Top 5 Best electric corkscrews of 2022

If you are used to using a manual corkscrew to open your favorite wine, chances are you will sooner or later be tempted by an electric model. Unlike its classic version, electric corkscrews can open a bottle of wine in seconds and require little or no manual force, making it the ideal accessory for people with arthritis or who don’t just can’t manage to use a simple lemonade.

If you’re not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. We have prepared this guide to the best electric corkscrews to give you all the useful advice for choosing your equipment. Here is a list of the best brands and products you can rely on.

Comparison of the best electric corkscrews

Ozeri brand corkscrew

New Ozeri Electric Corkscrew II

Easiest to use

Ozeri may not be a well-known brand, but they have a wide range of kitchen utensils worth checking out, like this electric corkscrew. In an unusual color, its bright red will allow you to find it quickly when you need it, whether you store it in a drawer or in your pantry.

The lid comes off and can be used as a paper cutter, which is very useful and will prevent you from losing it. Thanks to this ingenious idea, you no longer need a knife to access the cork. This model of electric corkscrew stands alone vertically and does not need a support to stand up. Autonomy level, it can open up to 40 bottles before being recharged. The transparent bottom of this utensil allows you to see the cap, and it illuminates with a blue light during use or when reloading.


  1. Integrated paper cutter
  2. Comes with a spout


  1. Autonomy sometimes criticized

This electric corkscrew is easy and fun to use. It is also a very beautiful decorative object. Very good quality, I recommend. Read all reviews.

Ana C.

Twinz’up electric corkscrew

Do you want to give your kitchen a little style? With a clean and elegant design, this electric corkscrew from the Twinz’up brand is the ideal gift for any wine lover. On a single charge, this tool can open up to 30 bottles. Easy to use thanks to its interface equipped with only two buttons, this kitchen equipment has a transparent tube allowing you to see the screw in action and thus control its extraction. Constructed of stainless steel and modern in appearance, it is an attractive and practical device.


  1. Rechargeable battery
  2. Stainless steel body
  3. Simple to use with only 2 buttons


  1. Less autonomy than other models

Awesome ! Unclog effortlessly, the dream! Just be careful that it is vertical when extracted. The design of the charging stand is beautiful and classy. It’s a great Christmas gift and a relief for those who have trouble opening wine bottles. Read all reviews.

Remy O.


Flauno electric corkscrew

If you’re looking for a present for a wine-loving friend, this dedicated wine gift box is perfect. This electric corkscrew works with two rechargeable AA batteries. This type of battery has the advantage of being easily replaced if the batteries were to lose their charging efficiency. But in the meantime, the autonomy of this device allows you to open up to 120 bottles before needing to recharge it. Which is above the capabilities offered by other models.

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In addition to the device, the charger and the paper cutter, other accessories complete the range. The wine aerator allows you to drink your glass without waiting for the wine to breathe. As for the vacuum wine stopper, it allows you to keep your bottle once opened by eliminating the air present inside.


  1. Autonomy
  2. Complementary accessories

I was looking for a corkscrew and I opted for this electric model, it is rechargeable and the charger is provided, you can also remove the four batteries to recharge them with an external charger. The accessories are very practical, there is the foil cutter to remove the aluminum seal, a vacuum stopper and also a spout. The set is really very well presented and I can not live without it. Read all reviews.

Yann T.


iTronics 700 Electric Corkscrew

The best autonomy

The iTronics 700 electric corkscrew has one of the best autonomy with an average opening of 180 bottles before completely discharging its battery. A capacity that guarantees you can use it all year round, even if you regularly drink wine at the table.

With an elegant design, this object is however quite bulky, like all the models presented. It is still very simple to use and will easily slip into a cupboard in your kitchen or in your wine bar. On the functional side, the removal of the cap is done in only 8 seconds by simply pressing the push button.

Comes with a manual corkscrew, which can always be used, the support base also acts as a foil cutter thanks to its two red side buttons.


  1. Excellent autonomy
  2. lithium battery
  3. Comes with a manual corkscrew


  1. May have issues with synthetic corks

Very practical, the finish is perfect and the power of the engine makes it possible to extract the most recalcitrant corks. So far this is the best model I have purchased. To see over time… I recommend. Read all reviews.

Martin L.


Climadiff electric corkscrew

The specialist model

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Climadiff needs no introduction. If you are a lover of good bottles, you may have a wine cellar from this brand. Why not take the opportunity to combine it with your electric corkscrew? This model has been very well thought out. With an announced autonomy of 70 bottles to open without recharging, this object can easily be your best friend during big evenings with friends.

Easy to use, a simple pressure is enough to uncork a bottle. In addition, you can count on the automatic stop of the screw, a function that is always appreciated when we have several bottles to open.

To use it, nothing could be simpler. Uncap the bottle using the base which also acts as a letter opener then position the neck of the bottle in the corkscrew. Once in place, hold the bottle firmly and press the button while making sure to hold the device as straight as possible. You will then see a small blue light, indicating that the device is in use.


  1. Wine specialist brand
  2. Automatic shutdown
  3. Design and modern

Hyper design, this corkscrew always amazes my guests! Me, who am not very good at opening bottles, he takes a thorn out of my side. My friend is getting her daughter married this summer and asked me to lend her to open all the bottles of the meal, I find that it will be well suited because the packaging announces the opening of 70 bottles with the same charge. There is even a capsule cutter, so it’s perfect. Read all reviews.

Melanie Y.


Peugeot Elis Touch electric corkscrew

The French touch at the service of wine lovers

We all know Peugeot’s salt and pepper mills, but did you also know that this great brand offered an electric corkscrew called Elis Touch? If you can afford it, opt without hesitation for this high-end model of the electric corkscrew. With the Elis Touch, nothing to worry about. Fully savor your wine and never again be afraid of not being able to open your vintage. Opening a bottle has never been so easy thanks to

With a stainless steel finish, this object is extremely robust. Its contemporary design and state-of-the-art technology allow it to handle all bottles, from grand cru to everyday wine. Suitable for both cork and synthetic corks, this Peugeot electric corkscrew will tame all bottlenecks and allows bottles to be opened automatically by simple pressure. No need to press a button like all other models on the market. Incredible !

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  1. French product and recognized brand
  2. stainless steel
  3. Automatic opening


  1. Heavy weight

Perfect, opens the bottle with one hand without pressing any button (very practical). Once the bottle is open, just press the button at the top of the device and the cork comes out on its own. A real pleasure. My wife no longer needs me to open her bottles when she cooks, a dish with sauce, white wine or red wine. On good terms. Read all reviews.

Philip G.


Techwood electric corkscrew

You certainly know this household appliance brand that sells appliances for the whole house and maybe even have a kitchen utensil from their catalog. With a very good quality/price ratio, the Techwood electric corkscrew fulfills its functions perfectly. With it you can easily and effortlessly uncork all wine bottles. Indeed, it adapts to all neck sizes. Made of stainless steel, the pack also includes a wire cage cutter. Note that this electric bottle opener is battery operated.


  1. stainless steel
  2. Good value for money
  3. Specialty brand


  1. Batteries not included

Simply excellent. Read all reviews.

Anthony O.

Lacor brand electric corkscrew

Electric corkscrew Lacor 63031

With a distinctive design, this electric corkscrew from the Spanish firm has nothing to envy to the greatest. Comes with a charging stand, this object has a large button, more than enough for the task it must accomplish. During use, you will notice that this model emits very little noise and vibration, a very good point for this type of device.


  1. Simple and efficient
  2. Quiet operation


  1. No paper cutter in the pack

Super object when you don’t have much strength in your hands but you still like to drink your glass of wine! Read all reviews.

Perlette L.


Toqibo electric corkscrew

One of the best rated devices

The Toqibo brand certainly does not tell you much, but you can rely on the many glowing comments left by users. In addition to coming with a foil cutter and a vacuum plug, this equipment is light and compact compared to other models. Indeed, it weighs only 399 grams while the average oscillates between 500 grams and 1 kg.

For once, the corkscrew is made of stainless steel and black in color. This design makes it extremely elegant. Beauty is not everything, it is also very ergonomic and easy to use. It only takes 5 seconds to open a bottle of wine.

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  1. Autonomy, up to 60 corks
  2. Stainless steel
  3. Very elegant black design


  1. Robustness of the plastic sometimes limited

Upon receipt of the product, the first satisfaction is that it is well packaged and in a solid and elegant box (which for me is already a guarantee of quality). The corkscrew is very beautiful and solid, better than I imagined compared to the photos on the internet. He now poses proudly in the kitchen, not being a big drinker I had to wait a bit before I could try him. But it’s done, I’m naturally stressed when I open a bottle and there, it really passed its first test successfully. Simple, fast, and precise use. I am very satisfied with my purchase and I will not fail to recommend it around me. You can buy it with your eyes closed! Read all reviews.

Beatrice T.


Hovinso electric corkscrew

Its unique and sleek design improves its handling and use. Unlike the other products on the list, it does not have a transparent background. But it is equipped with an indicator light which lights up and facilitates unclogging for the user. The LED indicator turns green when the machine spins and removes the cap. It turns blue when you press the button to release the screw cap.

The pack includes a foil cutter and a charger. The product can be recharged in several ways, thanks in particular to its USB cable. No need for batteries to make it work. In one charge, you can open up to 50 bottles, which is more than reasonable.


  1. Suitable for all bottle sizes
  2. Good autonomy
  3. Easy to use


  1. User manual in English

Very happy with my corkscrew, very effective with a good grip. Perfect design, the mechanism is also very powerful. Real child’s play. Read all reviews.

Dam D.

Electric corkscrew buying guide


How to choose the best electric corkscrew ? You may mistakenly think that it is easier to buy one than to choose a good bottle of wine. Think again, it’s not such an easy task! Indeed, more and more models are emerging and there are now a multitude of products.

Why use an electric corkscrew?

First of all, you might be wondering why you should use an electric corkscrew and it’s legit. The good old manual version fulfilled this function very well, on this point there is no debate. However, even though it is easy and pleasant to use for the majority of people, some people may feel the need to use this type of electric model. This is for example the case of people suffering from arthritis or simply for those who cannot open a bottle of wine with this type of manual accessory. In any case, this is the option to choose if you want to have another alternative.

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Now that you are convinced of the purchase of this new equipment, take note of the important points to remember and that you must keep in mind when buying an electric corkscrew.


The very first thing to take into account when choosing the best electric corkscrew is its autonomy. Each model offers different capabilities and should be selected based on personal needs. While some devices offer long battery life when fully charged, others don’t really have these capabilities. Ideally, the best electric corkscrews can easily open 30+ bottles on a single charge. Then you just have to carefully check these characteristics in the product description. If it suits you, don’t think twice and buy it.

Height and weight

Most electric corkscrews weigh between 500 grams a kilo. They have a height that varies between 15 and 25 cm, although there are variations at the bases. When selecting a product, keep in mind the maximum space available in your home and choose one accordingly.


What accessories are included in the pack? Some products come with additional hardware like a wine stopper, foil cutter , or pour spout . This multitude of accessories can sometimes distinguish it from the rest of the electric corkscrews. As they say, the more surprises, the better.

Most high-end models come with other add-on devices to enhance their overall usability. For example, it can be equipped with a wine aerator which reduces the aeration time of the wine. On the other hand, some packs can be equipped with a vacuum pump which avoids waste when the opened bottles are not completely consumed. It simply means that you can keep your bottle of wine once opened by resealing it to avoid premature oxidation.


The best electric corkscrew should be easy to use and ergonomic , with different options to meet all needs. No one would want to have to think and spend hours figuring out how it works. The latest models have only one or two buttons and go back to basics. All you have to do is press the button to open your vintage.

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While some models are made of stainless steel, others are made of plastic or wood. Depending on the material used, the electric corkscrew then has more or less risk of lasting over time. The quality of the product is then essential and determines the robustness of the material.


Safety is important. Each article is accompanied by a notice and precautionary rules to be observed when using the device. On the other hand, it is necessary to be careful to read these recommendations to avoid injuring yourself. Even if the risk of cutting is almost zero, some models are more suitable to avoid any problem thanks to a specific design and thought to compensate for possible bad handling of the corkscrew.

Battery Type

There are two main categories: electric corkscrews with batteries or rechargeable batteries. The ideal is a battery-powered system that will allow you to always have the possibility of charging it quickly. Indeed, we all know that a battery-powered device never works when we need it.

Even if there are a multitude of models, only the design differs. The operation and handling of the device always remains the same.

To use your electric corkscrew, all you have to do is place it on the bottle and make sure it stays as straight as possible. You must then exert light pressure on the bottle of wine while holding the device firmly, otherwise it may not come into contact with the cork. Press the switch to activate the mechanism. The screw then works its way through the cork and will automatically stop once the cork has been removed from the bottle.

To remove the cork from the electric corkscrew, press the switch again. Depending on the model, this is another button dedicated to this functionality. The device will then rotate counter-clockwise to release the cork. You can put your hand under the object to catch it when it is ejected.