of Best High Chair For Baby Led Weaning 2022 where you can get the product Best High Chair For Baby Led Weaning Review.

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What is a high chair?


The high chair is the seat you will use to put your baby down to feed him. When the child can eat on his own, the chair equipped with a tablet or tray will be used to feed him without your help. As the chair is literally high, it will allow you to feed your child without bending over.

In addition, it can be adjusted to the height of the dining table so that the child can also take part in the meals while being at the same height as the rest of the family.

The high chair is not only used for mealtimes. As it is secure, it can be used as a seat for baby when you are busy cooking .

Most high chairs are suitable for children from the age of 6 months. However, models that can turn into a deckchair are suitable even for toddlers.

What are the types of high chairs?

There are different kinds of high chairs. To know :

  • traditional high chair
  • the contemporary high chair;
  • the single leg high chair;
  • the foldable high chair;
  • travel high chair
  • the chair that raises the seat
  • the chair to hang on the table

Traditional high chair

The traditional high chair is one whose model is similar to the one you had when you were little. It is quite bulky, especially at the base.

Generally, such a chair has a liftable or removable top, a storage basket attached to its feet and a comfortable interior with a cushion. In addition, its footrest is of a very pleasant volume for its user, but could clutter a small room.

Contemporary high chair

The contemporary high chair has all its strength in its very modern design. However, is it as practical as the traditional high chair?

So there, let’s say yes, because they have been thought out and improved for years before being offered to the general public. All models of contemporary high chairs have a very elegant design. Going hand in hand with this elegance, these chairs are comfortable and safe.

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In addition, these chairs are often offered without a removable cushion. Therefore, they are easier to clean and you are not ready to have small pieces of food stuck between each of their corners.

Single Leg High Chair

Once again, we are entering the era of sleek design. This type of high chair has a look that perfectly matches your modern interiors.

Its biggest advantage is its possibility of pneumatic adjustment which is very easy to handle. Although it is very satisfying in terms of its appearance, its base sometimes takes up a little too much space .

Foldable high chair

If you have a concern for available space, the foldable high chair could be the best solution for you. These chairs are offered in different forms, but most of them have inherited the traditional design.

However, they are still lighter than traditional high chairs and can be moved and stored more easily. Some models even have detachable legs and can be used as a seat for your little traveler.

Travel high chair

So as not to disorient your baby when you travel with the family, consider taking this type of high chair. It folds easily and unfolds in a jiffy. You just have to put it on an adult chair so that baby can be at table height. Sometimes this type of chair comes with a tray and safety harnesses.

Booster chair

In English, this type of high chair is called a “booster”. Attention, it should not be used for a child under 12 months, because it does not have an armrest. However, the booster chair is easily transported and can be used wherever you go. To use it, simply place this booster chair on an adult chair.

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Hitch chair

This baby chair should be hung on a table. It has clamps at the end of its armrests that you must clip to the edge of the table. Very practical and transportable, this type of chair is suitable for children under three years old.

Rest assured, these chairs have been well tested before they go on sale. Be careful, this type of chair should not be hung on a glass table or on a table that is too thin.

Do you have enough space?

If you have a small dining room, you should consider getting a folding high chair or a high chair with a low bulky part. Indeed, some high chairs have a rather bulky base that could take up almost half the space available in a small kitchen!

Also, if you want to get a collapsible high chair, make sure it stands on its feet even when folded. Otherwise, you will have to store it leaning against a wall, which is not very aesthetic.

For your convenience, forget about the foldable chair with detachable tray . Indeed, you may lose the tray if it is not attached to the high chair all the time. So take a foldable option that includes the tray in the folding.

Does the chair allow you to easily lift your baby?

The high chairs each have their own mechanism of use. On some models, all you have to do is release the tray to sit baby down or take him out of his chair. Others do not have this option. However, those with a removable shelf turn out to be more practical for seating and taking baby out.

To get a clearer idea of ​​what would really be best for you, bring your child along when you go shopping. Also, if possible, test all the features of the high chair once you get to the store.

Do you need a mobile high chair?

If your need is limited to moving the chair from room to room, simply buy a lightweight high chair or a high chair with wheels.

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If you are looking for a high chair that you can take on all occasions, opt for a foldable model. By taking one with detachable legs, you will even have a travel chair that will be very popular with baby.

Besides, you can always consider the options of the booster chair, or the chair to clip to the table. Indeed, they are mobile and are not bulky.

Do you want an easy to clean high chair?

If you need a high chair that cleans easily, look for models with plastic, vinyl, or PVC upholstery. Indeed, textile coverings must be removed and washed and require more time for cleaning. Also, a model with a dishwasher-safe tray would be a good idea.

Remember that the more nooks and crannies there are where food debris could get stuck on the high chair, the more maintenance it will require. However, this type of chair could be useful for very small children. However, you can also take a wooden high chair if you are looking for ease of maintenance.

Before purchasing a high chair with vinyl upholstery, pat all the nooks and crannies of the chair to check that the chair does not contain any sharp edges that could hurt your child.

Do you need a chair at table height?

Some high chairs have a shelf to put baby food on. Others allow you to sit baby at the table like everyone else. This type of high chair in most cases has a removable tray that will allow baby to enjoy the table like everyone else during meals.

If you’re going to get such a high chair, get one that can be adjusted to within an inch of the correct height. In addition, you will need one that has a footrest to increase your child’s comfort.

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Can such a chair be scalable?

Some high chairs can be adjusted to the age of the child as they grow . Others can even be transformed into a seat for teenagers and adults. However, even if these options remain very interesting, because they are economical, your child may not want them.

Indeed, growing up, the child might want to sit on an adult chair like mom and dad. So think twice before making an unnecessary purchase.

Does the chair have a game board?

The high chair is a safe place for your child above all else. It will allow you to keep the child calm, seated in total comfort while waiting for his meal. However, a child can be restless if not entertained. Therefore, remember to take a high chair with a tray that will allow him to put his toys down while waiting. In addition, you can take a model with a board equipped with an awakening game.

Is the high chair really safe for the child?

Here are the safety criteria you must have on a high chair:

  • Make sure the product meets the En 14988:2006 safety standard.
  • The chair will need to have a safety harness with 5 points. You can purchase another safety harness if your chair only has a lap belt.
  • The high chair must have safety bars to prevent the child from falling.
  • It is best to take a high chair with a removable tray to make it easier for the child to sit down and get out of the table.
  • When using the high chair, keep it away from any solid surfaces that the child can reach with their feet. Indeed, if the child has fun kicking against the wall, for example, while he is sitting in a high chair, the pushing could destabilize the chair.

Do you need a high chair?

If you don’t plan to buy a high chair, you can always feed your child by putting him on your lap. However, this could be very messy, as children are often very restless. So, to make it easier for you, include the high chair in the prenatal shopping list .

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As for the model to choose, take into account the available surface of the dining room and the ease of maintenance.

When would you need a high chair?

More precisely, at what age will your child need a high chair? So it probably won’t be until the child is six months old that you need to use a high chair. However, the evolutionary models with baby bouncer could be very interesting. Additionally, you would need to seat your child in a well-barricaded high chair until he is three years old.

Make the right choice

Finally, the criteria for choosing a high chair are numerous. Your choice will be based on:

  • The versatility of the chair;
  • Its ease of maintenance;
  • Son volume ;
  • Its practicality vis-à-vis the child and the parents;
  • Its safety standard;
  • Its comfort;
  • Son design ;
  • His price.

However, the best choice will remain the one that will offer the most safety and comfort to your little one. So, a very solid and very safe, comfortable and versatile high chair can be enough if you don’t plan to spend more than you need. Otherwise, it is quite possible to combine all the selection criteria on a single high chair. However, this time it will be necessary to avoid counting the euros.