Top 10 Best Folding Camping Chairs 2022

Personally, I am one of those people who crave comfort. Wherever I go I always need equipment that will make my day as pleasant as possible. That’s why I started looking for the best folding camping chair on the market. Besides, I’m going to share my findings with you so that you too can benefit from them.

Before I go deep into this folding chair story, I would like you to know that I visited and compared several products before arriving at today’s result. There we have the products at the best value for money . Indeed, when one wants to buy a utility product, one must always refer to price and quality.

So, in order to save you the shopper’s journey that I did for two days, find in the following sections the 5 folding chairs that I liked the most. Even if I didn’t have time to do a pre-purchase test of each of these chairs, I did a little comparison of user reviews before drawing my own opinion.

The best folding camping chairs

So here we are. You will soon no longer have to worry about finding the right seat for your garden or for your beach holiday . Find in the following 5 sections the outdoor folding chairs that will change your perception of the day outdoors.

Rest assured, I have only chosen good quality products for you and I have also bet on the cheapest product .

Why should you get a folding camping chair?

The folding camping chair is for me my relaxation accessory . After a long hike in the woods or spent climbing extreme trails, I like to take my time in a camping chair to enjoy my evening.

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Indeed, I prefer to put myself in a foldable chair which gives me a little cocoon effect than to put myself on the ground and lean against a tree when I am tired. So, first of all, you need to choose such equipment for your comfort.

Besides, the camping chair can become your ally in any situation . If the ground is wet, cold, without a cushion of greenery, stony, etc. you will surely not sit there and prefer to sit on your folding chair. The best thing about foldable camping chairs is the added features they have. Indeed, if others have a cup holder , others can turn into a deckchair, etc.

Define your needs

Now that you know why the folding camping chair could be useful to you , define your needs. So, if you have children, for example, you might want a chair with storage compartments.

Indeed, with children you would need to have at hand all the small accessories and snacks that they will spend their time begging you.

Then, if you spend most of the time in humid and rainy places, plan a chair that dries quickly. So if you want an outdoor folding chair for going fishing or hiking in a forest with high humidity, you need to get a waterproof chair.

Last thing, whatever your needs, you need to make sure you get a chair with a high load capacity and low weight.

Types of folding chairs

The folding chairs that we have seen in this guide are all portable and put the criterion of comfort first. You should know that there are two types of folding chair. So, we have the traditional folding chairs and those intended for camping.

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Traditional Style Camping Chairs

This type of camping chair generally offers more comfort, as it has a wider and stiffer back like the Lafuma chair.

If you plan to take a camping chair for the sole purpose of relaxing, this type of traditional model is recommended. So if you are a camper who has a large space car or a motorhome, you can transport the traditional camping chair well easily.

The great advantage of the traditional folding chair is its ease of deployment and storage . In fact, to store such a chair, all you have to do is fold the back on the chair and separate the two parts to deploy it.

portable camping chairs

The folding camping chair is always offered in a portable model such as the Outad and Toomsho chair. They have the advantage of being smaller, lighter and have shorter legs. However, they need more time to deploy and stow properly.

In addition, they have less comfort and stability than a traditional folding chair. However, these chairs are essential if you are going for long hiking trips.

When you choose this type of camping chair, never choose those with three legs. You must also take one that has a maximum load capacity of 100 kg.

Hiking chairs

Backpacking chairs are definitely lighter and easier to transport than camping chairs. This type of seat is recommended if you are going for a hike on an uphill trail. Certainly, the hiking chair will be less comfortable, because its seat is placed on the ground.

However, with its lightness and ease of transport, it will be a good hiking ally. So, of course, the folding camping chair offers more comfort, but the hiking chair is much lighter. It is therefore a chair that will give you the minimum comfort necessary to avoid you having to sit directly on the ground during your hikes .

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Camping chairs for any situation

So, here we are talking about the type of camping chair that you can take along for all kinds of outings. You can lug these camping chairs to the countryside, backyard, beach, backyard to your best friend’s mountain house for your campfire projects, etc. this type of chair has some similar traits to the traditional camping chair.

However, it is lighter and has a lower backrest. Moreover, they are made in this way to allow you to take them to outdoor concerts.

Features to Consider When Buying a Folding Camping Chair

Camping chairs must also be chosen according to certain characteristics. Indeed, you must take your camping chair according to whether it is solid, compact, etc. In short, we are talking here about the material selection criteria.

Build quality: the fabric and frame of the chair

A good camping chair must have a seat and a backrest made of flexible, comfortable and solid material. You can even take one with eco-friendly material like the Lafuma chair. Also, preferably take a canvas chair that washes and dries quickly. In terms of the frame, the most important thing is to have a chair that is easy to transport.

For a chair that will stay in your yard, you can choose the sturdy steel frame. If you plan to take a camping chair that you are going to carry on a hike or for any outing, take one with an aluminum frame. This type of chair is much lighter.

Folded weight and dimensions

Here we are talking about the ease of transport. So, for a chair to carry on a trip, picnic or hike, you will need a very compact folding chair.

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The model that fits in a carrying bag is ideal here. Indeed, this type of chair takes up little space in the car and is always very light.

If you simply want to equip yourself with a garden chair that is easy to store, opt for the traditional models. You can store them in the garage or in a shed in rainy weather or during winter seasons.

Seat height

Folding chairs dedicated to camping are most often equipped with low seats. Indeed, they have shorter legs, because they must be stored in a compact way in a carrying bag. However, some of these folding chairs have adjustable legs . So, to increase your comfort at the campsite, opt for this type of chair.

As for traditional camping chairs, they are always longer and more comfortable. If you have a vehicle with a large storage space, you can still take this type of chair camping to maximize your comfort.

Back height

The ideal backrest height is close to the neck. By sitting in a chair with such a backrest, you can support your spine. However, for maximum comfort, it is advisable to take a chair with a backrest that has a head support .

If you plan to take the foldable chair for simple use, so you won’t be sitting in it all the time, a model with a half-back can do the trick. So, once again define your needs before making your choice.

Storage: cup holders and pockets

When you take a short trip away from home, you always need a storage device. Indeed, in order not to lose your belongings, to keep them within easy reach, you must have a chair with storage compartments.

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You can also take one that has a cup holder to increase your comfort when you go fishing with friends or when you go to have a campfire with the family.

Features that make a camping chair comfortable

A utility camping chair is usually not cluttered with features of any kind. It is most often made in a minimum of style to give you ease of transport and storage. However, a higher end camping chair will give you different comfort options like better back support, armrests, footrest, cup holder and storage pockets.

The lumbar support

A camping chair with lumbar support is generally more rigid at its back. Such a chair will allow you to maintain a better posture when you sit on it. Moreover, this type of chair is offers greater comfort.

Armrests and footrests

A folding chair with armrests and footrest offers greater comfort to its user, but will remain heavier.

Some of these chairs have adjustable armrests that will allow you to adapt the device to your needs. As for folding chairs with footrests, they are perfect for people who need more comfort because of a physical condition. These types of chairs often have detachable footrests .

sun visor

Some models of folding chairs have sunshades . This is a small cap that you just have to fold over the top of the backrest when the sun hits.

folding chair with cap can still be useful, but be aware that it will be heavier than a regular folding chair. To give more luxury to your outings and campsites, also consider getting a camping lantern.


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