Top 10 Best electric mixers for Baking 2022-Complete Guide Review

To be able to do certain tasks such as kneading cake batter, whipping cream or beating egg whites more quickly and easily, it is essential to have an electric mixer in your kitchen . Also called a whisk or electric mixer, this accessory is practical, efficient, and very useful in the realization of many recipes.

But like all household appliances, it comes in several models. This makes it difficult when trying to find the ideal model. Here is a comparison and guide that will certainly be useful to you if you are looking for the best electric mixer.

Comparison of the best electric mixers on stands: tests and reviews

This comparison of the best electric mixers includes products that stand out on the market for their impeccable quality. The selection was made objectively based on a number of important criteria such as: functionality, performance, practicality, design quality and customer reviews.

AICOK Stainless Steel Electric Beater

AICOK Stainless Steel Electric Beater

Are you looking for a cheap electric mixer to make your recipes efficiently and quickly? By opting for this model from the Aicok brand, there is no doubt that you will enjoy cooking.

Beyond its very elegant modern design characterized by its smooth finish and its silver color, this mixer exudes solidity thanks to its design in stainless steel and ABS plastic. It is a durable, scratch-resistant accessory that will last for many years.

The motor power of this Aicok electric mixer can reach 300 Watts. Which is enough to allow him to perform all kinds of preparations without worry. It is sold with a pair of classic beaters in addition to two kneading beaters.

With its speed selector button, it is possible to choose a speed among the 6 levels available according to the desired consistency. But you can also simply use the turbo mode which is much more suitable for hard doughs.

This Aicok stamped blender offers an excellent grip thanks to its ergonomic non-stick handle. It has an eject button that makes it easy to separate the whips from the motor block.

Note also that maintenance is very easy since you can put the accessories in the dishwasher. Finally, it is important to note that the device has a ventilation system combined with rapid cooling technology that protects it from overheating.


  1. Good build quality
  2. 6 speeds in total + turbo mode
  3. Ergonomic handle
  4. Dishwasher safe accessories
  5. Ventilation system


  1. Short electrical cable

My very old drummer was no longer very vigorous, I was waiting for a good opportunity to replace it and I was able to take advantage of an interesting flash sale to acquire this brand new device. I really like the Aicok brand, of which I own a few products and which are all of high quality and reliable, I quickly took advantage of the offer. Read all reviews.

Ghislaine P.

Quick Mix Moulinex hm3101 electric hand mixer

Quick Mix Moulinex hm3101 electric hand mixer

This model from the Moulinex brand may be ideal for those looking for a cheap and reliable electric mixer. All in all, it is a very practical piece of equipment that adapts to all kinds of preparations and has a very interesting quality-price ratio.

In terms of appearance, the Quick Mix Moulinex electric whisk has a classic design and comes in a fairly sober and elegant black white color. It is made up of a plastic engine block, a gear selection button which is also the eject button. The appliance comes with a pair of whisks and a pair of stainless steel dough hooks. These snap together and disassemble quite easily.

The Quick Mix Moulinex hm3101 electric mixer works with 300 watts of power and has five speed levels and a turbo function . The synergy between these characteristics allows him to effectively carry out all the tasks assigned to him.

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It does its job well when it comes to beating egg whites, whipped cream or mayonnaise. When it comes to kneading shortcrust pastry or puff pastry, the device does quite well as long as the quantity of ingredients remains reasonable. 

Note that this hand mixer from Moulinex has a compact size and is quite easy to store. As for cleaning, it is also easy since the whisks can go in the dishwasher without worry. The grip of the accessory is quite good thanks to the ergonomics of the handle. Despite its weight of 1 kg, this electric mixer is rather light and easy to handle.


  1. 5 speed levels + turbo function
  2. Light and compact
  3. Easy to use
  4. Good grip


  1. a bit noisy

Good device, very easy to use and wash, with two functions: beater and kneader. The only downside: the noise, it is a bit noisy, but very effective! And for the price, it really does the trick. Read all reviews.

Veronique U.

Philips HR3741/00 electric hand mixer

Philips HR3741/00 electric hand mixer

The HR3741 electric mixer is a product of the “Viva Collection” from Philips. It is a reliable entry-level model that will certainly interest you if you are on a tight budget.

This is a hand mixer made from good quality ABS plastic which comes with a double conical shaped whisk plus a pair of kneading hooks. Robust, solid and durable, these accessories are made of stainless steel and therefore machine washable.

The device stands out in a clean, understated white design that will look great on any countertop. But well beyond the appearance, it has a 450 watt motor that allows it to perform its functions as a mixer and kneader in complete efficiency.

This Phillips mixer is perfectly able to adapt to any type of preparation, whatever the consistency of the latter. In addition to the turbo mode, it has a selector button that allows you to choose a suitable speed level from 5 possibilities.

In addition to these technical characteristics, the device is simple to use and the accessories can be cleaned fairly easily in the washing machine after use.


  1. Good build quality
  2. Simple to use
  3. 5 speeds + Turbo function
  4. Beater ejection system


  1. Slightly noisy

We had been looking for a mixer/beater with a power greater than the 200-300W of most models currently available on the market for quite some time. This one has 5 speeds + 1 Turbo mode and it looks pretty beefy. The hinged feet are entirely in stainless steel, which is almost rare. Another advantage is the compact packaging which allows it to be stored easily and without taking up too much space. After a first use, my wife is already very happy. Read all reviews.

Martin H.

Bosch Styline MFQ4020 electric hand mixer

Bosch Styline MFQ4020 electric hand mixer

The Stylite MFQ4020 from Bosch is one of the best electric hand mixers currently selling on the market. It is included in this selection because it combines efficiency, practicality and good value for money. It is the perfect accessory for those looking for an entry-level mixer , easy to handle that will allow them to make delicious preparations with ease.

This Styline mixer from Bosh is a small household appliance that benefits from a good manufacturing quality. It is designed with high quality plastic resistant to high temperatures and guaranteed BPA free.

Compact and ergonomic, it offers excellent grip thanks to its ergonomic “soft touch” handle with anti-slip coating. It is a lightweight accessory that handles quite easily despite its weight of 1.1 kg.

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Multifunctional, this mixer adapts to all kinds of preparations since it comes with two whisks and two stainless steel dough hooks. These accessories are easily disassembled by ejection and can be machine cleaned without worry. The Styline Bosch MFQ4020 electric mixer works with 450 W power. It has a variable speed drive that allows you to choose between 5 different levels depending on the desired consistency. Unlike some models in the same price range, it is less noisy, despite its power. It is also equipped with a Pulse button which instantly propels the device to its maximum power and speed with a simple press.


  1. Multifunctional
  2. Easy to use
  3. 5 speeds + Pulse function
  4. Compact and lightweight
  5. Silent


  1. Nothing to report

I decided to change my old drummer. Based on the reviews, I bought this model. Frankly it’s great, well designed and then for the noise it’s just incredible the silence of the engine. And the little balls make it possible to whisk the egg whites and mayonnaise in record time. In addition, it is beautiful, ergonomic. To buy without hesitation. Read all reviews.

Gaetan K.

VonShef Electric Mixer

VonShef Electric Mixer

The VonShef electric whisk may be ideal for those looking for a compact, space-saving model that combines efficiency and ease of use. It features in this comparison of the best electric mixers because it has the makings of a high-performance device that does its job properly while allowing the user to save time in making his recipes.

This VonShef branded electric mixer comes with 5 different stainless steel attachments all dishwasher safe. We have two kneading hooks, two beaters and a balloon whisk. Very easy to clip, the accessories can be dismantled just as much thanks to the ejection button.

The device is also powered by a 400 Watt motor and has 5 operating speed levels in addition to a Turbo mode. These two functions are respectively provided by a Turbo button and a speed selector. All in all, we’re dealing with a versatile hand mixer that comes in super handy when it comes to beating, whipping and kneading different preparations, no matter the desired texture and consistency.

Compared to the use, there is not much to say. The device weighs 1.2 kg and has a well-designed handle. This means that it will be easy to handle and transport by anyone who does not have a particular problem with their hand.

Be aware that the Vonshef electric mixer stands out a lot for its appearance. It sports a silver/red design with a nice smooth finish. It is a very elegant device that you will most certainly like. In terms of the structure, the quality is also there since the manufacturer has relied on durable, solid and resistant materials.


  1. Powerful and versatile
  2. Elegant design
  3. Light and compact
  4. Easy to clean


  1. Non-intensive use

Nice little mixer, with 3 utensils. Average quality, this can be seen in the utensils, in fairly thin metal. To see in the long run. Read all reviews.

Betty B.

AICOK 2 in 1 electric mixer

AICOK 2 in 1 electric mixer

This electric mixer offered by the American manufacturer AICOK will certainly please you if you are looking for an inexpensive, high-performance and easy-to-use model.

It is a 2-in-1 model that has a base, a removable motor unit and a 350 ml stainless steel mixing bowl. It can therefore be used as a hand mixer or as a stand mixer . Simply press the button on the back of the bowl to remove or replace the manual part. 

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This electric mixer signed AICOK is equipped with a 300 W motor and has 5 different speeds which allow you to adapt the power according to your needs. It is also sold with 2 beaters and 2 hooks for kneading, giving the user the possibility of making all kinds of recipes with ease. The accessories are made with good quality stainless steel. They are therefore solid, robust and resistant. In addition, they are quite easy to maintain, since they can be sent to the machine.

The AICOK 2 in 1 electric mixer is also very popular for its ease of use. In manual mode, the handle offers a good grip and handling is worry-free. When the device is used as a pastry robot , it is possible to move the bowl to allow the whisk to make a homogeneous and uniform mixture. 

Regarding the design, it is rather successful both in terms of quality and look. The device is made with solid materials, comes in a compact format and displays a sober and refined design.


  1. Versatile and Multifunctional
  2. Easy to use
  3. Sold with accessories
  4. Easy cleaning
  5. CE certification and 2 year warranty.


  1. High price compared to some models in the same range

Really complete electric beater for the price. Silent. Large capacity bowl that can be moved while the machine is running with the aim of whipping all corners and obtaining an excellent result, especially when whipping the egg white. Read all reviews.

Dario A.

Russell Hobbs Electric Hand Mixer Cream 25202-56 Retro

Russell Hobbs Electric Hand Mixer Cream 25202-56 Retro

This model from Russell Hobbs is one of the best electric mixers available on the market today. It features an intense cream-coloured coating combined with a subtle touch of silver gloss and particularly stands out thanks to its very elegant retro look. It is a device that will certainly seduce you if you like the vintage style.

This electric mixer has very interesting technical characteristics. It is equipped with a 500 watt motor and a turbo function which propels it as one of the most efficient mixers in this comparison. Very powerful, it will allow you to go quickly in carrying out your various kneading and mixing tasks even if it only offers 4 rotation speeds.

Like most of the models presented here, it is sold with two propeller whisks which are perfect for mousses and egg whites as well as two chrome dough hooks for cake, cream and bread dough. Thanks to these stainless steel accessories which are easy to place and dismantle, you will be able to make many recipes without expending too much energy and without wasting time. The Russell Hobbs Retro electric mixer also stands out for its ease of use. It is equipped with an ergonomic handle with a rubber coating for a pleasant and comfortable grip. It should also be noted that its flat design ensures good stability and greatly facilitates its storage.


  1. Sleek retro design
  2. Double whisk and two dough hooks
  3. Powerful engine
  4. Easy to use


  1. Only 4 speeds

Nice design. Very easy to use even if the instructions are very brief… For the robot, the bowls are made of plastic, unlike the blender alone, which is made of glass. Too bad. Be careful with the blender function, no safety on the lid if you forget it… Be careful with cleaning… Otherwise, its vintage style looks great in the kitchen. Read all reviews.

Katty P.

Bosch MFQ 40304 electric mixer

Bosch MFQ 40304 electric mixer

You are looking for the best electric mixer  to better achieve your various recipes. The German brand Bosch offers you a quality, high-performance accessory that will change your life in the kitchen. This is the MFQ 40304 mixer.

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The design of this device from Bosch is modern and its red dew finish is a beautiful effect. Like all the products presented in this comparison, it comes with a set of two dough hooks and a pair of special “FineCreamer” whisks.

This hand mixer is also equipped with a 500 watt motor. Compared to the Bosch MFQ4020 mixer, which already has very good power, this one displays 50 watts more on the meter. You will therefore be dealing with a powerful accessory capable of efficiently and quickly performing all the culinary tasks you assign to it.

The Bosch MFQ 40304 electric mixer has a speed selector which allows you to choose the speed adapted to each type of preparation among the 5 available. It is also equipped with a Pulse function which gives the user the possibility of enjoying the maximum rotation speed just by pressing a button.

In addition to these different features, know that this Bosch electric mixer is really easy to use. You will have no trouble changing/removing beaters, as it is equipped with a handy ejector button. For cleaning, a passage in the dishwasher is more than enough to restore the shine to the stainless steel accessories.


  1. Powerful and efficient
  2. 5 speed levels + a Turbo mode
  3. Easy to use
  4. Dishwasher compatible accessory


  1. No mixing bowl

Very quiet and does its job! Read all reviews.

Flower I.

Electric mixer Ergomixx Bosch MFQ36460

Electric mixer Ergomixx Bosch MFQ36460

If you are looking for the best electric stand mixer capable of helping you concoct all kinds of tasty recipes, then this model from Bosch may be for you. 

The Ergomixx MFQ36460 blender has a power of 450 W and has 5 speed levels, each adapted to a given type of preparation for a perfect result. It is equipped with a pair of beaters and two dough hooks as well as a rotating mixing bowl with a maximum capacity of 500 g. 

It is an ergonomic model that stands out for its very aesthetic modern look. Very light, it is easy to transport and its handling is very pleasant and comfortable. It is a super practical accessory that offers total freedom of use thanks to its rotating mixing bowl and its removable support . It is indeed possible to use it on a fixed work surface as a stand mixer or as a hand mixer.

At first glance, the MFQ36460 Ergomixx electric mixer from the Bosch brand may not be of interest. We can have a real doubt regarding its solidity and durability because it is entirely made of plastic (except for the whisks which are made of stainless steel). Why is it then in this comparison of the best electric mixers? The answer is simple. Well beyond its fragile appearance, this electric mixer is of surprising quality and has unparalleled features that end up winning over many users.


  1. Powerful
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Aesthetic
  4. Ergonomic

Super replaces very well my pastry robot at a lower cost. Solid, easy to clean, space-saving, and rather quiet. The mixer comes off to be used alone, the bowl has a capacity of 3 liters, I specify this because it is not mentioned anywhere in the description. Read all reviews.

Benoît H.

Braun HM3135 MultiMix electric mixer

Braun HM3135 MultiMix electric mixer

This model from Braun is one of the best electric mixers you will find on the market. In addition to its neat design and its quality of manufacture, it is very appreciated by users for its many very interesting features.

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The MultiMix HM3135 electric mixer is a versatile device that can effectively replace a multifunction robot. It is sold with an accessory kit that allows it to be easily adapted to all kinds of preparations. These include: two whisks for milkshakes and sauces, two kneaders for working the dough, a plunge rod for mixing, a mini chopper and a 600 ml graduated bowl. It should be noted that the attachment of accessories is quite easy thanks to the ComfortClik system. Regarding disassembly, it is done using the EasyClik ejection button.

The device is equipped with a motor that has a power of 550 W. It also offers 5 different speed levels in addition to the turbo mode. Depending on the preparation, it is possible to adjust the power using the speed selector and the Turbo button.

The Braun MultiMix mixer is a quiet device that is very easy to use thanks to its intelligent SmartMix technology which places the weight of the motor in the bowl, and not in the user’s hand. In addition, its ergonomic soft Grip handle makes it comfortable to hold. Added to this is the fact that it has a fairly long cable that promotes maximum mobility during use.


  1. Complete and versatile
  2. Powerful and silent motor
  3. Easy to use and clean
  4. Accessories easy to assemble and disassemble


  1. High price

Great drummer! It is rather quiet despite its good power! Easy to use and maintain . All the accessories make it indispensable in the kitchen! The power is easily adjustable with the knob . I recommand it ! Read all reviews.

Mark A.

Buying guide for choosing the right electric mixer

Electric mixer buying guide

Selection criteria

The electric mixer is a small household appliance that validly replaces the classic manual whisk or a simple spoon. Unlike the latter, it makes life in the kitchen easier and allows you to make recipes without wasting time and without getting tired.

You want to buy an electric mixer , but you don’t know exactly which model to choose. Well ! This buying guide is for you. You will find a lot of useful information there that will certainly help you find the ideal mixer to make your different recipes more successful without the hassle, as well as practical advice to make the most of your future accessory.

Engine power

Electric mixers are equipped with a motor whose power varies on average between 150 and 700 watts. The basic models with a power between 150 and 250 watts are much more suitable for small tasks such as whipping egg whites. If you therefore need a versatile and multifunctional mixer , it is better to go for models that offer at least 300 watts. Just remember this: the higher the power, the greater the ability of the device to adapt to the most complex preparations in terms of quantity and consistency.

The number of gears

The number of speeds is also an important criterion to take into account before choosing an electric mixer . Some models do not offer a speed variator while others have between 2 and 9 speed levels.

Having the possibility of adapting the rotation speed according to the type of preparation is a real plus. For example, a slow speed can be a great way to go smooth to avoid spattering while a high speed can save time or work through tough dough. One thing is certain, the higher the number of speeds offered by the electric mixer, the more efficient and versatile it is. Note that the Turbo or Pulse option is also interesting to run the device at its maximum.

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User comfort and maneuverability

Before choosing an electric mixer, it is important to make sure that it is a model that will be simple and easy to use overall. For this, it is necessary to favor a light device that offers a good grip. Also prefer a model that has a low vibration rate and whose noise level is quite reasonable. The maneuverability of the device depends on the ergonomics of the handle. If possible, it is better to bet on a model whose sleeve is non-slip.  

The accessories

All models are not necessarily sold with accessories. If you need a versatile and multifunctional electric mixer , it is better to choose a model that has it. It can be dough hooks, mixing bowl or mini chopper… It all depends on your needs.

The different types of electric mixers

There are two main categories of electric mixers. We have hand mixers which are composed of a motor unit, a handle, a wheel to select the speeds and sometimes a Pulse button. They are very practical, space-saving, light, compact and easy to store.

You will also find electric stand mixers also called mixing robots. These are models placed on a stand and equipped with a mixing bowl. They are super practical and allow you to knead dough or beat eggs without having to hold the bowl. It is therefore an interesting solution for those who may have problems with articulation in the hand or for those who want a more autonomous device.

Most of the time, it is possible to detach the motor unit so that it can be used as a hand mixer. Just note that these devices cost a little more and weigh a little more than other models. Some professional or top-of-the-range models include very interesting features and can be delivered with a complete accessory kit.

How to use and maintain your electric mixer?

Since there is no fundamental difference between the different models, the principle of operation is practically the same. First, you place the whip you want to use in the device if the device has several of course. Then you insert the electric cable into a socket to switch on the device before now plunging the device into the container containing the ingredients or the preparation to be mixed, emulsified or beaten. Depending on what you want to achieve as a result, you can select the speed that corresponds to it.

As soon as you have finished using the electric mixer , simply toss the whisk tips into the dishwasher or simply wash them under running water. Never put the motor unit in water. For the maintenance of this part, a slightly damp or dry cloth is more than enough.

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