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How do I choose the best electric hole punch?

To use an electric hole punch, simply stick the paper into the slot and press the start button. The two biggest factors to pay attention to when looking for an electric hole punch include the configuration of the punched holes and the number of sheets the machine can handle at once.

How many sheets can an electric hole puncher hold?

Most electric hole punchers hold between 20 and 30 sheets at a time, and some hold more. If you’re going to be punching laminated paper, you might need to insert fewer sheets at once. Think about how often you intend to use the electric hole punch and let that dictate the capacity of the machine you need.

How much does a 3-hole punch cost?

Expensive: The three-hole punches that cost $50 to $150 and more are usually either electric or heavy-duty manual models that can handle anywhere from 30 to 300 sheets at a time. Adjustable punches and paper guides are common in this range. These models are best suited to offices that need to punch large amounts of paper.

What is a battery operated punch?

This model is battery operated, making it as portable and convenient as a traditional punch, but better. Punches are movable to meet your spacing needs. Easy to use. Handles a lot of paper at once. Great if you have to take your hole punching project on the road. Includes an AC adapter if you want to plug it in. Performs reliably.


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