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What can you put in a hand crank Blender?

Shredding and slicing: Some hand-crank blenders include mandarin blades to slice or shred items, such as lettuce and cheese. Egg separation: A surprising number of hand-crank blenders include an egg separator, which you can use to easily separate egg yolks and whites.

What is a hand-crank Blender?

A hand-crank blender is a low-noise solution for tailgaters, RV owners, or anyone seeking to do some quality kitchen prep-work in an environment with little or no electricity. When shopping for a hand-crank blender, you will find yourself grappling with a number of considerations.

Can you put a 5 Cup Blender in the dishwasher?

This 5-cup blender comes with loads of extras to simplify your time in the kitchen. Just be sure not to put it in the dishwasher. 5-cup bowl. Triple chopping blade made of surgical stainless steel. Anti-skid base. Handle and pouring spout.


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