Top 10 Best Fryers for Home 2022-Complete Guide Review

fryer is ideal for preparing fries in the rules of the art. It can also be used to fry fish, chicken, meatballs or even to make donuts. If you are looking for a good quality utensil to fry your food efficiently, this comparison of the 10 best fryers on the market will help you. Choice advice is also given to you through the buying guide offered following the presentation of the different products.

Comparison of the best fryers For Home 2022: tests and reviews

It is a fact, the fryer occupies a place of choice among the accessories and kitchen utensils of the house. The manufacturers in any case are convinced of this, which therefore pushes them to always offer devices with characteristics that are both modern and innovative. Here is the proof through the following 10 fryer models:

Menax - Deep Fryer with Basket - Frying Pan

Fryer with basket Menax

With its vitrified enamel steel structure , the Menax fryer is a robust model that is easy to handle thanks to its ergonomic and well-designed handle. Its traditional design makes this cooking utensil a safe bet for making fries or frying all kinds of food. Its use is therefore very simple, whatever the type of frying to be made for a meal with family, friends or alone.

Compatible with all types of heat sources, this utensil can be used on a gas stove, on an induction device or on an electric hob. Once placed on the fire, it will be enough to pour a sufficient quantity of oil, and to place the food there to be fried once the good temperature has been reached. Moreover, in this regard, the material of manufacture of the Menax fryer distributes the heat evenly, which allows a fast and irreproachable cooking. The coating is also non-stick to prevent fried foods from sticking and to make cleaning less tedious. It should also be noted that a basket is incorporated into the set to facilitate the removal and draining of your fried foods.

As for its format, this fryer offered by the Menax brand has upper and lower diameters that measure 23.5 and 15 cm respectively. Its height is 6.5 cm, while its capacity is 1.7 liters.


  1. Good quality manufacturing materials
  2. Good grip thanks to the sturdy handle
  3. Easy to clean thanks to the non-slip coating
  4. Suitable for all types of cooking devices


  1. The spacing between the meshes of the basket is deemed too large for some users

Very good and practical to clean after each use, however the gap on the basket grid is a little too wide which allows the fries to pass. Read all reviews.

Mohamed B.

Baumalu 311138 Enamel Fryer with French Fries Writing

A traditional model like the previous product, the Baumalu 311138 fryer looks like a casserole. It is available in a red color which gives it a certain elegance that most users have not failed to appreciate. It is a utensil with a glass lid and an enamel body on which are fixed two handles covered with the same material. Its dimensions, which are 33 x 27 x 16 cm in length, width and height, give it a format that is not at all bulky. Add to this jig its low weight of 1.79 kg and you have a utensil that is easy to move and store.

If this Baumalu brand fryer plays its role as a fries utensil well, as indicated by the very evocative inscription it bears, it will also allow you to fry meat, vegetables, fish, etc. With its capacity of 4.8 kg, you can easily cook all kinds of frying for about 2 to 3 people, or even more. You can use it on all types of fires, both on conventional stoves and on electric or induction hobs. The utensil also incorporates a steel drip basket that allows food to be removed from the oil easily.

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Users have also appreciated the fact that the maintenance of this fryer is made easy for them by the possibility of cleaning it in the dishwasher.


  1. Traditional and elegant design
  2. Compatible with any type of heat source
  3. Easy to clean


  1. The handles are not thermally insulated

Too pretty, received yesterday and already tested, finally good fries… much better than electric fryers. Super fast delivery, seems to be of good quality for such an inexpensive item that works on induction . Read all reviews.

Isabella D.

Tristar Fryer 3L FR-6946

The FR-6946 fryer  from  Tristar  is a model made with stainless steel as is often the case with this type of appliance. Measuring 22.5 x 42.5 x 26.5 cm for a weight of 1.54 kg, it will be easy for you to move it and especially to store it.

The Tristar FR-6946 has a 3 L tank , which provides a capacity of 600 g to prepare fries for the whole family. It should be noted that this fryer has a power of 2000 W which promotes rapid heating and optimal cooking. The temperature is adjustable thanks to the thermostat, and can be increased up to 190°C according to needs. All you have to do is use the adjustment wheel, which is easy to handle and simple to use. In addition to the large temperature knob, the control panel has an indicator light and a number of indications to optimize control of the device. The cold zoneintegrated under the heating element allows to prolong the cleanliness of the oil by preventing the burning of the crumbs which fall to the bottom of the tank with enamel coating.

The FR-6946 from Tristar is presented as one of the best fryers in its category also for its secure character which makes it super practical. Finally, it should be noted that its components are detachable to facilitate cleaning in the dishwasher. So you don’t have to worry about its maintenance.


  1. Durable stainless steel body
  2. 600 g capacity thanks to the 3 L capacity
  3. Adjustable temperature up to 190°C
  4. cold zone


  1. Edges are a bit sharp and may cut in hand wash

Simple but effective fryer. Maintenance more than easy. I use vegan and it is very good. I make a first bath 5 min for classic size homemade fries at 150 degrees then I remove the basket and put the fryer at 190 degrees and I plunge the fries back for a few minutes (2/3 depending on the desired browning) . Read all reviews.

Stephanie J.

Aigostar Ushas 30HEZ - Stainless Steel Fryer

Aigostar Ushas 30HEZ fryer

This fryer from the Aigostar brand offers a large capacity of 3 liters as well as a power of 2200 W. Thanks to these features that distinguish it from other models in its category, this utensil is perfect for making healthy and delicious frying.

Depending on the food to be fried, the temperature can be adjusted at any time thanks to an internal thermostat controlled from a large dial integrated into the control panel. You can thus make not only fries, breaded chicken, spring rolls and many other crispy dishes.

Regarding its physical characteristics, the Aigostar Ushas 30HEZ fryer is made of very good quality stainless steel. The appliance is fitted with a lid which prevents hot oil from splashing and whose porthole allows you to monitor the cooking. Its bowl is non-stick and removable, so that food does not stick to the walls and so that it is easy to drain and clean. Do not forget the basket which is also made of stainless steel and whose handle is heat-insulated to allow handling without burning.

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For the rest, the Ushas 30HEZ fryer has non-slip feet that give it rock-solid stability. You can therefore use it in complete safety, especially since this device has been certified by the RoHS, LFGB and GS standards, attesting to its quality of design.

It should also be noted that the problem of storage has been taken into account by the manufacturer who has provided a compartment to accommodate the power cord.


  1. Careful design and design
  2. Stainless steel structure for better robustness
  3. Possibility of temperature adjustment
  4. Easy storage


  1. Some users have complained about the lack of clarity in the instructions for use

Only three uses and absolutely delicious fries. I recommend Dominique DUPAGNE’s recipe on Youtube, if you follow it to the letter your fries with this fryer will in any case be PERFECT. Ultra simple to use, good capacity for up to THREE people, beyond that you will have to do it twice, light and compact. EXCELLENT value for money. I recommend this product. Read all reviews.

Didier U.

Moulinex, Minifrito, classic, 1 L

Moulinex Minifrito AF220010 fryer

What immediately jumps out at you when you look at the Moulinex Minifrito AF220010 is its compact design. Seeing it, we understand that we will have no trouble finding a place for it on our work surface or in a storage cupboard. This is indeed a very interesting point, especially when you don’t have a kitchen that is too big and you want to optimize your space as much as possible. However, despite its small size, this fryer displays performance worthy of the largest models.

If you like fries, know that this utensil will allow you to prepare a quantity that can go up to 600 g . You will also only need a liter of oil to cook not only your potato slices, but also many other foods. Most impressive is the fact that this fryer does wonderfully well with only 1000 W of power, where other models need much more for the same performance. It should also be specified that the presence of an integrated thermostat will allow the user to calibrate the temperature between 150 and 190°C for optimal results.

The Minifrito AF220010 from Moulinex is equipped with a lid that protects against splashes while avoiding staining the worktop. A porthole is available to allow you to closely follow the progress of the cooking of your food. Apart from that, it should be noted that its non-stick bowl can be cleaned in the dishwasher at the same time as the basket and the lid.


  1. Design et format compact
  2. Large capacity and good cooking performance
  3. Adjustable temperature
  4. Easy to clean and store


  1. The thermostat can sometimes be slightly inaccurate

To make fries or fried potatoes from time to time, this fryer is impeccable. Not a lot of fat (beef white as far as I’m concerned) and heats up very quickly! Be careful, the walls are also hot… See all reviews.

Michael N.

Tefal fr5101 Friteuse Filtra Pro Inox and Design

Friteuse Tefal Filtra Pro FR5101

The FR5101, made by the big name in household appliances, Tefal, is an embossed stainless steel model. In addition to giving great resistance and good durability, this material does not keep fingerprints to keep the body of the device always clean. It should be noted that embossed stainless steel remains easier to clean than standard stainless steel. In addition, it will also not be complicated to maintain the other components of the fryer such as the tank, the lid, the basket and the colander. These elements are indeed removable and moreover they are all compatible with cleaning in the dishwasher.

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The Tefal Filtra Pro FR5101 can heat frying oil thanks to its resistance powered by a power of 2300 W. Below this there is a cold zone which is very useful to avoid the accumulation of burnt residues at the bottom of the tank. In this way, the oil remains clean and of good quality for longer and can therefore be used many more times.

Always with the aim of guaranteeing the cleanliness of the oil and the tank, the Tefal brand offers its patented ” clean-oil-system ” technology. It is an exclusive system that consists of a kind of very fine sieve that has a very high filtering power. You should also know that a timer and an adjustable thermostat are integrated into the control panel. You thus benefit from the possibility of defining 5 different degrees of variable temperatures between 150 and 190°C according to your needs. The capacity of 1.2 kg of fries will allow you to treat several people in addition to yourself.


  1. Easy to clean embossed stainless steel body
  2. Rapid temperature rise
  3. Timer and adjustable thermostat
  4. Removable, dishwasher-safe components


  1. Setting the timer is not the most convenient according to a number of users

I found it a little expensive compared to others, but in the end after several uses this fryer is very good. Easy to use. Easy to clean. Read all reviews.

Hébert F.

Moulinex Easy Pro 3 L Classic Fryer

Friteuse Moulinex Easy Pro

The Moulinex Easy Pro fryer is a semi-professional model with energy class A+ which offers good performance without being energy-intensive. With its capacity of 3 liters of oil , it can prepare up to 1 kg of fries for a small family. Apart from that, you can fry up to 1.2 kg of meat or fish, for example, or many other foods.

Just like its body, the tank of this fryer is made of very resistant stainless steel to guarantee it a certain robustness. If the use of this material for the main parts of the device brings its weight to 3.7 kg, at least you are sure that you can use it for a long time. And even if some of the components such as the handles or the non-slip feet are made of black plastic, the quality of the machine is not in doubt.

Another criterion that confirms the status of the Moulinex Easy Pro as the best fryer among many other models in its category is its ease of use. Indeed, all you have to do to make french fries or other types of frying is to turn it on and set the right cooking temperature. Then, you will only have to put the food to be cooked in the oil as soon as the thermostat light indicates that it is hot enough for that. You just have to put the lid on and follow the cooking through the small window provided for this purpose. It should be noted that the preheating time is relatively short thanks to the 2300 W power of the fryer which, for example, only needs 8 minutes to cook fries.

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Handling the Easy Pro is safe because of its plastic handle which does not heat up even when cooking food. Finally, the elements that compose it are removable and you can clean them in the dishwasher without any problem.


  1. Good quality stainless steel and plastic parts
  2. Easy to use
  3. Temperature setting
  4. Dishwasher safe parts


  1.  The handle is not retractable, which can complicate storage

With this fryer, SEB keeps its commitments. It works very well, heats up quickly and the amount of fries is correct for family use. The handle of the basket is solid (compared to my old fryer), but it does not retract, so be careful with storage, it may not fit in a small cupboard. Read all reviews.

Emma W.

Klarstein Family Fry

Friteuse Klarstein Family Fry

This fryer from Klarstein will be perfect for you if you are looking for a model with a large capacity. With its 8-litre capacity, the Family Fry well deserves its name, which naturally makes it suitable for family use. The large bowl of this machine will also be useful if you have 6 to 8 fries lovers at home. In short, you have enough cooking space to treat several people without having to make several batches. Another advantage of buying a large capacity fryer like the Klarstein Family Fry is that you can easily fry very large pieces of food in it.

Since enormous heating performance is needed to quickly and efficiently cook a lot of food at once, this fryer can rely on its  3000 W of power . You can also set the cooking temperature that suits you, whenever you want, thanks to the easy-to-use thermostat.

You should also know that the body of the Klarstein Family Fry is made of stainless steel. It offers a drain system in the form of a tap called “  Oil drain  ” which allows the tank to be emptied easily. In addition, thanks to its “  Cool Touch  ” technology, the fryer box contains the heat so as to keep the handles and its walls always cold. At the time of its maintenance, you will have no trouble, because cleaning is effortless. It’s the same for storage, thanks among other things to the possibility of storing the cord in a compartment at the back of the fryer.


  1. Large 8 L capacity
  2. 3000W power
  3. Technologies “Oil drain” et “Cool Touch”
  4. Easy to clean and store


  1.  Some users consider the size of the basket not sufficiently proportional to that of the tank.

Fryer with a nice capacity and a large basket. Heats up quickly, easy to adjust. Read all reviews.

Matt P.

Seb Semi-Professional Fryer Filtra Pro 4L

Fryer Seb FR518100 Filtra Pro

Resolutely modern and elegant, the design of the Seb FR518100 will certainly not leave you indifferent. If you are looking for the best fryer of its kind, this is undoubtedly the ideal model for you. It is a machine entirely designed in stainless steel, which seems to perfectly confirm the status of semi-professional device under which its designer presents it. However, it should be noted that its handles and feet are the only elements that are not made of stainless steel, but rather of black plastic. This does not prevent the fryer from having a robust constitution that will allow you to use it for a long time and as regularly as possible.

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This frying machine offered by the Seb brand is capable of quickly bringing up to 4 liters of oil to a temperature of 190 degrees! This will allow you to cook not only fries, but also lots of other foods to enjoy alone, with family or friends. This is also the reason why it is possible on this device to adjust the cooking temperature according to what you want to cook.

It should be noted that the 1.4 kg capacity of the Seb FR518100 fryer may seem limited for a family of big fries eaters. But this detail will be quickly resolved by the rapid preheating allowed by the 2300 W of power provided. This will allow you not to make your table of gourmets wait too long between rounds.

For practical and comfortable use of this fryer, you have a timer that allows you to program a cooking time. You also get an indicator light to let you know when the oil is hot enough to effectively fry your food. A sieve at the bottom of the tank allows the oil to be filtered to keep it clean and of good quality for long enough.

It should be noted in addition that the passage to the dishwasher is possible thanks to the accessories which all disassemble.


  1. Robust design
  2. Ergonomic design
  3. Good cooking performance
  4. Easy to clean in the dishwasher


  1. An extension cord may be needed due to the too short power cable

Received during the day, passed through the dishwasher for the elements that can go there (super practical) and already used for the meal. The fries are excellent!  Read all reviews.

Marie U.


Fryer Tefal Oleoclean FR804015

There are many reasons why this Tefal fryer is so popular. First, its stainless steel design which combines three colors namely stainless steel, black and blue. It will be difficult for you not to fall under its spell as soon as you have laid your eyes on this device. Of course, the material in which it is designed ensures good robustness, while making its outer walls easy to clean. The interior is also easy to clean as the main components are dishwasher safe .

The other great advantage of the Oleoclean FR804015 is then its 3.5 liter capacity which is sure to meet the needs of a small family. In terms of power, the fryer provides  2300 W which allows the temperature to rise quickly. This can also be regulated and controlled very easily using the thermostat and timer.

What also makes this model even more interesting are the options it offers, starting with its automatic filtration system. If you decide to use the Tefal Oleoclean FR804015 with the lid closed, you can still follow the cooking through its window. Its handle is heat-insulating so you can handle it without burning yourself.


  1. Sleek design and robust design
  2. Sufficient capacity for a family
  3. Easy and precise temperature control
  4. Dishwasher safe accessories


  1. Capacity might be a bit limited for more than 4 people

Brilliant, always clean, with each use I empty in the tank and I wash the rest. It is always clean and without traces of grease in the cupboards. The fact of filtering the oil allows it to be used longer and without the smell of old fries. For me, it’s definitely 5 stars. Read all reviews.

Christophe B.

Shopping guide for choosing and buying the best air fryer

fryer in one hand

Criteria for selecting a good fryer

To choose a fryer and be sure of your choice, you should rely above all on a certain number of criteria. Here are some of the most important ones to consider in order to get your hands on a decent product.

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The capacity

You should never buy a fryer without first ensuring that it will allow you to make enough fries to suit your needs. It is indeed according to the number of people that you will have to treat that you must make your choice. For one person or a couple, a 2 liter utensil could do the trick. On the other hand, if it is a question of making fries for an entire family, count from 3 liters minimum according to the number of mouths.

The power

Provided you aren’t very hungry and have plenty of time, potency is a feature not to be overlooked. Indeed, if this performance is not as high as possible, the preheating and cooking time will be relatively long. This could even result in not-at-all-crispy fries with a very unappetizing texture. So it should be noted that in terms of power, the higher the number, the better the cooking quality.


It should not be forgotten, a fryer is a machine which heats itself first and then heats the frying oil. The heating can therefore reach temperatures which become dangerous in the event of improper handling. To avoid any incident, it is recommended to opt for a device whose walls or external components do not heat up. Also having a frying machine whose tank can be hermetically sealed is also ideal.

The interview

There is nothing more annoying than having to deal with a kitchen utensil on which preparation residues stubbornly cling. Easy cleaning after use is an important criterion to take into account so as not to see your pleasure spoiled by difficult maintenance. It is therefore best to bet on a removable fryer whose parts are not afraid of washing in the dishwasher. Care should also be taken to opt for easy-to-clean external materials and non-stick internal coatings.

Convenience of use

For it to be definitely considered the best fryer, the model chosen must be practical. A control window, an ergonomic filter, an easy emptying system are among other options that can facilitate the use of your device.

What are the reasons to buy a fryer?

By definition, a fryer is the utensil best placed to prepare fries in the rules of the art. If its capacity and power are well chosen, it will be the guarantee of always enjoying crispy and delicious fries, without having to move around or wait indefinitely. In addition, the machine allows you to quickly and efficiently fry many other foods starting with fish, ice axe, meatballs, etc.

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