Top 10 Best electric tea pot 2022-Complete Guide Review

The electric teapot has become an essential utensil in kitchens, and the need to have a high-performance model has become an imperative. We would indeed like to be able to enjoy a good tea, while enjoying all the subtleties of this beverage. To help you in this sense, the best electric teapots of the moment are presented to you in this comparison.

Comparison of the best electric teapots 2022: tests and reviews

The models of electric teapots most likely to meet your tea lover requirements have been grouped together in this comparison. Sift through them and make your choice according to your budget or your preferences in terms of technical characteristics, functionalities, and why not design.

Team Kalorik Cordless Electric Teapot

Team Kalorik TKG TKB 1023 N Cordless Electric Teapot

Discover the pleasure of drinking tea with this 600 W teapot from Team Kalorik. If you like simple, no-frills utensils, this model will be perfect for you. Round in shape, the device consists of a glass carafe mounted on a resistant plastic structure. Its design is quite elegant and will look great in any kitchen, especially since its size is reduced thanks to its compact format.

The TKG TKB 1023 N teapot has a capacity of 1 L. You can thus prepare up to 8 cups of tea for you and your guests. Moreover, as you serve, you at the same time have an idea of ​​the quantity of drink remaining thanks to the graduations on the pourer. This Team Kalorik teapot also acts as a coffee maker, allowing you to also prepare coffee whenever you want. And its versatility doesn’t stop there, since you can even use it to make herbal teas or infusions.

If you are looking for the best teapot available on the market, this model with a removable permanent filter will make your daily life easier thanks to its ease of handling. It is started using an on/off rocker button assisted by a heating indicator light. In addition, the device switches off automatically at the end of boiling and keeps your drinks warm.

The teapot is safe to use thanks to its round base which gives it good stability, its anti-dry start function and its protection against overheating. It is also easy to clean with the cleaning brush with which it is supplied.


  1. Sober and elegant design
  2. Auto shut-off and keep warm function
  3. Overheat and dry start protection
  4. Easy to clean


  1. Small sealing problem on the lid reported by some users

Great product. I am very happy. Good value for money. Only downside, it takes a little longer compared to a kettle. But we win with the infusion time. I haven’t tried it as a coffee maker yet. Read all reviews.

Marcelle O.

Aicook MD325 electric teapot

Aicook MD325 electric teapot

If you are wondering which electric teapot to buy to enhance your moments of relaxation alone, with family or friends, the Aicook brand offers you this model with a rotating base. This electric teapot allows you to drink tea in a very short time, thanks to its efficient boiling system. The latter is indeed capable of boiling in just 3 or 4 minutes the 0.8 L of water that the tank of the utensil can contain.

Using the Aicook MD325 750W Electric Teapot is very easy. You have two modes of operation, one for green tea and the second for black tea. You can also make coffee, herbal teas, or simply heat water for any other need. It should be noted that the preparation of green tea incorporates an automatic stop function which optimizes the preparation. Your drink then stays hot thanks to the reheat mode which always keeps the temperature above 75 degrees.

In addition, the MD325 Aicook electric teapot is also a safe utensil, thanks to its protection against operation without water. It also has a non-slip coating that does not heat up during the preparation of tea or coffee. The glass of this teapot is food grade BPA free. The removable tea infuser is made of stainless steel. The utensil is also easy to clean.

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  1. Quick boil
  2. 0.8 L capacity
  3. Auto shut-off and keep warm
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. The infuser is not easy to empty

I was looking for a device to boil water and teapot at the same time, so I found this one after the comparison. The teapot that allows you to make tea, coffee or simply boiling water. Just put tea or herbal tea in the filter to have a drink ready in minutes without manual intervention. The device meets my needs perfectly. It is practical, very easy to use. Read all reviews.

Sofiane A.

Klarstein Teatime electric teapot

Klarstein Teatime electric teapot

The Klarstein Teatime electric teapot impresses with its elegant, classic yet modern design. Its stainless steel body displays a garnet red finish that will not go unnoticed in your kitchen.

This model offers a capacity of 1.8 liters and operates with a power between 1850 and 2200 W. The water therefore boils quickly so that your tea is ready to be consumed with all its flavor in record time. This teapot allows you to serve pure and residue-free drinks thanks to its filter integrated into the spout. It has a wide handle with Cool-Touch coating which makes it easier to handle and prevents burns.

The Klarstein Teatime electric teapot offers a graduation system that indicates the filling level of its reservoir. It also has an on/off switch and an indicator light that optimize its operation. Thanks to its cordless nature, you can detach it from its swivel base for even easier service and use. It is also a reliable teapot with dry run protection and automatic shut-off. It is also easy to clean and space-saving.


  1. Sleek design with Cool-Touch handle
  2. Large capacity and high power
  3. Easy to clean and store


  1. Lid can be difficult to remove

Complies with the description. Neat package and delivery time respected. Read all reviews.

Charlie U.

Tefal Magic Tea electric teapot

Electric teapot Tefal Magic Tea BJ1100FR

With its 600 W of power, the Tefal Magic Tea makes it possible to have perfect and delicious tea quickly and easily thanks to its intelligent and automatic operation. No particular manipulation is necessary to use this cordless electric teapot which has a capacity of 1 litre . There is no need to monitor the level of boiling water and infusing tea, thanks to the timer that allows you to control its operation. The infusion system consists of a container with a permanent filter that is compatible with all tea formats. Whether the tea is in a bag or poured directly into the infuser, you will always get a tasty beverage that has retained all of its aromas.

The Tefal Magic Tea BJ1100FR is easy to maintain thanks to its components which are mostly removable. In addition to that, you will have no problem finding a small storage space for it in your kitchen. You can just as well leave it on your work surface without being bothered by its compact size of 20.5 x 15 x 21 cm and its cord storage.

Moreover, the fact that the teapot is not condemned to its power base makes it easier to use. It is precisely equipped with a handle with an insulating coating which allows it to be gripped without the risk of burning.


  1. Timer and automatic brewing system
  2. Simple operation
  3. Easy to clean and store


  1. Doesn’t heat up as quickly as other models in its class

No complaints. Arrived on time, this teapot does the job, and well. A small minor criticism but which in my opinion is not a problem, it is true that the tea basket does not close tightly on the lid, so if you fill it too much, you have some tea residue. Good buy however, I recommend. Read all reviews.

Marie U.

Senya Tea Time electric teapot

Senya Tea Time electric teapot

Enjoy your tea and infusions as you like with the Senya Tea Time . This teapot prepares your drinks efficiently thanks to its rapid boiling system and specially designed infuser. In just about 3 minutes, you have a steaming cup in your hand that exudes soothing aromas that call for relaxation.

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No need for capsules, the Tea Time electric teapot by Senya allows you to make successful infusions with tea in bags, loose, black, green, or in any other presentation. It has a total capacity of 550 ml, but nevertheless leaves the choice between two capacity preferences. On the one hand, you can therefore choose to use the quantity of a medium cup which is 180 ml or 250 ml which corresponds to a large cup. On the other hand, you can serve yourself the exact amount of infusion you want thanks to the possibility of stopping the flow of tea at any time. In addition to that, depending on the size of the cup, the stand can be raised or lowered to allow you to serve yourself easily.

This teapot is compact and easy to clean. It is equipped with two buttons and an indicator light that optimize its use. A leaflet which contains advice on the use of the utensil and on the correct dosages of teas is provided.


  1. Heating and brewing efficiency
  2. Capacity of 550 ml with 2 capacities to choose from
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Small footprint


  1. Low tank capacity

For me it is a blow of heart! I was afraid of having one more gadget and finally not at all. This machine is used daily. My friends, my family and I are all in love! The tea is perfectly infused at the right temperature and there is no deposit in the cup. In addition, we do not waste anything! The machine is quick to use. It is also design and blends into the furniture. Read all reviews.

Anastasia F.

Electric teapot SEVERIN WK 3477

Electric teapot SEVERIN WK 3477

The Severin WK 3477 is a high-performance electric tea kettle that deploys a power of 2200 W to operate. It effectively provides a rapid rise in temperature to heat the water in seconds. This is one of the best electric teapots of the moment in terms of power.

This device has a glass carafe with a usable capacity of 1.5 liters for a total capacity of 1.7 liters. Its stainless steel tea filter adapts to all kinds of teas.

The WK 3471 is a 2 in 1 model which has been designed to be used as a tea maker or as a water kettle. It is for this reason that it has two temperature ranges which each adapt to a mode of use: 40° to 90°C in steps of 5°C for tea infusions and 100°C for the function. kettle.

This teapot has a keep warm function for 30 minutes; a thermal safety system against empty heating as well as an automatic shutdown.

The Severin WK 3477 is a cordless electric teapot that features a 360° swivel base. It is easy to install and disassemble on its base. The device offers a good grip thanks to its plastic handle which does not heat up.


  1. Versatile use
  2. Powerful and practical
  3. Good grip
  4. Automatic shutdown / anti-overheating system


  1. Very short electric cable

I just received it, it is effective, and responds to everything the sales pitch claims. Be careful not to touch the glass while the teapot is hot. You have to take it by its handle. It heats up very quickly. To keep warm, simply press the “on/off” button twice as many times as necessary. If you lift it from its base then repeat the operation to resume “heating”. The user manual is very very clear. French pages are planned. The glass seems solid. Very good and beautiful product, I am delighted with my purchase. Read all reviews.

Sony T.

Instant T electric teapot H.Koenig

Instant T H.Koenig TI700 electric teapot

This tea kettle from the H.Koenig brand stands out at first sight for its classic and sleek design. It is a wireless model that works on a heating base connected to an electrical outlet.

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Designed in part with stainless steel, it has a glass jug, a stainless steel tea filter and a 360° rotating base.

This tea machine is a 2 in 1 model which can also be used as a simple kettle. This is also why it comes with two different lids: a lid suitable for the tea filter and another classic lid for the kettle mode.

The H.Koenig TI700 electric teapot has a capacity of 1.7 litres; enough to fill at least 8 cups. It is a model suitable for people who are looking for a large capacity tea kettle. It is also a high-performance device that will allow you to prepare your favorite drink very quickly and efficiently thanks to its 2400 watt power .

Instant T is a smart teapot that offers 4 temperature settings for greater flexibility. Whatever type of preparation you want to make (green, white, black tea, herbal tea infusions), all you have to do is choose the right temperature and you’re done.

Also note, the TI700 electric tea kettle has a keep warm function which keeps your drink under heat for 30 minutes. Maintenance of the machine is quite easy. With a sponge and a neutral cleaning product, you will restore its shine with a few simple gestures.


  1. Fast heating rate
  2. 2 in 1 solution
  3. Big capacity
  4. Good value for money
  5. Easy to use and clean


  1. No automatic shutdown function

Looks great on my wood countertop. Heat up quickly. I use Brita cartridge filtered water. The condition of the kettle is a good indicator of the condition of my filter cartridge. At home the water is very calcareous and settles quickly if not on the kettle. Well filtered, it remains impeccable for a long time. Read all reviews.

Jacques J.

Krups Special Mini T electric capsule teapot

Krups Special Mini T electric capsule teapot

This electric capsule teapot is offered by the Nestlé brand. This is a model that will certainly please you if you prefer an automatic tea machine to a classic electric teapot.

Crafted from the highest quality plastic, it sports a sleek black/transparent coating and stands out with its sleek and refined design. It can easily fit into your interior without worry. Moreover, the device comes in a compact vertical format which makes it space-saving.

This is an electric teapot that has a capacity of 1.3 L; enough to fill an average of six cups. Contrary to popular opinion, the Krups Special Mini T tea maker has a fairly simple mode of operation. Just fill the water tank, insert a capsule in the dedicated compartment. Then, you press the ignition button to trigger the heating of the water so that the infusion is done by itself and flows into the cup as is the case with coffee machines.

The device incorporates an Eco Speed ​​acceleration system which heats the water very quickly as well as a water filter which purifies and demineralizes the water during the process.

The Krups Special Mini T tea machine works with an automatic capsule recognition system to adapt the temperature and infusion time. Note, however, that it is only compatible with Nestlé capsules. Moreover, upon purchase, a box containing all kinds of teas offered by the brand is delivered with the device.

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  1. Smart device with tea type recognition
  2. Fast heating
  3. Very easy to use
  4. Tasting box supplied with the device
  5. Exceptional quality tea


  1. Only works with branded teas

A great Christmas gift for tea lovers with all the flavors and recipes available on special T. Read all reviews.

Marie-Anne U.

Riviera-et-Bar BTH530 Jaipur electric teapot

Riviera-et-Bar BTH530 Jaipur electric teapot

Riviera & Bar offers a complete range of electric teapots of remarkable quality. Most models are high-end and have top-notch features. This model is the one with the best value for money in the series.

The BTH530 Jaipur from the Riviera & Bar brand is a cordless electric teapot with a 360° base that clips quite easily onto a heating base. It consists of a 1.2 L tempered glass jug and a removable stainless steel tea basket.

The Riviera-et-Bar BTH530 Jaipur has a 1300 watt heating element which allows it to efficiently and quickly prepare different types of teas. You will have the choice between 4 preset programs according to your needs (green teas, black teas, Oolong teas, herbal tea infusions).

But you can also, depending on your needs, use the appliance in kettle mode to heat water up to 100°C. Just set the temperature manually.

Using the Riviera-et-Bar BTH530 Jaipur electric teapot is incredibly simple. During the preparation of the tea, the device rings twice. The first beep to let the user know when to introduce the basket filled with tea and the second to announce the end of the infusion cycle. Immediately after, the device goes into keep warm mode for 30 minutes . At each step, an indicator light comes on to allow you to follow your progress.

The Riviera-et-Bar BTH530 electric teapot is sold with a tea cup in which the tea basket can be placed at the end of preparation to avoid staining the worktop. It has the standby function and a safety system for lack of water and overheating.


  1. Utilisation intuitive
  2. Big capacity
  3. Anti-overheating system
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. No delayed start function

Good teapot works well, easy cleaning. I did not like the packaging at all, in fact there was none, everyone saw that it was a teapot, not even put in a box, it’s deplorable. Read all reviews.

Girard G.

Riviera-et-Bar BTH860 Cha Dao electric teapot

Riviera-et-Bar BTH860 Cha Dao electric teapot

The Riviera & Bar Cha Dao is one of the best electric teapots of the moment. It embeds very interesting features that clearly set it apart from its competitors. It is the ultimate that will be very appreciated by tea lovers. 

This tempered glass jug tea kettle operates with 2000 watts of power. It offers 8 preset programs, including 5 temperatures for 5 different types of tea and 3 tea strengths for 3 intensities.

In addition to the automatic modes, the user can add and customize their own program according to their preferences. Moreover, a memorization of the last settings used is done by default after each use.

What’s impressive about this electric teapot is its 100% automatic brewing capability which makes it really easy to use. Unlike some models, you don’t have to wait for the water to heat up to the right temperature before adding the tea. It ensures the automatic lowering and raising of the basket at the ideal moment for a perfect infusion.

It is important to note that this electric teapot offered by Riviera-et-Bar has a keep-warm function for up to 60 minutes and a 24-hour delayed start.

The Riviera-et-Bar Cha Dao electric teapot also offers the user the possibility of adjusting the temperature and infusion time according to their needs. It can prepare up to 1200 ml of tea, but it is possible to use it in simple electric kettle mode to heat up to 1500 ml of water.

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  1. 8 pre-recorded programs + 1 personal program
  2. Intelligent infusion
  3. Manual adjustment of temperature and brewing time
  4. LED display
  5. Practical and ergonomic


  1. High price

I already have a model of the same brand so confident in the quality of this product but I dreamed of this one for the programming function. It’s a marvel: what a joy to wake up with your hot tea. In terms of flavor, it’s perfect and I find that this large basket is much easier to clean than the one I had. So I allow myself more often to switch from my English black tea to green tea with mint because the quick cleaning ensures that I don’t leave a taste of mint for my milk tea afterwards. Read all reviews.

Dominique F.

Buying guide for choosing the right electric teapot

Two cups of tea on a table

The electric teapot increasingly dominates the market against the classic teapot. More elaborate, multifunctional and practical, it can make tea more efficiently and quickly. It is for this reason that it is popular with consumers of this drink.

The advantage of having an electric tea kettle lies mainly in the fact that it allows you to infuse each type of tea at the right temperature automatically. But it can also be used as a simple kettle to heat water.

Discover in this buying guide practical advice for choosing the best electric teapot for your needs as well as additional information for better use of this household appliance. 

The type of electric teapot

It’s decided, you want to buy an electric teapot . That’s great ! You will be able to infuse tea without the fuss whenever the mood takes you. But you don’t know exactly which model to choose. It’s normal ! Choosing the best electric tea kettle is not at all easy given the impressive number of models that swarm the market.

Know that there are two main families of electric teapots. On the one hand , there are the standard electric teapots which come in the form of a carafe. They have a tea filter and are suitable for loose or bagged teas.

On the other hand, there are capsule teapots also called tea machines . These are similar to espresso machines and are super efficient, but cost more and are more cumbersome. They are compatible with tea capsules.

Choose your electric teapot according to its capacity

If you don’t pay attention to this detail, you may end up with a tea kettle that is a little too small or too big and does not meet your expectations.

For example, a person who lives alone does not necessarily need a large teapot unless she consumes several cups a day or she prefers to invest in equipment that will be useful to her when she receives visitors.

In a large family where everyone is not necessarily a tea lover, it might not be wise to buy a model with a large capacity.

In short, you must consider your drinking habits and the number of people who consume the tea to serve in order to choose an electric teapot with the ideal capacity .

On the market, electric teapots have an average capacity of between 500 ml and 2000 ml. Note that a 500 ml device can fill approximately 4 tea cups of 120 ml.

Take into account the power and heating speed

The electric teapot is a household appliance that works thanks to a heating element with power. The latter varies depending on the model and generally oscillates between 1000 W to 2500 W. Simply remember that the greater the power delivered, the faster the temperature rise and the faster the device heats up.

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Temperature setting and pre-installed programs

There are different types of tea (black, white, green, etc.). The ideal brewing time and temperature vary with each type. For example, for best results, green teas will be infused for 3 minutes at 75-80°C; white teas for 4-5 mins at 60°C, black teas for 4-5 mins at 85°C, etc.

It is therefore important to choose an electric teapot that will allow you to adjust the temperature and the infusion time according to the type of tea to be prepared and especially according to your preferences. Please note that the adjustment options vary depending on the model.

For convenience, some more elaborate models incorporate pre-programmed settings for different types of tea. All you have to do is select the appropriate automatic program each time with one click so that the time and temperature automatically adjust to the type of preparation you want to make. The more pre-recorded programs there are, the more versatile the device is and is able to adapt to all expectations.

The different options

If you are looking for the best electric teapot, then you should think about choosing a model that includes interesting options such as:

  • The keep warm function
  • Delayed start option
  • Automatic Shutdown
  • The anti-heating and lack of water system

Utilisation facility

Before buying an electric teapot , you must necessarily make sure that it is simple and easy to use. In this case, it will be necessary to favor models that offer a pleasant grip. But also check if the device is easily removable for optimal storage or easy cleaning. Ease of use also depends on the position of the keys on the device or the presence of an optional LCD or LED screen.

Choose your electric teapot according to the material of manufacture

The vast majority of electric teapots are made with stainless steel (body and tea filter) and have a tempered glass container. However, you will find plastic models which are also the cheapest on the market, but not necessarily the strongest. Don’t forget, however, that glass is a fragile material that can give way under impact.

Plastic is also used in the design of tea machines. Be sure to choose a model that does not contain bisphenol A.

What is the difference between electric teapot and electric kettle?

Many people confuse electric teapot and electric kettle due to their resemblance. Although these two devices have practically the same function, that of making hot drinks such as tea, it is important to distinguish them.

The main role of the kettle is limited to heating water to a given temperature. However, the teapot, in addition to heating the water, is used to directly prepare the tea thanks to the different functionalities they carry.

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