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What is the best garlic press for home use?

OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Garlic Press, $17 The bestselling garlic press on Amazon has as 4.7-star rating. Shoppers who gave the tool five stars say it’s super comfortable and easily minces multiple cloves at once.

How much does a die cast Garlic Press cost?

Tomorrow’s Kitchen Die Cast Garlic Press, $20 After trying out 35 different garlic presses, the Good Housekeeping Institute picked this version from Tomorrow’s Kitchen (formerly under the Vacu Vin brand name). The testers found that you can press a few different-sized cloves at once (peeled or unpeeled).

How many cloves of garlic can I press at a time?

It should be noted that you can only press one clove of garlic at a time with this model. However, you are also provided with a bright green silicone garlic peeler.

Why do you put a hopper on a garlic press?

Not only does this help to prevent the garlic press from slipping, but it also helps to cushion your hands. This garlic press is set with a large hopper that can handle several garlic cloves. This makes crushing large quantities of garlic very quick and easy.