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How do I choose the best headboard lamps?

When choosing a headboard lamp, there are several considerations. Some lamps can be permanently attached to your headboard or the wall at the head of your bed. Others slip over the headboard with hooks or clip on for convenience. Many must be plugged into an electrical outlet, but some run on batteries.

What is the best headlamp to buy?

BEST HEADLAMPS. 1 Petzl Actik CORE. BEST RECHARGEABLE HEADLAMP. 2 Black Diamond Spot 350. 3 Black Diamond Spot Lite 200. 4 BioLite HeadLamp 200. 5 Petzl Tikkina. More items

Are headboard lights good for your bedroom?

And for those who live in small apartments, your bedroom, and your office occupy the same square footage. In both these cases, headboard lights are a great way to save space while facilitating your nighttime reading. They also make great mood lights if you buy the right ones. But how do you know they’re the right lights for your bedroom?

What is a portable headboard light?

This headboard light is flexible and portable allowing you to bring it with you wherever you go. This modern 2-pack of adjustable reading lights have a focused light area allowing you to read in the dark without disturbing anyone else since it won't illuminate the entire room.


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