Best Gaming Chair Under 100 2022

A good gaming chair is essential to ensure comfort during long gaming sessions and boost your performance.

However, high-end gaming chairs are often extremely expensive, and after spending a fortune to build our PC, we do not necessarily want to buy a $400 chair. On the other hand, if we only look at the price, we risk buying a chair that does not meet our expectations of comfort or that deteriorates quickly.

Luckily, there are some really good options under $150 that are perfect for demanding gamers who don’t want to invest more money on the chair than on the graphics card.

If you are looking for a cheap gaming chair, in this article I will try to help you make your choice by analyzing the 7 most interesting models of the moment plus a bonus that you will find at the end of this article . But if you’re ready to invest a little more on it, I recommend you take a look at this selection of the best gaming chairs .

Best Gaming Chair Under 100 2022

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How to choose a cheap gaming chair

Sturdiness and materials

This is where you will find the main differences with the more expensive chairs. In terms of sturdiness, a metal frame is essential , but there will be some trade-offs in base materials and even wheels.

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On the other hand, it is advisable (but not essential) to choose a chair with a quality synthetic leather (imitation leather) cover, which makes the chair easier to clean and more resistant.


Has your back ever suffered the consequences of too many hours in front of your PC? Indeed, it is essential to choose a chair that adapts perfectly to our body , and that is as adjustable as possible. Fortunately, ergonomics is not incompatible with a low price: favor seats with a reclining backrest, adjustable armrests, incorporated cushions, and if you are demanding, a retractable footrest.

Is this chair suitable for your size?

If you’re tall, you may need to be careful with the size of the seat, especially the height of the backrest . Some entry-level chairs tend to use rather small backs. This is not necessarily a problem, but if you want to ensure optimal comfort for the neck, you will have to be vigilant about the size. Don’t worry, in this article we have chosen the best tall chairs and we will tell you which seats are the most suitable for your height.

What is your style ?

The design of gaming chairs is important not only to personalize your gaming corner, but also to distinguish you from other gamers if you are a streamer . But remember that prettier does not necessarily mean better. So pay attention to the main characteristics in terms of comfort, sturdiness and durability before deciding on a chair.


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