Top 10 Best Electric Kettles 2022-Complete Guide Review

Whatever your reason for needing to heat water, an electric kettle is more practical than a simple saucepan. No need to light the fire to boil water, a simple plug to plug in and you’re done. But how to find the best electric kettle among all the models on the market? A proper comparison with a buying guide is undoubtedly the best answer to this question.

Comparison of the best electric kettles: tests and reviews

All you need to do to maximize your chances of finding the right utensil is take a look at this selection. The products that you will discover there have been tested and have received several favorable comments from various users.

Aicok Glass Electric Kettle

Aicok Glass Electric Kettle

This electric kettle makes getting hot water quick and easy. Offered by the Aicok brand, this utensil has a power of 2200 W. It only needs 5 minutes to provide you with hot water for your tea or for your cooking. Its capacity of 1.7 liters will allow you to be sufficiently supplied for all your current needs. And even if you have to use it several times a day, know that this device is not at all energy-consuming.

In most households where this Aicok electric kettle has passed, its sleek design and sturdy, ergonomic design have been much appreciated. The materials used to manufacture it, namely borosilicate glass and stainless steel, are of very good quality and food grade. You can use it for the needs of the whole family and even for babies without any problem or inconvenience. The device is easy to fill thanks to its wide top opening. It also has a spout and an ergonomic handle for easy handling. The filter that it incorporates also allows you to have water that is not only very hot, but also much purer.

It should be noted that this kettle is a wireless model that incorporates an automatic shut-off function, in addition to a boil protection system. It also has a blue LED light which gives it a very nice appearance in the dark. It is quiet and also easy to maintain.


  1. Sleek and ergonomic design
  2. Heating speed
  3. Easy to use and clean
  4. Economic
  5. Good value for money


  1. No possibility to program heating temperatures

 A very nice kettle, the lighting at the base is reminiscent of a gas burner, a filter is present at the spout. It is a very normal kettle but with a rather well worked style. The heating is fast and concerning the noise, it is identical to any electric kettle, so nothing to reproach him. Read all reviews.

Marc-Antoine U.

Homgeek Electric Kettle

Homgeek Glass Electric Kettle

The first great quality of this electric kettle is the speed with which it boils water. The waiting time to get something to prepare your tea or infusions is 2 minutes at least and 5 minutes at most. You can use this utensil at any time to have hot water for you and the rest of the family.

This Homgeek kettle has a power of 2200 W with an energy class A+++. This means that you will be able to benefit from the maximum of its performance without fear of seeing your electricity bills increase. You can also count on its main material, borosilicate glass, to use it for a long time. The metal parts are made of stainless steel to better resist rust and wear. And if the handle is covered with an equally strong plastic coating, it should be noted that all the materials used are BPA-free for your health and that of your family.

For safe use, the device is boil-dry protected. Its heating process stops automatically if there is no (or more) water inside. In addition, it has an LED lighting system that turns itself off when the water is boiling. In addition, the Homgeek electric kettle offers a capacity of 1.7 liters and is easy to clean.

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  1. Provides hot water in 5 minutes
  2. Economical (energy class A+++)
  3. Safety system against boiling dry
  4. Interesting price-performance ratio
  5. Easy to clean


  1. No temperature settings

This electric kettle is easy to use. There is a button to open the water valve and a button to simply turn it on and off. It heats up very quickly even when full. And it is stylish with its transparent “color” and its “neon” blue light when you turn it on. Value for money it is very interesting. I recommend this designer electric kettle. Read all reviews.

Mary P.

Bosch electric kettle

Bosch TWK3A011 electric kettle

Use this electric kettle offered by Bosch household appliances to never run out of hot water at home. The 1.7 liter capacity of its tank will be enough to meet the needs of the family at breakfast or at any time of the day. Thanks to an effective anti-limescale filtering system, you get purer and more pleasant hot water for all your preparations.

The Bosch TWK3A011 features an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use and handle. Its heating base has been designed in such a way that it can work no matter which way the kettle is facing. This makes life easier as you no longer have to wonder if the device is positioned correctly or not. All you have to do is fill the tank with the amount of water you need and place it on the resistance without worrying about its orientation. And to avoid being bothered by the power cable which measures 80 cm, you can wrap it inside the kettle base. This will also make it easier for you to transport the machine and at the same time avoid you having to unroll it entirely when it is not necessary to plug it in.

This electric kettle is sturdy and durable thanks to its stainless steel and durable plastic materials. It incorporates an anti-dry heating system and has a non-slip base making it safe and secure. Its cleaning is not complicated thanks to the resistant one which is protected from splashes.


  1. Nice design and ergonomic design
  2. 360 degree rotating base
  3. Anti-dry heating safety
  4. 1.7 liter capacity
  5. Good value for money


  1. No temperature setting

This kettle is very well made, the rim that prevents it from leaking badly when you tilt it is great. It cuts itself when it boils like all kettles but also when you remove it from its support, it automatically cuts the power button, you can put it back on its base afterwards and it remains off. Read all reviews.

Cyrille I.

Moulinex Subito electric kettle

Moulinex Subito BY540D10 electric kettle

The Moulinex brand offers you its Subito electric kettle made of stainless steel. It is a very elegant device thanks to its contemporary design and its finish which nicely combines stainless steel and black. Its integration into a kitchen will not be a problem, whatever its style of decoration.

Ergonomic, this cordless kettle is very easy to use, especially with its 360-degree rotating base. This system makes it easy to handle, regardless of the hand with which it is held. With its power of 2400 W, the Moulinex Subito BY540D10 is also able to boil up to 1.7 liters of water quickly and easily. An automatic shut-off function also ends the heating process after boiling. An indicator light also lets you know the operating status of the device. As for the filling level of the kettle, you can check it thanks to the window located behind the handle.

A removable anti-scale filter is available to allow you to have delicious and crystal clear hot drinks. The filtering system also limits limescale deposits at the bottom of the tank, which at the same time facilitates the descaling of the kettle. The fact that the base has a hidden resistance also makes it easier to maintain this Moulinex electric kettle.

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  1. Cool design and finish
  2. Great power and large capacity
  3. 360 degree rotating base
  4. Easy maintenance


  1. Water level can be difficult to judge due to window location

I bought it a long time ago, two years I think, and I still have it, proud and valiant on my work surface, not shy about the task since I buy very good bread from a super baker who is in life and since I am therefore obliged to freeze this same bread; which forces me to operate this toaster very often. So after two years I’m really qualified to tell you that it’s a great buy at this price, especially since it’s not too ugly, but I don’t care, it could even allow himself to be filthy, all I ask is that he does the job. Read all reviews.

Noemie O.

Lagrange electric kettle

Electric kettle Lagrange 509 010

If you are looking for an electric kettle that is both elegant and practical, this model from Lagrange would make a very good choice. Thanks to its 1.2 liter capacity , you can heat enough water for your daily needs.

The device incorporates several features that make it very pleasant to use. Among other things, you can choose 4 temperature settings depending on the type of drink you want to prepare. The first level of heating proposed is 40°C and will be ideal for preparing baby bottles, for example. Users who love green and white teas will be able to concoct their favorite drinks in optimal conditions thanks to the possibility of heating the water to 60°C . In addition, to prepare black tea or to effectively dissolve coffee powder, you benefit from a heating temperature of 80°C, which can rise to 100 degrees for other types of drinks.

Another popular feature of the Lagrange 509 010 electric kettle is its ability to maintain the preset temperature for 2 long hours. So you can have hot water immediately or a little later when you still need it. In addition, you will be able to know at any time the filling level of the tank through the porthole provided for this purpose.

This 2200 W cordless kettle features a 360-degree multi-directional base, limescale filter and illuminated switch, among other features. It also incorporates an anti-boiling system that blocks its dry operation to avoid any inconvenience. The device is compact in size and additionally features a cable winder for easy storage.


  1. Practical and elegant design
  2. 4 functions including temperature setting and keep warm
  3. 360 degree rotating base
  4. Easy to clean and store


  1. Tank capacity a bit limited

This kettle has a sufficient capacity of 1.2 l; we don’t like kettles with a capacity of 1.7 l that would be useless to us; the fact that we can choose the heating temperature was also very important in our choice. Read all reviews.

Scarlett J.

Russell Hobbs Electric Kettle

Russell Hobbs Legacy Floral 21963-70 Electric Kettle

With its beautiful lines and floral motifs, the Legacy Florale electric kettle from Russell Hobbs seduces with its retro look. Whether it’s having breakfast with the family or sharing tea with friends, this relaxing design will look great on the table. It should be noted that this aesthetic is of course reinforced by careful manufacturing which is immediately noticeable upon unpacking.

Ideal for heating water at any time of the day, this 1.7 L kettle will allow you to avoid waste. You can boil just the amount you need thanks to its water level indicator which allows you to fill the tank with the equivalent of three, two or even a single cup. This can be very useful for enjoying a quick tea or coffee in the morning or during the day, especially with the possibility of having hot water in just 55 seconds.

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The Russell Hobbs Legacy Florale is an ergonomic device that features a pour spout for neatly dispensing water. It also has a 360 degree rotating base inside which it is possible to store the power cable. In addition, an indicator light will allow you to know at any time whether the kettle is on or not.


  1. Very elegant retro design
  2. Rapid boil for 1, 2 or 3 cups of water
  3. Automatic shut-off after boiling
  4. 360° base that serves as storage for the power cable


  1. No temperature setting

Very good product for grilling reheating and defrosting bread plus the design is very pretty . Read all reviews.

Amelie C.

Russell Hobbs Luna Electric Kettle

Russell Hobbs Luna 23210-70 Electric Kettle

This other Russell Hobbs electric kettle model is distinguished by its sparkling red stainless steel coating. It will be the most beautiful effect in your kitchen, which it will enhance with its decorative and neat appearance.

While this device comes in a charming appearance like the proposed previous model of the same brand, it also shares some great features. This is the case of the measurement function which allows you to boil a quantity of water between 1 and 3 cups for occasional needs. Otherwise, the actual capacity of the utensil which is 1.7 liters will also allow you to easily prepare hot drinks for family or friends. In either case, the service is done without splashing thanks to the ergonomic and ultra-precise pouring spout with which it is equipped. And if you’re in a hurry, you can also get a cup of boiling water in 55 seconds, while saving up to 60% electricity every month.

In terms of its particularities, the Luna kettle from Russell Hobbs has an easy-open lid. Its water level gauge is illuminated by a blue light allowing you to follow the boiling process in the most beautiful way.

All this without, of course, taking into account basic functions such as automatic shutdown, protection against dry running and the anti-limescale filter device. The base, which is multidirectional, incorporates a power cable winding system so that it does not hang around.


  1. Ergonomic design and elegant finish
  2. 1.7 liter capacity with cup counting
  3. Less than a minute to get a cup of hot water
  4. One-click lid opening


  1. No possibility of temperature adjustment

Intended to replace my old generic coffee maker at 11 euros, this one completely meets my expectations. Elegant design, programmable, large capacity and easy to use. Read all reviews.

Aurelien R.

Tefal Express Control electric kettle

Tefal Express Control electric kettle

Tefal ‘s Express Control electric kettle offers 7 temperatures for different types of hot drinks. The different degrees available are 60°, 70°, 80°, 85°, 90°, 95° and 100°, which you just need to select to make green tea, black tea or even white tea. The preset temperature will be displayed clearly and accurately on the small digital display so you can follow it in real time.

It is a 2400 W device that makes boiling water quick and easy. Its tank is equipped with two graduated transparent gauges that allow you to keep an eye on its filling level. Its capacity is between 0.5 and 1.7 L and will be sufficient to cover the needs of the family at lunch or brunch, and at any other time.

This Tefal Express Control incorporates a function to keep the water in your preparations warm for 60 minutes. A removable anti-scale filter not only purifies the water, but also facilitates cleaning by reducing scaling on the bottom. The swivel base makes it easy to use the kettle in any direction.

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  1. Temperature selector
  2. 1.7 liter capacity
  3. Keep warm function
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. Fingers leave traces on the body of the kettle

Super kettle, both fast and aesthetic, which fulfills its role perfectly with its pre-selection of temperatures according to the tea. In general, the quality is there and the materials used inspire confidence. Read all reviews.

Cédric P.

Riviera-et-Bar Electric Kettle

Riviera-et-Bar QD656 Electric Kettle

Take pleasure in drinking tea, coffee or any hot drink at the right temperature thanks to this electric kettle with a capacity of 1.5 L. Designed by the Riviera-et-Bar brand to fit into any type of kitchen, this model offers an elegant design highlighted by a beautiful stainless steel finish. Its manufacturing material is stainless steel thanks to which it benefits from good robustness and excellent durability.

The QD656 kettle heats up quickly and easily thanks to its 2200 W power . The temperature is adjustable and can be done in intervals of 10 degrees on 6 levels from 50°C to 100°C. It is possible to boil the water at 100° thanks to a control provided for this purpose. In short, you benefit from several degrees of heating to prepare your infusions, your soluble coffees or even your instant soups. Note that the temperature of the heated water can be maintained for 30 minutes using a dedicated function.

The Riviera-et-Bar QD656 has a digital screen that displays the selected temperatures and a water level window on the side. Its base swivels 360 degrees for easy use, while the anti-deposit filter makes cleaning just as easy.


  1. Sleek design with modern look
  2. Selection of 6 temperature levels
  3. Keep warm function
  4. 360° swivel base


  1. Absence of standby mode which requires unplugging the device after use

When it was necessary to change our kettle which we were cowardly abandoned, our choice fell on a kettle with temperature selection. Among the choice offered, this one caught my attention for various reasons: the design, the shape (less wide than my previous one, but higher), the absence of plastic (or in any case the famous bpa). Read all reviews.

Claire C.

Cuisinart Electric Kettle

Cuisinart CPK18E Electric Kettle

This Cuisinart electric kettle will easily fit into your kitchen thanks to its brushed steel coating which gives it a beautiful appearance. Apart from its elegant design, the device offers good efficient efficiency thanks to its power of 3000 W. It will allow you to have boiling water in a very short time and in sufficient quantity for everyone. You will be able to heat up to 1.7 L by selecting different temperatures according to your needs.

The Cuisinart CPK18E features a 360° swivel base that makes it easy to use for left or right handed users. You can also store the power cord in it by wrapping it inside when you need to clear your workspace. The water level window is transparent and illuminated for easier tracking of the amount of liquid remaining. The tank itself can be filled easily thanks to the lid which opens with a simple pressure. In addition, the anti-sediment filter is removable and allows your drinks to taste better thanks to lime-free water.


  1. Selection of temperature degrees between 75 and 100°C
  2. 1.7L capacity
  3. Swivel base with cable management system
  4. Limescale filtering


  1. Water level window placed under the handle

Kettle with a beautiful sober appearance, well-made finish.

Its heating power is very good, it brings water to a boil very quickly. Of course, this will take longer or shorter depending on the temperature chosen and the level of filling.

Precisely concerning the choice of temperatures, this is very easy: you press the desired temperature button then the “on” button and… that’s it! Small regret: the temperatures range from 75° to 100°, no less. Some teas/soups require a lower temperature (between 50° and 70°). It has a removable filter in its pouring spout (to “purify” the water and further improve the aromas of the tea) which is easily removable and washable. Read all reviews.

Valerie U.

Buying guide for choosing the right electric kettle

A working glass kettle

More and more households are choosing the electric kettle as a tool for heating or boiling water on a daily basis. Unlike whistling kettles which are still interesting in a number of aspects, it must be recognized that they are more elaborate and more functional. With this type of utensil, heating or boiling water to make tea, coffee or other preparations becomes very easy and above all very fast.

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Like all household appliances, these appliances are available in different versions (corded or cordless kettle, etc.), incorporate multiple functions and are offered by different brands. As a result, when it comes to making a choice, it is not at all obvious. To allow you to go quickly, a comparison of the best electric kettles has been offered to you above.

By starting on this basis, you already have an idea of ​​what is best on the market. But if you need more information to find the model that will be best suited for you, it would be good to take into account these few key parameters.

The type of electric kettle

There are several types of electric kettles on the market. The most common are:

  • Wired electric kettles  : They are less and less in demand, but still remain interesting for some people. The downside with these models is that the wire can make them difficult to use.
  • Cordless electric kettles : They  are more practical and can be taken easily from one room to another. Only downside, some models are difficult to clip on their base. It is for this reason that it is recommended to opt for those with a 360 degree base.

Note that there are also electric kettles with USB socket or cigarette lighter socket.

The power of the device

Power is an important selection criterion that should not be overlooked when buying an electric kettle. It allows you to have an idea of ​​the ability of the device to quickly raise the heat or not. In theory, the greater the power, the faster the heat-up time. Although the power varies enormously from one model to another, it is recommended not to go below 2000 Watts for a 1.5 liter appliance to be sure to choose a really efficient kettle.

The capacity of the electric kettle

The capacity varies according to the models and depends on the size of the device. There are very small capacity kettles that can hold between 0.5 to 1 litre. These may be suitable for people who live alone or in pairs or who wish to have equipment that is suitable for travel. But when it comes to a family of at least 4 people, it is better to fall back on a model with a tank of 1.7 to 2 liters or more.

The material of manufacture

An electric kettle can be plastic, glass or stainless steel… Most models are designed with several materials at the same time. Be that as it may, be aware that each material has its strengths and its drawbacks.

In terms of durability, stainless steel electric kettles are considered the best, as this material is renowned for its strength and resistance to rust. Next comes glass and finally plastic. In terms of aesthetics, glass electric kettles are the most popular, although some prefer plastic models for the variety of colors.

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The advantage with plastic electric kettles is that they are much less expensive than others. In addition, plastic insulates heat better than steel and glass. There are plastic models of very good quality. If you opt for one of them, just make sure that it does not contain harmful products such as Bisphenol A. 

The temperature setting 

The temperature to which the water must be heated often varies from one preparation to another. If you usually diversify your preparations (coffee, black tea, etc.) or aromas, it is better to opt for an electric kettle with adjustable temperature . Thus, you will be able to choose the ideal temperature adapted between 40 ° C to 100 ° C according to your needs. Some models offer preset programs that will be chosen according to need.

Utilisation facility

An easy-to-use kettle is equipment that offers a comfortable grip. This of course goes through the ergonomics of the handle. We also speak of ease of use when the various manipulations are simple to perform, for example from an intuitive control panel. Practicality can also be assessed through the possibility of handling or storing the device more easily. In this case, it would be better to bet on a cordless electric kettle or equipped with a detachable cord.


To allow users to use their equipment safely, some manufacturers incorporate an automatic shutdown system. Thus, each time the water reaches the desired temperature, the device stops heating automatically.

Some models may have the boil-dry function which is an additional safety measure. With this option, the electric kettle does not work until there is a certain amount of water in the tank. This prevents the device from spinning or overheating.

 Hygiene and maintenance

The limescale filter is an interesting option found on some electric kettles. It provides filtered water free of limescale. For better hygiene, it is recommended to favor a model with a removable filter.

All electric kettles are equipped with a resistance. Its visibility varies from one model to another. Visible resistance means low prices, but also scaling, as cleaning is much more difficult. So the ideal would be to bet on a model with hidden resistance if you want the maintenance stage to be done with ease.

The other possible options

Whether corded or cordless, electric kettles offer very interesting features that can be different from one model to another depending on the range.

  • Keep warm  : Thanks to this feature, it is possible to keep the water at a certain temperature for a given time. You can thus heat the water a little in advance, the time to do something else before you use it.
  • Connectivity  : Some electric kettles can be controlled remotely. You can indeed connect them to a smartphone to make the settings.
  • Water level indicator  : A water gauge allows you to see at any time the quantity of water contained in the electric kettle.

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