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What are gummy bear molds made of?

Typically made from silicone, gummy bear molds are a fun way to make delicious, flavorful, possibly even healthier gummy bears at home. You can rest easy knowing exactly what ingredients are in the candy your kids consume, or get creative with flavors.

What are the best molds for creating detailed gummies?

The best molds for creating a range of detailed gummies. Thick and durable trays make a variety of highly detailed animal gummies. Set of 2 trays comes with a dropper. Fully-set gummies pop out of tray with ease. Trays are designed to handle a wide range of temperatures.

How many gummy bears are in a large gummy bear?

Large gummy bear is the equivalent to roughly 1,050 standard sized gummy bears. Gummy pops out easily without the use of oil or cooking spray. Kit comes with handy PDF recipe book and clear storage gift bags. Gummy is only roughly the size of your hand.

What are the different types of gummy bear trays?

They make a variety of gummies such as bears, stars, hearts, and shells. Each shape varies in size. Trays are dishwasher safe and come clean easily. Large droppers are easy to use and mess-free. Small gummy bear tray is harder to fill. Simple color coated trays are ideal for engaging the whole family.


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