Top 10 Best Fondue pot sets 2022-Complete Guide Review

Whether you want to make Savoyard, Burgundy, winegrower or Chinese fondue, having the best ingredients is not enough to make your dish a success. You also need to have a suitable fondue set at your disposal.

Do you want to buy a fondue set to please your family or surprise your friends during a convivial dinner? Having trouble making a choice because of the variety of models? This comparison and buying guide has been specially designed to facilitate your purchase decision so that you can choose the best fondue set with ease.

Comparison of the best fondue sets: tests and reviews

Fondue sets exist in several models that differ from each other in many aspects: manufacturing quality, functions, accessories… It is therefore not easy to make a choice without first having a minimum of information. . After a careful analysis of the products sold on the market, carried out with complete objectivity, here are the top 10 most reliable fondue sets of the moment.

Baumalu Savoyard fondue set

Savoyard fondue set Baumalu 385052

This model which is offered by Baumalu could well meet your expectations if you are looking for the best traditional fondue set. Behind its sober and refined design, the Savoyarde 385052 fondue set has impressive assets such as its quality of design and its ease of use.

Non-electric, this fondue set is equipped with a stove and a burner. It therefore requires combustion paste or rubbing alcohol to operate. The advantage is that you can use it everywhere and in all circumstances without fear of any breakdown.

The Baumalu 385052 fondue set comes in the dimensions 30 x 23 x 17.5 cm and weighs 5.04 kg. This weight fairly well justifies its robustness and the good quality of the materials used. Its caquelon is precisely made with cast iron and covered with enamel  ; a quality material which gives it solidity, very good resistance to heat and wear.

It can therefore be used for the preparation of all kinds of fondues. It will however be necessary to show know-how to adapt the intensity of the fire for each type of recipe. With its 20 cm diameter, it is compatible with ceramic or induction hobs… and can even go in the oven .

Easy to use, it is stable during use and has a splash-proof lid. According to the manufacturer, the pot can make fondue for 6 people. It is for this reason that it comes with a set of 6 forks with wooden handles . After use, the caquelon, the anti-splash lid and the forks can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.


  1. Good build quality
  2. Caquelon compatible with all fires
  3. Easy to use
  4. 6 forks included


  1. Capacity too tight for 6 guests

Really happy!! Only downside is that they could put at least a jar of gel to burn with. I didn’t know at all what to put on the fires and I didn’t know that alcohol in gel form existed and that it was especially what was needed for fondues. So hold on tight. No candles, no liquid alcohol but a fuel paste in gel form. That’s what you have to put in the little metal insert. Read all reviews.

Coralie C.

Kitchen Craft Fondue Maker

Kitchen Craft Fondue Maker

Are you looking for a cheap fondue set that can allow you to make delicious cheese or oil fondues? Well, then you need a versatile fondue set like this model from Kitchen Craft.

Thanks to its enameled cast iron pot, this device is able to ensure perfect and even cooking of all your preparations. In addition, cast iron is a material capable of adapting to high temperatures without the risk of burning your cast iron.

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Since this is a traditional fondue set that has a stove and a burner, it will suffice to put rubbing alcohol or combustible paste to make it work. What is also interesting is that you can put the pan in the oven or on any hot plate: induction, gas, ceramic hob…

What sets this device apart from the other models in this comparison of the best fondue sets is its weight and size. It weighs 800 g and is available in a small format.

You will therefore have no trouble transporting it. With its small size, this model is more suitable for couples and can make fondue for up to 4 people contrary to what is announced by the manufacturer.

The device comes with 6 forks with colored ends so that everyone can recognize theirs without worry. It is also important to note that an anti-splash lid is available to avoid overflows and therefore dirt. But on top of that, it comes in handy for keeping the forks stable. 

All in all, this fondue set can be a perfect choice for someone who is looking for the best cheap traditional fondue set .


  1. Enamelled cast iron fondue pot
  2. Compact size and light weight
  3. Easy to use and clean
  4. 6 forks included


  1. The capacity

True to the brand .. beautiful cast iron quality! I recommend . Read all reviews.

Alexandra F.

Tristar family fondue set

Tristar FO-1109 family fondue set

The FO-1109 from the Tristar brand might be of interest to those who wish to have the best electric fondue set at an affordable price. This is a multifunctional fondue set that can be used very well to make Savoyard fondue, Burgundy fondue as well as chocolate fondue.

Efficient, it heats up very quickly thanks to a power of 1400 watts. This saves time in preparing your dish. But since all recipes do not cook at the same temperature, a 4-position adjustable thermostat is present. So you can easily adjust and maintain the perfect temperature for cooking either recipe.

This fondue set has a stainless steel fondue pot that has a capacity of 1.3 litres, enough to prepare for 8 people. It is therefore perfect if you have a large family or you are used to receiving people at home.

The Tristar FO-1109 fondue set is sold with a set of 8 forks and 6 small sauce pots . These are arranged around a ring to save space on the dining table.

It should be noted that the fondue pot is removable, which makes it much easier to use and clean. You can also send it to the dishwasher for an express cleaning. It also has two insulating handles as well as an anti-splash cover .


  1. Stainless steel fondue pot
  2. Adjustable thermostat
  3. Simple and easy to use
  4. Forks and sauce pots included


  1. Uninsulated walls

Simple practical product and easy to maintain the desired temperature . Good quality price . Read all reviews.

Harald J.

Tefal Colormania Fondue Machine

Fondue set Tefal Colormania EF260312

This fondue set offered by the French brand Tefal is distinguished by its colorful design and unusual shape. It stands out very clearly from most other models which are rather “classic” in terms of appearance.

Equipped with a thermoplastic base, it is also available in a compact format and weighs 2.1 kg. You can easily store it in a closet without it taking up too much space.

The Colormania is a multifunctional fondue set that adapts to the preparation of all kinds of fondues: Savoyard, Burgundy, Chinese, chocolate . It has a 5-position adjustable thermostat and operates with 800 watts of power. Although the latter is slightly below average, it will not take more than ten minutes for it to heat up properly.

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The fondue pot of the Tefal Colormania fondue set has a non-stick coating. It is therefore quite easy to clean after use, both by hand and by machine. So that everyone can enjoy the recipe as they should, the device comes with 8 nickel-plated steel forks with stainless steel handles with different colored pellets.

In terms of security, note that the device has good stability during use. Also, the walls are heat-insulating, in order to avoid the risk of burns.


  1. Beautiful colorful design
  2. Adjustable thermostat
  3. Easy and safe to use
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. average power

Very satisfied with this product, tested both for a Burgundy fondue and for a Savoyard fondue. Very practical the thermostat to regulate the temperature compared to the system with alcohol. Heats quickly without having to heat it first on gas or other . Read all reviews.

Marc B.

Classic Lagrange fondue set

Fondue set Classic Lagrange 349001

This model is one of the best fondue sets that offer good value for money. It combines good manufacturing quality, practicality and versatility.

The Lagrange Classic 349001 fondue set works with a heating element that has a power of 900 watts. It is also equipped with a 5-level adjustable thermostat which allows you to control the cooking temperature according to the type of recipe. Versatile, it offers you the possibility of preparing different varieties of fondues according to your preferences: cheese, meat, chocolate, etc.

This Lagrange fondue set is equipped with a fondue pot made from aluminum with a good quality finish. It has a non-stick coating that facilitates the perfect cooking of the fondues so that it sticks to the bottom. This makes cleaning much easier, which can be done quite simply by hand with a sponge. Thanks to the varnished wooden handles, the handling of the device is done in complete safety without risk of burns. Always for the safety of the users, the device is equipped with a clip which is used to fix the cable to a leg of table in order to avoid any disappointments.

It should also be noted that this Lagrange brand fondue set is sold with 8 forks with wooden handles . Each of them has a colored end to mark a difference. For more practicality, a thermoplastic support is also integrated into the device allowing the forks to be stored optimally.


  1. Good build quality
  2. Simple to use
  3. Non-stick coating
  4. Power cable retaining clip


  1. The power

The top of the Burgundy fondue sets! the container is well calculated so as not to overfill with oil! boiling oil protections are effective! the wooden handles are very practical and pretty! the device heats the oil quickly and its thermostat is operational! its power is very useful! Read all reviews.

Serge L.

Tefal Simply Invents fondue set

Fondue set Tefal Simply Invents EF351412

The Simply Invents EF351412 fondue set is very popular for its manufacturing quality and its atypical design. It can be a perfect choice for those looking for the best easy to use, yet functional and versatile fondue set.

Whether you are a fan of Burgundy fondue or a fan of cheese or chocolate fondue , all your desires can be fulfilled with this device. It is in fact equipped with 800 watts of power and a 5-position adjustable thermostat that allows you to prepare any type of fondue according to your tastes and preferences.

But what really sets this Tefal fondue set apart from the other models in this comparison of the best fondue sets is its rotating tray with 5 ramekins , super practical for serving sauces and other accompaniments.

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The fondue pot of the Simply Invents Tefal EF351412 fondue set is made of steel and has a non-stick coating. It is large enough to prepare recipes for eight people. It is also accompanied by a set of 8 nickel-plated steel forks with a stainless steel handle and a colored tip. Unfortunately, it cannot be put in the oven or on a hob compared to some models.

It should also be noted that the base of this equipment is heat-insulating. You can therefore handle it safely without risk of burns. For the maintenance of the Tefal fondue set, it happens quite easily, because you can wash the accessories in the dishwasher.


  1. Functional and versatile
  2. Turntable with ramekin
  3. Easy and safe to use
  4. Dishwasher cleaning


  1. Caquelon incompatible with fires

Accustomed to the traditional terracotta fondue pot for Savoyard fondue, I was afraid that the result would not be the same, I was wrong the taste is the same. Practical because you prepare your fondue directly in the tank and on the heating part. No more need for a stove that is often unstable and smells of alcohol, which I find very dangerous with boiling oil or broth, especially in the presence of children. In addition, no need to adjust the temperature every five minutes, we follow the instructions and everything is fine for an evening . Read all reviews.

Nathalie O.

Riviera-et-Bar fondue set

Riviera-et-Bar QFD340 fondue set

The Riviera & Bar Studio QFD340 is one of the best electric fondue sets on the market. It is indeed equipped with an enamelled cast iron fondue pot, which is quite rare on electric models. Thanks to the latter, you can make any kind of fondue: Savoyard, Burgundy, Chinese… To adapt properly to all these recipes, it has a power of 1000 Watts as well as an adjustable thermostat on 6 positions.

But what really makes this cooking equipment stand out is its versatility. It is indeed a 2-in-1 device. Beyond the Fondue function, you can use it in Rechaud mode. In this case, it will suffice to place a frying pan, wok or other cooking utensil on the hearth.

It should also be noted that the fondue pot has a capacity of 1.2 liters of oil and comes with a set of 8 stainless steel forks . After use, it can easily be washed in the dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning. The appliance has large chromed solid metal handles as well as a stainless steel fork holder.

The Riviera & Bar Studio QFD340 is a very elegant device that benefits from a good quality of design. It was made with strong, sturdy and durable PFOA-free materials. It also has non-slip feet that ensure its stability during use. Its weight is  6.2 kg and its dimensions are 31 x 25.5 x 19 cm .


  1. Double function: Fondue and Rechaud
  2. Solid and durable device
  3. Easy to use
  4. Long power cable

First use for a Burgundy fondue, perfect! Cast iron skillet, first heating to 190 degrees on induction without problem, then use on the stove: by playing with the thermostat, we were able to maintain a temperature of around 170 degrees, which allows the meat to be seared well. The set is pretty, of good quality, so very happy with this purchase. Can’t wait for the next Savoyard fondue . Read all reviews.

Barbara C.

WMF LONO electric fondue set

WMF LONO electric fondue set

The WMF LONO fondue set is a top-of-the-range model that has a power of 1400 W. It is one of the best fondue sets with the highest power in this comparison. Highly efficient, it ensures the quick and efficient preparation of all varieties of fondues, regardless of your preferences. It will be enough to adapt the cooking temperature thanks to the thermostat / rotary control adjustable on 6 levels.

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By opting for this WMF fondue set, you will have no trouble pleasing 8 people since it is equipped with a fondue pot which has a capacity of 1.2 litres. The latter is made of good quality stainless steel, as is the base of the device and the 8 fondue forks.

This electric fondue set from the WMF brand has a good manufacturing quality. It is solid, robust and resistant. The cooking pan is equipped with two handles which make it quite easy to carry. It also has an anti-splash lid that also serves as a fork holder. You can also detach it from the base to use it on a gas stove, on a ceramic hob or induction.

In addition to ease of use, the WMF LONO fondue set is easy to maintain. The bowl and forks can be washed by hand or can go in the washing machine. It should also be noted that the device has a 30 cm long power cord.


  1. Crafting material
  2. Major power
  3. Simple and easy to use
  4. Non-slip feet


  1. Short electrical cable

Difficult to rave about a fader .. but this one is really good. All stainless steel, they are made to last over time. The bottom of the pan allows a very good distribution of heat and also allows you to heat it on an induction hob. Read all reviews.

Thierry P.

Fondue set Tefal WK302013

Fondue set Tefal WK302013

This model offered by Tefal may be what you need if you are looking for a top-of-the-range fondue set that combines multifunctionality, ease of use and good manufacturing quality.

The Tefal WK302013 fondue set is a versatile device that performs two functions: Wok and fondue. It is in fact composed of a caquelon made with aluminum and coated with non-stick inside. Thanks to the latter, you can make any fondue recipe according to your desires or those of your guests: cheese, oil or chocolate…

By opting for this device, you will also be entitled to a versatile wok thanks to which you can concoct many other small dishes such as cassoulet, paella, sauerkraut to make your evenings even more festive. The latter is equipped with a transparent cover.

Very simple to use, the pan and the wok are positioned quite easily on the thermoplastic base. Since they are both coated with non-stick, cleaning them after use is quite easy. We also appreciate the presence of an indicator light which signals that the device is powered on.

The Tefal WK302013 fondue set has a power of 1300 watts which is more than enough for a rapid rise in temperature, thus saving you time when cooking meals. Thanks to its adjustable thermostat, you will be able to adjust the cooking temperature according to each type of preparation.

It should also be noted that this model can be the ideal choice for those who would like to have the best fondue set specially adapted for Chinese fondue. Indeed, Tefal WK302013 has a capacity a little above the average allowing to prepare for about 10 people .


  1. Rapid rise in temperature
  2. Big capacity
  3. Very easy to use and clean
  4.  Easy storage


  1. No on/off switch

Bought for my Chinese fondues, but you can do many other things with it. It is huge! For my fondue, it contains 3 liters of liquid with more elements in it (cabbage, mushrooms and vermicelli). It’s child’s play to use, and the bowl is dishwasher safe. A quality purchase, very aesthetic on a table and super practical with its adjustment of the heating intensity. Read all reviews.

Amelie C.

Kela fondue set

Fondue set Kela 16564

If you need a high-quality traditional fondue set , designed with solid, robust and above all durable materials, then this model from the Kela brand may be for you.

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The Kela 164564 fondue set is equipped with a cast aluminum fondue pot. The latter has a capacity of 1 liter which is intended for 6 people. Thanks to this device, you can now make delicious cheese fondues whenever you feel like it.

Easy to use, the pan has a stainless steel handle with silicone coating. This insulates the heat perfectly, thus eliminating any risk of burns during use. It should also be noted that it is quite resistant to scratches and cleans quite easily thanks to its ceramic non-stick coating .

The Kela 16564 fondue set works with combustion paste since it is equipped with a chromed metal stove and an adjustable burner. However, you can use the fondue pot on other heat sources such as hotplates, including induction. It withstands up to 180°C.


  1. Quality build material
  2. Heat resistant up to 180°C.
  3. Dishwasher safe


  1. Average capacity

A service based on high quality and a design that is out of the ordinary. The caquelon is incredible, nothing sticks, it cleans up with just a little water and the interior coating is incredibly resistant . Read all reviews.

Marion A.

Buying guide for choosing the best fondue set

Cheeses in a fondue set

Do you need a fondue set to be able to brighten up your winter evenings with the family around a good cheese, oil or chocolate fondue? You don’t know exactly how to find the best fondue set . You are lucky because in this guide you will discover the different types of fondue sets as well as the key criteria for choosing the model that best suits your needs.

What are different types of fondue sets?

The fondue set exists in many variations. Choosing one or the other will depend on your needs and your budget.

Traditional fondue set

Like the Savoyard Fondue set Baumalu 385052 which is one of the best fondue sets of the moment, the traditional models are composed of a base-warmer equipped with a burner on which will be placed an enamelled cast iron fondue pot or ceramic. They work with rubbing alcohol or combustion gel.

This is the type of fondue set preferred by purists who like to prepare their Savoyard fondue in accordance with tradition. Very easy to use, they require no electrical connection and are very practical for moments of conviviality outside (garden, travel, camping, etc.).

Compared to electric models, traditional fondue sets take a little longer to heat up. Keeping the preparation warm can also be difficult with this type of fondue set. But whatever it is, that doesn’t detract from the pleasure of making your old-fashioned fondue.

electric fondue set

Modern and more elaborate, electric fondue sets are the most popular and marketed models. They have a heating element that replaces the fuel of traditional models. Very practical and easy to use, this type of fondue set is usually equipped with a thermostat to adjust the ideal temperature necessary for cooking. From the simplest to the most functional, they are highly prized for their speed, efficiency and ease of use.

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Much like the Riviera & Bar Studio QFD340, one of the best fondue sets , some models are 2-in-1 devices.

Choosing your fondue set: what are the selection criteria?

Are you trying to find the best fondue set that can really meet your expectations? Here are the essential criteria to consider to find the perfect model that suits your needs and your budget.

The size and capacity of the fondue pot

The size and capacity of the fondue pot, which are two closely related parameters, vary from one model to another. Generally, fondue sets have a capacity of 1.2 liters and are intended for 8 people. However, you will find some with less or more. To choose a fondue set with the right capacity, you must mainly take into account the size of your family, and the number of guests that you will eventually receive. Remember, however, that large fondue sets take longer to heat up and require more storage space than a small one.

The type of fondue

If you want to choose the best fondue set , the material used for the design of the skillet is a determining parameter that should not be overlooked. Whether cast iron, stainless steel, ceramic or aluminum, know that each of them has its specificities.

If you need a fondue set, just to make Savoyard fondues, it would be much better to favor models with ceramic or cast iron pots. These materials adapt to all temperatures and are also scratch resistant.

An  aluminum or stainless steel frying pan retains the heat much more and is resistant to high temperatures. Solid and durable, they are recommended for Burgundy and Chinese fondues.

The adjustable thermostat and the power

Electric fondue sets usually have an adjustable thermostat. Thus, you will have no trouble adjusting the cooking temperature according to your needs. As for the power, it generally varies between 800 and 1500 watts on average. Remember that the higher the power, the more efficient the device will be.


For a minimum of safety, it is better to choose a fondue set with non-slip feet to prevent the fondue pot from tipping over during use. Also prefer models with a pan with insulating handles and whose walls remain cold to avoid the risk of burns.

Other points of attention not to be overlooked

To be sure of choosing the best fondue set, here are some additional details to take into account before confirming your choice definitively:

  • The non-stick coating on the outside and inside;
  • The availability of accessories such as forks, ramekins and a splash guard;
  • The caquelon’s compatibility with hotplates and the oven;
  • The length of the power cord;
  • Cleaning mode: manual or dishwasher.

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