Top 10 Best Citrus Juicers 2022-best electric citrus juicer Review Complete Guide

best electric citrus juicer Review-Most industrial fruit juices contain a lot of chemicals that alter the taste of natural. To have good fresh and natural juice at all times, whether for a recipe or for breakfast, it is better to squeeze it yourself. Among the various devices that can allow you to concoct homemade fruit juice, the citrus press occupies a place of choice. It is indeed ideal for extracting juice from citrus fruits such as lemon, grapefruit, clementine, lime, orange, tangerine, tangelo, pomelo, etc.

But given the diversity of models offered by manufacturers, finding the ideal juicer is much more complicated than it seems. This comparison of the 10 best citrus juicers accompanied by a buying guide will allow you to refine your research as well as possible in order to make the right choice.

Comparison of the best citrus juicers Review 2022: tests and reviews

This selection of the 10 best citrus juicers includes models that meet a number of criteria deemed essential in terms of quality and functionality as well as those that are currently popular with users.

Krups electric juicer

Krups express ZX700041 electric citrus juicer

The Krups ZX700041 is one of the most powerful juicers around. It’s a top-of-the-range model that has most of the features one would expect to find in a device of this type. From the drip tray to the removable lever to the universal cone, the practical filter and the integrated pouring spout, this machine has the essentials to adapt to both professional and domestic use.

The EXPRESS ZX700041 electric juicer is designed with two distinct materials, namely: aluminum and plastic. It has a very good solidity and sports a very elegant modern design that can adapt to any type of environment. In addition, its removable drip tray and rubber feet give it fairly good stability during use. We also appreciate the presence of the fruit clip which is used to block the citrus fruits on the cone as well as the cable storage compartment below.

With the ZX700041 citrus press, juice can be extracted automatically using the lever with ergonomic Soft Touch handle . The latter also ensures more comfortable use and optimal extraction. But you can also go manually by pressing the fruit on the cone.

The EXPRESS ZX700041 electric citrus juicer is also equipped with a single cone that adapts to all kinds of citrus fruits, whatever their size. The accessory also relies on its 130 W motor to extract juice very quickly. The squeezed juice flows directly into the glass through the anti-drip spout after being filtered by the removable stainless steel grid.

All in all, the KRUPS ZX700041 is a straight-to-glass, versatile and functional model that makes the citrus juice extraction process simple, easy and quick.


  1. High power
  2. Versatile use
  3. Direct glass service
  4. Easy to clean


  1. Price a bit high

Great ! I just received the citrus press. I mounted it very easily although I am visually impaired and not at all good at this sort of thing. I made my first orange juice. With two oranges I squeezed a tall glass of orange juice and the poor oranges were just skin on bones. I don’t feel like the lever is weak at all. And washing the “bowl” where you squeeze the orange is super easy. Even for me who doesn’t particularly like household stains. I recommend. Read all reviews.

Daniella V.

Press-agrume Lumaland

This mechanical model offered by LUMALAND is an interesting option for those who want to enjoy a powerful and silent device while saving energy.

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This is a manual juicer that stands out because of its appearance. Unlike conventional non-electric models, this one is equipped with a lever that is used to squeeze fruit effortlessly. It is therefore a device that is very easy to use and offers an extraction yield that is clearly above average. In fact, the pressure exerted by the lever makes it possible to obtain 20% more juice than a simple conventional manual juicer. 

The LUMALAND citrus press weighs 6.5 kg and is completely made of cast iron. It is therefore very robust, solid and has a fairly good stability thanks to its non-slip rubber feet. You just have to find a place for it in the kitchen or on the counter so you don’t have to move it every time you use it. Moreover, its modern design and its ”  metallic chrome ” finish  will bring a touch of retro to your decor.

And even if at first glance it seems that the LUMALAND manual juicer will be difficult to clean, this is not at all the case. Some parts such as the funnels, the cones and the strainer are perfectly removable and can be machine washed.


  1. efficient
  2. Easy to use
  3. Simple cleaning
  4. Solid and stable device


  1. Heavy weight

This Citrus press is PERFECT for pomegranate juice in particular, which I cannot make in my juice extractor…, but I admit that it is so practical that everything goes! FILL UP WITH VITAMINS, family and friends also benefit from it, Sunday brunches are perfect now , plus it looks beautiful in the kitchen, a little decorative element and a very nice addition. I am more than happy! Read all reviews.

Tafka H.

H.Koenig electric citrus press

H.Koenig AGR80 electric citrus press

The AGR80 electric citrus juicer is one of the flagship products of the H. KOEING brand. This is a mid-range model that has a number of very interesting features.

Very easy to use, this device is equipped with a very powerful articulated arm which remains its most remarkable asset. It is indeed thanks to this device that the fruits are efficiently turned on the cone so that the maximum amount of juice is extracted.

The user can therefore squeeze as many oranges or grapefruits as he wishes without getting tired. In addition, the juice is extracted very quickly, because the device runs with a power of 160 W.

It should also be noted that despite this high power, the H.Koenig AGR80 electric citrus juicer is a silent device that makes much less noise than most existing models.

This citrus juice extractor has a spout that incorporates an anti-drip system for clean and impeccable direct-to-the-glass service. The juice flows directly into the glass and there are no last drops falling on your counter or table. 

Regarding maintenance, the parts can be dismantled and washed without worry in the dishwasher, thus saving you time.

The AGR80 citrus press has a stainless steel coating with some plastic finishes, particularly at the level of the cone, the juice collector and the pouring spout. There are also two very practical non-slip feet that immobilize the device while it is running.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Silent device
  3. Anti-drip system
  4. Guaranteed 2 years


  1. Tedious cleaning

Super satisfied! Received this morning I am delighted to finish doing it by hand the old way. In 2 seconds it’s over, cleans up super well and easy to remove, I love it. Not too much pulp just enough . Read all reviews.

Pauline B.

Moulinex electric citrus press

Moulinex ultra-compact electric citrus press

In terms of small household appliances, the MOULINEX brand has always distinguished itself with products of exceptional quality, such as the Ultra Compact electric juicer . This is an affordable model that could prove indispensable for those who like to have fresh orange, clementine or grapefruit juice every morning.

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Indeed, this Moulinex citrus press has a plastic cone that rotates in both directions and quickly and efficiently extracts the juice from citrus fruits. It works with an automatic on-off system. Which means that the user will just have to press the cone for the extraction to start. In addition, the extracted and filtered juice flows into a graduated container of transparent color with a capacity of 450 ml, enough to fill about 2 to 3 glasses of juice.

The Moulinex Ultra Compact electric citrus press also incorporates a cord storage, very practical for winding up the power cable in an optimal way. It is also equipped with a dust cover which serves to protect the cone. Moreover, the maintenance of the device is quite easy, because you can disassemble it in order to wash each element in the machine (the juice container, the protective cover and the cone).

Another great thing about this juicer is its compact size and light weight. It can be easily moved around and will also have no trouble finding its place in a closet.


  1. Two-way rotation cone
  2. Average capacity
  3. Guaranteed 2 years
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. Relatively low power

Great product!! Quiet, little clutter in the kitchen, easy to wash and in the blink of an eye you have your glass of orange juice in the morning because before it was a hassle it’s perfect!! You can buy it without worries. I recommend it . Read all reviews.

Valérie V.

Duronic Electric Juicer

Duronic JE6/SR stainless steel electric juicer

The JE6/SR compact electric citrus juicer is a high-performance device that features a powerful 100 W motor for optimal use and performance. Whether it is a question of preparing a large quantity or dealing with not very ripe fruit, this device responds effectively. It also adapts to intensive and regular use.

What is also nice with this model is that it has a very simple mode of operation which makes the user experience even more pleasant. A simple pressure of the fruit on the cone is enough for it to start.

The DURONIC JE6/SR citrus juicer can be used for juicing different varieties of citrus fruits, regardless of their size. It is in fact supplied with two interchangeable cones of different sizes. The larger one is for oranges and grapefruits while the smaller one is suitable for citrus fruits such as lemons.

To make you enjoy a juice without residues, easy to drink, the device is equipped with a very efficient drainer which separates the pips and the pulp from the juice. We also note the presence of a folding spout which is very useful for serving the juice without dirtying and a dust cover which keeps the cones clean until the next use. The space below the device which allows you to cleverly roll up the power cable is also very practical for optimal storage.

For its maintenance, there is not much to do. You will simply have to disassemble and rinse with plenty of water the cone used to make the juice in addition to the sieve and that’s it. It is also important to note that the JE6/SR citrus press has a stainless steel coating and is available in two colors.

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  1. 2 interchangeable cones of different sizes
  2. Filter to retain pips and pulp
  3. Non-slip feet
  4. Easy maintenance


  1. Parts should not be machine washed

Delighted…delighted . Finally I can have my homemade orange juice at 4:00 in the morning . What an impressive silence . It’s rare that I leave positive comments . I am very..very demanding . Read all reviews.

Mimi B.

AICOK Stainless Steel Electric Juicer

AICOK Stainless Steel Electric Juicer

The best way to get additive-free orange juice with high nutritional value is to make it yourself. For this, it is necessary to equip yourself with a good quality citrus press like this model developed by AICOK.

This brushed stainless steel citrus press can be used for different types of citrus such as clementine, grapefruit, lemon, orange. The device has two interchangeable cones of different sizes which are to be adapted according to the fruit to be squeezed.

Simple to use, the AICOK electric juicer incorporates an automatic on/off function that detects pressure. It also has an 85 W motor that turns the cone in both directions to extract the juice efficiently and quickly.

To ensure that the juice obtained is pure while being free of seeds and pulp, the manufacturer has equipped the AICOK citrus juicer with a stainless steel sieve. Once the drink is ready, you can serve it directly in a glass using the spout with a very practical stop-drip system so as not to dirty your table. Also, cleaning this device is easy, because you can rinse the removable parts with the tap very quickly.


  1. 2 interchangeable cones
  2. Auto on/off function
  3. Easy cleaning
  4. 2 years warranty


  1. Incompatible with the dishwasher

After several uses it gives off a musty smell, I think it’s due to the plastic, I’m going to buy another all stainless steel one and throw this one away. The smell persists despite washing after each use. I’m not happy with this product at all . Read all reviews.

Francoise G.

Philips electric juicer

Philips HR2752/90 electric juicer

The Philips HR2752/90 Citrus Juicer from Philips sports an eye-catching matte black design. With this sleek, chic and modern design, it will have no trouble finding its place in any style of kitchen.

Quite powerful, the device works thanks to an 85 Watt motor which is more than enough to overcome any type of citrus fruit. The juice is extracted to the maximum, and this, very quickly. The most interesting thing is that the operation takes place in impressive silence, since the device produces only 56 dB. It is indeed one of the quietest juicers on the market.

Thanks to the direct flow service and the non-drip spout, the juice flows directly into your glass for instant tasting after being sieved by the removable metal grid.

It should be noted that the Philips citrus juicer is a large format model which nevertheless includes a cord storage to facilitate its storage. It is also equipped with non-slip feet for good stability during use as well as a transparent protective cover that serves to cover it.

For optimal cleaning, certain parts such as the grid and the cone can be disassembled and washed with plenty of water.


  1. Very quiet device
  2. No-drip spout
  3. Easy to maintain


  1. It can be bulky in small kitchens

This citrus press is of good quality, it is fast and allows you to extract the juice without forcing too much. In addition to that you can use it in the morning without waking anyone up because it is very quiet. Cleaning is quick and easy. There are three elements to clean: the part that rotates under the orange, the grid that catches the puple and pips and the saucer that guides the juice into the glass. The three parts are removable. The citrus press is sold with a plexiglass cap which protects it from dust. Read all reviews.

Anthony U.

Kenwood electric juicer

Kenwood JE290 Electric Juicer

The Kenwood JE290 may be suitable for people who are looking for a large capacity juicer. It is a model with a transparent container with spout that can prepare up to 1 L of juice, enough to fill at least 8 glasses.

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The device is also suitable for all types of citrus fruits, given the shape of its cone which has also been designed to rotate in both directions in order to extract the maximum amount of juice. Added to this is a power of 40 W which gives it all its performance. You can therefore use this juicer to efficiently extract juice from grapefruit or oranges to concoct cocktails rich in color and vitamins or lemon for lemonade…

In terms of looks, the JE290 KENWOOD electric citrus juicer remains fairly classic in structure, but has a modern and sleek design. It is entirely designed with plastic with the exception of its strainer which is made of stainless steel and which is used to filter the pips. It also has a transparent cover which ensures the cleanliness of the cone as well as a very practical space to store the electric cable. It is easy to clean, as the various elements (cone, lid, filter and pitcher) can be easily disassembled and can be washed in the dishwasher without any problems.


  1. Large 1L capacity
  2. Two-way rotation cone
  3. Stainless steel sieve
  4. Easy to maintain


  1. Low engine power

Very happy with my purchase ! Good capacity about 6 large juicy oranges, silent and very easy to use/clean. Read all reviews.

Claire P.

Rösle juicer

Rösle RS12802 Citrus Juicer

The RS12802 manual citrus juicer from ROSLE is a manual model by rotation. It comes in a standard form, but when it comes to design, it makes all the difference. It has a total coating of 18/10 stainless steel which ensures strength, robustness and durability.
If this juicer is considered the number 1 manual rotary juicer, it’s not for nothing. This is simply because it is exceptionally efficient when it comes to extracting citrus juice, thanks to its special cone.
Its use is very simple, just cut the fruit in half, place one half on the cone and then turn it. The juice comes out and is collected in a curved sieve with long grooves which filters it before flowing into the 0.5 liter graduated collection bowl. Although we note the absence of a pouring spout, its profiled edge for an anti-drip pouring is quite practical so as not to dirty the tablecloth or the work surface.
In terms of cleaning the utensil, no difficulty arises since all the elements can be washed in the machine or simply by hand.


  1. Good juice extraction
  2. Suitable for small and large citrus fruits
  3. Very easy cleaning


  1. Lack of spout

Contrary to what I was afraid, it’s solid, relatively thick stainless steel, “bowl” included. Compared to plastic citrus juicers, besides the health aspect, which determined my purchase, the extraordinary advantage is that it washes immediately, by simply rinsing, unlike plastic on which citrus fruits “stick” , that it is sometimes tedious to wash…. Perfect for both small and large citrus fruits (small lemons with large grapefruits) . Read all reviews.

Jean-Marie P.

FOBUY professional citrus press

FOBUY manual lever citrus juicer

Drinking fruit juice is beneficial for health. But to really benefit from it, you have to bet on quality by favoring homemade products over industrial products. To do this, you must have at your disposal a quality citrus press such as this manual lever model offered by FOBUY.
This is indeed a professional quality juicer that is made of cast iron and stainless steel. Gray in color, it is strong and robust enough to withstand intensive use both in shops and in households. The appliance is equipped with non-slip feet which ensure good stability. Which makes it even easier to use.
With this easy and simple to use machine, squeezing your fruit juice will now be a breeze. You just have to place a half of fruit on the part provided for this purpose and operate the lever thanks to the ergonomic handle to compress it effortlessly.
The pressed juice flows instantly and cleanly into a glass or jar without pulp or seeds thanks to the integrated strainer which retains the maximum possible residue.
After use, the funnel and cone of the manual lever juicer easily detach for easy cleaning in the dishwasher.

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  1. Strong juicer
  2. Practical and efficient
  3. Easy to clean


  1. The device is not suitable for large glasses

Good orange juice every morning, few dishes, easy to clean, stable, efficient. The orange is well compressed, letting little pulp through. Tested with grapes, it also works but it splashes! The machine exudes solidity, it’s heavy and sturdy! You just need to provide height to have room to raise the handle, which must be vertical in the “rest” position . Read all reviews.

Dominic Y.

Using a citrus press

Having a juicer allows you to consume natural-tasting orange or lemon juice with the maximum amount of nutrients. But above all, the machine must be of good quality and work as it should. This is why it is better to choose your citrus press by paying attention to the smallest details. It is therefore essential to define your real needs so as not to make a useless or inappropriate purchase. To minimize errors, you can consider these few essential parameters.

The type of juicer

When you want to choose a juicer, you have the option of taking a manual model or an electric model. The choice depends on a number of factors such as the frequency of use and the need for the quantity of juice and also on the budget.

Manual juicers do not require any electrical connection to operate. They are generally more compact and can be stored quite easily. However, it is necessary to rely on the strength of the arms to extract the juice even if some models are equipped with a lever which facilitates the use. These pressing machines are much more suited to occasional use and are perfect for people who live alone. It is also ideal if you need an accessory to occasionally squeeze a few centiliters of orange or lemon juice for a recipe, for example.

Electric juicers are generally more expensive, but very easy to use. They are motorized, intuitive and do most of the work for the user. They allow you to have juice quickly without effort. It is better to fall back on these models if you have to make fresh juice daily for breakfast or to taste it, for example, or if you have to make large quantities each time. You will have the choice between models with direct glass service, models with handles or models with tank.

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The material

Whether manual or electric, juicers are generally made from stainless steel, plastic, aluminum… or with a mixture of materials. Most of the time, accessories made of stainless steel or cast aluminum are the most recommended considering their strength, sturdiness and resistance to wear. However, you will find very good quality plastic juicers for both health and durability.

Engine power

This criterion is very important when you want to choose an electric juicer. Motor power determines the ability of the device to work quickly and efficiently. The higher it is, the faster the machine rotates and the more correctly it extracts all the juice from the pulp. The minimum required for a basic device is 40 W.

Bin capacity

Unless you opt for an electric model with direct-to-the-glass service to produce unlimited quantities based on your needs, it pays to be careful with this setting. Indeed, the capacity of the receiver bowl can vary from one model to another. It is therefore necessary to take this into account to choose the right one. If you have, for example, a large family, choosing a juicer with a large capacity juice collector would be a good idea to prepare your juices in one go.

Versatility and number of cones

Some models include a cone that only adapts to a given category of citrus fruit. They are only used to squeeze small size citrus fruits such as lemons. Others, on the other hand, have a universal cone that can be used to extract juice from any type of citrus fruit. There are also juicers that have several interchangeable cones of different sizes. You must therefore make a choice in consideration of what seems the most practical to you according to your habits and needs.

The filter

With a basic juicer, the flesh of the fruit can end up in your glass in addition to the juice. However, not everyone likes to drink juices containing pulp. If you are one of these people, it is better to make sure that the device chosen has an efficient filtration system that properly retains the seeds and pulp.  

Options and other useful features

To make your juicing operations as pleasant as possible, there is no doubt that you will surely appreciate having a citrus press equipped with specific functionalities or interesting integrated accessories such as: a double rotation cone, spout with anti-drip system, non-slip feet, dust cover, cord storage. The ease of cleaning the juicer or the guarantee offered by the manufacturer can also be decisive in your choice.

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