Top 10 Best ham slicers 2022-Complete Guide Review

Cutting ham into thin slices with a knife can be particularly cumbersome and tedious if you don’t have the hand. But with a ham slicer, it’s easier and faster. Discover in the following comparison and buying guide the best and most reliable ham slicers on the market as well as tips and tricks to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Comparison of the best ham slicers 2022: tests and reviews

What is the best ham slicer  ? If you are asking yourself this question, it is simply because you are looking for a very good quality, reliable and safe product. Which is perfectly normal since you always have to bet on the quality-price ratio. Here are the 10 best ham slicers of the moment.

Ritter Markant 01 Ham Slicer

Ritter Markant 01 Ham Slicer

This device made in Germany by the Ritter brand is a foldable plastic model that comes in a white color. This is one of the most interesting best ham slicers on the market in terms of value for money. If you’re looking for a model that’s budget-friendly but efficient enough to meet your most basic slicing needs, this would be ideal.

The Markant 01 has a 65 W motor which gives the disc knife the cutting force necessary to overcome the ingredients. It should be noted that the blade is made of stainless steel, and this material gives it enough robustness to be effective. You can also easily remove it at any time to clean it, thanks to a practical clamping system. You will also be able to obtain up to 14 mm in thickness simply by using the adjustment wheel to determine a cutting width.

The Ritter Markant 01 slicer offers simple and safe use based on a momentary operating mode and a continuous mode. The device is also equipped with a foldable slicing stand, which saves a little more space when you want to store it. And just like the blade, the carriage can also be removed for easy cleaning. It should also be noted that the case is made of plastic, but is very well designed.


  1. Good value for money
  2. Thickness adjustment
  3. Two modes of operation: momentary and continuous
  4. Easy to maintain


  1. Somewhat limited power

Perfect for cutting bread, sausage, fruit and vegetables, not tried for cutting slices of ham. The tray that folds up is good but we don’t know how to store the 2 accessories with the slicer (sliding table and food pusher). Be very careful with your fingers if you don’t use the food pusher. good value for money to see over time . Read all reviews.

Patrick V.

Severin AS 3915 ham slicer

Severin AS 3915 ham slicer

The Severin AS 3915 is a very elegant slicer with its silver finish that benefits from German manufacturing quality. With its weight of 4.4 kg, it is an easy-to-use device that benefits from good stability thanks to the suction cups with which it is equipped.

To let you benefit from its versatility, this slicer comes with a smooth blade and a serrated blade. Both are made of stainless steel and are therefore interchangeable depending on the needs of the user. It should be noted in passing that being equipped with removable blades makes this cutting utensil easier to clean.

With the AS 3915 ham slicer from Severin, it is possible to quickly and easily slice other foods such as cheese, meat or bread. The cutting thickness can be adjusted from 0 to a maximum of 15 mm with an easy-to-use dial. Even though it delivers 180W power, it would be better not to slice too hard ingredients with this ham slicer.

It should also be noted that it is a secure cutting device which is equipped with a finger guard and a polisher. Plus, you can rely on the illuminated on/off switch to make sure it’s on or off at all times.

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  1. Stable and easy to use device
  2. Finger protection
  3. Two interchangeable blades
  4. Adjustable thickness from 0 to 15 mm


  1. Slightly difficult to cut hard foods

Very good slicer, tested on sandwich bread, country bread, peasant bacon and very dry smoked bacon.. small weakness for very dry bacon but slices it correctly by going gently (knowing that with knives it is mission impossible). The noise of the machine lowers the note a little. But I highly recommend this slicer . Read all reviews.

Angela B.

Bestron AFS9003 ham slicer

Bestron AFS9003 ham slicer

This ham slicer is a model built with good quality stainless steel, copper and plastic components. It thus enjoys a fairly good robustness to support the use for which it was intended.

With a power of 150 W on the meter, the Bestron AFS9003 can cut several types of food in this way, from bread to ham, sausages and cheese. It achieves this quickly and easily, also relying on its two operating speeds which give it optimum efficiency.

The Bestron AFS9003 ham slicer is equipped with a sliding carriage with finger guards which allows the food to be guided towards the serrated blade in complete safety. All you have to do is set the desired cutting width between 0-15mm and flip the on/off switch. And it must be said, the device remains very stable on all its supports thanks to its feet equipped with non-slip tips.

If you also want your best ham slicer to be easy to maintain, this device will not make it difficult for you in this regard. Indeed, some of its components such as the pusher and the blade are easily disassembled. You will be able to clean them without problem and also clean the rest of the device with the same ease.


  1. Versatile with 2 speeds
  2. Pusher with finger guard
  3. Stroke thickness adjustment
  4. Easy to maintain


  1. Its noise is a bit loud

I gave it to our son-in-law, he barely sleeps with it, he is very happy with it in every way, thank you . Read all reviews.

Jeannine L.

Aicok SL-519N Ham Slicer

Aicok SL-519N Ham Slicer

This model is one of the best ham slicers of the moment thanks to its ability to slice with precision not only deli meats, but also many other foods. It is equipped for this with a cutting system consisting of a serrated blade in tempered stainless steel. The latter is therefore quite robust and is well sharpened to allow you to cut everything quickly and effortlessly.

You can slice pieces of the thickness that suits your needs at the time. For this, the cutting support has a graduated part from 0 to 15 mm which will allow you to adjust the width you want to obtain.

The Aicok SL-519N ham slicer features a pusher that helps keep your fingers a safe distance from the sharp blade. And always for a question of safety, the blade is removable so that you can store it out of the reach of children. It will also be easy to clean it without too much trouble after each use.

It should also be noted that this 150 W ham slicer has been designed to be useful to you without weighing you down. It is very compact and can easily fit on a table, a work surface, or in a storage cupboard.


  1. Serrated stainless steel blade
  2. Good cutting quality with the possibility of thickness adjustment
  3. Secure
  4. Easy to clean and store


  1. For some users, the device seems a little less sophisticated for its price

Bought for very finely cutting hard cheeses and meat. The packaging is good and reusable to store all the material in the original carton. The machine is relatively compact and can be fixed on the work surface thanks to the suction cups. The core is very sharp, be very careful with your fingers and use the plastic protection provided. Read all reviews.

Pierre U.

Ham Slicer Ostba SL518

Ham Slicer Ostba SL518

The SL518 Ostba impresses with its large serrated blade of 19 cm in diameter which remains one of its main assets. Made of stainless steel, it is strong and sharp enough to carry out various cutting applications. If you very often need slices of meat, cold cuts or any other ingredient, you can now easily cut everything yourself.

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This ham slicer offers 150 W of slicing power , which makes it extremely easy to use. No need to force to cut bread, sausages or ham with precision in the simplest way possible. Speaking of this precisely, it should be noted that the cutting system of this device can be adjusted to give slices with a thickness between 1 and 15 mm.

Since safety must be essential with this type of product, a locking system has been integrated into the switch button. This device thus avoids uncontrolled starting of the teardrop, whether by adults or by children. And for better stability in use, this slicer rests on 4 non-slip feet.

The SL518 Ostba is also easy to store thanks to its dimensions of 36 x 24.5 x 26 cm. But before that, it is easy to clean it by dismantling its pusher carriage and its blade in a few gestures.


  1. Good cutting quality thanks to the large 19 cm diameter blade
  2. Finger protection thanks to the pusher
  3. Adjustable thickness
  4. Good value for money


  1. a bit noisy

I am satisfied, the device is powerful (150w), I mainly use it to cut my meats and I must say that I have saved a lot of time on cutting since this acquisition. Read all reviews.

Malou P.

Seb FS520E00 ham slicer

Seb FS520E00 ham slicer

A big name in the domestic equipment sector, the Seb brand has been offering quality products at all levels of the range for more than 160 years. It is therefore on the strength of its great experience and its “made in France” know-how that the manufacturer offers this ham slicer.

Regarding its characteristics, this device is equipped with a 130 W motor. This power is more than enough to allow the 17 cm diameter stainless steel blade to slice most ingredients effectively. The cut is not only very precise, but you can also decide the thickness that suits your desires or your recipe of the moment. The choice of the width of the slices of meat, hams or sausages that you can cut can vary from 1 to 22 mm.

The Seb FS520E00 is also appreciated for its secure side which allows it to be used without risking damage or injury following a handling error. It is equipped with a trolley with pusher, and a recovery tray. At its base, there are feet with suction cups that guarantee good stability.

This ham slicer from Seb is also distinguished by the design quality of its structure combining steel and plastic as manufacturing materials. It should be noted that the materials used, in particular plastic, are food grade and do not fear cleaning cycles in the dishwasher.


  1. Robust and durable design with quality materials
  2. Easy and safe to use
  3. Large blade with selectable 22mm thickness
  4. Easy to maintain


  1. Its dimensions can be awkward in a small space

Completely matches what I expected. I slice bread, brioche pâté, ham… Very easy thickness adjustment . Doesn’t take up much space and above all doesn’t move when it works . Read all reviews.

Megil H.

Ritter E16 Duo Plus ham slicer

Ritter E16 Duo Plus Ham Slicer

The first thing to know about the ritter E16 Duo Plus is that you shouldn’t rely on its 65 Watts to judge its performance. Indeed, if this device seems weak on paper, it shows an astonishing efficiency in use.

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The particularity of this ham slicer is that it is equipped with an eco motor which actually provides power equivalent to that of a 130 W machine. However, it is 20% much more efficient in terms of energy consumption than most models in its class.

For cutting tasks, you can count on two good quality interchangeable blades that measure 17 cm in diameter. Depending on the cut quality and precision you are looking for, you can use the serrated blade or the smooth blade to slice whatever you want with an adjustable thickness margin of up to 20mm. You can also slice your ingredients with momentary operation or continuous operation depending on your mastery of the device.

The ritter E16 Duo Plus ham slicer is easy to store thanks to its compactness and its weight of 3 kg on the scale. Dismantling its blades is very easy, which makes all the cleaning just as simple.


  1. Powerful and economical device
  2. Comes with two large interchangeable blades
  3. Momentary and continuous operation
  4. Easy maintenance and storage


  1. The smooth blade which is very sharp and can therefore hurt when cleaning if you are not careful

Good solid and very professional looking machine. Bravo and thank you, I am very satisfied. Intended for private use, it works perfectly but calmly. Beware of fingers, still really sharp… do not bend, the plexiglass tray collects crumbs is removable. Read all reviews.

Ronnand F.

Krups Aosta TTR5223 ham slicer

Krups Aosta TTR5223 ham slicer

The Krups Aosta TTR5223 , which owes its name to the collaboration of two brands that are not unknown in the household appliance and delicatessen sector. We immediately understand the purpose of such an association which is undoubtedly to offer a ham slicer capable of cutting quickly and well. It should be noted above all that it is a model that is easy to assemble and disassemble, and which is just as easy to maintain.

With a  140 W motor driving a stainless steel blade 19 cm in diameter, it is indeed difficult to doubt the performance of this device for long after you have tried it for the first time. You will be able to easily cut cold meats and many other foods into slices from 1 to 22 mm thick . Its other great asset is its good stability guaranteed by its weight of around 7 kg and its non-slip feet.

The Krups Aosta is not equipped with an operating switch. You have to plug it in and turn it on by pressing the two buttons provided for this purpose. With this system, the builders hope to avoid the use of the cutting machine by inexperienced people, such as children.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Secure start system
  3. Non-slip base
  4. Easy maintenance


  1. The absence of a switch makes it necessary to plug it in and unplug it before and after use

Used to cut bread, cold cuts and cheese, everything went well, possible to cut very fine as I like it’s ultra practical and fast! no on/off switch, if you want to turn it off completely you have to unplug it. quite easy to clean, apart from a part behind the blade but you can almost take everything apart, so in the end you get there. Read all reviews.

Vincent B.

Graef VIVO V 20 ham slicer

Graef VIVO V 20 ham slicer

The advantage that is especially highlighted on this ham slicer is its economic side, despite the 170 W of power it develops. If it is said that generally it is the most powerful devices that are the most energy-consuming, this model is obviously different. To avoid, for example, it consuming unnecessary electricity when not in use, an automatic shut-off function is activated after 10 minutes.

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For the rest, it should be noted that this Graef VIVO V 20 slicer overcomes all everyday foods thanks to its 17 cm toothed blade. It doesn’t come with a smooth blade, but it won’t be hard to get one to make it much more effective on harder ingredients. The thickness of the slices that you will be able to cut can vary from 0.1 to 20 mm depending on how you want to eat them.

The device also displays a unique and elegant design thanks to its body which is largely made of metal. Its base is made of glass with non-slip feet ensuring excellent stability for the entire structure.

Finally, the Graef VIVO V 20 has child safety and overload protection, while being equipped with a blade cover and a finger protection pusher.


  1. Ergonomic and economical design
  2. 170W power
  3. Easy and precise cutting
  4. Security and stability


  1. No smooth blade included

After two Seb slicers that struggled to slice and gave irregular slices, I opted for this model, which was certainly more expensive. No regrets, it’s day and night. The metal plate ensured a regular thickness, unlike plastic models where the thickness depended on the pressure exerted. Powerful and quiet motor and rest position protecting the blade. In short, I regret not having purchased this model earlier . Read all reviews.

Daniel C.

H.Koenig MSX250 ham slicer

H.Koenig MSX250 ham slicer

In terms of raw power, the H.Koenig MSX250 stands out from all the other models in this comparison with its 240 Watts. This is clearly one of the most efficient and efficient ham slicers on the market when it comes to cutting. It is indeed able to slice without any problem the ingredients that would give a hard time to other devices.

All this power and performance, this model owes to its asynchronous motor and its large Italian blade 25 cm in diameter. And so that the latter retains its cutting precision of 0 to 12 mm as long as possible, a sharpening system has been integrated.

Behind its truly elegant aluminum design, the H.Koenig MSX250 ham slicer displays a reassuringly robust appearance. It also weighs a whopping 14 kg on the scale, which makes it quite stable on its non-slip feet.

With a price of just over €300, its power and performance, this machine is clearly a top-of-the-range model. It will suit you if you are willing to pay the price for a professional quality slicer.


  1. 240 W asynchronous motor
  2. High cutting efficiency
  3. 25 cm diameter blade that overcomes everything
  4. Great stability

This slicer is exactly what I was looking for: I use it for raw ham (sometimes very hard) and old parmesan. I had a different one before which I was not satisfied with and whose engine quickly gave up the ghost, the one found between 50 and 80 €, nothing to do, with this one it’s another world ! Read all reviews.

Hervé M.

Buying guide for choosing the best ham slicer

sliced ​​ham

ham slicer is a device specially developed to ensure the cutting of ham and other charcuterie. But it can also be used to cut other foods such as bread, cheese, fruit, meat…

You want to buy a ham slicer, but you don’t know which model to choose? Are you a little lost in the face of the diversity of characteristics and specificities of the different products? In that case, this buying guide will be of great help to you.

The different types of ham slicers 

Between models intended for individuals to professional models through semi-pro, there is a wide variety of deli slicers on the market. If we had to classify them, we will have two main families: manual slicers and electric slicers.

Manual ham slicer

Manual ham slicers work without electricity. They are equipped with a wheel also called flywheel which must be operated manually. The user can control and adjust the cutting speed according to the desired thickness. These are the models most popular with catering professionals.

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This type of delicatessen slicers are very versatile and can be used to cut carpaccio, raw vegetables, bread or sausages… Their use, however, requires some elbow grease and a certain mastery. They are generally very bulky and weigh quite a bit.

Electric ham slicer

Electric slicers, on the other hand, are more automatic, more practical and much more functional. They save time and can be adapted to all charcuterie, whether hard or less hard. Thanks to this type of ham slicer , slicing products is effortless. Just put the ham on the pusher plate and press the button to start slicing. Given their ease of use, these models are more recommended for households. Some electric ham slicers are programmable and can cut the number of slices you want.

Criteria for choosing the best slicer

If you want to buy a ham slicer for individuals that really suits your needs, it is important to take a number of parameters into consideration.

The power

An electric ham slicer has a power that varies from one model to another. The more powerful the device, the more effective the cutting will be. If you want to buy a powerful device, it would be best not to go below 100 Watts.

Crafting material

Different materials are used in the manufacture of slicers: stainless steel, plastic, aluminum. For better durability, it is recommended to bet on stainless steel appliances. However, you may prefer a plastic model if you want to use it occasionally. Either way, make sure you choose a quality BPA-free product.

Blade type and material 

The blade is an important part on the slicer. It can be smooth or toothed. For cutting bread or vegetables, the serrated blade is perfect. On the other hand, a smooth blade is more suitable for cutting ham. To keep your slicer versatile, it is best to opt for a model equipped with a double blade: smooth and wavy.

De façon générale la lame des trancheuses à jambon est en inox. C’est d’ailleurs ce qui est recommandé, car ce matériau est reconnu pour sa durabilité, sa robustesse, et sa résistance à la corrosion.

Le diamètre de la lame

Pour la taille, sachez qu’elle varie d’un modèle à un autre. Si vous voulez un appareil uniquement destiné au découpage de la viande ou du jambon, le mieux serait de choisir une trancheuse dotée d’une lame de 30 cm au minimum. Vous trouverez cependant des appareils équipés d’une lame de 20 cm ou moins, ceux-là sont parfaits pour découper facilement des légumes ou des saucissons.

Certaines trancheuses à jambon sont vendues avec plusieurs lames de diamètres différents. Vous pouvez donc opter pour ce type de modèle si vous voulez un appareil polyvalent. Sinon, vous pouvez peut-être investir dans l’achat de lames supplémentaires.

Confort d’utilisation et facilité de nettoyage

Que ce soit pour une utilisation facile ou pour éviter les accidents, il est important que la trancheuse à jambon reste stable pendant son utilisation. Privilégier donc un modèle pourvu de pieds antidérapants ou un modèle lourd.

Une trancheuse à charcuterie qui est démontable est plus facile à entretenir. Choisissez donc un modèle dont la lame, le charriot poussoir et le plateau récolte-tranches sont amovibles.

La sécurité

Une machine à trancher du jambon doit être conçue conformément aux normes de sécurité de l’Union européenne. Avant d’opter pour un modèle, assurez-vous qu’il possède une certification.

En plus du certificat, vous devez aussi prêter attention à d’autres détails comme : protège lame, boutons de sécurité, système d’arrêt automatique…

La taille de la machine

Cela dépend de l’espace dont vous disposez pour le stockage de l’équipement. Si vous avez une petite cuisine, autant miser sur une trancheuse à jambon de petit format.

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Pourquoi acheter une trancheuse à jambon ?

Il n’est pas toujours évident de couper du jambon ou toute autre charcuterie en tranches fines parfaitement et uniformément avec un simple couteau. Même les professionnels peuvent avoir du mal à faire cet exercice s’ils ne disposent pas du matériel adapté. Avec une trancheuse à jambon, la tache devient plus simple et plus facile. Grâce à cet appareil, on obtient de belles tranches sans effort. En plus, il ne sera plus question de se rendre chez le boucher avant d’avoir le résultat souhaité, ce qui évite les pertes de temps inutiles.

Disposer d’une trancheuse à charcuterie permet aussi de faire des économies significatives surtout si vous êtes un grand consommateur. Au lieu d’investir tout le temps dans l’achat des produits prédécoupés qui reviennent beaucoup plus chers en fin de compte, vous pouvez acheter vos charcuteries en gros. Ainsi, vous pouvez à tout moment, sans avoir à sortir de chez vous, faire vos propres découpes en fonction de vos besoins.

Comment utiliser une trancheuse à jambon ?

Buying the best deli slicer is good. But knowing how to use it is even better. Whether manual or electric, a ham slicer is more or less easy to use. But before the very first use, it is important to take the time to read the user manual and the manufacturer’s instructions. In addition to that, you need to take some precautions for safe usage.

  • Place the slicer on a flat, stable and unhindered surface;
  • Put on anti-cutting gloves to protect the hands;
  • Always use a dedicated accessory to push meat, cheese or ham under the blade;
  • Fix the food to be cut correctly on the support to prevent it from falling;
  • Stay focused during the operation and avoid talking so as not to be distracted;

How to cut ham with an electric ham slicer?

To cut charcuterie with an electric slicer, you need:

  • Place the piece of ham on the trolley, ensuring that it sticks out a little;
  • Set the cutting thickness;
  • Operate the crank (manual model) or press the button (electric model);
  • Run the piece over the blade until you get the desired amount of slices;

After each use, the slicer should be turned off and unplugged, making sure to lock the blade.

How to clean your ham slicer?

If you opt for a slicer whose parts are removable, maintenance will be much easier, because you will have access to every corner for thorough cleaning. It is recommended to clean the various components by hand with a soft cloth and neutral detergent. Removable parts can go in the dishwasher if the manufacturer recommends it. Avoid immersing the device in water.

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