10 Best French Fries Cutters 2022-Complete Guide Review

Fries are a delicacy that most of us have always enjoyed. It is therefore not in 2020 that we will change our habits! An essential element of family reunions and evenings with friends, fries are always a hit . But to make them to perfection, nothing better than the French fries cutter .

We all went through the “buy frozen fries” box at the local convenience store. For lack of time or desire, this solution has the advantage of being quick and economical . However, the frozen fry has nothing to do with the freshly prepared one . Do you dare say that you have never tried to make them “home” ? To do this, you will need the best French fries cutter to make perfect, tasty and indulgent fries.

Choosing the perfect fry cutter for your needs can be difficult . Indeed, there are models designed for each type of use, professional or personal, for small quantities or large volumes, and with standard or specific cuts. So many models that will not make it easy for you to choose your kitchen utensil.

To help you find the best French fry cutter, our team has done extensive research and testing with the goal of finding the best product for home use. For each device, we will list its specifics and main features.


Comparison of the best French fries cutters

1 – Moulinex K1015414: the French fries cutter

French know-how

Let’s honor our country by starting by presenting a product from a brand well known to the French: Moulinex . The quality and reliability of these products are well established and you can buy this product with your eyes closed. Really interestingly, this model is among the lowest price ranges in our selection .

With dimensions of L 24 x W 14.2 x H 13.2 cm, this French fries cutter is the ideal partner for kitchen cupboards. Its small compact size will allow you to fit it in any drawer especially since it weighs only 600 grams. Its 10 x 10 cm grid is obviously of French manufacture and not the least. It is indeed manufactured in the capital of cutlery: Thiers. You therefore suspect that the edge of its blade is worthy of a razor blade. This undeniable quality allows you to have fries cut to the millimeter without providing a giant effort in cutting the potatoes. The rest of the body is made of well-made plastic, which guarantees long-term use without any problems.


  1. French quality
  2. Thiers stainless steel blade
  3. Removable and dishwasher-safe grid
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  1. Plastic body less robust than steel

This device is easy to use and perfect for good homemade fries! Mom of a large family, I’m happy because the cutting chore that lasts is over. Guaranteed time savings! View all reviews .

Vanessa P.

2 – Stainless Steel French Fries Cutter

Set of two blades for custom size fries

This good quality French fry cutter comes with two sets of sharp, interchangeable stainless steel blades that slice through potatoes effortlessly. The extra-long handle provides great leverage, making it easy to maneuver, while the non-slip rubber suction cups around the feet prevent the device from slipping.


  1. Extendable and sturdy handle
  2. Two sets of blades
  3. Non-slip suction cup


  1. Screws are not stainless steel and are subject to rust

I love the handle because with all the others I couldn’t get enough leverage to push the potato through the French fry cutter and this one is awesome! View all reviews .

Mary C.

Sopito French fries cutter

3 – Sopito: the multifunction stainless steel fry cutter

The model used by professionals

This French fries cutter from Sopito easily slices potatoes, carrots and cucumbers in no time. This stainless steel model has all the major features you would expect from such a product. With a reliable design and appreciable build quality, this professional French fries cutter is a good choice if you want a versatile product that can cut tough fiber vegetables.


  1. Designed in stainless steel
  2. Suitable for large potatoes
  3. Ergonomic handle

Disadvantage _

  1. Grid delivered by default quite wide

It is robust and its suction cup is very practical. Large potatoes are cut effortlessly… I recommend this model for fries fans like me! View all reviews .

Brigitte P.


4 – Culina: French fries and vegetables cutter

The Culina is suitable for cooks on a tight budget who only occasionally make their own fries. It comes with two sets of blades to allow you to make larger or smaller fries according to your tastes. This device is actually sturdier than it first appears, even though it’s made mostly of plastic.


  1. Lightweight and dishwasher safe
  2. Two cutting grids


  1. Large potatoes should be cut first

This French fries cutter is perfect. My son gave it to me for Mother’s Day and what a pleasure now to make our homemade fries on Sundays. Great accessories with its 2 available sizes. Super simple washing and solid product. I like ! View all reviews .

Marie M.


5 – Leifheit 3206

The chip cutter with the best quality/price ratio

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With a style similar to the Moulinex French fries cutter, the Leifheit brand is riding the wave of compact and ergonomic models. Mainly made of plastic, this device comes with two removable grids allowing you to vary the diameter of your fries: 10 or 12 mm. The designers of this French fries cutter have not skimped on safety by integrating a handle and a “softtouch” base allowing the equipment not to move when cutting vegetables and potatoes while offering you a grip closed.


  1. 3 year warranty
  2. Non-slip areas
  3. Protective grid


  1. plastic device
  2. Limited potato size

My first “fry cutter”! Bought based on great reviews! I am really very satisfied with the product. Light but sturdy, easy to use and clean. View all reviews .

Caroline D.


6 – Royal Catering: the professional French fries cutter

With table or wall mounting.

Intended mainly for a professional public, the Royal Catering French fries cutter is a very powerful tool that can be mounted on a wall or on a table. This model is quite bulky with its 2.6 kg and its fairly large dimensions: L69 x W17 x H20. With these characteristics, the acquisition of this kitchen appliance is only recommended if you have to make fries almost daily.

Made of stainless steel, this model of French fries cutter comes with 3 types of blades: 8, 10 and 12 mm. This allows you to have more or less wide fries depending on the dish to accompany.


  1. Professional quality
  2. Large quantity of fries can be made quickly


  1. Large and bulky device

Professional equipment. Ideal for making industrial quantities! For large tables, saving time for cutting potatoes is just essential! View all reviews .

Jacques B.


7 – Zyliss ZE910025: the Swiss fry cutter

A device benefiting from 60 years of know-how.

It was in 1948 that Karl Zysset created the Zyliss brand. Little known in France, it is nevertheless to this inventor that we owe the first “Susi” garlic press. It will be necessary to wait until 1964 to finally see the first French fry cutter in their range.

Zyliss is above all the guarantee of a recognized brand and an attractive customer promise through 3 features common to all products: ease of use, cleaning and storage. Three very important factors in choosing the best French fries cutter.

With two choices of grids, 7 and 9 mm, you can easily change the cut size of your potatoes to better appreciate their crunch. With only 25.5 cm in length, this Zyliss model is one of the most compact devices in our selection of the best French fry cutters of 2020.

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  1. Recognized quality
  2. Compact and easy to use
  3. Ergonomic and non-slip handle


  1. Plastic product body, less robust than steel

By far and truly by far the best cut fries I’ve had in my life. Whether for ease of cutting or for cleaning. In a word: fantastic. View all reviews .

Herboc H.


8 – Tellier D463: the high-end French fries cutter

The benchmark for catering professionals.

The Tellier D463 French fry cutter is the Rolls Royce of the category and officially the most expensive product in the selection. This French manufacturer of small kitchen tools intended for catering professionals is a benchmark in the catering trades. With 70 years of innovation on the clock, this product benefits from considerable advantages.

This model has a weighted cast iron base allowing it to be extremely stable. Mandatory condition if you want to cut several kilos of potatoes in order to make perfect fries. Thanks to this base, there is no need to fix it on a table or on the wall, which is very pleasant when we run out of space in our kitchen.

The Tellier French fries cutter is very robust and can cut 4 to 5 kg of fries per minute… Enough to easily feed an entire regiment thanks to its extraordinary capacities.


  1. Resistance and robustness
  2. High stability thanks to the base
  3. High flow per minute


  1. High price

Tellier’s French fries cutter is a very good product that perfectly met my expectations and professional requirements. Read all reviews.

The Manor of Anet


9 – Kitchen Craft french fries cutter: the choice of Internet users

The device with a thousand positive reviews

We find at Kitchen Craft the same design as the Culina French fries cutter. However, its finish is not the same and some details differ between these devices. However, this model remains very affordable and has a very good rating and excellent customer feedback.

With an intermediate size of 32 cm in length, we remain on a plastic composition for the body and stainless steel for the grid. This product of British origin comes from a wider range relating to cooking and baking. It therefore benefits from the research and development of the brand’s entire catalogue.


  1. Little price
  2. Very good customer feedback
  3. Comes with 2 cutting grids


  1. Not suitable for large potatoes

Great ! This French fries cutter is really very good and of very good quality. Fries are cut in a snap. I’m very happy with it. Read all reviews.

Fabian D.


10 – Westmark 11802260

The German French Fries Cutter

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Thanks to Westmark’s French fries cutter, you can now easily slice your apples, carrots or potatoes. This German brand specializing in the manufacture of kitchen accessories and household items offers you a compact and versatile product thanks to its 3 cutting grids. You can therefore easily make classic fries or matchstick potatoes.

With a width of 24 cm and a height of 11 cm, the Westmark French fries cutter can easily slip into a drawer or cupboard without taking up all your storage space. Its 680 gr also make this appliance an excellent kitchen companion.


  1. Good ergonomics
  2. Comes with 3 grid sizes


  1. Fairly fragile blades

This fry cutter works great and comes with multiple grids for different size fries to suit individual tastes. Read all reviews.

Alain S.

Buying guide: everything you need to know before buying your French fries cutter

French Fries Cutter Buying Guide

A quick reminder of the things to consider before you start buying a French fries cutter . In this article, we have reviewed ten French fry cutters to suit different needs and budgets. If our advice helped you find the best machine to cut your potatoes , we are more than satisfied and are happy to have been able to help you in your search. But if you are still undecided on the choice of your french fries cutter, here are some other tips that can help you decide. But before that, it is interesting to look at the history and operation of the French fries cutter.

How does a French fries cutter work?

Standard French fry cutters have a bladed tray for slicing fruits and vegetables and a container to catch them once pushed through the blades. The end of the device is made up of tiny teeth giving the potato a better grip on the device. Some models have interchangeable blade trays so that the user can have different sizes of fries, larger or in the form of matches. It is advisable to cut off the round ends of the potato before placing it on the cutting deck, so that it lies flat against the cutting mechanism, making it easier to slice.

French fry cutters are usually made of stainless steel , but there are plastic models. Stainless steel has many advantages, such as ease of cleaning and anti- corrosion properties . In addition, the vegetable pieces do not stick to it as they would on other materials. The most compact models consist of two simple blocks that fit together. More complex models resemble deli slicers, with non-slip feet supporting steel rods on which the potato holder and slicer slide toward each other. These usually have special handleswhich minimize the pressure the user has to apply to cut the fries.

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Some models can create special cuts like spirals and ultra-thin fries. These French fry cutters typically come with different sized blade trays to accommodate thinner vegetables like carrots, as well as larger produce like eggplant. Many models either have a built-in receptacle to hold sliced ​​vegetables, or are raised to allow the cook to easily insert a container under the machine.

Where to buy your French fries cutter?

Several options are available to you as to the choice of the store of purchase of your tool. You can either acquire it directly from a specialized brand or in supermarkets. So you can find a French fries cutter in several brands such as Auchan, Leclerc, Carrefour, Darty, Boulanger or Gifi. The best is still to buy it online via Amazon or Cdiscount.

Selection criteria

French fry cutter maintenance

Security and ease of use

We live in a time when machines are of great help to us. It makes our life easier in our daily tasks and it is now unthinkable to do without these tools for cooking .

Speed ​​of execution does not always mean safety. French fries or vegetable cutters in general can cut your skin if they are not used correctly. Always make sure that you can easily handle the product you buy.


If a device can do more than it was intended to do, that’s just a bonus! Some patterns are so simple you can only use them on potatoes and nothing else. However, there are also devices that can cut sweet potatoes , carrots, apples, zucchini, etc. and usually their prices don’t differ that much.

Durability and robustness

Machines wear out and can break from regular use and that’s normal. However, it’s no good if they break right after the first use. Surely you want to buy a reliable, solid and robust product that will help you fry for a long time. You should therefore make sure to select a robust model with good customer feedback . The harder the materials used, the longer the material will last. Avoid plastic products if you want to keep your French fries cutter for several years in a row.

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We all love to cook, but there is a less glorious and exciting task: washing dishes. An essential step, it is no less important than the kitchen. So make sure that your device can easily be disassembled in order to wash it properly. Ideally opt for a model that can go in the dishwasher , this can save you precious time.


A French fries cutter does not have the design of a food processor and is not intended to take pride of place and be displayed in the middle of your kitchen. It is therefore appropriate to select a compact model that can easily be stored in your furniture drawers. There are fixed-mount models, but you shouldn’t need them unless you’re opening a restaurant or have a very, very large family.

Value for money

When you buy a product or something in particular, you want to get what you pay for, and that’s normal. Cheap doesn’t always mean better. Sometimes you have to go for quality over quantity and this might be the real way to save money, especially if your device lasts a very long time.

In conclusion

Now is the time to decide on “your” best French fry cutter. There are many options but the best one is specific to each individual depending on their need and the type of use they plan to do. The most important thing is to know your priorities , like which features you need and which will help you the most in your kitchen.