Best hardshell backpacks

The backpack is the most practical accessory for men.

It serves us to easily carry laptop, wallet, chargers, camera, etc.

In 2022, many brands want to offer their version of the perfect urban backpack.

As a result, we get a bit lost…

Not easy to find the right backpack.

In this article, I explore 2022 trends and recommend the best men’s backpack brands.

Here you can get all kinds of Best-hardshell-backpacks 2022 where you can get the product Best-hardshell-backpacks Review.

Criteria for buying the best city backpack

There are several important things to keep in mind when buying a good backpack.

1. A comfortable backpack to wear

Above all, a backpack must be comfortable to wear .

Having a fragile back, I find this to be the most important criterion.

In town or on a trip, I always pay attention to the comfort of my backpack

There are two things to look at closely:

  1. The back of the backpack should be padded . The padded part makes the bag more comfortable on the back.
  2. The shoulder straps of the bag must be adjustable . Be sure to adjust the shoulder straps so that the back of the bag is in full contact with your back. This distributes the weight of the bag over your shoulders and your entire back.

This Patagonia bag is designed for hiking. You can see two things that make it particularly comfortable: a padded semi-rigid back and adjustable padded shoulder straps

To make sure that the backpack is comfortable, I advise you to try it on in the store. Ask if it is possible to fill it in order to evaluate its comfort with its everyday weight.

2. A practical backpack to use

A good backpack should be practical .

This is played out at the level of interior and exterior storage.

A. Good interior storage

When you’re carrying a lot of stuff, it helps to have a few well-placed interior pockets to organize your stuff.

Very practical inside pockets, even to slip your wallet in

It is also very practical to have a laptop compartment. This helps prevent scratches and adds rigidity to the back of the bag (which is better for your back).

B. Accessible exterior storage

If you move around a lot, it’s nice to have easy access to your glasses, your transport pass, or even a bottle of water.

This backpack has two exterior pockets; handy when traveling (Jack Wills).

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So it helps to have one or more outside pockets.

From experience, some backpacks have to be put on the floor or a table if you want to take something. It’s inconvenient if you’re on the subway or at the airport.

I like having one or two exterior pockets that are both secure and easy to access.

A side pocket is perfect for a water bottle or small accessories

When shopping for your backpack, consider how easy it is to access the contents of the bag when standing upright with only one strap over your shoulder.

3. A resistant and waterproof material

You have to make sure that the material is very resistant (especially when you use your bag every day).

This type of nylon fabric will last a long time

Most backpacks made of canvas will do. The whole thing is to check that the seams are robust.

Another important point:

Depending on where you live, make sure you have a waterproof backpack .

A distinction must be made between two categories of waterproofness: waterproof and “rainproof”.

A. Waterproof backpacks

It is rare to find a city bag that is totally waterproof (not letting water pass through it at all).

The reason is that waterproof materials are not always very pretty.

Here is the unattractive look of a totally waterproof backpack (Swiss Peak)

Waterproof materials are therefore often reserved for hiking backpacks.

B. Rainproof backpacks

In town, opt instead for a so-called “  rain-resistant  ” material (which slows down the passage of water).

“Waterproofed” cotton fabrics are not 100% waterproof, but they resist well to light rain

This does not allow you to spend hours in the pouring rain. But it’s enough to keep your things dry when walking in the rain with an umbrella.

What about the leather backpack?

You can also find leather backpacks.

Leather backpacks for men from the brands Eastpak, Bleu de Chauffe, and Léo et Violette

Personally, I reserve the “full leather” for other pieces of accessories.

An example of polyamide canvas with leather details

But, canvas backpacks with small leather inserts can be very nice.

4. A designer backpack

We all want a backpack with a stylish look.

But it’s a question of taste. When in doubt, opt for a minimalist design with a neutral color.

There are many shapes of backpacks

I really like the clean designs with a very Scandinavian tone of the backpacks. That’s my minimalist side that can be found in the designs of the GoudronBlanc T-shirts .

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The very nice look of Sandqvist’s backpack, accompanied by a black GoudronBlanc T-shirt, Carhartt chinos, and Faguo sneakers

Second tip:

If you only have one backpack, consider getting it in a neutral color . And make sure you choose a color that goes well with most of your jackets and coats.

Neutral tone of khaki backpack makes it easy to match

Brown, khaki, black, or navy blue backpacks go everywhere.

5. Good size and capacity

In general, backpacks are between 15 and 30 liters. The most common volume is about 20 litres .

Finding the right size depends on what you need.

When traveling for work, you may need a lot of things, like Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress

Here are some good questions to ask yourself:

  • Is it to go to work and carry an iPad, documents, and a laptop?
  • Do you have large objects to move like a 15 inch computer?
  • Are you going to travel with this bag? If so, make sure the backpack can be taken into the cabin and slid under an airplane seat.
  • Do you need to carry shoes? Some bags offer a shoe compartment.

To find the backpack that’s right for you, think about how you’re going to use it.

6. An ethical and responsible approach

Ethics is a point that is very important to me.

This is why all GoudronBlanc T-shirts are made of organic cotton .

There are several ways for a brand to take an ethical approach:

  1. Be careful to use environmentally friendly materials . This is the case of Blackwood which offers beautiful vegetable leather card holders.
  2. Take a social approach . In this case, the brand takes care to improve the working conditions and the salary of the people who manufacture the products (compared to the rest of the sector). I am thinking here of the French sneaker brand , Veja.
  3. Support associations . The brand then seeks to add a little something to the commercial transaction. For example, Jimmy Fairly offers a pair of glasses for a purchased pair.

Does the subject interest you ?

You are going to love this article on ethical fashion brands .


Purchase guide

The computer backpack remains an essential accessory for students and for some workers. To find an article adapted to your needs, do not forget to consider its characteristics before giving a verdict. However, this quest may be difficult given that there is no shortage of different models on the market. This is why it is worth going through a buying guide for the best computer backpacks. Here is our advice on this subject to help you make a good investment.  

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The size

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should choose your backpack according to the size of your PC.

Inquire about item dimensions at time of purchase. Make sure it can accommodate your machine as well as your other personal belongings. If it is too large, your PC may be damaged due to shocks. Otherwise, your laptop screen may break when you carry it in your bag.

You will find on the current market models from 13 to 18.4 inches. It is up to you to choose the one that meets your requirements.

The materials

How to buy a computer backpack with better value for money? You will find an answer to this question by checking the material that constitutes each product present in a price comparison.  

To guarantee the protection of your PC while on the move, choose resistant models. Each element that makes up the article must exude quality. The existence of PVC reinforcements, pads, lined compartments, padded or padded pockets or even strong Velcro support is essential.

Opt for a leather backpack, as it is both waterproof and stylish. If you are looking for more lightness to transport your belongings and your machine, count on a cotton specimen. But that doesn’t stop you from using a polyester model. Cleaning it is easier to do.


Product design also remains a selection criterion that should not be overlooked. It should not be forgotten that this material will be used openly. Therefore, you must opt ​​for a design that is both chic and trendy. You can adopt the same color as your computer if you wish.

Patterned models are also recommended since they are more fun and attractive. It is also possible for you to personalize your bag if your budget allows it and if you obviously have a customizable specimen. You can do this by printing images on the face of your equipment. These can be characters from video games, cartoons or even photos of a flower for ladies and young ladies.

The number of compartments

Be aware that models with multiple compartments are more practical for storing your laptop, phone, USB key and everything else. Therefore, count the number of pockets and pouches before setting your sights on any given product.

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A student or a hiker will not hesitate to opt for this type of bag to simplify his daily life. He will be able to transport his machine and his devices anywhere.

Just make sure the sliders are strong enough to protect your computer. Prefer accessories equipped with side pockets to accommodate your water bottles.


Since this is a backpack that will accompany you in your everyday life, make sure it is ergonomically correct. Comfort will be there if the item you have chosen is light and easy to wear.

Count on a model with a rigid shoulder strap to simplify the transport of your accessory. So you can lift it by hand or shoulder.  

By considering the selection criteria for this equipment, you can quickly identify the product suited to your needs. The next step is to know where to buy a new computer backpack.

How to use a computer backpack?

To be able to take your laptop anywhere on the go, it is necessary to have a specific bag. The latter will include your machine as well as all of your accessories such as the mouse and the cable. To make good use of it, however, you will need to take certain precautions into account.

Use an accessory that perfectly matches the size of your computer

It should be noted that the backpacks on the market are intended for different sizes of laptops. Make sure your machine sits securely in the attachment. If you force a large device into a small bag, your bag may rip into the shape of the PC. On the other hand, avoid large bags which will tend to rattle and quickly damage the edges of your PC.

Put the straps of your backpack on both of your shoulders

Most people get into the bad habit of carrying their bag on one shoulder. However, this leads to rapid wear and tear on your bag. In order to preserve your equipment over the long term, it is necessary to correctly place the two straps on your shoulders. In this sense, you will not be quickly exhausted and you will not risk having back pain after hours of carrying your computer.

Check the locks of your bag carefully before carrying it

When you put on your backpack, it is necessary to check the straps beforehand. You must fix them well to prevent them from coming loose and the equipment falling on the ground. As for the locking system, do not forget to close the zipper until the end. If it’s only half closed, your device could eject at any time.

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Maintain your accessory

After use, place the accessory in a cool, dry place to protect it against the development of mold and rust. Thus, your equipment will be regularly preserved in very good condition. In addition, when you clean your backpack, you must first take out all the contents of the material. Then, shake it to remove various dirt like dust.

Remove stains from the coating of your equipment

If a stain of sauce or oil reaches your bag, immediately put talc or flour. If you only do your cleaning at the end of the day, you should apply soap over the area and wait an hour to emulsify, rinse and dry it. Care must be taken not to rub the metal parts such as fasteners, buckles and many others. They can rust quickly. Similarly, you should avoid putting your equipment in water for long hours, putting it in a dryer, and exposing it to the sun or near a heat source.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to choose your laptop backpack?

Laptop backpacks are increasingly used by professionals. In order to have the right one, first of all, you have to take into account the size of your computer which must be in perfect agreement with the dimensions of the compartment. Then, you must favor the models that have the most features and the most compartments to optimize your storage. For optimal comfort, opt for padded straps with adjustable straps. And above all, opt for waterproof backpacks to better protect your device. Nevertheless, to avoid regretting an acquisition, we advise you to consult a buying guide for the best laptop backpacks.

Q2: How to protect your laptop backpack?                     

In order to keep your computer in good condition, you have to keep an eye on its protective case, which is none other than the backpack. Basically, you must choose the most secure model. In addition, it is recommended to carry few heavy things to avoid damaging the equipment and to better maintain its tightness. As you will have understood, to protect your backpack from any damage, you must avoid exceeding a certain weight. In this sense, apart from carrying your computer and its accessories, do not use your bag for any other purpose.

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Q3: How to maintain your laptop backpack?

Everyday wear and tear can make bags dirty and smelly, so here are some tips for caring for a laptop backpack. To take better care of it, consider reinforcing the waterproofness of your item, because water and dirt can quickly alter your backpack. It is therefore necessary to have the habit of putting the bag away from dusty places and presenting water flows. This is essential to better keep the impermeability of your bag. You also have to worry about bad weather that could affect the waterproofness of your bag.

Q4: How to wash a laptop backpack?

It is not recommended to wash the laptop backpack in a washing machine. Nevertheless, there are tips for properly cleaning your bag. First, make sure you have emptied the bag before washing. Then, shake it to remove all the dust. In a bowl, prepare a mixture of lukewarm water and a few drops of mild detergent. Then, just rub the bag gently with a square sponge while avoiding the metal parts. Afterwards, repeat the same action with just lukewarm water and dry it by exposing it to the sun.

 Q5: How to remove a stain from a laptop backpack?

If inadvertently, an ink stain has fallen on your bag, you must immediately soak a cloth in clay stone with a few drops of alcohol at 70 degrees. Then, rinse the area gently before drying it. For greasy stains such as sauces or oils, it is best to sprinkle the still wet stain with flour or talc. If the stain persists, clean the area with barely damp Marseille soap before rinsing it. If black stains surface on your backpack, the ideal trick is to pour a few drops of ammonia on the risk areas.