Best Ergonomic Office Chair For Short Person 2022

If you’re petite, you may have a hard time finding an ergonomic office chair that fits properly. You don’t want to buy one without trying it out first, but the thought of lugging around one large piece of furniture simply to see if it’s perfect for your body can be daunting.

While you don’t have to lug the chair around before buying it, there are a few ways to see if the chair will work for you. We’ve mentioned ways to tell whether an ergonomic office chair is the best choice for you, but one of the biggest questions posed when shopping for an ergonomic office chair is whether it will fit a small body. It’s worth spending some time checking out chairs in person before you buy them, especially if you are looking at models that sell for $300 or more. There’s no need to start off your ergonomic chair search with a chair that simply won’t fit your body.

In this article, we’ll help you determine whether an ergonomic office chair will be the best fit for you. We’ll point out some of the best ways to check out a chair before you buy it and offer tips on how to choose the most appropriate office chair for your tiny stature. Let’s get started by looking at a few considerations.

Size of the Person
When choosing an ergonomic office chair, don’t simply choose the one that fits you best. You want to make sure it will work for your entire body and not just your legs. If you’re mid-thigh, look for a design that accommodates your entire body and not just your thighs. You should be able to adjust the chair to the proper height and angle for your feet. If you’re looking at a task chair, you want to ensure that your keyboard and mouse are in a comfortable position.

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Length of the Person
As we’ve said before, it’s important not to choose an ergonomic office chair based only on measurements of your legs. If you’re short, your priority is finding one that fits from head to toe. Many short people are built on the same scale as larger people. That means you can fit into a chair that would otherwise be considered too small for someone who measures six feet tall. You’ll be able to get plenty of use out of a chair that is too small if it’s not too uncomfortable.

Shape of the Person
Always consider the shape of your body, especially if you have a narrower or longer aspect to your body. Chair manufacturers have come up with several designs and styles designed specifically for people with different shapes and sizes, but there’s more than one way to arrange seating in an office chair.

Design of the Chair

No matter what kind of chair you choose, you want to be sure it allows you to sit comfortably in your desired position for long periods of time. This means choosing a model with features that support your body, including the seat and backrest angle, adjustment options for your lower body and proper support for your feet. Not all ergonomic options are created equally, so don’t feel like you have to choose from a very limited supply of chairs.

How Easy is it to Adjust?

One key factor in choosing an ergonomic office chair is how easy it is to adjust the chair to fit your body size. A quality chair will last longer if you are able to adjust the seat and backrest without much effort. A chair that requires a lot of tweaking and a lot of pressure can cause long-term problems, not to mention back pain. You want to find a chair that has all the adjustments you need, including everything from seat depth to seat height and lumbar support.

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The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for Petite People

There are several chairs designed specifically for petite people. These often feature smaller armrests and support for the lower body. While these options don’t allow you to adjust the chair to fit your unique body needs as well as models that are adjustable, they are a good choice for people who just want to find something they can use comfortably.

The main complaint we found when researching ergonomic office chairs for short people is that petite models often have small armrests and support designed only for the lower body. We don’t recommend choosing a chair that doesn’t allow you to adjust the height of the armrests, because if they are too low, they can make you hunch or lean forward in an uncomfortable position.

What is the Best Ergonomic Chair for Petite People?

If we had to choose one office chair for a petite person, it’s Steelcase’s Think chair. The Think model comes in several different colors and designs and is built with adjustable lumbar support, seat depth and more. It’s available in small, medium and large sizes. While the selection of colors is limited, the Think model provides very good support for your back, seat and lower body.

We found that the seat depth was more than adequate for our short stature. If you prefer to sit farther back from the keyboard, you may have to raise the armrests to a position where your elbows don’t touch when you’re in full sitting position. The chair works well for small people who are looking for comfort and support, but could be difficult to use if you’re looking at a task chair.

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The Vario is another really good choice for petite people. Up close, the chair looks relatively small and compact, but once you move around in it, it feels roomy. What makes this model stand out from the other chairs on our list is its unique design that allows the seat depth to adjust with the angle of your backrest. As you move backward to rest your head, your seat depth changes with the adjustment of the angle. This prevents you from having to lean too far forward or slide back in an uncomfortable position.

The chair is available in four different colors and styles, including a design that’s simple and professional. The Vario actually looks like a larger version of the Think model except it doesn’t adjust as far back as the Think design. One thing to watch out for is that there is only one back angle available, meaning this chair may not work for people who sit more upright.

We found that the Varier was more comfortable than the Vivo and easier to adjust. The Varier offers recline adjustment, seat depth adjustments and tilt tension adjustment. It also includes adjustable arms, which is a nice touch considering other chairs in this category don’t have this feature. The biggest complaint we have with the Varier is that it doesn’t include an adjustable headrest.

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